FF: Chapter 27 : Robbery

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A roar filled with pain sounded not far away, at the fiery swamp where the ‘divine beast’ and the Tyrant was battling.


The throat of the ‘divine beast’ was pierced by a huge, scary looking claw!


The ‘divine beast’ was struggling in the midst of the burning flames, red hot blood splattered and sizzled as it touched the flames. It made the flames burn harder rather than quenching it. The trashing of the ‘divine beast’ did not helped it as it’s throat was pierced.


Facing the beast was a cold, silent Tyrant.


The overcoat of the Tyrant was burned away by the flames and the true strength of the Tyrant was released. The originally 2.3 meters tall Tyrant bulged up, now 2.8 meters in height!


Thick and large veins snaked around the black sooty surface of his skin. The horribly mutated muscles bulged up like a goose egg all around his chest, shoulders and arms; due to the cracked skin, red lava-like flesh could be seen from within.


The most shocking of all was the Tyrant’s claws. The bones of the fingers jutted out, white as the tusk of an elephant, half a meter long in length.


The second stage of the Tyrant!

The soon to be dead ‘divine beast’ clawed a huge and deep gash on the Tyrant’s body. The mouth and the nose of the beast continuously breathing flames, burning some skin and flesh black .


Alas, under the silent gaze of the Tyrant, due to the loss of blood and energy the pieced ‘divine beast’ disappeared with an unwilling roar into particles of light.


Zhang Lei’s face paled even further. Originally after Lin Xii killed his summoned beasts, he still had some hope in the ‘divine beast’.


But now even the crazily strong ‘divine beast’ was killed!


Looking as the Tyrant walked out from the fiery swamp, his mutated muscles bulging looking like a humanoid size T-rex; he then looked at Lin Xii with his blood wings and green beamscyte, Zhang Lei felt a surge of absurdity welling up in his chest.


“Fuck! Why don’t you show earlier if you are that strong?”


“Rather you just held onto a cheap 1000 points shit axe, and giving a bunch of shit equipments to your girls?!”


“Of course this would tricked me!”


His ‘divine beast’, stonetusk boar and pit snake are all dead and in cool down before he could summon them again——even if he could, he doesn’t have enough mana to do so.


Seeing Lin Xii walking towards him, he unconsciously backed off. His face showed a humble and apologetic smile with difficulty, “Haha, today’s just a misunderstanding……”


“A misunderstanding?”


Lin Xii swung his beamscythe, the green plasma contacted against the golden shield and it gave away after resisting for a few seconds, turning dark and snapped with a ‘pop’ sound.


The blade was held against Zhang Lei’s neck.


“The three cards, hand it over.”


“Wha, what are you doing? Take the scythe away……Bro, you are my bro aren’t you?”


Both of Zhang Lei’s legs started shaking, even though he’s perverted and cruel but he is still afraid of death. Witnessing Lin Xii using the beamscythe and killing the boar and the snake earlier, he doesn’t think that his neck would be comparable to the hide of the stonetusk boar.


“It’s a robbery.”

“But these cards need mana to activate, it would be useless to you!” Zhang Lei said while mourning.


“Your phone, take it out.” Lin Xii said.


Rage and unwillingness started welling up inside Zhang Lei’s chest. He saved up 27000 points just to redeem the card ‘Kabal Shadow Priest’. In fact, the stonetusk boar and the pit snake totaled up to less than 10000.


“Bro, I was wrong, please just forgive me this once. I was ignorant and naive.” He begged pitifully, almost kneeling and bowing his head.


The students that were witnessing all of this looked upon him with scorn, they felt relieved and humoured that the Zhang Lei that was once high up and untouchable would one day be like this.




Someone from the top spitted a very concentrated phlegm and it striked accurately on top of Zhang Lei’s head.


Zhang lei was raging furiously inside, both of his eyes bloodshot. Normally he would had rushed to the dorms and dragged the person out, beating him to death.


But he have to submit to this humiliation for now.


Lin Xii held in his laughter as he saw this happened and said blandly, “I’m really curious which is more important to you, your points or your life.”


Zhang Lei’s face turned pale as a sheet of paper, cold sweat running down.


He bit on his jaw and hesitated, then proceeded to take his phone out with a trembling hand.


As Lin Xii saw the amount of points in his phone, a total of 27500, he was absolutely shocked. This piece of shit was so rich?


“Those points that I saved with my sweat and blood for half a month, now gone……” Zhang Lei’s heart was bleeding, but he could only showed a forcefully pleasing smile on his face.


Without hesitation, Lin Xii transferred all the points to his phone, and said something that made Zhang Lei wants to vomit blood. “Hand those 3 cards over too.”


“But it’s useless to you!”

“I know, but I can sell it.”


“Don’t force me to go down with you!” Zhang Lei suddenly flew into a violent rage, but deflated within 3 seconds under Lin Xii’s gaze. “My brother, please, I beg you to leave me with something.”


“Don’t you still have your ‘divine beast’? You can just earn those points and cards back.”


Lin Xii stopped, and said with a meaningful glance. “Let me give you an advice. People have to lower their heads in certain situations, then only they can live longer.”


“Pwah” Someone from the surrounding students couldn’t help but laughed. This was what Zhang Lei said before and now it’s returned back to him without altering a word.


“Why the fuck did I offended this kind of person……” Zhang Lei was angry and furious.


To be honest, his predicament now was considered very well off.


Lin Xii honestly wanted to kill him, leaving this kind of person alive would just bring pain to others. But the army sent him here to team up with this guy, he can’t just kill off him right off the bat; wouldn’t that be a slap in the army’s face?


