FF: Chapter 32: 4 Chained Blows

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4 chained blows


It was the girl that he met when he was sneak attacked, forced to hid into a villa to nurse his wounds a month ago. During that time he was forced into a deep sleep and was unguarded, resting in the girl’s home.


Lin Xii’s has a very deep first impression towards her. First, her flat washboard chest and second, her scary Kubikiribōchō, the Execution Blade.


“It’s you!”


The girl exclaimed when she saw Lin Xii, her tight face relaxed and softened. There’s a couple of reason for this, first the young man’s face was handsome——being handsome does have some benefits. Second, at least he was someone familiar.


“You two know each other? That’s really good.”


Commander Liu smiled and said, “We will leave on the day after tomorrow, the evolutionaries are splitted into three a group. As you contacted us slightly late and are unfamiliar with the rest of the evolutionaries the twelve of them are already separated into four group. Coincidentally, this lovely young lady contacted us today.”


“Grouping together would be good as you will have another helping hand and since the both of you are familiar with each other, I do think both of you will enjoy the partnership of each other.”


“Alright, I will stop bothering the both of you. Don’t forget that tomorrow is the meeting for the thirteen……ugh, fourteen now, of you at the weaponries hall.”


After Commander Liu left, the young girl introduced herself, “Zhong Qing, 5 star Talent, Weapon Master.” (TLN: Zhong Qing is shorten to Qing from this onwards.)


“Weapon Master?”


This was a class in League of Legends, and many other games as well. A sort of high ranked class.


Some states that it is the combining of the user and the weapon into one, using the weapon as if it was one’s limbs. A weapon master is also able to unleash the maximum potential of the weapon in battle, or even more. Some games also state that a weapon master has a mastery in every cold weapon naturally.

He wondered……which type Qing was.


“I am able to familiarize myself in any weapon.”


“……such a blunt young lady.”


Lin Xii was speechless for a few seconds and replied, “3 star Bloodline, Ghoul……also, I don’t eat human flesh.”


“I was informed by Commander Liu.”


Qing’s personality too was one that doesn’t prefer to talk much and the two of them walked in silence. Moments later, they heard chaotic noises coming from the street in front of them.


A titan appeared.


The civilians ran away hurriedly, the hunting titan found that there were two humans that didn’t escape and came towards them.


“Who’s first?” Qing asked.


“Ladies first.”


After a “huhu” by Qing, she couldn’t help but retort, “That seems so gentlemanly and all but why does it seem to be unappropriate in this situation? If the both of us are normal human, are you still gonna say ladies first?”


Lin Xii smiled faintly, he just wanted to see her level of strength and her battle style.


The Execution Blade was taken out.


Her right palm gripped onto the handle of the sword, her sleeves rolled up and showing her healthy looking tanned brown skin. The back of her hand show an apple logo on it with one of its side chewed off——Lin Xii has the same type of mark on him too, but his was in the form of english alphabets, NOKIA.


Other than taking out the execution blade, Qing took out another weird looking equipment that looked like a yellowish metallic claw.


“This is a……robotic flying claw, it’s a sort of robotic device that gripped onto something once it’s thrown out. At the same time, it will produce a sort of attracting force that will suck me over to my destination.”


“You can treat it as a support device that allows me to move fastly.”


As she introduced the device, she threw the claw out at the same time. The metal claw caught onto the face of the incoming 11 meters tall titan.


A semi-transparent line connected Qing to the claw and brought her flying to her destination hundreds of meters away within two seconds.


Lin Xii silently clicked his tongue. Qing, which appeared next to the titan cheek swung her scary execution blade A horizontal swinging of that momentum seems enough to split a mountain in half! The thick neck of the titan was cleanly sliced in two with the swing!


How is this still cutting the back of the nape?


It’s most definitely a beheading!


That swing was definitely comparable to him with his full boost of the ukaku and swinging the beamscythe in his full strength.


The titan’s head rolled onto the ground and dispersed into particals of light.


“Enn……that metal claw was definitely insightful. I never noticed it in the <Base of Evolution>, I wonder is it from a game or an animation?……Oh well, the amount of stuff in there is just too much.”


Before Lin Xii had his ukaku, he too had to just rely on his equipment to hunt titans. Other than his Dark Sword, he had his Meat Hook.



The only difference was that the meat hook brings the enemy towards him, whereas the metal claw brings the user to the enemy.


Both of them has their ups and downs, with the titan as an example, without enough strength one could never drag a titan down even they managed to hooked onto the titan.


For the metal claw, after it’s thrown you are unable to control the destination where you will land. If you had thrown into the jaw of the titan, doesn’t this means that you will be attracted to its wide opened jaw?


