Chapter 91 – The 1 Billion Man

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The assassin hired by Samechiren’s association chief and himself were both restrained.

The both of them would not talk, moreover they would not even look at me in the eyes properly.


After waiting for a while, Alice brought Clint over.


[Hou, look what we have here……] (Clint)


Clint who just arrived had his eyes shining brightly as he glared at the two people who were restrained.

The look that he had had a slight inkling of a carnivorous beast who had found their prey.

Well, it was just my imagination.

Cause the fact that he was smiling, and smiling wonderfully at that.


[Don’t get the wrong idea, this is—–]

[Of course I won’t misunderstand. Since there’s no one else here, I don’t think there would be any misunderstanding whatsoever.] (Clint)


Clint was somewhat clear about his statement.

His eyes were looking straight at his opponent, but clearly you know he was clearly lying about there being [nobody here].


[Since there is no one at all, and nothing has happened. Is that right, Satou-san.] (Clint)

[Un? Yeah……I guess you’re right.] (Ryouta)


I don’t know exactly what Clint wants, but I thought that it would be better to go with the flow.


[Well then, since we’re here, let’s start by talking, of course alone.] (Clint)


Then with a preface, Clint spoke with his eyes staring straight into their eyes without a hint of smile.


[Didn’t you propose to ask Indole to pay 1 Billion, so how about I make an offer. I understand that it would be difficult to negotiate, but I’m sure it will all fall into place.] (Clint)


Wow~~, Awesome~~.

It’s blackmail, this was the first time witnessing such intimidation on site.


Samechiren had pushed Indole to pay 10 Billion Piro to be freed of their protection, and Clint was intimidatingly negotiating for a billion Piro.


From 10 Billion to 1 Billion, that’s 1 tenth of it’s original price, but the other side was asking ten times as much as before, so I guess it’s reasonable.

And isn’t it a coincidence that the other 9 Billion Piro is equals to how much I can work for.

As I thought about it, the negotiation was even greater than I had imagined.


Clint whose eyes werent’ laughing, was looking at the Chief Association of Samechiren with disdain.

The two of them glared at each other for a while, but overtime the other side broke it first.


[I understand, I’ll make it into 1 Billion, you can pay it at anytime.]

[Muu, somehow I felt like talking to someone alone again, is it because of my low sugar consumption?] (Clint)


Clint took out a large amount of sugar cubes in a dramatic gesture and threw it into his mouth which was enough that he could chew it.

Showing that sort of act in front of them, you can clearly tell that the person dominating this conversation right now was Clint.

Eventually, the cubes were completely swallowed.


[I got a feeling you won’t be able to forget even if we gave you the 1 Billion Piros, I need some sort of.] (Clint)




That’s amazing, or more like you’re so cool Clint.

Isn’t 1 Billion a huge discount during the negotiation! Or rather you’re trying to ask them to let us off by not paying or something!

You’re a demon! This guy is clearly a demon!

Plus, this person.


[Ho, how are we supposed to afford that much!]

[I felt like I heard something just now, must’ve been my imagination. Oh right, maybe I should ask the association of Samechiren or their adventurers of what I heard from their chief just now.] (Clint)

[Anything but that.]



Clint was silent as he looked at the other person with a smile on his face.

The smile was unnatural that it felt unbalance, even displaying a scary look.

When I saw that expression, I was like, [I better not anger this person].




After they disappeared, Clint pocketed a letter with a satisfying face.

What was written there, was the contract of letting Indole abandon the payment of 1 Billion Piro.

Since a magic circle was placed the moment someone wrote something on the paper, the contract would be imbued with magic—it was probably something powerful that allows both parties to not break the contract.


Alice who called Clint over became increasingly frightened as she looked at him.


[I guess the problem for Indole has almost been dealt with.] (Clint)

[Is that so?] (Ryouta)

[Since Samechiren has given up, if there is 1 Billion piro worth of infrastructure to welcome adventurers, it will be sufficient at the moment. And the next would be gaining tax revenue from the dungeon.] (Clint)

[I see..] (Ryouta)


Thought it was quite surprising, but I didn’t know that Clint was actually gonna use that 1 Billion Piro for the entirety of Indole.


[This INdole, and also Aurum are the dungeon that we can earn from. 10 Billion Piro, we must use that to the utmost of our ability.] (Clint)

[ Aurum?] (Ryouta)

[The name of the dungeon.] (Clint)

[You’ve already decided on a name?] (Ryouta)



Clint was surprised. Did I say something weird?


