FF : Chapter 33 : The Meet Up

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The Meet Up


Lin Xii tilted his body, allowing the blade to pass by. “Shrkk–”, his clothes shredded from the turbulence of the air produced by the passing blade into strips of clothes.




The high-speed rotating blade embedded itself into the wall behind him with a loud noise, the large momentum produced by the rotation turned most of the wall into rubble.




Cold sweat couldn’t help but ran down Lin Xii’s back, even though he already had several near-dead encounters.


Sui and Fi Fi let out terrified screams while being pulled away by Rui to get away from the scene. Mai instantly changed her ‘ki’ into her butterfly fan and gripped it in her hand, she’s still in her towel as there isn’t any time to change her outfit.


As for the Tyrant——he’s in Lin Xii storage.


“Please calm down!”


Lin cursed again as he saw Qing took out another weapon after she had just thrown her Execution Blade. The weapon held in her hand right now was curved at the top, straight at the bottom, called the stick of origin, also the sacred sword of science, and the rod-that-should-not-be-describe.


It was the deadly weapon that the Nyarlathotep uses in her human form.


To be honest it’s just a crowbar.


This thing does looks inconspicuous, but actually it’s extremely deadly. If one were to be hit by the protrusion at the top end accidentally, getting one’s skull hooked……




The debuted crowbar was slammed away by a fan that came out of nowhere, following behind was Mai’s body that jabbed her sharp elbow into Qing’s chest with her battle skill, ‘Shinobibachi’.


The ‘ki’ infused elbowed blasted Qing away with a ‘bang’, making her spitting blood.


“Don’t kill her!”


Lin Xii hurriedly inform Mai, that girl definitely went into shock and went berserk. It wasn’t intentional. Also, since the girl did not harm him during his deep sleep, she wouldn’t deliberately do it now.


“Hold her down!”


Seeing something flashed beside Qing that had just fell down, he realized she was taking something else from her storage.


Letting a Weapon Master to hold another weapon was definitely a bad idea, he was still recovering from the shock of the Execution Blade. Lin Xii hurriedly rushed to Qing and held both of her legs down. Mai saw this and reacted instantly, leaping to Qing’s side and pinning the both of her arms down.


The both of them was 10 person’s worth of strength and about 9 person’s worth of strength respectively, but it still was……difficult?……to restrain the berserking Qing.

“Calm down!”


The restrained Qing struggled desperately. Soon after, Mai’s towel dropped due to the intense movement of Qing and exposed her naked body. The white huge meatballs that were tightly wrapped was released, trembled rhythmically, making it looked bigger than before.


What’s worse was due to the struggle and the movement of Qing and Mai, both of the meatballs shook up and down; slapping onto Qing’s face with a “pa, pa, pa” sound.


Lin Xii noticed that he had to exert even more strength so he looked up, the first thing his eyes registered was the lovely breasts……but he doesn’t have the time to enjoy the view as he saw Qing’s eyes turned red as the breast hit her face continuously.






A shockwave erupted from Qing, blasting everything away like a bomb.


The whole villa trembled furiously, countless cracks crawled all over the floor, walls and the ceiling. Splinters and fragments of wood and cement rained down.


The rest of the night was a bloody battle and finally the whole villa resulted in a pile of rubble. The chaotic situation alarmed the others, Zhang Lei even sneak closely with curiosity but immediately left as a horrified feeling dawned upon him.


The second day,


after taking a bath at his newly allocated place, washing away his fatigue and ‘excitement’ away from the previous night, he wore his clothes and went into the living room.


Qing was currently in the living room, sitting down with kneeling legs like a child that did something wrong.


“Look at you, did you know what you did!”


Facing Lin Xii’s question, Qing pouted and turned her head sideways, a ‘hmph!’ sound coming from her nasal.


“This is not the time to be a tsundere……”


Lin Xii couldn’t help but shake his head, his hand holding his forehead and slightly regretting his decision taking this girl as his team partner.


“Fine, whatever happened yesterday……happened. It would be useless saying anything else, let me voice my thoughts now then.”


Lin Xii and Mai that was sitting beside him, fanning herself looked at each other and said, “Miss Qing, you are really strong, so strong that you demolished my previous accommodation. It would be a waste for such a strong person to team up with me.”


“You are chasing me away?” Qing looked at him with the side of her eyes.


“Ask, not chase.”




After letting out another ‘hmph’, she was silent for a little while and finally replied, awkwardly. “Some of it could be……my fault, what happened yesterday……but you are the one at fault in the first place, finding these peoples……to trigger me……”

“When normal people get triggered, they won’t act that way.”


“So you are saying I’m abnormal?”


Qing stared at Lin Xii furiously, if stares can kill, Lin Xii would had already died a thousand times.


“If you asked me to leave and I do, wouldn’t that be a disgrace? I’m not going anywhere!”


