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Large Troops


Large masses of crowd walked on the street, seemingly an endless amount of people. There were many elderly, woman and children amongst the crowd, slightly lethargic looking as they lack food intake.


Most of the civilians stayed behind, but there were still eighty thousand or so people that were willing to follow Elder Lee’s troops.


There’s only one reason that made them willingly leave their homes behind them.




They were unable to obtain enough food to survive in the city, so rather than starving to death in the city they might as well take the gamble. The worst that could happen is just dying in the maw of a monster——it might be better than slowly slipping away from hunger.


There’s special treatment to the evolutionaries, the army allocated a small van to every group of evolutionaries.


Cars are everywhere in the apocalypse, but fuel is a precious commodity.


What shocked Lin Xii was the 15 years old Fi Fi knew how to drive a car. After asking, she proudly told everyone that in addition of knowing how to drive a car, she too knew how to operate a yacht. She learned these skills at her home in Jinling, this girl has an extraordinary talent in operating vehicles.


The car is a seven seater. Fi Fi’s seated in the driver seat, Sui, Rui, Mai, Qing and Lin Xii took up 5 other seats, the other 2 seats behind and the trunk‘s filled with clean drinkable water.


Lin Xii and Qing’s phone storage was filled with clean water too, other than food and other necessities.


As for Bravo, Glasses, Curly’s girlfriend and himself, they were allocated to the special vehicles that’s meant for government and army officials family members. There’s a nurse there that could at least guarantee that Curly’s broken leg would not worsen during the trip.


Lin Xii now was sitting beside the driver seat took out his phone, and checked for stuff that would interest him.


His points now reached back to a total of 11000. Other than the remaining 1300 points he had after hiring Mai and earning some points himself for the past few days, he ‘stumbled’ across a small fortune——he offed Zhang Lei yesterday’s night.


Who knows how many more people that he would harm if he was left alive.


The process that led to him dying was simple enough, assassination. Zhang Lei that only had the ability to summon creatures was weak physically, he was instantly killed with a bullet through the side of his head——Lin Xii did practiced his shooting skills during his free time, unlimited bullet and all.


Zhang Lei’s phone had 5500 points, these were the points that he grinded day and night arduously, the points that he had yet to exchange for a new card……


Anyways, Lin Xii’s now rich again.


But after browsing through and not finding anything that he particularly needed, he opened his door and jumped down.


The car was driving slowly, about the same speed as walking normally.


“I’m going to checked out what’s going on at the front.”


After telling the girls that, he walked straight ahead and met up with Team Wild soon enough. The three of them smile when they saw Lin Xii.


“Yo, the tycoon’s here huh.”


After showing that he had hired Mai yesterday, Lin Xii now has a nickname. The Tycoon.


Team Wild let out their turtle steed, a hole was drilled on each side of the shell. Arm-thick ropes threaded through them and connected to a truck, and other behind it, and another, and……a total of 8 trucks.


It was like a train pulling its carriages.


The family member of the three were most likely in their allocated van or the special large vehicle by the army. In these trucks that’s being pulled by the turtle was all normal civilians that are old or sick.


Pig proudly patted the shell of the turtle and said, “How is it, I was right with my instinct when I bought this pet, was I not? Could your forty thousand Mai pull these trucks?”


“Haha, you sure are not giving your turtle animal rights.” Lin Xii jokingly said.


“When he’s tired, I’m taking his place.” Bull massaged his arms, wanting to try it out.


“Arf, Arf, Arf!”


Dog barks sounded from not far away. It was fullback hair dude coming over with a dog next to him, he handed out cigarettes to everyone and introduced the dog happily, “Look at my dog, what d’ya think?”


“Isn’t it just a……dog? What’s so special about it?”


Dog headed man patted it kindly on its head when he saw the dog.


“This isn’t a normal dog, it’s a dog that’s genetically modified during a fallout. He can think, use a gun, or even drive a tank……of course, a specially modified that’s for his paws.” Zhong Hou threw his cigarette over, “Pochi, catch.”




The dog accurately caught the flying cigarette and landed on two legs, using his paws he fished out a lighter from his small backpack.


With a “Tak” he lighted up the cigarette and puffed deeply, puffing out a smoke right. His eyes narrowed and the corner of his lips smiled faintly.




Team Wild was stunned by the display.