[Of course the people are the one’s coming up for the dungeon’s name, did you have a misunderstanding on that the entire time?] (Alice)

[Isn’t that how it works?] (Ryouta)

[Each dungeon has a name from the time of birth, and humans are the one to confirm it with magic.] (Clint)

[Heeh.] (Ryouta)


I learned something new.


[There’s also a theory that the Earth God has made these rules, but honestly we don’t know.] (Clint)


Clint said something about some law that I honestly have no idea what that meant.


Teruru, Arsenic, Silicon, Nihonium, Selenium, and Aurum.

It seemed to be a rule that Helix or Uranium was born.




After separating from Clint, I went back to the village.

As soon as I entered the village, the villagers came crawling over me.


[Thank you, Satou-sama!]


The head villager suddenly came up to me head first and thanked me.

As expected my heart wasn’t ready for this, thus I was shocked.


[Wh, why are you thanking me?] (Ryouta)

[I’ve heard everything from Alice, the one about Indole being released from Samechiren, and also using the billion piro to develop the village.] (head villager)

[Eh? How do you know so much? I’ve just separated from Clint not too long ago.] (Ryouta)

[Thank you so much Satou-sama!]

[Thank you!]

[Thank you so much our lord and saviour!]

[You’re the saviour of this village!]


The villagers each thanked me.

From being the benefactor to being the saviour, this case has been getting way out of control since the start.


[We must reward something to our lord and saviour.]

[Aah oh yeah! Since we have money, and that dungeon! Let’s enlarge this village with our own hands!]

[We will not be able to face him if we can’t even do that!]


The overly enthusiastic villagers, suddenly I was reminded of Clint’s words.


——-1 Billion Piro, you have to make the utmost use of it.


Clint did say that.

A story where the 1 Billion is partially solved (threatening may or may not have been aided), but it was conveyed as an achievement to the villagers.

And since the villagers were motivated, their tension were tremendous.


Surely this was also a part of Clint’s [maximization].

I guess that’s alright, it’s better to be more enthusiastic about it then not doing anything at all.


It’s alright…….but.


[We’re gonna go all out on those monsters!]

[Those chibi devils are nothing.]


One of the young guy’s word made me worried. If he does that I’m afraid something bad might happen again.

…….It can’t be helped.


[Please wait for a moment.] (Ryouta)

[Where are you going Satou-sama.]

[I’ll come back in a jiffy.]


After saying that to the villagers, I went back to the road I just took.

Going back to the forest where there were no one, I took out the gold dust from inside the pouch and placed it on the ground.


The shiny gold dust was left on the dirt ground and as I left some distance, and waited.

The gold dust then turned into a rouge monster.


I aimed at the monster with the gun loaded with a Restrained Bullet, and fired at the rogue monsters—–5 little devils to be exact.

Afterwards, I took those and brought it back to the villagers.


[Sa, Satou-sama? What’s the meaning of this……]

[It’s time for training guys, everyone will form in a circle.] (Ryouta)


Listening to what I said they spread out a distance, and I called out a young man.


[You over there, you said it was easy right.] (Ryouta)

[Ye, yeah.]

[Okay, then try fighting them now.] (Ryouta)


One of the little devil, the light rope was released (I who shot it can easily remove it).

The young man who had a big-mouthed early was badly damaged.

I rescued him from the small devil by dealing the final blow and healed him with a Recovery Bullet.


[You’re in a hurry just now. DId I not say it before, these guys are pretty mean, they would even pretend to be dead to defeat their foes.] (Ryouta)

[Ye, yes….I’m sorry.]

[Can you still do it? Then time for round 2.] (Ryouta)


I then continued training the villagers.

As the number of villagers who rushed recklessly increase because of what Clint had said, at least I would do something so they would not die when facing the little devils.




The training with Ryouta and the villagers, and slightly standing apart from us was Alice and Eve who were staring.


[Low level, good-natured.] (Eve)

[That’s our Ryouta.] (Alice)

[The most gracious.] (Eve)

[But because of that more people came to respect Ryouta. It’s close to the level of respecting him as a God.] (Alice)

[The girl there and there, their eye’s have the look of esthetic.] (Eve)

[That’s true, It’s like Eve but when you’re looking at carrots.] (Alice)


Without a word, Eve dealt a fast chop on Alice’s head.

While the two of them were watching, Ryouta unconsciously increased the villagers confidence and likeability towards him.

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