FF : Chapter 25 : Hearthstone Cards

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Hearthstone Cards

“3 star summoning type spell!”

Lin Xii was surprised, he asked with a curious expression “What is it?”

Su Mei too used a summoning type spell and summoned a bunch of bees. But that was probably the guy using a one time summoning scroll: Bee’s disturbance.

How strong would the creature be when summoned by a 3 star rank spell?

“Summoning a Divine Beast!” Zhang Lei haughtily exclaimed.

Divine Beast, Lin Xii was shocked! There are many Divine Beast in the West and East mythology respectively, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion, Black Tortoise, Behemoth, Quetzalcoatl, Unicorn, Phoenix……to be call a Divine Beast means they are strong, divine!

Looking at the shocked Lin Xii, Zhang Lei was really pleased with himself. He decided to show off his abilities, also deterring the beauty that he’s about to get.

A few talisman appeared in Zhang Lei’s hand, with a few muttered words the talisman glow and turned into a creature.

A monster with scarlet red fur covering its body, appearance wise it looked like a dog crossed with a boar. It stood on its two hind legs, its height’s about 3 meters tall. Its body fat yet muscular, its maw wide open accompanied with heavy panting. Flame sprouting out from its snout and maw constantly.

The surrounding students looked at the horrifying and strong monster with envy and fear.


Lin Xii almost spitted out his saliva. He was wondering what kind of Divine Beast that Zhang Lei was about to summon, not expecting that he summon the ‘divine beast’; a level 35 skill of the shaman from the game ‘Legends’.

To be honest, the strength of the ‘divine beast’ from the game is really not bad. It could be comparable to the ult of Annie from ‘League of Legends’, ‘Summon Tibbers’. Summoning a fiery bear and killing a titan would be really easy for it, but it’s nothing much to Lin Xii.

“This little beauty’s gonna be mine, I will definitely take good care of you.” Zhang Lei doesn’t even consider reimbursing the points to Lin Xii anymore, he just glanced at Lin Xii and was about to grabbed Sui’s hand.

Sui’s face turned pale white and ran backwards 10 or so steps.


Lin Xii shielded Sui by standing in front of her, and asked coldly, “I heard that……in this past month after the apocalypse, you……raped a fair amount of girls?”


Zhang Lei’s face furrowed his brow, his face darkened and replied unkindly. “Boy, don’t not to know what’s good for you”

The summoned creature besides him senses its master’s feelings, it started to growl threateningly and raking the ground with its claws. The nature of this kind of summoned creature is fierce and battle thirsty like a wild boar or a fight dogs.

Suddenly a huge thick metal club slammed into it and the summoned creature flew backwards!

The students that witnessed this let out cries of shock. They suddenly saw a 2 metal tall muscular giant appeared in front of Lin Xii, holding a black and large metal club and batting the ‘divine beast’ away with a swing.

The bald giant was wearing a dark green army coat, his body wrapped with chains with a blood red hook at the end of it.

“A Tyrant from Resident Evil! And it’s the Overcoat Tyrant from Resident 7!”

Males university students knows plenty of game knowledge due to their free time, they were some that knew their stuff and shouted shockingly. “The weapon the Tyrant’s holding is Judgement from ‘Legends’. Fuck! That chain on his body looks like Pudge’s Meat Hook from DOTA!”

“So fierce looking!”

Zhang Lei’s face turned red. The students that were exclaming were the ones that normally followed him after he gotten his miracle, praising him all the time and boosting his ego.

Their exclamation now just filled his heart with a fiery rfage.

“Motherfucker! Shut the fuck up! Boy, you think because you have a Tyrant you can disrespect me? Walking into your own death?”

The Tyrant, Judgement and Meat Hook gave Zhang Lei abit of a shock. But if he backed down in front of these people, would he have any respect left in the future? Would he be able to continue staying at FU?

“Luckily it’s just a Tyrant. Even with its weapons, my ‘divine beast’ wouldn’t lose fighting one-on-one with it. That’s not even factoring the other things I have.”

3 cards appeared in Zhang Lei’s hand.

Each of the cards looked antique and aesthetic, a look that doesn’t belongs to today’s society fantasy look.

“Come back, ‘divine beast’.”

He summoned the ‘divine beast’ that was about to attack the Tyrant with its claws and jaw to his side, and activated the ‘mana’ power source that came with the ‘summon divine beast’ skill to power the cards in his hand.

Power Word : Shield!”

A soft golden glow spread out, forming a glowing shield and formed around Zhang Lei’s body, protecting him inside.

Lin Xii noticed the shield around his opponent’s body and kept the desert eagle back, as he was about to use it. Even though Zhang Lei was a dumbass and a crazy pervert, but he wasn’t too stupid to not realize his weakness of using the summoning spell.

His survival ability.

Unless he enhanced his physique repeatedly, a bullet would be enough to send him to hell.

“Heh, he actually redeemed hearthstone cards. He could now command his summoned creature to battle without worry after using a Power Word: Shield and protect himself from harm.” Lin Xii thought as he watch the other 2 cards attentively.

The 2nd and the 3rd cards was activated repeatedly.

2 beast.

The first is a boar about a meter tall and 3 meters wide. Brown skin and coarse black fur covered it’s hide, 2 curved tusk jutted out from each side of its mouth; the tusk shone with a grey stone luster.

Stonetusk Boar!

This wild beast could be found living in Elwynn Forest of the ‘World of Warcraft’ game. It normally loves to rolled around in the mud, covering its body with a thick layer of mud and rub it on nearby trees, rocks or hard surface and this gives it a hard protective layer.

It was akin to having a hard armor on its body.

The other beast was a huge anaconda about 6 meters in length! Dark wine red coloured its surface, rough and slick scale covering the body. Two golden yellow iris shone, giving out a blood thirsty feel from the cold blooded animal.

