FF : Chapter 30 : The evolutionaries

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The Evolutionaries


Throughout the entire day, Lin Xii spent the rest of his time to communicate, battle, and accept teaching of the importance and experience in battle from Mai. He also asked about the methods of learning ‘ki’.


Unfortunately, Mai’s ‘ki’ needs to be nurtured from childhood, and the training are arduous.


Even talented individual takes years of hard training to awaken it.


Lin Xii wasn’t too disappointed, he does have his own type of energy anyways, biological energy. Currently it could be converted into kinetic and heat energy, who’s to say that he would not develop abilities like the bosses in Resident Evil in the future?


On the early morning of the next day, a soldier came bringing a message from Commander Liu. The army are gathering all evolutionaries for a meeting.


Up till now, there’s 23 in total that’s in contact with the army.


Mai Shiranui is a high intelligent, unique humanoid mercenary. She is the perfect partner and family member that can be trusted, after discussing with her they decided to head off to the meeting and leaving the Tyrant behind to protect the three girls.


The main thing was, Mai’s still unfamiliar to this world. She wishes to understand and explore more of this world.


Encountering a titan on the way there, she wanted to test her skills. Mai used her ninjutsu and changed her ‘ki’ into a weapon, the ‘Kacho Sen’ or also known as the Butterfly Fan. She threw it towards the titan and striked onto the titan’s calf, the fan exploded like a grenade and the titan’s calf burst open instantly.


It seems like she wouldn’t have any difficulty killing titans.


There are many places in the world that the monsters descended, ‘Pearl City’s titans could be considered as a ‘easy’ difficulty’, Lin Xii thinks to himself. After all, the density of the titans is small, the titans are devoid of intelligence and easy to kill as long as you have a certain a certain level of strength.


Even if you are unable to kill them, you could still rely on the army.


Those Bijuus or deep sea monsters that he seen on the internet are most likely the ‘hard’ difficulty, and those Red Eyes Black Dragon, Bahamut, Deathwing……should be the ‘hell mode’ difficulty.


The people here sure are lucky.


They reached their destination soon enough, it was a factory that was originally tasked for the production of weapons. Entering the main hall, Lin Xii noticed there were already quite a number of people inside. Most of them wearing army uniforms, there were also several government high ranked officials.


There were some that dressed weirdly too.


The evolutionaries.


Lin Xii’s gaze first landed on a woman, the woman height towered him even though she was sitting. The surface of her skin was a shade of blue, illuminating tattoo on her face coupled with golden, oval eyes that looked like a cat’s.




The lady turned around and said while smiling, “It is indeed the bloodline of the Na’vi from Avatar, nice to meet you, I’m Xu Ping.”


“Nice to meet you too.”


Lin Xii nodded and his attention was grabbed by another group of people.


The person that was being stared at was slightly irritated and swung his weapon out. The weapon was a normal mace with spikes on it.


When the wooden handle is being swung towards an enemy, the metal ball with spikes on it would follow up with it being attached to a chain to the wooden handle.


“Wha’you seeing……never saw a handsome man before?” The evolutionary was short tempered, dog head and all.


“Don’t mind him kiddo, he had gotten a dog headed bloodline and changed into this, making him short fuse. Hey bro, just look on the bright side alright, at least you didn’t got a minotaur bloodline. Not only I get a bull’s head, I even get the title of NTR man and I still got over it.” (TLN: 牛头人 is bull’s head person in chinese, and the pronunciation for it us Nu Tou Ren, it’s a running joke for NTR)


The tall and muscular “NTR man” shook his head, horns and all, comforting the “dog headed man’ beside him. Besides him was a green stone totem pole that’s at least 3 meters tall.


With a glance, it would be more than 150kg!


“Sigh, so what it was a dog or bull’s head bloodline, at least it’s better than me. Dog and bull are still better looking than a pig’s, and wouldn’t make any weird disgusting noises when you speak.”


The third person wore a pig’s head, gruntled noises as he speaks. He angrily shook his weapon, a huge spike bat.


The three of them looked at each other, and deeply sighed. There really isn’t a worst choice, only even worse choices.


Lin Xii witnessed this and felt scared for himself, to think that there was such a terrible risk when he choose rouletting for a bloodline.


He didn’t dare provoking the three guys any further and found a nearby spot to sit. Mai who was covered in her black robes sat behind him.


There was still people coming in continuously. Most of them fantasy looking, or giving off a weird outworldly feel.


There was a man in his mid-thirties, square-ish face with a tall nose. He’s wearing an army uniform, his bulging muscle stretches the uniform tightly. Clear separating lines of muscles could be seen through the uniform, comparable to Arnold Schwarzenegger.


There’s also an old lady, her cheeks hollowed with deep wrinkles on her forehead. Her face was tight and she was holding a long smoking pipe. The instance Lin Xii saw her, he was reminded of Otose-baba from Gintama.


