FF: Chapter 36: Female Titan

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Female Titan


“Code Red! Hurry up and mobilize the tanks over here!”


“It won’t make it, use the truck and knock it down first!”


“There’s too many titans! The truck would flip over before knocking them down!”


Team Commander Sun directed orders with haste and worry. His company of soldiers encountered a sudden attack by 6 titans, the 6 titans rushed out from the side of the highway and blocked them. He immediately ordered his soldiers to intercept them, but what could they do against these monsters with just bullets?


“Save me!”


“Qiang Zi, Fuck!”


Witnessing a young soldiers barely 20 years of old getting stuffed into the titan’s jaw, Team Commander Sun eyes were red with fury.


These troops were mostly students from the 4 army academies, all young. Because of their sense of responsibilities and longing for a better life, they left Pearl City and head to Lu Zhou.


But before they could even get out of the city, there’s already people dying.


“Use the RPGs and hit them for the moment! Do not let any titan reach the civilians! Find someone to contact a group of evolutionary!”


Before anyone could head his orders, someone shouted out, “They are here!”


Sun turned his head around and saw 2 silhouettes running towards them, one huge and bald, holding a black metal bat and another young man with long blood red wings behind him!


“So strong! So this is an evolutionary?”


Team Commander Sun muttered to himself as the eyes of the soldiers beside him was filled with excitement, envy and admiring looks.


The titans that ambushes and forced the company of soldiers to a dead end was either dragged to the ground with a long chained hook and clobbered to death by the bald guy’s metal bat, or having the back of their neck sliced by the young man leaping to the air with a large axe.


After several minutes, all of the titans was exterminated.


Lin Xii’s currently very happy, grouped titans are just a bunch of points to him now. Leaping high up with the propelling force of the blood wings and slashing the back of the neck with his orge’s axe, adding on the Tyrant’s kills gave him 600 points.


He smiled faintly to the soldiers and head towards another direction.


The large troops consisting of eighty thousand people on the highway attracted many titans. He had gotten much more points when compared to hunting in the small district, when he reached the van during the evening he realized he had earned 7000 points just today!


Qing also came back from her hunt, judging from the looks on her face it seems that her loot was fruitful as well.


Of course, she would earn much less than Lin Xii as Tyrant’s kill counts as his. With his meat hook and judgement, Tyrant’s efficiency in killing titans would be even higher than an evolutionary as he does not need to rest.


Continuing their journey in the night would be too dangerous, so they stopped and rest on the highway. The supporting troops gave out food to the soldiers that busied the entire day and to the civilians that walked the entire day.


Lin Xii and his group started eating dinner too.


As for the Tyrant, he stood outside chewing on rotten meat.


After finishing his dinner, Lin Xii opened up a container of clean water and cleans himself, Qing too uses a wet towel to wipe her face. The two of them slept soon enough as they were tired from hunting titans the whole day, Mai that was in the van the entire day stood guard at night.


Tyrant held judgement in his hands and stood outside the van, preparing for any accidents or dangers.


The night passes by safely, except for Wu Yan’s group that was ambushed by an abnormal titan. The end result was Wu Yan that wanted to show off to his two female partners uses his psychic abilities, forming energy blast and turn the titan into scraps.


It left a deep impression on everyone that witnessed the beautiful, deadly,  blue white ball that night.


As expected of a 6 star bloodline!


During the second day, the troop continue straight ahead on the highway. Lin Xii noticed Zhong Hou and his group.


Zhong Hou with his dog Pochi and Zhen Tian with his cat Felyne both sat the side of the road, tired. Smoking while resting as they obviously just went through a tiresome battle. But the hot blooded Wang Wei was holding up a camera recording something.


“What are you doing?” Lin Xii asked curiously.


“I’m recording of course, when the apocalypse ends and society is back to norm, I will turn my recording into a movie. This is Shingeki no Kyojin real life version after all, I’m sure this will rake in money!”


Even though Wang Wei was dirty and ragged from the battle, he was still filled with energy. “The starting scene of the movie would be: It was on this day, that residents of Pearl City remembered the terror of the titans.”


Hearing this, Lin Xii could not help but laugh as he shook his head.


During the day, the titans attacked another few more times and caused several casualties among the civilians. Luckily it was still within damage control range, but something different happened during the evening.


2 more person joined the troop.


If it was normal civilians, there wouldn’t be a problem. Even if they were evolutionaries it still wouldn’t make much of a problem as there are 14 here already, but the 2 person that joined the troop was Bertolt Hoover and Annie Leonhart.


In order words, the Colossal titan and the Female titan.


