FF : Chapter 24 : University

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Using the vial and create intelligent and capable to remember their original memories titans, this really appealed to Lin Xii.

The reason’s really simple. The battle capabilities of a titan is really too strong——they are vastly different from the other low level mob like the zombies, gigantic insects or skeletons——also the regenerative powers of the titan’s really scary, making them the best meat tank available!

Lin Xii currently have 2 titan’s vial.

What if, he could create 2 titan followers……

“Who would I use the vial on? Rui, Sui, Fi Fi……the 3 of them are not suitable. Even the army admitted that there is the risk of failing, even if the anime does say that eating the brain of an intelligent titan would grant the titans itelligence.”

“But would 1 or 2 intelligent titan be enough for tens or more to eat? If it fails, the people that turned into a monster would definitely be exterminate by the army.”

“With my capabilities, there are much more better ability vials that I can get in the future for Rui and the rest.”

At this point, Lin Xii thought of someone——the 3 guys that once wanted to follow him.

“The army arranged me to the financial university (FU) and seek out the evolutionary named Zhang Lei to form a group. Coincedently I could find Bravo and his friends, they probably would be willing to become titans even though it comes with risks. Becoming into someone with an ability is something you can’t just turn down.”

Thinking about these, Lin Xii hunted some more titans on the way to FU so that his points reached 10000.

Walking into the university, it was devoid of any cheerfulness that was once everywhere before the apocalypse. Instead it was dead quiet, due to the food shortage mostly everyone stayed in their dorms and laid on their beds to minimize the energy consumption.

There were some patrolling the university, each of them seeking to please them as they sees Lin Xii and the girls.

Lin Xii asked one of the patrol about the 3 guys and as one of them was a friend of Glasses, he gave him the directions to them. The guy got a small bar of chocolate in return, others could only look in envy as he shoved it in his mouth hurriedly.

Letting the 3 girls waiting at the bottom of the dorm, Lin Xii went into the male’s dorm. There isn’t anyone guarding the entrance and the corridor was empty too. He walked all the way to the 4th floor, finding the exact room and knocked on it.

“Who is it?”

A voice came from inside the room, filled with wary and caution.

“It’s me, the guy from the market previously.”

The door immediately opened, Lin Xii saw there were 4 person in the small and rancid smelling room.

“It’s really you!”

The person that opened the door was Bravo, he almost couldn’t recognize him after a month. His collarbone protruded out due to his skinny body and dark circles surrounded his eyes. The others in the room was Curly and Glasses, Curly laid down on the bed as Glasses sat beside him.

There was another female in the room, he could see the beauty in her but she was very skinny at the moment.

The instance Glasses saw Lin Xii tears started coming down his face, Bravo’s eyes was also wet. He deeply inhaled, pushed down his excitement and said, “I really couldn’t believe I would meet you again, we……sigh……”

Bravo let out a sigh, seemingly didn’t know where to start explaining.

“Those fucking assholes!”

Curly exclaimed as he laid on the bed, eyes full with fury.

“What happened? Calm down, don’t rush and slowly explain.” Lin Xii took out a bag of milk powder and a few bars of chocolate and placed it down on the table. “Looking at you all it seems you were starving for awhile now, eat some food first.”

The girl hurriedly boiled some water and ready some milk, taking the chocolate and put it into the hot milk.

After drinking the hot chocolate milk and gaining some energy back, Lin Xii finally knew what happened——at the start, after getting the large amount of food from the supermarket, the 3 guys knew that if someone else saw the food there would be trouble.

This was why they hid the food outside of school, bringing it in small quantities.

Due to Glasses kindness, he secretly gave some food to 2 of his friends. Even though he reminded them repeatedly not to tell anyone, the fact that they have food was still spreaded out.

The student council of the school——now named Student Mutual Aid Committee, rushed in and confiscated all of their food. Due to Curly’s temper, he was in a conflict with them and his leg was broken as a result. Curly’s laying down on the bed for a month now, all of their food gone with nothing left.

After all that, the person in charge of distributing the food in the student council were still making things difficult for them whenever they go and collect their food.

The girl in the room is Curly’s girlfriend, Lee. After Curly’s leg was broken, she moved in and took care of him——the girl’s dorm wasn’t safe either. There were many girls that was forced upon this past month either by the student council leader or the evolutionary.

Of course there were also some that were voluntary to exchange for food.

As Lin Xii listened to this he shook his head, but he couldn’t really do anything about it either. The main culprit wasn’t a certain someone, it was the lack of food.

After Lin Xii told them his intention, Curly’s eyes shone with excitement and vengeance. “Fuck it! Since I am a crippled laying down on the bed anyways, wondering how much days left in me, I might as well gamble! If I succeed I will have an ability! By that time I will get my revenge!”

“Isn’t it just death if I fail? I ain’t scared!”

Glasses was slightly cowering away. Even though he wanted to own an ability, but after witnessing those man-eating monster he doesn’t wants to become a titan even if it succeeded——much less when there’s risk of failure.

Being the leader of the dorm room, Bravo certainly doesn’t lack courage. He was thinking further ahead, as being a normal person is really hard to survive in the apocalypse. This is a chance for him.

“So there’s 2 who’s willing? Just nice, but……I still have to explain about the titan’s vial. The buying price offered by the army is 3000 points, so 2 bottles is 6000 points in total……maybe you wouldn’t understand what that means.”

