FF : Chapter 23 : Registration

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Following the directions provided by the TV, Lin Xii and the 3 girls found the place, an area within a small district.

Other than the tall walls surrounding the district, there’s also soldiers guarding the place. The people living inside should be those of importance. Lin Xii and the 3 girls reached the main gate and announced themselves, and was immediately invited in.

The person that came to greet them is called ‘Commander Liu’. The commander has a round-ish face, looked kind and easy to talked with.

Commander Liu first asked whether Lin Xii was willing to show his status to him, he did not angered after getting rejected and asked him to showcase his ability instead.

“What I got was the ghoul’s bloodline, 3 star.”

The Progenitor Virus bloodline is a bloodline that’s worth 5 star. The largest benefit of the bloodline is the ‘evolve’ talent, representing infinite potential. Lin Xii believes that this would heavily interest the army’s researcher.

This was why Lin Xii would never show his true abilities in front of anyone in the future.

The cover up was obviously him having the ghoul’s bloodline.

“Ghoul……man-eating ghouls?” Commander Liu was shocked, and stepped back unconsciously.

“I don’t eat human flesh.”

Lin Xii immediately explained as he popped a sweet into his mouth and swallowed it. “If you know ghouls, means you definitely watched the anime. The normal ghouls are unable to eat other food than human flesh, whereas I can eat normal food.”

He definitely doesn’t wants other to mistake him for a monster.

“Also, most likely due to me abled to consume normal food, I lacked the impenetrable ability of the ghouls.”

Lin Xii used a small knife and sliced his arm with difficulty——his skin’s really tough now——showing blood.

“Then……what is your ability?”

Commander Liu could not help but furrowed his brows, to him the ghouls strongest ability is them being impenetrable. Without this ability, how could Lin Xii’s bloodline was able to be ranked 3 stars? In fact, out of the 20 plus evolutionary that the army’s in contact with, most of them are only 1 or 2 stars!

“Could it be he’s lying about his ability?” Commander Liu thought to himself.

“I have an Ukaku.”

RC cells burst from his back, forming blood wings on the back of his shoulders.

Looking at the shimmering, burning wings of the Ukaku; Commander Liu’s eyes widen and exclaimed, “It’s you! You can fly?”. After some evolutionaries reported what they witnessed yesterday, the army paid importance to it.

Just this morning, many soldiers were sent out to find the strong evolutionary that could fly. They did not expect that he would come to them personally.

Seeing the excited face on Commander Liu’s face, Lin Xii nodded and hasten the conversion of the Bioenergy. The bright blood wings grew in size to 10 meters long, at the same time he ran across the small district’s street and jumped into the air, flying.


This was an area protected by the army, there are people on the lawn beside the building discussing about the massive transfer that’s about to happen in a few days. Lin Xii startled them as he flew into the air.

“An angel!” A little girl shouted excitedly.

“Angel’s wings are white, darling.” Her father, a government official that showed up on TV often before the apocalypse, patted her head and said.

“Then it’s a blood angel!”

No one thought to correlate the wings to the ghoul’s Ukaku. Except for those who never seen tokyo ghoul before, the difference between a normal Ukaku and Lin Xii’s 10 meters long wings are really huge.

As Lin Xii landed on the ground, Commander Liu’s face was red from excitement.

The transfer is in a few days, even though the army owns a couple of airplanes; the fuel consumption of them are too high. Having an evolutionary who could fly would be really important for reconnaissance.

There are flying steeds for sale in the <Base of evolution>, other than the hefty price of them the danger of riding a bird in the sky would be really dangerous. The wind draft and air pressure would be enough to fall you from the sky if you weren’t careful.

“How long could you fly?” Commander Liu asked.

“My wings doesn’t work the same way as birds, instead depending on the thrust produced by the output of the RC cells. Due to the intense output of them, the consumption on my energy is really high and I can only last 5 minutes.”

Lin Xii lied and told him half the time he could maintained.

“5 minutes huh……it’s too little. Looks like you can’t be a normal reconnaissance unit, only during dire times……” Commander Liu contemplate for awhile, and wrote some stuff on Lin Xii’s form. “How many family members do the army need to allocate spaces for you?” he asked.

“Just these 3, Rui, Fi Fi and Sui. They are my sisters.”

Commander Liu looked at the 3 girls and noticed they were really pretty. He smiled knowingly, it was a common sight in the apocalypse. Most of the evolutionary are followed by beautiful girls——and the army wouldn’t pry too much into it.

“Your sisters will be well taken care off by the army, of course you also could bring them with you by your side. Other than that, being an evolutionary with a 3 star bloodline you have 6 slots for family members. If you have any need, just report to us anytime.”

