FF : Chapter 26 : Killing the beasts

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Killing the Beasts


The apocalypse and the descent of the monster was only a month in. Maybe after a year or two, or even longer the evolutionaries that had gotten a low rank ability would catch up with hard work, talent, or by chance.


But for now, the strength of the evolutionaries are definitely tied to their ability that they had gotten from the <Room of Fate>.


The 5 star rank Progenitor Virus. This bloodline alone would overtake most of them.


But what makes this bloodline truly strong was the limitless potential it brings with its ‘evolve’ talent, rather than its capabilities in battles.


In the Resident Evil series, countless types of Viruses were born from the ‘source’ that’s the Progenitor Virus. Many different types of abilities were born, for example, Alexia Ashford’s Pyrokinesis; Morpheus D. Duvall’s Manipulation; Alice’s Telekinetic; Dr. Cameron’s godlike powers.


These are all the representation of ‘evolve’!


Lin Xii did tried estimating the ghoul’s bloodline ranking.


And the answer wasn’t much, most likely just 3 stars max.


But from Su Mei’s capabilities, with his impenetrable body and not to mention his 4 kagunes that’s more agile than his limbs, it was more than enough overwhelm the original combat capabilities of the Progenitor Virus.


If it wasn’t the awakening of ‘Burst’, Lin Xii wouldn’t stand a chance fighting against Su Mei.


With the Progenitor Virus bloodline awakening ‘Burst’ and ‘Hot Blood’, engulfing the ghoul’s genes and changing his DNA; the bloodline already showed part of the limitless potential it has and how strong it would be in the future.


It’s true that a 3 star summoning spell isn’t bad, but just by relying on this ability alone plus the extra beast summoned——is it enough to threaten him?


How could it be enough?


Wouldn’t that be a hilarious joke?!


‘Burst’ and ‘Hot Blood’, Lin Xii would never use these two skills unless he was in a life and death situation——even then, Lin Xii would definitely not use these skills in front of a crowd.


Now it’s different from before.


He has to be cautious since he decided to cooperate with the army.


But just by using the abilities he shown to the army, it would be enough to take care of this guy.


Lin Xii uttered out a word from his lips.




As Zhang Lei was perversely gazing at Sui and Fi Fi and was preparing to have a threesome with the 2 beautiful girls, he turned around and asked uncertainly, wondering did he heard wrong. “What…….did you said?”


“I said scram, are you deaf?”


Zhang Lei breathed in sharply, the surrounding student was deeply shocked too.

Does this guy have a death wish?


He just told Zhang Lei to scram?


You shouldn’t take Zhang Lei for a person that wouldn’t kill, a few days earlier just because a guy cursed him behind his back due to his girlfriend was humiliated, the guy was beaten to death!


The cries as he was beaten to death was still ringing in their ears.


“Very good.”


Zhang Lei laughed and said sharply, “The people who doesn’t wants to die, go away. I’m gonna teach this naive kid a lesson, my lovely summoned minions, go! Kill him!”




The ‘divine beast’ let out a cry mixed with ferocious excitement and rushed forward. The beast harboured a resentment to the Tyrant that clubbed it earlier, its thick and strong lower half supported its strong upper body as the beast leaped towards the Tyrant.


It was much taller than the Tyrant, being near 3 meters tall.


A paw swept aside the meat hook that flew towards it. Its jaw stretched open showing rows of razor sharp teeth and was about to clamped down on the bald head of the Tyrant; preparing to crush the Tyrant’s skull and swallow his brain pulp.


Unfortunately a hard and black club was jammed into its jaw, the rough motion broke a tooth off.


Such a humiliation pissed it off!


The ‘divine beast’ raged, fiery flames started churning in the insides of its throat. The flame breathed out from its nostril, fanning in front of it.


Even though the temperature was nowhere comparable to the infamous Red Dragon’s breath, but it was still enough to char a person. The red flames turned 20 meters in front of it into a fiery swamp, the flickering flames burning furiously in it.


The Tyrant’s vision was blocked by the burning flames and he was pinned down by the ‘divine beast’, Judgement was blasted away earlier by the force of the flames.