There’s a man as fat as a round ball of meat, his face full with pleasing smiles, bowing while greeting everyone ever since he came in; another was wearing a heavy tin-like armor, carrying a huge sword with him; there’s also an old man wearing a cotton gown, both of his hand insides his sleeves and donning a japanese style straw hat equipped with ragged cloth shoes.


Some evolutionaries greeted each other and got to know others, the hall was bustling with noises.


But when a person walked in, the whole hall went silence in an instant.


He was a bald, wearing an splendor looking armor young man. Pupils were devoid from his eyes, leaving only a whitish glow like the stars in the night sky. Strips of mysterious glowing lines on his dark purple skin, like the totemic tattoos of the ancient tribes.




Children of the ancient gods, the ‘Firstborn’!


A race called ‘Protoss’ from the game StarCraft. They were a race that utilized their strong mental capabilities and dominated the universe.


He nodded slightly towards the crowd with a hint of pride, and said with a voice that seemed to resonate with the air. “Wu Yan, Six Star Protoss Bloodline.” His voice rang throughout the air, resonated with the psion in the air.


A Six Star Protoss (Godling) Bloodline!


Even Lin Xii couldn’t help but felt a complicated sense of jealousy in an instance.


But at the very next second, the feeling was gone. Even though his bloodline was one star lower than the guy and the battle capabilities of it wasn’t high, but with his talent of evolving, his has endless possibilities!


“Fuck, you really just can’t compare to others……” The guy with the pig bloodline let out a disheartening sigh.


The rest of the evolutionary streamed in soon enough, even Zhang Lei. When he saw Lin Xii, he shrunk his neck and sat at a corner.


Lin Xii couldn’t spot Su Mei from these peoples, wondering where that guy went into hiding.


After all 23 evolutionary arrived, an old man from the army side walked up to the stage. The old man, full of white hair was a Major-General from his insignia on his shoulders. He’s most likely the highest rank of military personnel in Pearl City.


“My surname’s Lee, you can call me elder lee. Of course, if you opt to call me old man lee, it will be alright too.”


Elder Lee light hearted tone cracked some smiles.


“I’m really happy seeing you all, even though you evolutionary aren’t strong right now, but, with the seed of strength in you all, it will continue to grow and eventually shoulder the fate of humanity. Maybe, you all will end the apocalypse one day.”


“All right, enough of pointless banters. There’s more important thing to discuss asking you all to gather today.”


Elder Lee face turned slightly more serious, “To be honest, it’s not something nice, the army internal had some……difference in opinion. You do know that Pearl City is a assembly of the air force, marine, tank, and land troops army academy. Also, there’s also the government, police, and various other influence.”


“Originally our decision was undergoing the massive transfer in two days, towards LZ province capital.”


“But when the Colossal titan surrendered and brought back the female titan and the armored titan yesterday, there are many higher ups that had a difference in opinion and not willing to leave.”


“They believe that, since there’s only titan in Pearl City, it wouldn’t be hard to be dealt with. Even though it is a spawn point here, but as long as we guard the area well, along with the 3 intelligence titans it would be enough to liberate most of the area in the city.”


“So why do we need to leave, when it’s much safer here, rather than facing unknown risk and head towards LZ?”


“Personally, I am against this mindset. First, Pearl City is a spawn point, there’s no certainty that only titans will spawn here, what if there’s a much stronger monster that will spawn here in the future and we can’t deal with it? Heading towards a central gathering spot and pooling together our resources, combining the might of evolutionaries is the only way to prepare ourselves for a stronger crisis.”


“Secondly, is our lack of food.”


“As LZ is a province, there’s no lacking of large storage of food supplies there. If we doesn’t leave here, the amount of food we currently have will not last long enough . We will face a crisis where there’s absolutely no food in a few months, just for the army.”


“God knows how many civilians would die of hunger before then.”


“No matter how, both parties in the army are unable to persuade one another. So, the final decision was the ones that are willing to leave will be lead by me.”


“Regretfully, there are many in the army that are satisfied with our current predicament and are unwilling to leave. The original 4 batch is now reduced to 1. The amount of people leaving totaled up to just 2000 plus people.”


“The TV will broadcast this on this evening and let the civilians to choose. I estimate that the amount of people that are willing to move will drastically reduce to about 1-20000.”


Elder Lee looked at the crowd and said, “I, as a person is slightly blunt, not wanting to hide anything from you all. So I just told you all everything. The point of gathering you all today is to discuss your opinions whether to leave or stay.”

TLN: I’m really sorry for the delay, here’s chapter 30. I’m finally done with all my assignments so updates will be back to normal or even earlier than usual.

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  1. I wonder what constitutes as a mercenary, I mean can you get a drone from the zerg and buy 300 min and make a hatchery then create a whole base? Would be great to see ultralisk fighting titans, would be cool as heck

    • Mercenary are characters from anime, games or movies. for example, Tony stark from avengers, naruto from naruto or princess peach from Mario. The drones and such that you mentioned are most likely categorized under the “special” category.

      • NOICE some evolutionary starcraft 2 fans gonna do that, I hope so. Would be something plus the zerg is almost the same as his trait for evolution

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