FF: Chapter 28 : Hiring a mercenary

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Hiring a mercenary


To celebrate today’s victory against Zhang Lei and obtaining that huge loot, Lin Xii decided to let the girls make a nice meal.


Lovely braised ribs, fried meat with veggies, and egg with celery soup that’s made by Rui who can cook well.


These were normal everyday food before the apocalypse, but these very food would raise a chaos if presented to the masses outside——for example, what the university students eats daily is just smashed up rice and noodles made into porridge like state.


After eating and drinking to their fullest, Lin Xii took out the 3 cards and the crystals, placing it on the table.


“It’s a couple of days before the huge transfer, you girls won’t be absolutely safe whether staying beside me or in the army’s transportation. These are presents for you that I got from Zhang Lei, to use it just place the crystals on the cards.”


Even when Lin Xii told them the crystals are consumable, the 3 girls still felt it was a huge surprise.


Especially Sui.


After all, today’s fiasco was all because of her. During the incident, she felt like she was in a deep horrifying abyss when she thought she was about to be snatched away as she looked upon those summoned monsters.


She let out a cheer as she jumped towards Lin Xii’s and embraced him under her excitement.


In all honesty, he could had easily dodge Sui’s embrace, after all it wasn’t like a stonetusk boar charge. But as Lin Xii tilted his body preparing to dodge her, he decided not to for some reason.


Instead he stood there, looking as a soft girl’s body leaped onto his.


So soft, so nice smelling……so big!


Lin Xii felt like 2 large balls weighted on his chest, a thought suddenly appeared in his head, “With Sui’s lithe and small body size and having these big breast hanging from her body everyday, wouldn’t it be exhausting?”


He suddenly felt the urge to squeeze something with his hands.


His sinful left hand silently lifted itself up and stretched out it’s fingers. Lin Xii hurriedly kill these thoughts and controlled his hand, forcefully forcing them down. The balls weighing on his chest rubbed against him, and the tip of the protrusion touched his fingers just at the right moment.


He unconsciously pinched it with two of his fingers.


Even though Sui usually an obedient girl, she does have some thoughts of her own. She purposely leaped towards Lin Xii and bravely rubbed her chest against his……because guys love this kind of thing right?


Just treat it as a thank you for all you did for me today.


With these kind of thoughts, she certainly did not expect a hand would squeezed onto her nipple.




Sui let out a cried and hurriedly backed off, then only realized what happened. She lowered her head, her face reddened like a ripe tomato, not daring to look at anyone else.


Fi Fi that was on the side witnessed what had happened, her eyes red, seemingly breathing flames. So shameless! The obedient, quiet, pure girl was fake this whole time!


I couldn’t believe that you were this kind of woman!


After Lin Xii accidentally squeezed it, he then only realized what he did and was about to explain. But he thinks that this would just dig his grave deeper, so he acted as if nothing happened and smiled awkwardly.


“These……three cards on the table, just choose one of them for yourself.”


Rui smiled inwardly, she’s the eldest amongst them and due to coming from a poor family she’s much more mature. Saying she’s not attracted towards Lin Xii would be a lie, but she also understands that she doesn’t have advantages compared to Sui or Fi Fi.


So this was why she doesn’t have any jealousy towards the other two girls.


“I want Power word: Shield!”

Fi Fi that was already pissed and took the only card that would saves their life without hesitation. Even though Rui wanted to ask her to give it to Sui that’s the youngest, but since Lin Xii and Sui did not spoke up, she didn’t either.


“I will take the boar then.” Rui took the Stonetusk boar and a crystal and kept it safely, she then said, “Sui, the pit snake is for you, is that alright?”




It could be that due to Sui’s delicate skin, her face was still reddened. She replied with a voice as soft as a mosquito, and kept the card in her pocket.


“Alright, since there isn’t anything else, lets go to bed.”


Lin Xii then left, escaping.


During the night, Lin Xii tossed and turned in his bed, unable to sleep. He just kept feeling that lingering sense of softness and firmness in his hand.


He somehow managed to fall asleep at midnight, and he dreamt. It wasn’t a nightmare, rather it was something nice. He dreamt Sui once again leaped into his embrace, but it was different from before, she wasn’t wearing any clothes.


He forgot most of it after he woke up, but imprinted deeply into his memory was two white large round balls shaking vigorously on top of him.


The next day, Lin Xii spoke to the three girls for a little with a straight face and went out hunting.