A few days ago, Hoover, Annie and Reiner Braun——the Armored titan, joined the Pearl’s city military.


The higher-ups of Pearl City would never dare to let all three intelligent titan stay, if the three of them revolt at once high chances are all the higher-ups would be wiped out instantly. The ones that could fight the titans, for example Wu Yan or Qing, had left Pearl City.


What’s left was just those 1 or 2 star’s weaklings.


But if they can’t relied on the intelligent titans combat ability, trying to control the spawn points in Pearl City would be a fool’s dream.


This was why the higher-ups decided Reiner, the armoured titan would stay behind. Whereas the 60 meters tall colossal titan, with steam in his blood and the female titan that killed many of the military in the anime would leave as they were too dangerous.


On one hand the two of them joining the troops was a huge hidden danger; on the other it would be a huge help on the road with unknown dangers.


Elder Lee gathered the evolutionaries and had a meeting.


The final decision was Hoover being assimilated into Wu Yan’s group.


The colossal titan was huge, just the strength by the huge body alone would squish the Tyrant into a pulp without a challenge.


The huge body too meant extraordinary defense, a sword sticking into his body would be like a mosquito bite. Even if they were to blast a body part off it would just regenerate, the only weakness was in the back of its neck.


Trying to go for the neck of a 60 meters tall body would be difficult too. Even if you could hit the neck, it doesn’t means that you would penetrate it fully. Hot boiling blood would splash at you even if you break the skin.


But Wu Yan was a counter to the colossal titan. The various different abilities brought by the Protoss bloodline would be enough to fight against Hoover, or even kill him.


With psychic made shields it would be enough to withstand one or two blows by the huge titan, with the time provided it would be more than sufficient to send psychic made energy blast to the titan without needing to jump or fly.


It doesn’t matters that whether the blood was hot or not, even if flames were to burst out from the back of the titan’s neck it wouldn’t reach him anyways.


As for Annie, she was sent to Lin Xii’s group. After she changes into the female titan, she would be only 15 meters tall. But with her martial arts skills and the ability of crystallizing her cells, forming crystals that were impenetrable even by the strongest drill they have makes her a force to be reckoned with.


Lin Xii can fly, with logic he should be able to skirt around the female titan with his agility. With the thrust of the blood wings and his beamscythe it will be enough to penetrate the crystals.


Other than him, no one else could face Annie, not even Wu Yan.


As Elder Lee had made his decision, even if Lin Xii had a strong animosity against the titans he did not voiced it out. After all, he was just a member of this massive transfer. Anyways, Annie Leonhart the female titan was now a new member of his group.


Annie too understood her situation, other than drinking from her beer bottle, she was silent and did not do anything else.


Lin Xii and Qing brought Annie back to the van. As Fi Fi and Rui had watched the anime, when they saw Annie their face turn pale white as if they saw a ghost, only Sui wondered innocently who was Annie as she had not watched Shingeki no Kyojin.


Sui gazed at Annie, glancing at her blonde hair, tall nose and green eyes. She looked like a beautiful older sister type lady. Why was everyone seemingly afraid of her?


After informing Mai to be secretly vigilant of Annie, Lin Xii went back into the van and think.


“With Burst and Hot Blood as my two trump card and adding on the beamscythe, even if you were a gundam I would be able to scrap you apart, female titan or not. If you turn out to be a honest and good person that it would be all fine……be if there were to be any disturbance, you will be the stepping stone to my road as an evolutionary.”


Lin Xii believe in a saying: there would be a rift between us if we were to be of different race.     (TLN: Sheesh, talk about being racist. But just to clarify, ‘race’ in this context would be like titans and human, different race. Or the fact they are not earth-born humans, different being that came from god knows where. I guess he’s ok with Mai due to the contract. But to be honest, it could even mean….you know, different race……depends on how you want to interpret it)


After he made his decision, he turned and glance at Annie, a hint of murderous intent flashed in his eyes.


As if she sensed something, Annie turn to his direction at the same moment. Her green eyes contracted slightly as she looked upon those cold eyes. She looked at Lin Xii for a moment and continue pouring down burning alcohol into her throat.


It was an uneventful night……


Morning arrived and Mai continue staying behind, taking care of the girls and oversee Annie. The blonde girl slept the entire day after drinking yet another bottle that she obtained from the army as she had finished the other one yesterday.


After the fourth day, they finally left the border of Pearl City. The area seems to be absent of any titan.


The troops at the front stopped abruptly. This was due to the road in front of them changed, the sides of the highway was grown with huge gigantic trees, lush greenery covered even the highway forming a gloomy area where the sun does not reach.

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