After saying this, Qing stormed to the bathroom.


“Such misfortune!”


Lin Xii deeply sighed, Mai also shook her head. After that they went in and calm the three girls down, the three of them still not fully recovered by the shock yesterday.


At 10 a.m., they head towards to the weapories.


Reaching their destination, they saw a couple of tables in the hall——the centre of each table was a hotpot. Meat, fish balls, veggies, fish slices, meat slices were present beside the hotpot.


“You finally arrived! Come sit over here.”


Elder Lee that was no longer wearing his army uniform, welcomed Lin Xii, Qing, and Mai that was garbed in her black robes like a normal old man.


“Alright, all 14 evolutionaries are present. After the massive transfer tomorrow, we would not be able to eat such delicacies for awhile. I also took out my precious ‘84 alcohol out, as thanks to you all.”


“Uh, I don’t drink. No need to pour for me, thank you. I will do it myself.”


Lin Xii hurriedly got up in respect. It wasn’t because Elder Lee was the equivalent of the Vice Governor before the apocalypse, it was because of he was a 6, 70 years old white hair old man.


After greeting them for a little while, Elder Lee left to continue his busy schedule.


There was five tables in total here, the earlier 12 evolutionaries split into 3 a table; Lin Xii, Qing and Mai in a table.


The last time he ate hotpot was several months ago, Lin Xii thought to himself as he nostalgically ate a meat slice. The next time he would have the chance to eat it would be far away. Thinking this, he grabbed a fishball with his chopsticks and was about to place it in his mouth, and realized it was gone.


It was snatched away by Qing……


Eating and drinking together was a good way to build relationships. Soon enough,  the rest of the table was liven up with bustling noises. A guy with a fullback hairstyle was competing with the boar bloodline evolutionary on drinking.


Xiao Qiang was arm wrestling against Minotaur head with their huge muscles, the both of them wrestled on the ground as the table was unable to sustain their strength.


Lin Xii and Qing doesn’t speak much and Mai did not lowered her hoodie and only showing her smooth chin. She did not ate much, most of the time taking meat that was cooked and placing it into her master’s bowl.


Qing looked upon them with scorn in her gaze.


The feast lasted for two hours.


After eating and drinking to their fill, the few person that drank went to wash their face and came back to start the meeting——it’s call a meeting but it’s just introducing oneself, to familiarize each other.


The huge muscular Minotaur head laughed heartily and said, “I’m from Team Wild, Minotaur Bloodline……you guys can call me Bull. This is Pig, with his Boar Bloodline, and this guy with the Dog-headed bloodline is call……”

“Bull, if you dare to say out that word, I will instantly cut off our friendship.” The Dog-headed bloodline guy stood up and exclaimed hurriedly.




Minotaur head laughed and continue introducing, “His name is Huang Wei, just call him Yellow. Other than his slightly short temper, he’s a fairly good guy……just like me old Bull.” (TLN: 黄‘Huang’ is also yellow in chinese)


“Wha d’ya mean same as you, I am 10 times more stronger than you! You damn Cow head!”


The three man with wild beast bloodline seems useless, but they are anything but that.


Bull, 3 star Minotaur Bloodline. Huge strength, tough skin with thick flesh, comes with an ‘Endurance Aura’ talent. When used, it is able to increase the movement speed and the attack speed of any evolutionary, mercenary, summoned creature, normal human in the vicinity.


Adding on a battle skill, ‘War Stomp’ from WoW.


Even Lin Xii’s wary of the totemic pole in his arms. Getting hit by that huge, heavy bluestone totemic poll would definitely be worse than getting hit by the Tyrant’s Judgement.


Different from the Progenitor Virus Bloodline, the 3 star Minotaur Bloodline does not have any future potential, but it’s combat capabilities at the early stages is vastly superior than the Progenitor Virus.


Huang Wei’s Dog-headed bloodline is an 1 star bloodline, a lowest ranked bloodline. But it’s combat capabilities isn’t weak either, other than lacking the huge strength and the physique of the Minotaur, he have the same amount of skill and talent too. The ‘Commanding Aura’ that increases damage dealt in the vicinity of the aura, and ‘Heavy Blow’ that stuns the opponent.


The Boar Bloodline is ranked 2 star. Its strength and physique is between the Minotaur and the Dog-headed bloodline. With its ‘Devotion Aura’ that increases defense, and ‘Defense state’ that’s a tank skill that lowers the damage taken drastically while in a defensive pose.


“This Team Wild is really strong.”


Using all three Aura in a battle would increase defense, attack speed, movement speed and damage!


With Bull’s huge attack strength, Pig’s defense, and Big Yellow stun. Further adding on Bull’s ‘War stomp’, the scary totemic poll, metal spiked mace, spiked bat……


It would be a merciless fight!

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