FF: Chapter 34 : Self Introduction

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Self Introduction


“Other than that, our team shared points and hired a pet. A huge shellfish that originated from a fantasy series.”


Pets and mercenary could be kept into storage spaces. But of course, intelligent beings such as Mai would definitely hate it——after minotaur guy activated his phone, a 20 meter square, huge, heavy tortoise appeared on the ground.


“What a huge turtle!” Someone exclaimed.


“HIs endurance is really high, there’s no problem with the three of us sitting on it as a steed……he could lug heavy baggages during the massive transfer, much more useful than a car as he doesn’t consume petrol. During dire situation he could even be a meat shield as his shell did not even crack a little even with a whack of my totemic poll.”


After showing off a little, Bull smiled and said, “Of course there’s a drawback with it too. It’s too slow compared to a car, at most it’s speed would be comparable to someone sprinting.”


“It’s good enough, how much for it?” The dude with the fullback hairstyle asked.


“Seventeen thousand three hundred.”


“What a luxury……but with the three of you pooling your points together it would be about six thousand per person. Acceptable.”


Fullback dude rubbed his chin and spoke up as Bull kept his turtle away. “Lemme introduce myself, name’s Hou, last name Zhong. Don’t laugh, this was what my parents named me, I did not had a choice either.” (TLN: Zhong Hou(宗厚) means thick, loyal, a good man(?), it’s funny cause he doesn’t looked like it)


“Zhong Hou……It doesn’t suit you at all, with that hairstyle.” Pig laughed friendly at him, as they were ‘bros’ now after drinking together.


“What do you know! This hairstyle is suitable for the beach, showing a confident, outstanding look! You can chop my head off, but the hair must stay.”


Zhong Hou spat on his palms and made his slicked hair even slicker. He then took out a cigar, cut it and lit it up——further deviating his image from his name.


“My ability is a 2 star talent: Knight——humble, righteous, merciful, brave, self-sacrifice——anyways, remember to stand behind me during a battle.”


One of Zhong Hou’s teammate, a plump guy, bow towards everyone with his face full of smiles. “I’m Zhen Tian, 1 star ability, Fat. The fat under my skin can rapidly regenerate and reduce damage taken, slightly on the weaker side. I hope you bosses can take care of me” (TLN: Zhen Tian is also can be interpreted as Very sweet)


“I’m Wang Wei, got a 1 star martial skill: Rising dragon fist. But I am not weak! I even awoken my ‘ki’, there will be a day when I become someone strong and change this world!”


The person that spoke was a young teen that’s about 15 years of age, with thick eyebrows, huge eyes and a handsome face like a generic hot blooded shonen main character.


“Fight on!”


Xiao Qiang encouraged the young teen, “You definitely can do it! Also, I won’t introduce myself again as you all already know me. These are my two teammates, Mu and Lu Ling Ling.”


“Mu Tie, 1 star martial skill: The iron fist that drifts on water. A kungfu that came from ‘Eagle Shooting Heroes’.” Mu Tie, the old man introduced himself with a hoarse voice.


Lu Ling Ling that looked like she probably didn’t even enter middle school before the apocalypse, introduced herself with a clear voice. “3 star magic spell. Soul returning spell. It can heal real~ly heavy injuries. Since I have mana I can also use magic items, here’s mine.”


She showed a very delicate looking doll happily, showing off her stuff like the child she is. “A five-colored doll that blocks attack for me.”


“A 3 star Soul returning spell! Such a high ranked healing spell, adding on the availability of mana this girl’s future will be limitless if she’s allowed to successfully grow.” Lin Xii thought to himself.


The fourth group is the strongest one out of them all due to Wu Yan inside it.


“Xu Ping, Na’Vi Bloodline, excellent at archery, 2 star.”


The blue skin Xu Ping smiled towards the others. Her Bloodline isn’t much different from an elf bloodline, but she has the added height, agility and strength. Also, she can connect the nerves on the end of her hair to the beasts from Avatar and control them.


Beside her was a 6 legged beast that’s 4 meters tall. The beast has a long neck and a small head, its whole body covered with bright strips of colour and small polka dots. It also has an outer exoskeleton all the way from the back of its head, following the back of its neck and spreading downwards like an armor.


A heavy armored horse from Avatar!


It’s pretty self-explanatory that this was Xu Ping’s pet.


Wu Yan’s group has another girl, a pear-shaped face girl with delicate features. Her looks is the same type as Fi Fi’s but much more beautiful, but she gives off a ‘something’s off’ feel——like someone had plastic surgery, an unrealistic beauty.


She stood at the side, very low profile. As she saw everyone was looking at her, she spoke out quietly, shyly. “Su Xiao Wan, 2 star Steeled Skin. A sort of defensive ability that hardens the skin to a steel-like state, making it mostly impenetrable.”


