FF : Chapter 31 – Choice

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The moment Elder Lee stopped talking, immediately there’s an evolutionary that exclaimed happily, “That good! I originally didn’t want to go to LZ anyways, what if we all die on the way due to some overpowered monster? Even if we reached LZ, would our condition turn around anyways?”

He shrugged, “I mean, who knows what would happen in the future.”

His words seems to resonate with many of the evolutionaries, some of them silently nodding.


With a large portion of the army leaving behind, this would mean that they could still rely on them. They could at least earn 1000 points daily, where else could you find such easy to farm monsters such as titans elsewhere?


For example, killing zombies are easy, just carpet bomb the whole area. But there’s no gain for the army and evolutionary by doing so since it’s not the evolutionary that killed them, the army would just waste ammo.


Unlike blasting the titans of their feet, killing the helpless titans and earning points at the same time.


Elder Lee saw the reactions of the crowd, his mood weighted heavily.


Originally the amount of soldiers leaving wasn’t much in the first place, in this situation the evolutionaries would be a big help in battle. If even the evolutionaries stays behind, there wouldn’t be much of a chance reaching LZ with the dangers ahead of them.


Two thousands soldiers can definitely not protect all the civilians, even if there were only 10000 on them.


The whole hall was bustling with noises, from these reactions it would seemed that the majority of them are planning to stay behind.


It was at this moment that someone stood up.


Lin Xii looked over and saw that it was the super muscular man. The army uniform middle aged man clapped his hands to attract the attention of the crowd and spoke up, “My name is Xiao Qiang, 3 star ability user: Explosive Metal Body.”


“The effects of my ability is, by controlling each and every string of my muscle tendons and even mutating my muscles to give me an explosive strength.”


Many felt astonished that he would reveal the specifics of his ability, why would he be this specific when he just needed to introduce himself? Is he dim witted?


Even though a 3 star ability was vastly inferior to the 6 star Protoss Bloodline, but it was still better than the majority of the crowd.


“First of all, I would like to tell you what’s my dream.”


“Ever since I was young, I always had a dream, that one day I would be the strongest man on Earth. Even though this seems laughable to others, a childish dream they say, but I never forget about it even though I am already more than 30 years old.”


Someone couldn’t hold it in and laugh. “Puha.”


Xiao Qiang did not care and continue to talk with his deep voice. “Before the apocalypse, I was trained in Wrestling, MMA, Judo, Karate……all to move towards my dream.”


“Maybe you did not know this, but I was the champion of MMA in this city. I also participated in the provincial contest but……I was defeated. I did not gave up, because a dream, is a dream because it’s never too late to chase it!”


“Maybe it would never come true, but at the very least I worked hard for it before.”


He looked into the crowd, his solemn seriousness permeated the atmosphere and affected the others. The person who laughed earlier showed an ashamed look.


“Then the apocalypse came, I became an evolutionary and gotten my Explosive Metal Body. Even though it is only a 3 star ability, but it finally gave me a mean to achieve my dream one day.”


“For this whole month, I relentlessly trained my body and muscles every single day. When the majority of you follow the behind of he army, picking up the remains of them and killing helpless titans, I was fighting and killing titans to the death on my own.”


“I carry 100kg worth of weights and run, jump, and train, each day only resting for 3 hours. The Explosive Metal Body ability lack martial skills, but I took the skills that I learned and even combining them with those martial arts skill from games and made one for myself.”

“So what it’s only 3 star? Even if someone had gotten Superman’s bloodline, I still believe that one day I would be stronger than him! I will become this country’s, no, this world strongest man!”


“Even if I had not gotten my 3 star Explosive Metal Body and gotten some 1 star ability instead, I would still think of every way I have to become stronger.”

“There isn’t an useless ability, just useless people!”


Xiao Qiang that was pumped up with fiery passion looked around and gazed at the evolutionaries, “I said all this, isn’t just to give you all some childish, laughable chicken soup for your soul. Instead I want to tell you what is the origin in your heart.”

“Remember what you heard in the Room of Fate when you became an evolutionary?”


“No matter what you got, if you become prideful, self-satisfied and stagnate, you will be eliminated in the road of evolution.”


“What is evolution? Is it forever staying at Pearl City and trailing behind the army, killing titans? Is this what evolve is?”

Xiao Qiang mood turned heavier, the muscles on his face twisted slightly and he growled lowly, “Not facing stronger opponent, not taking risk, not battling on the verge of life and death and overcome your limit. How could you obtain true evolution!”


“Yes, being an evolutionary and staying behind, you do not need to worry about food and it’s much safer than heading to LZ. But I will not stay behind, in fact, I presume that those with self-esteem will not.”


“Facing stronger foes, overcoming them again and again. Challenge yourself again and again, break your limit, become the strongest——or die on the road to become the strongest, this, is the way I live.”


After finishing his speech, he sat back down, his face emotionless.


The hall was in silence for a short while, then a young 11, 12 looking girl wearing a wide sleeve dress stood up and broke the silence. “What a delusional old man……but I buy it! I have decided, I’m going to LZ and see what awaits for me on the road to it!”


“I’m also leaving, but I’m really interested in your capabilities. I hope we can spar during our free time.” Wu Yan nodded graciously towards Xiao Qiang, his white eyes gleamed brightly.