“To the evolutionary that contacted us, the army will give some leeway to you. Do you have any special demand?”

Lin Xii thought for awhile and said, “I need chocolates, sweets and other high calorie food. The consumption of flying is too much, without food I cannot continuously use my ability.”

The sweets that he gotten earlier was half gone after the practicing flying for the few days.

“No problem.”

Even though food was scarce now, the army isn’t stingy with it with the overall situation. This was why commander Liu gave his answer immediately.

“Also, there will be times when the army will give you a mission. As the saying goes, the stronger you are, the larger your responsibility is. In this apocalypse after you all get these special abilities, I hope you could do something, especially for the normal people……not harming them at the very least.”

“I understand.” Lin Xii nodded.

“En, that’s good.”

Commander Liu took out several white crystals, “These are <Biological Energy> crystals, worth 5000 points. You could consider them as your salary. 3000 points is a 3 star rank, 1000 is the extra for being a bloodline use and another 1000 is due to your flying ability.”

These crystals can be purchased at the <Base of evolution>, it is sort of a currency to ease transaction between evolutionary.

“Where does the army get so many points?” Lin Xii asked even though he already knew the answer, trying to fish out extra information.


Commander Liu laugh and replied, “People like you who can fight titan alone are the minority, even if there are more of you with the cooperation of the army it would be much easier. The army cooperates with evolutionary by blasting the titans down, whereas the evolutionaries rushed to the fallen titans and kill them. Of course there would be some dividend for us.”

“The percentage of this dividend is 50%”

“Half? Isn’t it a little too much?”

“No, no. You have to know without the cooperation of the army, most of the evolutionary could not kill even a single titan……and now with the help of us, even though half is taken by us they would still earn 1000 points a day.”

“There are many evolutionary that regret not contacting us earlier.”

Lin Xii silently calculated and was shocked, “Fuck man”, the army are definitely filthy rich with points.

Getting 5000 points for free, Lin Xii definitely did not refuse iot. Adding up to the points he gotten from hunting titans during his flying training, his points totaled up to 9200 points.

“4 days later the transfer will start, part of the evolutionary and the army will accompany the normal citizen during the transfer. The current amount of evolutionaries that is in contact with the army is 23 including you. Our idea is 3 evolutionary forming a group, joining together and help each other up.”

“There’s a financial university nearby with a solo evolutionary by the name of Zhang Lei. You could go there and form a group with him, you will be responsible for the university students at the financial university. It will be much easier to handle them compare to the normal citizens here.”

“After we manage to contact another new evolutionary, we will send him to you.”

Lin Xii thought to himself, and remember Bravo and his friends said something about the ‘trash’ of an evolutionary at the university.

“Forming a group with the person? Whatever, I will consider the situation and if he’s unsuitable leaving him would do.” Lin Xii doesn’t really care about the partner that they assigned him, a real partner would have to get his agreement before anything else.

“Oh right, do you have any titan’s vial on you?” Commander Liu asked. “If you do have, we are willing to buy it from you with 150% of the price offered by the <Base of evolution>. 3000 points.”

“I do have it.”

Lin Xii doesn’t particularly care about the titan’s vial, but felt intrigue by his words. “Why are you buying these?”

“Well, there are some researcher in the army that said according to the information give in the ‘attack on titan’ series, there is a possibility that a titan can gain intelligent.”

“The way to do so is by eating an intelligent titan’s brain.”

This is why the army is preparing to use the titan’s vial on a normal human and forming an army of them. After that capturing the big guys in the city: Colossal titan, armored titan and the kind as they are intelligent titans according to the series.”

“Then giving their brain to the army of titans, restoring their intelligence and consciousness.”

Commander Liu explained to him patiently, “During the transfer, who knows what kind of monster we will encounter. With the ability of the titans that can only be killed by cutting away the back of their neck, and the massive strength that comes with that body they will be very useful.”

“Now the army currently have 12 bottles of titan’s vial. If we manage to create 12 intelligent titans, they will be a great help during the transfer.”

“What if it fail?” Lin Xii furrowed his brows.

“If it fails……then we can’t really do anything else but killing them, we do have to try as the benefit it gives if the experiment is a success would be too huge.”

Commander Liu sighed softly, he smiled and said, “But since there’s an item like this, there must be a way to make an intelligent titan. If not why would this item drop?”

Lin Xii contemplate for a while, and replied “I do have the titan’s vial, it’s just that……I haven’t think whether I want to sell it of yet. Let me give you a reply before tomorrow night.”

“Alright, that wouldn’t be a problem.” Commander Liu said cheerfully.

After leaving from the building, Lin Xii took the ID that was provided by the army and headed towards the financial university with the 3 girls.

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