Chapter 105 – The Increase and Decrease of Taxes

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Nihonium Dungeon, 5th floor.

Inside the snowy dungeon, I was hunting down the Red Skeleton which was three times faster than usual.


Seeing as the speed was incredibly fast, the chances of hitting them with bullets were slim.

Compared to the other monsters, most of the time I would be able to hit with 100% accuracy, but for this monster it would drop down to around 90%——which for every 10 bullets shot, 1 bullet would miss.


[Ku!] (Ryouta)


After missing a shot from the already quick Red Skeleton, it further increased in speed to the point where my hands couldn’t keep up to it’s speed.

Although the hit rate would be around 90%, but the second round of 10 bullets would drop that percentage to about 70%.


However it’s still high despite dropping, plus it wasn’t a problem when using the Infinite Lightning Bullet.


[Not good, I can’t afford to be complacent.] (Ryouta)


As long as I repeatedly fire the bullet it would eventually hit——was what I thought when I hurriedly scraped that mentality and thought of another way.

It was the same when I had my HP and Endurance on S which allowed me to take almost no damage at all, just because it was Rank S I thought I was invincible. This habit of mine occurs whenever I obtained a new power, resulting in me being complacent.


That is indeed a bad habit, and I have to figure out a way to fix that habit.

Thus, when I reached the 10 shot and 9 bullets hit, I started counting in my heart.


A sudden surprise attack came from within the wall which was a specialty of Nihonium, and without panicking I avoided the attack and fired at it.

With that it was 10 out of 11, 90.9% accuracy.


I picked up the seeds and my MP was increased by 1, and I continued walking.

This time the surprise attack came from above the ceiling, I avoided and fired another bullet.

11 out of 12, which increased it to 91.6%.


Picking up the seed my MP further increased by 1 and I was being targeted by a new Red Skeleton, I panicked and missed my shot!

The counter dropped to 10 out of 12. With just 1 mistake the hit rate dropped down to 83.3%.


[Fuu…..] (Ryouta)


It instantly decreased, and if I were to panic once more I’m sure it would further decrease.

I took a deep breath, and after calming down I continued searching for more monsters.


When they appeared I defeated them, sometimes barely being attacked I managed to defeat them.

Keeping count of the hit rate in my heart whenever it increases.


Strangely, when I was keeping count of the hit rate, my concentration skills increased. Not only that, it also increased my motivation.

Both my concentration and motivation.


Together with my high stats, having both of these abilities increased made me peerless inside Nihonium’s 5th floor.

When noon came, my MP was increased from C to B, and my hit rate was increased to an astounding 98%.




After exiting Nihonium, I decided to head back home for now.


[Thank you for the hard work.] (Elza)

[Welcome home nanodesu~] (Emily)


Elza and Emily were inside the first floor’s garage.

They were sitting across the table while sipping on black tea.

On top of the table, there were sandwiches and bite sized sweets prepared. Even though it was only noon but the atmosphere seemed like it was tea time.


[Ryouta-san, how about joining us for a cup of tea?] (Elza)

[I’ll brew more tea for you desu.] (Emily)


After Emily said that, she walked up the staircase with her pittar patter footsteps echoing around.

Leaving just the two of us, I sat next to Elza and reaching out for a piece of sandwich, I chewed it with delight.

The sandwich was spread with strawberry jam, with a balance of sweetness to it, leaving my exhausted body full of energy.


[H, how is it?] (Elza)

[Un, what is?] (Ryouta)

[The…..taste of the sandwich.] (Elza)

[It was extremely delicious, as I’ve almost used up my entire energy, this was a really good meal to boost it back.] (Ryouta)

[…..Yay.] (Elza)


For some reason Elza did a guts pose near her chest.


[Why did you suddenly do a guts pose?] (Ryouta)

[Eh? Uh that’s because—–] (Elza)

[Because that sandwich was handmade by Elza-san nanodesu~] (Emily) (TLN: Emily Omega GJ!)


Emily brought my black tea from the second floor and sat down.


[So it wasn’t made by Emily?] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu, Elza and I both made it together nodesu. The piece that Yoda-san ate was 100% made by Elza-san nanodesu.] (Emily)

[Heeh~] (Ryouta)


I devoured another piece of sandwich which was spread with the same jam.


[Un, it is indeed delicious. It was normal that whatever Emily made was extremely delicious, but apparently Elza is good at cooking too.] (Ryouta)

[T, thank you.] (Elza)


Elza’s cheeks were dyed red.