“Us 3 wild brothers too, my spiked bat is already insatiable!” The man with the boar bloodline raised his arm with his spiked bat, his nose gruntled hilariously.


“Hmph, my mace too is thirsty for blood.” The dog headed man cracked a weird, evil smile, showing his fangs.


Minotaur guy raised his 3 meters tall totemic pole and slammed it down, shaking the entire hall slightly. He said loudly, “Let those monsters have a taste of their old man’s pole, it’s getting boring just slamming titans with this.”


Elder Lee witnessed all this excitedly, whereas some others were looking at them unkindly. Most of the evolutionaries that originally wanted to stay behind now decided to leave after getting riled up by Xiao Qiang.


Behind Lin Xii, Mai who was in her black robes lowered her head and whispered in his ear. “Such interesting people in this world…….young master, your thoughts?”


“Even if he didn’t made that speech, I was planning to leave anyways.”


With his ‘evolve’ talent, how could he stay in this boring city with just titans?


After a chaotic scene, Elder Lee totaled up the numbers. The amount of evolutionaries that are willing to head to LZ with the 2000 troops are 13 in total, 10 others decided to stay. It was much better than what he expected.


There were many other things that the army needed to do, integrating the 4 army academy, preparing food, supplies, broadcasting their decision to the masses and letting them decide; so the final decision was leaving in 3 days.


The 13 evolutionaries agreed to engage in a meeting before they leave.


As Lin Xii was about to leave and head back to the university with Mai, Wu Yan——the person with the highest rank ability stopped him. “Nice to meet you Lin Xii, I heard Commander Liu talked about you. Your flying ability is really good.”


Wu Yan wasn’t old, even though due to his Protoss Bloodline making his looks changed it still could be seen that he’s not more than 25,6 years old.


He smiled faintly to Lin Xii and said, “I tried flying once, in theory it’s possible with my psychic ability to fly out of earth into outer space. But my mental strength and control isn’t strong enough, I hope that I can one day fly like you.”


“Nice to meet you too.”


Lin Xii was slightly cautious and redrawn towards strangers, he did not say much other than greeting him.


“We will meet again.” Wu Yan nodded and walked towards Xiao Qian, most likely planning to spar privately. Lin Xii was curious, but as he wasn’t invited he did not bother them.


Reaching back the university and heading back to the house where the three girls were, Lin Xii told them about the news of the army splitting up and some of them are leaving while others staying.


“Can’t……you stay behind? It’s so dangerous out there, isn’t it good in Pearl City?” Even if Fi Fi’s parents isn’t in Pearl City, she doesn’t wants to leave. Her living condition wasn’t as good as before, but much better compared to others.


Rui and Sui did not spoke up, but it could be seen from their eyes that they did not want to leave either.


After all they aren’t evolutionaries, they definitely prefer the stable life they have now compared to the unknown dangers ahead. Also, Pearl City is the hometown to the both of them.


“I already made up my mind.”


Lin Xii’s decision definitely wouldn’t change because of the 3 girls. He thought for a bit and replied, “If you want to stay behind, I can request the army to take care of you all.”


The girls immediately shook their head and showed a scared look, they do want to stay behind, but how could they dared too? Everything they have now was given by Lin Xii, they would be like a leaf in a storm without him. Don’t mention the army, they wouldn’t even trust another evolutionary.


Wasn’t Zhang Lei an example?


The following two days, Lin Xii searched for food during his free time when hunting titans, including a hefty amount of rotten meat——food for the Tyrant. Other than that he had gotten some sweets and chocolate from the army, not much, just a small crate.


As he went back the uni during the night, he met Commander Liu. Beside him was a girl.


“I was about to find you, Lin Xii. She’s an evolutionary that contacted the army this afternoon and also planning to leave. I bought her here to you, as your partner.”


Looking at the face of the girl, Lin Xii stunned slightly.


“It’s you!”

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  1. The Wu Yan guys seems like a good guy ( and not VERY conceited even tho he got a grade 6 bloodline…+10 points).
    And guys imagine, just imagine, if MC managed to drink some of the Wu Yan guys’ blood…….:D

    Thanks!! (lol Kars pic all glittering and stuff XD)

  2. Thanks for the chapter. Btw Evolutionary sounds stupid. Evolver is shorter and better. IMO I’m just gonna stick with Evolver.

  3. OH what is this cliff hangers. There’s so much. Okay now that we have to wait for the next one who could this girl be? There isn’t many girls that the mc found that is some what important.
    My 2 guesses
    the university guy’s girlfriend
    Xu Miao -She is the girl at the start when mc just got his powers 😛

    • Pffft did you forget this person is an evolver? I’m thinking it’s that one girl with Kubikiribōchō on chapter 11. The one that didn’t kill him when he was down and only asked for a bloody backpack as payment.

      Not much of a cliff to be honest.

      • oh yeah forgot about her. Better than my guesses. My guesses was just the two of them suddenly became evolutionaries

        • Pretty certain its her, plus been expecting them to group up sooner or later. Her character at that time made her seem rather trust worthy in comparison to others.

          If not, I’m not sure. But as others said way too many cliffs, even if they are small, cliffs continuously is still annoying.

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