One must have very precise control over himself to use this supporting equipment.


Maybe only people with talent such as Weapon Master can use this sort of bizarre equipment with ease.


Keeping her execution blade and metal claw, Qing walked towards him. The both of them continue heading towards the university silently.


“So this is……the strength……of the partner that’s assigned to me. She’s seems ok……in fact, a 5 star talent would be in the top ranks in Pearl City. Maybe just below the 6 star Protoss Bloodline, there should be no problems with her character either.”


“But, could you be my true partner? I really look forward to it.” Lin Xii silently thought to himself.


Qing suddenly turned around and said in a serious tone, “A 3 star ghoul bloodline, even if it’s not the top in Pearl City, but it is in the upper ranks. A 3 star bloodline could be comparable to a 4 star talent, martial skill or ability.”


Her crystal black, and pure eyes gaze intensely at Lin Xii. Her crisp clear voice rang out, “But could you obtain my trust and be a real partner to me? I do look forward to it.”


Listening to Qing’s words, the corner of Lin Xii mouth twitched slightly. Could this be considered as the both of us are……linked……heart to heart?


Reaching the university and walking to his villa, after opening the door and seeing Fi Fi and Rui, the face of Qing changed slightly and she spoke up with a sarcastic tone. “I can’t believe that you were hiding lovers in your house, as innocent as you seemed.”




Lin Xii laughed awkwardly as the both of them walked into the house. At this moment, Qing caught sight Sui that was placing dishes of food on the table, her eyes instantly glazed over.


The 14 years old Sui definitely had a very mature development, it especially stood out right now with her in an apron and bending down to place the dishes of food on the table. Due to her short height, when she bent down her entire chest was placed down onto the table with the food, showing the large round shape contour.


“Th, this…….”

Qing stepped two steps back as if she was heavily struck, she breathe in deeply and pushed down complicated feelings with difficulty. When she looked up, she then saw the young cute face of Sui.




It was like an arrow pierced her heart, Qing’s body shook uncontrollably and she almost fell down.


This girl……this girl’s young delicate face, she would even believe if someone told her that’s the face of a 10 years old. But……but why, does she have that chest when she’s so young!

“What an…….obscene volume of breast……”


“No, I can’t continue be this shaken, it’s just only breast……just two lumps of fats, how could I let this bother me this much……”


Qing tried her hardest to let out a smile, which looked like she was crying with her stiff face. As she was about to say something to cover up her expressions earlier while laughing “haha, haha” awkwardly, the door to the showers opened.


It was Mai that had just showered, she walked out with just a towel wrapping around her body.


The tight wrapped towel around Mai’s chest further exaggerate her breast that was originally larger than Sui’s. The two swelling white lumps of fats was akin to two towering tall mountains, with a deep cleavage between them.




With her legs folded underneath her, Qing supported her limp body with her hands on the floor.


Her head faced downwards, entirely covered by the curtain of chestnut coloured hair and she was as still as a statue. Mai that witnessed this without knowing what happened asked uncertainty, “Uh……”


She hesitated for a moment, wondering whether this person was a male or female. With Qing’s posture her throat was unobservable for an adam’s apple, so Mai concluded that this person should be a guy……from the chest area.


“Mister, are you alright?”




It was at this moment, that Lin Xii swore that he definitely heard something break.


“Huhu, huhuhu, hehe, hahahahaha……”


Qing slowly raised herself from the floor, veins crawling on her right hand as she held her forehead and let out a horrifying laugh. The laughter started softly, slowly gathering in volume; her lowered head raised and madness could be seen from her eyes.


She let out a twisted smile of insanity with her bloodshot eyes and twisted face. “You deliberately, you must have intentionally placed these people here to mock me, right!”


The hairs on Lin Xii stood up as a gust of wind suddenly blew towards him, a Boom! sounded as the air exploded.


It was a 2 meters long——enough to chop down anything in its path, Execution Blade that made the sound as it was treated as an assassination weapon by Qing; she thrown the sword, and spun it with her wrist like a helicopter’s blade, and this was headed towards him!


Due to a comment, I made this poll, do you prefer the term ‘evolutionary’ or ‘evolver’?

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  1. “heavily striked” should be “heavily struck”. Striked is a newer word for past tense of going on strike.

    “heard something broke” Broke should be break. Heard already changes the sentence to past tense.

    Thanks for the chapter kkinji!

  2. Evolutionary seems kinda strange to me, but having gotten used to it evolver seems off as well… Instead, I recommend Evolutionist. Same idea as evolutionary, something like “One following the path of evolution,” but sounds less weird.

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