The flames burned the Tyrant’s body, inflicting serious damage.


Except for the T-Veronica Virus, most of the Virus that stem from the Progenitor Virus was usually restrained by fire; the T-Virus was no exception. Under the blistering flames, the overcoat of the Tyrant was burned off, his skin turned charcoal black and blistered off, showing the flesh underneath.


The Tyrant did not showed any emotion as he raised Judgement and blocked the ‘divine beast’ from biting his throat with its razor sharp teeth. Both of them started wrestling in a deadlock with the fiery swamp underneath them.


But seriously, the 9900 points Tyrant battle capabilities is definitely comparable to those 20000-30000 points mercenaries. But even with the weapons in the Tyrant’s hand, he was still in a inferior position compared to the ‘divine beast’ summoned by the 3 star spell.


After all, the strength and the size of the ‘divine beast’ was slightly larger than the Tyrant; plus it has a fire breathing ability.


As the Tyrant was pinned down by the ‘divine beast’, Lin Xii was also in a precarious situation. The other 2 beast summoned by the cards were facing him, the stonetusk boar backed away a few step at first, lowered its head and rushed forward madly. Clouds of dirt flew wherever it passes through , even smoke started coming from its feet.




As the stonetusk boar used its battle skill, Lin Xii only managed to put the Orge’s axe in between them as a shield to block. After that it was akin to a traffic accident, he was knocked away, flying.


How strong would the force of a charging fantasy beast boar be?


Probably more than a truck slamming into you.


If he had activated ‘Burst’ it would been easy evading it with his heightened senses and body movement; whereas if he had activated ‘Hot Blood’, the pure strength alone by the using his wrath and converted energies would be enough to go head-to-head with the charging boar.


But he’s still in his normal mode now.


Lin Xii heavily slammed onto the ground, his back hit a tree after rolling for a few rounds. He felt his internal organs shifting about, a sweet metallic taste in his mouth.


The taste of blood.


The danger was not over as the ground beneath him protruded up, something coming towards him. Lin Xii shook his head for a few time to clear his head up, it was at this moment that the bump in the ground arrived besides him.



The ground burst open and a huge head rushed out from it, the pit snake! As the stonetusk boar used charge on him, the pit snake also used its battle skills ‘stealth’ and burrowed into the ground as it tried to sneak an attack on him. The pit snake widen its massive jaw, trying to swallow Lin Xii in a gulp.


Yes, swallow, not bite. The widen open to the limit , about 270 degrees wide jaw was more than enough to swallow a cow, much less a human!




Rui and the girls that was about a hundred meters away from the battle let out a cry. Sui shut her eyes closed, not wanting to witness what was about to happen next. Many students that was looking at the battle paled at the sight.


In the midst of danger, Lin Xii rolled aside and dodge the sneaked attack of the pit snake. Alas, the stonetusk boar charged to him and knocking him upwards yet again. But this time as he was in the air, he threw the Orge’s axe like a throwing knife towards the beast.




The 10 kg axe was threw by someone with 10 times the normal human strength. But it only left a small gash on the side of the stonetusk boar, a small 4 cm wide gash as some sparks flew. It was unable to penetrate the hide of the boar that was thicken after many years of mud rubbing and hardening on it.


“Hehe, huhu, hahahaha…….!”


Seeing Lin Xii struggling to dodge and could be killed any moment by the summoned beast with blood running from his nose, Zhang Lei let out a heartening laugh.


He felt proud for his intelligence, the charged attack by the stonetusk boar and the combination of the sneaked attack of the pit snake, what a perfect combo! This was only the start as he will redeem more and much stronger cards in the future, not just creatures, humanoid type too!


In actual fact, he’s currently saving up for a humanoid type card.


As for using the points to enhance his body? No, Zhang Lei doesn’t want to do that, a shield type spell would be enough to protect him.He would just let his minions fight these dangerous battles, wasn’t it the same as politicians or gang bosses before the apocalypse?


“Soon, very soon……after I get 30000 points I can get that card: Cabal shadow Priest, and I can summon a beautiful lady from a different world!”


