FF : Chapter 29 : Mai Shiranui

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Mai Shiranui


Inside Jinling city, a young lad was surrounded by a bunch of beautiful ladies inside a grand villa was looking at his phone. Ever since he became an evolutionary and after an entire month of points saving, he finally hit 40000 points.


Even though he has many females accompanying him, but those were just real world commodities only. How could it be compared to the females character in ACG?


Even more so when his target is the beautiful flaming hot martial artist:

Mai Shiranui.


When he was just a kid and first saw the ‘big breasted lady’ and her jiggling boobs in the game, he was deeply entranced by Mai Shiranui.


And now she’s going to be mine!


If he could have it with her once……no, every night, that would be the manifestation of happiness! Even though he can’t force himself upon a mercenary, but the young lad believes that with their partnership in the future he could use his burning passionate love to make her fall in love with him.


As someone who gotten an 8 star ranked martial skill, he was absolutely confident in his strength and charm.




After laughing stupidly to himself and was about to say ‘redeem’, he suddenly noticed that the name ‘Mai Shiranui’ on his phone screen suddenly turned grey, and disappeared.


“What.The.Fuck! Who stole my girl!”


It wasn’t only just the young lad, there were also others all around the world that were shouting similar profanities.


Lin Xii doesn’t knows that he was just a little faster and managed to hire Mai from 4 other evolutionaries. As he was witnessing a beautiful lady coming out from the shining light, his heart was filled with excitement.


To be honest, Mai wasn’t his favourite character in all of ACG.


But this was his first mercenary!


A silhouette finally appeared from the light.


Her hair was long, fanning down her back. Below her fringe was a pair of big, beautiful eyes.


Under her small cute nose was lips that was burning red.


Her flaming hot body, with exposing red shorts that only covered the important parts. Large amount of skin exposed outwards, a snowy white pair of long supple legs under her flexible looking waist.


The most attractive part was her chest, only covered by a palm size cloth, the white rounds were shockingly huge.


Due to the perkiness of the rounds, even when her body was still, it still quivered on its own.


Even though he has the skill of blood control, it was at this moment that most of the blood in Lin Xii rushed to a specific part of his body……and sprayed out……he immediately clamped his nose, red blood leaking from the gaps of his fingers.


“I didn’t expect meeting such a cute master in this apocalypse……but it’s definitely a lucky thing in an unlucky situation.”


The appeared Mai Shiranui looked only 17 or 18 from her face, but that flaming, entrancing, burning temptation that emitted from her was something that cannot be compared to even by a mature woman. She let out a charming smile to Lin Xii and curtsied.


“Please take good care of me in the future, young master.”


The blood seeping from Lin Xii’s fingers increased……he definitely saw something from the insides of her shorts……


When Rui, Sui and Fi Fi saw Mai that was following behind Lin Xii coming out from the house, the three of them was shocked.


After being stunned for a whole 30 seconds, Sui came about and looked at Mai’s chest, and then her own. This was the first time she felt defeated in her life.


“No, I am only 14 now. I still have a future! With my foundation, I will catch up in another 2,3 years……No, I will surpass her!”


Sui silently gripped her fist and encouraged herself.


The corner of Fi Fi’s mouth was twitching, originally a big breasted Sui was enough of a threat and now an even larger one appears? It doesn’t helps that this one was on a different level from Sui either.


“A big breasted loli, and now a hot sexy version of it. Would I still have any chance with just having a nice face?” Fi Fi thought dejectedly.


Rui furrowed her brow and asked uncertainty, “She……seems to be a character from the game king of fighters……called Mai Shiranui? Why would she……be in the real world?”


Under Lin Xii explanations, the 3 girls understood Mai’s identity. Whether they were pleased or not, there would be another woman, which is strong and able rather than a drag beside Lin Xii now.


A sense of crisis, and a strong one too surge within the three girls.


It was a sleepless night for everyone in the house. The 3 girls was due to the sense of crisis, whereas Lin Xii was due to another beautiful sexy lady in the house.


Even though Mai looked cheerful, she too had thoughts on getting summoned to this apocalyptic world and did not sleep……


After eating a few chocolates as breakfast on the second day, Lin Xii did not immediately went out hunting. Instead he communicated with Mai in order to have an accurate grasp on her abilities and strength.



To be honest, in the background story of KoF, she was much weaker when compared to the likes of Chris or the Hakkesshu, not to mention Kyo Kusanagi or Iori Yagami.


She could even be the weakest of them all.


If it wasn’t for that, the price for hiring her wouldn’t be this cheap.