[Uhmm…should I….make some more for you….next time…] (Elza)

[You’re gonna make some for me? I would be glad to taste more of your cooking.] (Ryouta)

[I’ll make more! I’ll make lots and lots of delicious dishes for you.] (Elza)


Elza was in a high spirit, I’m excited at what she would make next.


Drinking the black tea that Emily poured for me, in addition with the sandwich, my energy was rejuvenated.


[Oh right, just in case should I register right now.] (Ryouta)


As I was saying it, I took out my passbook and handed it to Elza.


[Register?] (Elza)

[Yeah, I want to try and grasp the numbers of this morning’s hunt fest.] (Ryouta)


I would like to record down this morning’s hit rate.

Though it was just an increase of hit rate but it gave me a sense of achievement and that felt good.

Plus when I feel good about it my concentration would be affected, which would make me want to try even harder, resulting in me trying not to miss a single shot and getting a 98% of accuracy.


I would like to do the same afterwards.

By grasping the numbers, I wanted to see what would happen by gaining a small sense of accomplishment.

Until yesterday I had a great sense of achievement, and wrote it down after finishing, feeling glad to see the number increased by so much. Although that was good, but it sort of got into my head.


Since I kept on focusing on increasing my power this entire day, I thought that maybe I should’ve earn more as well.


[I understand, please wait for a moment.] (Elza)


Elza received my bank passbook and registered.


[I have kept you waiting, the balance has increased.] (Elza)

[Increased? Didn’t it decrease?] (Ryouta)

[It has increased, by about 500k.] (Elza)

[Eh?] (Ryouta)


For a second I had a [Why?] moment.


I have not earned anything since last night. I decided to record it because there was a possibility that something was deducted this morning from doing stuff.

Although it should be reduced and not increase, but why……


[It’s true that it has increased by nearly 50k, The nominal is…..Indole?] (Elza)

[It’s the name of a city nanodesu.] (Emily)

[……Aaah, the taxes.] (Ryouta)


I was relieved.

I was told that Indole would sent me some taxes.

I didn’t know it came so early.


[Is it taxes?] (Elza)


Elza tilted her neck.

Thus, I explained to her about what happened in Indole till the very end.


[I see, so that’s why you have taxes, but that’s amazing that you would earn just by doing nothing.] (Elza)

[Now that you mention, it does seem amazing.] (Ryouta)


By not doing anything, that sounds good.

Well, it was a legitimate remuneration as I tried to save Indole’s dungeon plus i doubled the dungeon’s drop, so by having unearned income was certainly not weird.


Money would continued to flow from Indole even if I were to quit working.

It was similar to winning a lottery, I could build apartments and rent those out to earn more incomes, and buy lots of stocks to live a luxurious life.

Being similar to such lifestyle, I was sort of happy.


[Hoee…..Just like that money comes in. As expected of Yoda-san, you could live with just the taxes alone nanodesu.] (Emily)

[Well I’ll still be going into the dungeon, it’s just that this would continue to enter.] (Ryouta)

[That would be even more amazing desu!] (Emily)

[——-Aah.] (Elza)


Suddenly, Elza clapped her hands as if remembering something.


[What’s wrong?] (Ryouta)

[There is another payment again……Wow, this is amazing.] (Elza)

[What’s happening exactly?] (Ryouta)

[It’s a refund. Ryouta’s tax amount for this year’s purchases exceeded 30 Million, so the tax will drop slightly. Since it happened just yesterday, so this was the remainder.] (Elza)

[It decreased? Is it not going to rise?] (Ryouta)


After explaining, Elza returned me the book as though she was used to it.

The deposit itself was 20k Piros, it wasn’t a huge amount.


[Yes, it will go down. Does the city where Ryouta-san went to went up?] (Elza)

[If you’re talking about city…..Yeah something like that.] (Ryouta)


This was running a progressive tax rate, if you earn to a certain extent, it was often that you would lose that amount with the increasing taxes.

It was the same when I was still a student.

Taxes up to 1 Million Yen per year are not taxable, but if you exceeded 1 Million Yen then would you be charged with taxes.


[For Shikuro, when purchases rise, taxes would fall. As the adventurers would always dive into the dungeon.] (Elza)

[I see.] (Ryouta)


The person herself understood this really well, as I do not know what the secondary effect would be.


The recorded 20k Piros that was recorded in my passbook was quite the small amount.

All this while I’ve been piling up 20k bags, it gave me a great sense of accomplishment

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