To guarantee the girls safety, he left the Tyrant guarding the door before he left. This was precaution in case Zhang Lei deciding to sneakily have his revenge on him, with the Tyrant and the 3 cards on the girls it would be enough to handle most situation.


During the evening, Lin Xii went to where Commander Liu was. He wanted to asked him to allow Bravo and Curly to follow the army when they are going to hunt the titan bosses, drinking the vials and eat a share of the brains.




Commander Liu smiled bitterly and said, “Something happened and that operation is off.”




“Today as the army went nearby the colossal titan and was preparing to surround it, the titan seemed to sense what was about to happen and turned into human size……Bertolt Hoover from the anime, he requested to join us.”




Lin Xii was shocked, the descended monsters wants to join the real world army?


“This is a huge thing, experts are trying to figure out the meaning behind it. At the same time, we cannot obviously use their brains anymore and undergo the plan to make intelligent titans.” Commander Liu shook his head.


With his face darkened, Lin Xii contemplate for a moment and said coldly, “First, if that Hoover really wanted to join the army, the real world side, why didn’t he join earlier on? He obviously only surrender when you guys wanted to kill him.”


“Second, even though titans are turned from titans, but they are not real humans! The Hoover that came from Shingeki no Kyojin destroyed the walls and caused countless deaths, do you really think he’s a good person?”


Lin Xii doesn’t have any decent impression towards that titan, in fact he has a deep hostility towards it. The scene of it originally knocking the school down and eating students was still deeply imprinted in his brain.


“I’m also worried.”


Commander Liu’s round face doesn’t have it’s trademark smile on it anymore. “But, there isn’t a choice, the higher ups can’t refuse it. Sigh, be a little open minded, if we can use him it would be a good thing for us,”


“We can be much safer and more relieve even if we encounter some huge monsters during the massive transfer.”


Seeing Lin Xii not replying, he changed the topic. “You might as well sell the titan’s vial to use then, it’s useless keeping it anyways. That Hoover said he would persuade the other two intelligent titans at the east and north side of the city, armor titan and female titan to join the army.”

“You guys are digging your own grave!”


Lin Xii couldn’t help but exclaimed, “What if they decided to suddenly attack the army and the citizens during the massive transfer during the massive transfer? This sort of risk, doesn’t your higher ups know it?”


“Yes, these three titans are strong, but don’t be clouded by their strength alone.”


“They aren’t our race, you never know what they might do!”


The two of them went into silence for a bit, Lin Xii understands that he doesn’t have any right to criticize the army’s decision. He couldn’t kill the 3 titans too, he just could be wary about them on his own. He took out the 2 vials and gave it to Commander Liu.


“The higher ups recruited a bunch of specialist and they are currently researching on the titan’s vial. It could be mass produce in the future, if there’s any fruits to the research, I will contact you.”


Commander Liu accepted the vials and gave him 6 crystals, worth 6000 in total.


“Oh right, I found out about the incident yesterday, I didn’t expect Zhang Lei to be that kind of person. I am really sorry about that.” Commander Liu said apologetically.


Many of the army’s higher ups were shocked by the news yesterday. 3 star summoned ‘divine beast’, 2 summoned creatures and they were easily defeated. This Lin Xii combat capabilities is really high  and other than him able to fly, he has a Tyrant too.


He definitely got even stronger now after robbing Zhang Lei.


“It’s nothing, I never treated that guy as a partner anyways.” Lin Xii mood wasn’t good, he said goodbye and left.


After reaching back the uni he went to the dorms, Bravo and Curly heard that the titan’s vial were unable to use anymore and they were a little disappointed.


“The existence of the titan’s vial means there’s other type of stronger vials out there. I will let the army to take care of you guys during the transfer, and if there’s any different vials or such I will find you.”

After consoling them, Lin Xii went back to his temporary home. The Tyrant was guarding the front door, his skin that was burned yesterday had grown back.


After taking a bath and eating his meal, he looked at his phone. 41300 points in total, his heavy mood dispersed and excitement came.


He finally could hire a beautiful female character from ACG!


40000, paid.
Mai Shiranui.


A ninja fighter from King of Fighters, the successor for the Shiranui-ryuu ninjutsu.


One of the most famous characters in ACG.


Even after tens of years there’s still people cosplaying her, most of the famous cosplayers or models definitely done her cosplay before. But those who can represent her beauty and charm were few.


Now, she’s mine!

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