Compared to mercenary, the cards are a much better choice. This was because the living beings summoned by cards are able to be revived unlike mercenary where they die permanently if they were killed.


But the energy needed to use Hearthstone cards was mana.


And mana is the energy that Zhang Lei has!


“It’s over!”


Seeing Lin Xii getting knocked away by the stonetusk boar and unable to dodge the widening jaw of the pit snake, Zhang Lei was excited just thinking of the points he would get after kill the youngster.


Even though he looked poor, but just 2000 points would be enough for him to get 30000 points and redeem the card.


Also, the Tyrant’s weapon, Judgement and Meat Hook is a source of wealth too.


Zhang Lei’s eyes widen in disbelief as he saw his pit snake’s body was sliced into half in an instance with a green flash of light. The 6 meters long body of the large snake turned into pieces of meat, an arm length each.


The weak looking young boy that he thought was devoured by the giant anaconda was now holding a long silver white metallic rod, the top of it was a curved blade made entirely by green light.


“This is……a plasma energy weapon?”


As Zhang Lei was exclaiming, the stonetusk boar rushed towards Lin Xii again for the Nth time; dust and smoke billowing behind its hind legs.



The sound of a plasma weapon slicing through the mud armor rang out, the thick and hard armor did nothing to stop the sharp blade from slicing through it.


The rushing boar let out a painful cry as one of its hind legs was sliced an flew off. The large body of the boar slammed into the ground and rolled a few times.


Hot and fresh blood splattered across the ground, leaving a bloody taste in the air as it mixed with the billowing dust.


Lin Xii used his left hand to wipe the blood at the corner of his mouth as he held the beamscythe with his right hand. He finally found the chance to take out his beamscythe from his storage space as he was knocked in the air, proceeding to slice the snake and the boar.


Blood red mist sprouted from his back, forming a pair of 2 meters long blood wings.


With the Ukaku activated, Lin Xii raised his hand while holding the beamscythe and rushed forward with the thrust provided by the Ukaku. It was like he was levitating from the ground; the scythe swung again.




As the boar was about to stood up with only 3 legs supporting it, a red line appeared at its neck. A second later, blood started spraying from the line and its huge head dropped onto the ground, separated from its body.


Looking at Lin Xii with his blood red wings and green beamscythe, the surrounding students was stunned.


Zhang Lei was stunned with his mouth wide open, shocked.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I’m not sure if it’s only me but it seems there is some words in the text that doesn’t seems to be the same font as the rest… like those two part : “Clouds of dirt flew wherever it passes through , even smoke started coming from its feet.” and “You shouldn’t take Zhang Lei for a person that wouldn’t kill, a few days earlier “.

    Keep up the good work! 😀

    • something is wrong with wordpress, the format was changed after I imported from google docs, you can see from the extra ‘enter’ spacing too

    • Maybe you were right in the previous chapter comment section, since in this chapter they are making that Zhang Lei more despicable saying he even killed people for no reason.

      I still think it’s in a whole different level compare to the eating-kids-alive ghoul or the women that tried to stealth-kill him but idk he might really kill him fast. I just felt that the story needed an antagonist by now and that author might use him for a bit longer.

      I can’t wait to see what will happen! 😀

      • While I agree about the ghoul being arguable worse, at least by the fact by its very nature it can’t live peacefully with other humans. So there was never going to be a peaceful solution, it was always going to be a fight to the death, for the right to live.

        The stealth woman’s motives was his points and items. No grudge, just greed and desire. In that respect this guy is worse. His greed and desire keep growing.

        If they were just trying to establish who was stronger, he wouldn’t have used killing moves from the get go on the MC. His attitude to other peoples lives and rights are warped, he comes first. If he wants it he get it, and if he wants to kill he can kill because he believes himself to be special.

        I’m not too keen on the MC just killing everyone he meets. That said some deserve it, and others would just be based the circumstances. This guy comes under deserves it, and if left alone will only create more issues. As for antagonist the ghoul escaped so probably lives. There is also the girl he met after his fight with the stealth woman. I’m expecting her to join him sooner or later.

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