But no matter what, Mai Shiranui was a famous martial artist in King of Fighters. She inherited Shiranui-ryuu ninjutsu and ‘ki’ which was the same as ‘chakra’ in Naruto.


At both ends of the table was Lin Xii hand and it was holding Mai’s small hand, undergoing a primitive action.




The results were one loss and one win.


The first was Mai using only her normal strength, as a female even though she was a martial artist and her body enhanced by the practice of ‘ki’, her strength was still inferior to Lin Xii with his strength of 10 times the normal person.


But during the second time, Mai uses her ‘ki’.


With the added ‘ki’, Lin Xii lost.


In the types of attack in KoF, a light attack was using one’s own strength and hit; whereas a heavy attack was infused with ‘ki’. There will be some special effects like an explosion or sorts when a heavy attack is dealt, these were the ‘ki’ that bleed through the skin pores.


Well, as a normal boy, he does have some pride in front of a beautiful lady.


So he asked with his face blushing, for a rematch to Mai that was hiding her giggle behind her fan.


This time he activated his biological energy and converted it into heat energy.


Searing hot blood pumped from his heart throughout his entire body. His skin turned red and white mist surrounded his body. With his strength brought by ‘Hot blood’ he slammed Mai’s hand down on to the table.


Comparing the pure strength brought by utilizing special energy, Lin Xii won. But, during the mock battle between them he realized he couldn’t beat her.


After all Mai did undergo ninjutsu training ever since she was young, plus with the fighting experience with other martial artist, Lin Xii was confounded at the started of the battle by her extraordinary movements.


Inadvertently, he was whacked into a sofa with consecutive blows to his back.


Disgruntled, Lin Xii activated ‘Burst’ and he rushed towards Mai with afterimages. The young lady that sensed the danger and burst her ‘ki’ outwards, the explosion and the rushing ‘ki’ made him stumbled.


Following up, the ‘ki’ that originally covered the surface of her body turned into flames, her entire body surrounded by flames, she used her ultimate and rushed into him.


“You definitely want to kill me……right……”


“So sorry young master, your skill before gave me the sense of something that’s too dangerous and I unconsciously used my ult, ahaha, my bad.”


Thanks to his spectacular defense and regenerative powers due to the Progenitor Virus, it wasn’t too bad. After getting up with the help of Mai and resting to recover, he then only realized large portion of her clothes disappeared with the fiery rush of flames. He then hurriedly turned away and escaped.


Anyways, as his first mercenary, he was very satisfied with Mai, whether with her looks or strengths.


Even though she wasn’t that strong with pure strength alone, but the foundation of her skills from her ninjutsu training from young, her vast experience of battle and her keen sense in battle was enough for her to overcome stronger opponents.


But, there was still a problem.


Mai’s attire.


He does like to see Mai’s attire, but now that she was his mercenary, showing her off just seems……not right.


He expressed his thoughts, faltering and stuttering. Mai blinked a few times with her huge eyes and said while smiling, “So what you meant was, I should only wear this attire for you in private?”


“Stop teasing me!”


“Alright……it’s fine changing an attire. But as you can see, some of my skills requires me to change my ‘ki’ into flames and cover the surface of my body. It’s alright if the clothes were special, but normal clothes are not fire proof……”


“It can’t be that you want my clothes to burn off and leave me naked in battle.”

“Also, these clothes I’m wearing right now are for convenience sake. They doesn’t hinder my movement when I am executing my martial arts skills.”


Lin Xii think about it for a moment and took out his Jedi robes, just the outer robe with the hood.


“You could wear this normally and take it off during battle.”


As Mai wore the robe and cover her face with the hood, it gave a weird feeling to Lin Xii. The large robe covered her body and only her chin was visible.


It was like she’s a Arab woman.


Is this still Mai Shiranui?

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  1. this is a huge and weird dissapointment
    its understandable and but doesnt make sense
    he has 3 beauties who are pretty much ready for and for whom he already provides for
    but doesnt engage in any kind of romance at all
    and there were for sure stronger cheaper choices
    i expected something brutal that could make him strong as hell and is at the same time a nice character
    but mai shiranui? THE busty fighting babe?
    very weird suprose

    • One, she’s hot af. Two, she’s actually strong. And three, she’s cheap for that level of strength, unlike mercenary like saber fro. Fate stay night which costs hundreds of thousands

  2. As someone who gotten an 8 star ranked martial skill, he was absolutely confident in his strength and charm.
    He has 5 star ranked bloodline ,not 8 star martial skill.

  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    I wonder if he,ll eventually ask her to train him and the other girl so they can get better fighter. That would be awesome 😛

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