He took the frighteningly large axe from his back and placed it down on the table.

“Orge’s exe, from DOTA. Other than being a weapon, it can also increase half a  person’s worth of strength and physique. This is only 1000 points, and hiring a normal genin as a mercenary is 5000 points.”

“I will use up 2 bottles on you all as an investment. There’s also a risk of failure and wasting the 6000 points.”

Bravo nodded and said firmly, “We understand, if it’s a success we will become your followers and fight for you. I suppose Curly’s willing too. Also, I am really grateful for the fact that you choose us. No matter returning the gratitude or as a responsibility, my life would be yours!”

Lin Xii smiled, it is really easy talking to smart people. At this moment, he suddenly heard noises coming from below, with Sui’s shriek in it.

The girls encountered some trouble? This doesn’t make any sense as Rui, Fi Fi and Sui are wearing equipment, anyone that sees them should know that if they weren’t evolutionary they should be someone close to an evolutionary.

Who’s the blind fuck?

Walking down the stairs, Lin Xii saw there was a small crowd gathering at the entrance of the dorm.

A young man in his early 20s stood beside Sui, holding a flower picked from the side of the road, “Hey beauty, it’s not that I want to bother you. I would like to be friends with you, don’t don’t give me face.”

This was obviously the evolutionary of FU, Zhang Lei.

Zhang Lei, 23 years old. He looks really ugly, with his beady eyes and droopy eyelids, making him looked obscene. Before the apocalypse there wasn’t any girl that would look at him straight on, but now he’s in the golden time of his life!

The girls that originally looked down upon him were either forced upon, or voluntarily came up to him just for a measly amount of food.

“It’s like I’m in paradise!”

During the night when Zhang Lei was about to see, seeing the naked butt of those pretty girls gave him a sense of accomplishment. “Never thought that this would ever happen.”

A few days earlier, after contacting the army they said they would send 2 evolutionary to form a group with him. Zhang Lei was extremely displease with this, as he thinks that he should be the only evolutionary in charge of FU!

The extra evolutionaries would just snatched his fame away.

Today, his lackeys reported to him that people that looked like evolutionary appeared to asked about Bravo and his roommates——he was working hard on the prettiest girl in the management course department——and he immediately rushed over.

He definitely didn’t spot any evolutionary, but he did see 3 beautiful girls.

First these 3 girls were highschool girls, much younger than university students. His eyes gleamed as he’s already turned into a demon of a pervert during the past few days.

Rui and Fi Fi aside, Sui, the cute loli big bust girl, as he first landed eyes on her he trembled unconsciously. She was definitely an item that you would find it hard to meet once in a lifetime!

“She must be mine!”

Zhang Lei swore in his heart, he doesn’t really care even if there’s a evolutionary backing her up.

The ability he gotten was a 3 star!

Summoning type spell!

Except for the first few days where he wasn’t used to his ability, unable to summon his creatures and running from the titans; after familiarize to his ability, killing titans was like slaughtering livestock, earning him large amount of points.

“It’s just a woman, that guy would definitely give me face right? If it’s such a big deal I will just reimburse him some points, en……2000 points, and giving him 2 female uni students? I am so generous. But……could there be a chance that he got a high rank ability?”

As her saw Lin Xii coming down from the stairs, the remaining concern in him disappeared. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Normal shirt and jeans. Normal shoes, no special jewelry on his fingers. Only an axe on his back, and it was the Orge’s axe that cost 1000 points.

The equipment that Rui and the girls are wearing was also the worst equipment available!

What a poor freak!

Such a poor evolutionary cannot be someone strong.

“I’m just gonna give up 1000 points as consolation. If he dare to refuse me, don’t blame me……fuck, did this little shit already did something to my little angel? If she’s not a virgin I’m definitely gonna beat this guy up!”

Zhang Lei tensed up his face and walked towards Lin Xii. “You are an evolutionary? Looks like you are not doing so well huh.”

He pointed towards Sui, “It’s such a waste that this little beauty’s following you. She gonna be with me now. Of course, I will give you something in return since we are both evolutionaries. 1000 points, how about it?”

“What?” Lin Xii starting to doubt his hearing.

“Don’t act stupid.”

After becoming an evolutionary and being worshiped for the past few weeks, adding on his mastery on his summoning spell Zhang Lei was already a cocky bastard for a long while.

He lifted his hand and pointed to his shirt. “This is the Soul Armor in the game ‘Legends’, 2000 points.” he took up a sword as he was saying, “This sword is name Exorcist, also 2000 points. Not only it can hack and slash, it increase spell’s output too.”

He then stretched out his right hand, and each of his 4 fingers was wearing a ring. “Pearl Ring, increasing spell’s output, 1000 for one. Just one of my rings is the same price as your axe and I have 4 of them!”

“You understand?”

“Understand what?” Lin Xii asked as he tilted his head.

“There are some people who you cannot afford to mess with! Do you know that the saddest thing in the world is messing with people you cannot afford to mess with!” Zhang Lei snorted.

“Oh right……I forgot to tell you that the ability I got is a 3 star ability! A 3 star summoning type spell!” Zhang Lei added and emphasized on the ‘3 star’, his face filled with seriousness.

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