Pit snake!

Other than his summoning ‘divine beast’ skill, Zhang Lei also redeemed 3 Hearthstone cards. One shield and 2 followers!

Originally with just the ‘divine beast’, its strength would be on par with the Tyrant that’s equipped with Judgement and Meat Hook. The chance of the Tyrant being victorious was totally crushed with the 2 extra beast summoned by the Hearthstone cards.

The students that witnessed this was many.

A portion of the students came with Zhang Lei, while the other portion was looking from the dorm’s windows.

Most of the window was opened and heads stuck out from it. Even they were hungry and needed to conserve their energy, Chinese just couldn’t help themselves to spectate the ongoing skirmish.

Not to mention it was 2 evolutionary that was fighting each other.

There were many students that are brave and daring, but it was suppressed by the situation.

Before Zhang Lei was the king of the school, they could not utter out even though they were pissed. Now that there’s another evolutionary that’s a match for Zhang Lei, they were many——including Zhang Lei’s followers that hope the newcomer would teach Zhang Lei a lesson.

Furthermore this conflict was due to Zhang Lei wanting to snatch the girl that’s a partner of the other evolutionary.

Sui was young, youthful and cute girl. Just imagining the things that would happen to her if this ugly disgusting Zhang Lei snatched her away, many just want to kill this piece of trash!

In fact there’s already a large amount of people that wanted Zhang Lei dead. The beautiful girls that most guys look up to before the apocalypse was mostly raped by Zhang Lei……

But as the crowd saw what was happening, the ‘divine beast’, stonetusk boar and the pit snake, they could not help but felt sympathy for Lin Xii.

A layer of golden shine surrounded Zhang Lei, looking like a deity. The scarlet red ‘divine beast’ that was breathing fire, the fierce stonetusk boar and a red huge anaconda.

Whereas besides the young teen, only the Tyrant was present.

“So pitiful, not only he couldn’t protect his girl. He’s most likely going to be humiliated by Zhang lei. This piece of shit other than being perverted, he’s also cruel and unforgiving……let’s hope that the youngster doesn’t get kill.”

There’s many who silently sighed.

Sui unconsciously held Rui’s hand, and Rui gripped onto it tightly and console her. Fi Fi’s emotion was conflicted, she was hoping that Sui which is a threat to her would be snatched away and hoping Lin Xii wouldn’t give in to the opponent at the same time.

This would means that Lin Xii was weak in the evolutionary.

If he couldn’t even protect his partners, how could he be someone strong?

Besides, who’s to say that Zhang Lei would stop after taking Sui away, his next target could be her. She was confident that the 15 years old her was much more attractive than the surrounding Uni students.

“Not bad.”

Lin Xii praised out loud, as to be expected every evolutionary that had gotten a seed was not to be looked down upon. There was the lady that gotten ‘sneak’; Su Mei which gotten the ghoul’s bloodline; and now Zhang Lei with his summoning spells.

A ‘divine beast’ with the size comparable to the Tyrant combine with fire breathing ability would make killing titans a easy job.

The titans that descended Pearl City was unlike the swarms of zombies or insects. The density of the titans were relatively small, this allowed the ‘divine beast’ that excelled in one-on-one battles to be very useful in killing titans. As long as he doesn’t face those special type titans it would be a walk in the park to farm points.

Even if it was just farming 1000 points a day, it would be 30000+ in a month. Or earning 1500 points a day would get you near 50000 points!

Plus the reimbursement of 7000 points when he gacha the 3 star ability, how could he be weak when he had so much points?

Zhang Lei’s lip parted open and let out a smile that he thinks looked cool, showing his yellow teeth.

“So, boy? If you would apologized to me now I can just overlook this since I am older than you anyways. Of course that little beauty’s still gonna come with me, adding that sharp face girl. This is the compensation for offending me today.”

Fi Fi’s pretty face turned pale white, the same as Sui’s.

Seeing Lin Xii not replying, he let out a smile and said, “I think you aren’t dumb enough to fight against me right? Hahaha……!”

“Let me give you an advice. People have to lower their heads in certain situations, then only they can live longer.”

Zhang Lei’s words was filled to the brim with threat that was easily detected.

TLN : Names of Hearthstone and LoL in Chinese is just weirrrddddddd

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Aww, I should’ve known that the fight would have a long build up. But this guy should be a piece of cake for our MC. I’m guessing it’ll be over in another chapter or two.

  2. This novel is so fun to read. I like how it picks stuff from game, other novel and manga that are popular. It always make me wonder what will be brought in the story…. There is really a lot of potential and it can keep addind interesting stuff to almost no end! 😛
    As usual, thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work! 🙂

    • You really think he’ll kill him? i seriously doubt he’ll do that… so far the MC hasn’t act like a stupid kid that doesn’t think and just grab everythings he wants. imo MC will punish him but i don’t think he’ll kill him, Zhang Lei will learn that he isn’t the best and that ppl doesn’t like him but only fear him and that in the end he is all alone and no one is gonna stick with him if he keep it up.
      Anyway can’t wait to see what will happen! 😛

      • I find it unlikely he would kill him there and then. Most likely would try and do it after the crowd disperses. It wouldn’t be the first time, like with the ghoul if he finds the guy to be too much of threat to both himself, and everyone else he would likely give his all in trying to kill him to get rid of future troubles.

        Future troubles is the main point, the guy is petty and vindictive. If MC lets him off, he would likely only plot his revenge. He would appear proactive in hunting titans, but only to increase his strength to allow him to kill the MC later.

        Since he has fought the ghoul and killed that woman with stealth, I doubt he would blindly trust the guy, believing that by showing himself to be stronger, that it deals with all the troubles. I don’t think MC is that naive.

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