Lin Xii recognized that ‘Pochi’ was from the game ‘Metal Max’, a very famous intelligent dog.


“Oh leader, you are here showing off, no wonder we couldn’t find you. But isn’t it just a dog, no matter how smart it is could you get him to speak?”


Zhen Tian the fatty walked over, a cat walking on two legs beside him, wearing clothes and all.


“This is my newly hired pet, a Felyne from monster hunter. Say hello to everyone.”


“Nice to meet you nyaa.”


The Felyne bow towards them, and a weapon dropped from his pants. A long metal wrench.


“Cats are evil! If I had the money, I would have bought a pochi tank and blast your cat away!”


“Dogs are the foul ones, can they ever be as cute as cats?”


The two pet owners face each other and argue, Pochi and Felyne stared at each other, sparks seemingly flying between them.


“Idiotic dogs and cats, I am the one that will reign supreme!”


A crisp clear voice suddenly rang out. Lin Xii turned his head around and saw a mask wearing girl, standing on the roof of a house from who knows when——with just a look, anyone would know that she’s the kid from Xiao Qiang’s team, Lu Ling Ling.


“Tremble before his might, Pikachu, use thunderbolt!”




A yellow rodent with a zigzag tail leaped from the roof. Yellow coloured lightning burst out from its cheeks, forming a thick thunderbolt and split into two, simultaneously shocking Pochi and Felyne.




With the sound of something electrocuting, the fur of the dog and cat turned into porcupines quills, standing straight up. The both of them twitching on the ground with their legs facing up.


Lin Xii looked upon these tiredly, most likely after seeing the turtle from team wild, Xu Ping’s armored horse, Wu Yan’s Natasha and his Mai, they all proceed buying pets too.


The pets that are lower in level of strength are really not that expensive.


Pochi and Felyne are about 5000 points or so, while Pikachu’s slightly expensive, 7000 or so.


The yellow lightning was Pikachu’s signature attack, ‘Thunderbolt’. But of course Ling Ling’s Pikachu isn’t Ash’s ‘Pikachu God’ from the anime, her Pikachu’s more limited in ability, lower voltage output and unable to outright kill a person with that; much, much less than being able to faint an Onyx with it.


Witnessing this farce does made him speechless……but…..they are still able to maintain this kinda mood even in an apocalypse, at the very least, they aren’t so bad……


Having them as partners on the road to Lu Zhou would be much better than having calculative and manipulative partners.


On another van, Wu Yan and his group witnessed upon all this. Xiao Wan with her intricate face exclaimed unbelievably, “What are these people……doing? How could they still be like this even when it’s in the apocalypse……I cannot understand.”


“Because they are a bunch of idiots.” Wu Yan thought to himself silently, needing to keep his image up.


He curved his lips, smiled gracefully and replied, “Maybe they are living more innocently.” He spread his hands out, “Each of them have their own personality and their own way of living, isn’t it? It is because of this diversity that made the world this interesting, to absorb and compel us to……”

He placed his hand on the top of his heart, dramatically saying, “Protect Her!”


The farce quickly ended, Ling Ling was grabbed by the back of her neck away by Xiao Qiang, Zhong Hou and Xiao Tian the fatty ceased their bantering. The both of them went up to the front lines and start killing titans and clearing the roads.


There’s about a total of 2400 soldiers, 17 tanks, and 35 armored trucks in this massive transfer.


Even though Elder Lee’s blunt personality offended a sizable amount of people, but he is the highest rank army officer in Pearl City. His age and experience aren’t there for display too, the various army academies sponsored 2 helicopters for the transfer.


The helicopters are now currently flying ahead, doing reconnaissance and informing what’s the situation ahead.


The disturbance caused by the movement of more than eighty thousand people attracted a fair amount of titans.

Elder Lee split the troops into 20 groups, a hundred soldiers each. 3 groups of armored vehicle and 1 group consisting all the tanks, the tanks and two of the armored vehicle groups are at the front lines, another at the back.


The 20 groups of soldiers separated evenly in the midst of eighty thousand civilians, maintaining a strong defence against the titans.


The main job of the 5 evolutionaries groups is to provide support at any signs of dangers.


According to Elder Lee, since these eighty thousand people trusted him, willing to follow him to Lu Zhou, he have to bring them there alive no matter what! He wouldn’t forgive himself if he fail.


Lin Xii head towards the front lines, gun and cannot shots rang out continuously.


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