Lin Xii glanced at her for a little. Even though Xiao Wan’s pretty, but he already have Sui and Mai at his side, the both of them has the body to go with the face——whereas this girl’s boobs is just slightly better than Qing. (TLN: Wait wtf? I can see that the author loves big breast alot. But honestly, small breast aren’t that bad……)


“6 star, Protoss Bloodline. Also I have hired a mercenary, Natasha.”


A tall, beautiful woman appeared besides Wu Yan. She’s wearing a tight black bodysuit, showing her extremely curvy figure. The zip of the bodysuit was zipped above her belly button, exposing the side of her sexy breast.


“Black Widow, it’s actually the Black Widow Natasha! She’s a unique ‘one only’ mercenary!” The hot blooded teen Wang Wei exclaimed excitedly. “You actually managed to hire the Black Widow from Avengers!”


Wu Yan smiled gracefully, “She’s not the Black Widow from Avengers, only Natasha the Soviet female agent from Red Alert. She’s a Commando-class unit, Natasha is sort of a title, so she’s not ‘unique’……she’s actually the origin of Black Widow.”


“Even though she’s not unique, that’s still good. How much was her hiring price?” Wang Wei asked, still excited.


“Twenty four thousand was her hiring price, middle ranged intelligence mercenary.”


“So much more expensive than my large turtle, so…….rich.” Bull shook his oversized head and sighed.


Some of them was showing ‘such a waste’ looks——their total income in the whole one month of the apocalypse was just slightly more than 30000, but they have to spend it on enhancing themselves, buying weapons and equipments. How could they had the luxury to hire a twenty thousand mercenary?


As expected of someone with a 6 star bloodline!


Witnessing everyone’s reaction, Wu Yan felt proud of himself even though his expression did not changed. 6 star bloodline, 2 beautiful teammates——even though one of them is a Na’Vi, but adding on the beautiful mercenary Natasha he was living the successful life.


Now only Lin Xii and Qing was left that had not introduce themselves. Most of the people here did not know much about them as they had only contact the army just several days ago,


“5 star talent, Weapon Master.”


Qing’s ability surprises them, most of them already knew about Wu Yan’s 6 star ranked earlier so they weren’t surprise but now another 5 star ranked appeared——even though it’s just a talent, but other than Wu Yan, not even one of them is a 4 star.


“3 star Ghoul’s Bloodline, also I don’t eat human flesh.”


Lin Xii too attracted their attention as Bloodline has the most potential out of all, a 3 star bloodline would be the same as other 4 star abilities.


“He also can fly, something that the ghouls from the anime cannot do.” Wu Yan smiled slightly and added.




The crawling of animals to walking on two legs was a whole different realm, and flying too was another different realm entirely——being able to fly means extraordinary mobility and agility.


Reconnaissance, attacking from the air, escaping in the face of dangerous foes by flying, these are just some of the useful application of flying.


Just with flying, one could gain the upper hand in a battle and instant kill most of his opponents. Also, Lin Xii’s ghoul bloodline have more abilities other than flying.


“You really just can’t compare to others.”


The 3 person in Team Wild looked at Lin Xii and at themselves, sighing as they were yet again reminded of this cruel reality.


“I know that you have a mercenary, a Tyrant wasn’t it?” Zhong Hou that was puffing onto his cigar asked.


“Yes it a Tyrant, but it’s categorized as a Biological Weapon rather than a mercenary.”


Lin Xii let the Tyrant appeared from his storage space. The Tyrant appeared with the deep crimson coloured meat hook chain coiling around his arm, Judgment on his back and wearing his large army overcoat. He deeply attracted everyone’s attention when he appeared.


“So cool! How much was the Tyrant?”


There’s just too many things in the Base of Evolutionary, no one can remember all the prices of the stuff.


“9900 points.”


“Almost ten thousand! You bloodline users are just so wasteful.” Zhen Tian the fatty shook his head repeatedly, to them, no matter whether it was Wu Yan 6 star or Lin Xii 3 star bloodline was considered high ranked.


“Yeah, if I have so many points I would had enhance my attributes a couple more times.” Mu Tie said, sighing.


“Lin Xii boya, who’s the one beside you? Your family? Why wearing the hoodie?” Zhong Hou was intrigue by the person in black robes, he spoke up and asked as Lin Xii did not introduce him or her.

“She is……my real mercenary.”


With Lin Xii’s gesture, Mai pulled down her hoodie. Under her wine red hair was a small beautiful face with charming eyes, far more prettier than Natasha.


“Mai Shiranui.”


“Could it be……a high intelligence ‘unique’ mercenary? Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters?” Wang Wei stuttered with his eyes wide open, “Wha, what was……her price?”


“Forty thousand on the dot.”

Hitched breath sounded throughout the hall.


Even Wu Yan that usually thinks himself more superior to others felt a surge of unexplainable jealousy surge within him. He looked at Natasha and felt that the mercenary that originally made him proud was just a mockery.

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    And this : “Other than that, our team shared points and hired a pet. A huge shellfish that originated from a fantasy series.”…………said the guy who summoned a turtle.

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