If it was just a slap to the face, it wouldn’t really matter——since Lin Xii isn’t a weakling that needs to depend on the army.


But Braco and Curly wants to drink the titan’s vial.


If he offended the army, the army may not bring him along when they are going to hunt bosses down; this would be a huge loss.


Even though Lin Xii’s really strong, but he doesn’t have a good chance facing the colossal titan. Swinging the beamscythe would be like pricking a needle to it, plus the high heat of the titan’s blood and spraying hot steam as the blood spurts out would be really annoying.


“I am going to let you live just a little longer, Zhang Lei……En, wait till he collect enough points again, I think robbing it again would be really good?”


Looking the the depressed and helpless Zhang Lei leaving, the students that witnessed this started discussing amongst themselves.


Everyone was excited and felt like they just watched a AAA movie, the ugly state of Zhang Lei and the wretched state after he was robbed just made them even more happy.


Sui looked at Lin Xii with grateful eyes and tears almost squeezing out from her watery eyes. This made Fi Fi pouted as she saw Sui’s expression.


The leader of the school came soon after.


Lin Xii and the 3 girls were allocated to a small building to stay.


He was uninterested in dealing with the school leaders, these people were anything but good, totally different from the army. The middle aged man that received him was experienced and left quickly after a few compliment as he detected Lin Xii’s intention.


He probably have to stay at the uni for a good 3 to 4 days before undergoing the transfer with the army.


He took out rice, veggies, and meat from his storage space that he found during hunting the titans and gave it to the girls. After the girls happily went on their way to cook, Lin Xii started counting his spoils.


3 cards: Power word: Shield, stonetusk boar, and pit snake.


These are the cards from Hearthstone and mana is needed to activate them. Lin Xii doesn’t have mana so he wouldn’t be able to use it, but after finding through the <Base of evolution> he found something named ‘mana crystal’.


The ‘mana crystal’ could be used to activate the cards, replacing mana.


Using one mana crystal would be enough to activate 3 cards.


The mana crystal is the product of crystallize energy, the price for it isn’t too high, just 500 for one.


It would seemed that 500 isn’t much, but……mana crystal is a consumable item.


The cards that could be activated by mana without wasting any resources now needed 500 points to activate once——this was also due to the fact that the cards are low rank items. No one in their right mind would redeem these cards and use those mana crystals to activate them, this would be just a waste of points.


But now these 3 cards were gotten for free, his spoils of war.


“Might as well give to Sui and the girls, to calm them down.”


Lin Xii redeemed 3 mana crystal and placed it together with the 3 cards, smiled faintly as he prepared them as a gift for the girls.


He have a total of 36000 points now.


After the Tyrant battled with the ‘divine beast’ today, his overcoat was burned into crisps. Lin Xii just couldn’t leave the Tyrant in his 2nd stage forever, this would be a huge burden due to the high consumption of energy.


The Tyrant’s energy isn’t unlimited, in fact for this half a month, he had to eat and replenish his energy after killing those titans.


The Tyrant could eat corpses and replenish those energy, but Lin Xii doesn’t wants that so he purposely searched for rotten meat and gave it to the Tyrant as food.


Anyways, the Tyrant needs his overcoat and luckily it was available for purchase in the <Base of evolution>. It wasn’t cheap, 2000 points in total.


With 34000 points left, Lin Xii kept it as he was prepared to saved up to 40000 to hire a mercenary of his choice.


Those highly intelligent mercenary are unique, only ‘one’ is available for each mercenary.


If someone hired one of them, no one else can hire the same mercenary.


There’s 100,000 evolutionary in the world.


Lin Xii understands that even he belongs to the upper echelon, there’s definitely still people stronger and richer than him in the world.


Who doesn’t wants those lovely characters in movies, anime, and games?


Just figurines alone attracted a ton of people and spending big bucks to purchase before the apocalypse.


Now and you can get the real person!


If it wasn’t for the price of Saber, Misaka, Kurumi, Kuroyukihime, Reimu, Icaros, Yaya, Inori, Shimakaze, Akemi Homura, Enma Ai……these beautiful female characters costs so much, few hundreds of thousands or even millions, they would be hired as fast as possible.


Under 100,000 points, there were already some names that were greyed out from the list.


I.E. Mikasa Ackerman that costs 30000.


Lara Croft from the famous game, tomb raider.


Chun Lee from Street Fighter.


These characters were all hired by someone.


It could be anyone, an otaku, a girl, a middle aged man.


But they all shared the same thing, if the mercenary dies, they disappear. If the mercenary isn’t satisfied with their contractor, they can automatically terminate their contract and return to the list, available for hire again. So these mercenary doesn’t need to worry about being mistreated.


In conclusion, even though these mercenaries, especially the females are really attractive, but most of the evolutionaries are unable to hire them due to the costly prices.


If it wasn’t for his bloodline and the all around enhanced of his body attributes, Lin Xii’s first choice would definitely be enhancing his body attributes and getting weapons, jewelry, armor, healing equipment or the sorts.


Those who are able to hire beautiful female mercenaries, and willingly does so are the minority.


But as evolutionaries saved up more and more points, the mercenary that would be hired would increased. The one Lin Xii is aiming for isn’t that expensive, just 40000 on the dot. If he doesn’t make his move, he suspect that the name would be greyed out in a few days.


After all, the character is someone that’s so famous, she’s comparable to Tifa from Final Fantasy, Chun Lee from Street Fighters, and Lara from Tomb Raider.


Even Ada Wong from Resident Evil, Sarah Louise Kerrigan from StarCraft, or Cereza from Bayonetta couldn’t compared in terms of fame.


A little late, she would be gone.

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