Chapter 88 – The possibilities of the dungeon

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[A benefactor?]


The great Samechiren-san frowned.

Plus, he was staring at me as if judging me.

Be it a snake or a reptile, the stare gave of an unpleasant feeling to it.


[Judging from your outlook, aren’t you just like the rest of the adventurers? Who in God’s name are you?]

[Name’s Satou Ryouta, as you can see I’m just your average adventurer.] (Ryouta)

[Then answer me this, why is a mere average adventurer doing in a place like this?]

[Isn’t it obvious to come and help when someone calls for it? Moreover, why didn’t your side came and help when the situation calls for it? Isn’t Samechiren closer to here than Shikuro?] (Ryouta)



The man’s eyebrow twitched for a second.


[If you’re talking about a rescue party we indeed prepared one for this. It’s just that since it was a new dungeon, we had to be extremely careful on choosing a suitable candidate, including their ability.]

[Though our Shikuro’s Dungeon Association immediately came to their rescue when they ask for it.] (Ryouta)


I glared at the man.


[What’s more, the adventurers that you have was always patrolling around the dungeon everyday, so how can their abilities not be suited? So exactly what are you checking for?] (Ryouta)



The complexion of the man’s face became even more severe.

On the other side, the villagers were agreeing with what I said and shouted with [That’s right, that’s right] or [If you sent your adventurers immediately it wouldn’t even take half a day to arrive] to them.


The man stared at me, then turned and stared at the villagers that were rioting.

For a moment, the stare of the man that resembled a snake silence the villagers, but not long after they started to raise their voice again.


The man then head towards the head villager, and spoke.


[After hearing from them, I understood. If you really want to get help from Shikuro then I won’t stop you.]

[It’s not Shikuro, but the benefactor.] (Head villager)

[ [ [ That’s right !!!] ] ]

[In the end, it’s the same.]


The man sneered.


[Then I would like you to return the debt that you owe us when you were trying to build your village.]

[Muu…..] (Head villager)


The head villager hung his head low, whilst the rest of the villagers went silent.

Afterwards, the man pursues this even further.


[10 Billion, if you can return it I’ll cut off all ties.]

[That’s ridiculous! I don’t have that much!] (Head villager)

[In this world, there is something that exists called interest, you know what I mean right?]


The man then turned and looked at the head villager and the rest of the villagers, and laughed coldly.

Seems like this was something impossible to begin with, even I understood from listening.




[So around 2k tonnes of sugar huh……] (Clint)

[I don’t even know where to begin whether that’s a lot or little!!] (Ryouta)


Night came, after calling Clint over he arrived at the head villager’s house to discuss.

The head villager and I roughly explained the situation to Clint, and he showed a rather difficult expression while sighing.


Oh, just so you know we used the Magic Cart to contact each other.

I would throw a paper card into the Magic Cart and it would be transported to our home, and Emily would hand over the paper to Clint to see.


And that’s how Clint hurriedly came, and now we’re back to where we started.


Again this Clint placed a mountain load of sugar cubes on top of his coffee while drinking it, while also showing a difficult expression.


[There’s no doubt that this problem would come back to us, though we mostly came to help for the beginning.] (Clint)


The head villager quietly listened to Clint.

Even though the head villager looked twice as old as Clint, but the position right now was reversed even with the age gap.


[Ye, yes. That’s right.] (Head villager)

[I had a quick look at the size of the village, but the number of people in this village when compared to our capital, it would be 1 in 100 of ours.] (Clint)


So around one hundred million.

Even though I do not know whether it’s a lot of little, but if that’s what Clint decided then I guess it is.


[Well, Shikuro also has it’s fair share of villages being supported by us. And to be honest, it is expensive to maintain these villages, especially those with no dungeons would have a big red ‘X’ on them.] (Clint)

[Since they don’t earn you any income right.] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, but it’s also a way of an up-front investment, so if a dungeon were to be born in their village, then it would be a profit as dungeons won’t disappear once they are born.] (Clint)

[I see.] (Ryouta)


That news was a first for me.


[Well, even if they don’t disappear, they are dungeons like Nihonium which causes deficit as they do not have anything inside them.] (Clint)


Though Nihonium is something to be grateful for as it was a huge help for me.


[Well, that is that and this is this, at least this dungeon has a plus side. So it’s fine if Shikuro accepts it.] (Clint)

[We will forever in the benefactor——-] (Head villager)

[If only we have 2k tonnes of sugar that is.] (Clint)


[Uuu…] The head villager moaned.


[We would also need to investigate the dungeon, plus with the current situation we’re facing right now, it’s rather difficult to pull out that much money too.] (Clint)

[Is it that difficult?] (Ryouta)

[It’s more of……if only we know more information about this dungeon or if there’s a new type of umami, then the story would be different.] (Clint)


The words of Clint made the head villager troubled and hurriedly looked at me with pleading eyes.

Please don’t look at me with such eyes, I’ll be troubled too. It’s a huge sum of money, 10 billion Piro you know? It’s not something I can just hand out willy nilly.

That’s the whole reason why I contacted Clint but I guess even he can’t give out given the situation.

Now what should I do about this.


[Is Satou-san here! Ah there he is!]


The door opened widely, and a man came plunging in.


[Who are you?] (Ryouta)


I somehow remembered him, but I’ve forgotten his name.

If I’m not mistaken……


[It’s Carlo! We met at the dungeon during morning.] (Carlo)

[…..Aaah, It was when Aaron said the villagers could win against the monster if they tried.] (Ryouta)


Diving into the dungeon and fighting against the monster.

That was one of the names Aaron judged was suitable to dive into the dungeon.


That Carlo then came forward and spoke to me while clutching up.


[There seemed to be trouble Satou-san! Aaron has not returned at all.] (Carlo)

[Nani the fiak?] (Ryouta)




Carlo and I then arrived at the entrance of the dungeon.

There were several villagers gathered around the entrance, and the torches that they were holding illuminated their anxiety on their face.


That instantly reversed when I appeared.


[It’s Satou-san! Satou-san has finally come!]

[Aaron will finally be saved.]

[Please help us Satou-san! You have to go and save my father.] (Rick)


The villagers were being noisy.

Rick, who was Aaron’s son came forward and pleaded me.


He then started explaining from the start.


[We were together with Aaron-san when we dive the dungeon, but it’s already this late and he has not returned. Aaron-san said that he was still able to go and stayed back.]

[That stupid idiot! Didn’t he listen to what I said when not to push yourself.] (Ryouta)

[And then, uhh…….]


Another villager then shriveled as he spoke.


[There was a different monster that was way stronger than the previous one, so I guess that’s why Aaron hasn’t return.]

[A different monster?] (Ryouta)


I immediately thought of various possibilities but I double confirmed with the villagers.


[Was it only 1 monster when it was there? And was there those little devils around when you saw it?] (Ryouta)

[Eh? ……Uhmm, There were. Even when we were escaping the dungeon, it was chasing us.]

[It’s a rare!] (Ryouta)


At least we know that the little devils weren’t the only ones living inside there, but at least it wasn’t a Dungeon Master.

Thus I was sort of relief it wasn’t.


[I got the gist of it after hearing your story, I’ll head inside now!] (Ryouta)


After saying so, the villagers were relieved. I carefully loaded the bullets inside my gun and stepped into the dungeon.




Equipped with a pouch, I defeated the little devils along the way as I head forward.

As expected their movements were quite tricky, as sometimes they would deceive me by pretending to be dead, but as I fought more of them, I got better at knowing how to defeat it.


Even though I am used to fighting the monsters, but the dungeon was a whole different story.

Having to face a dungeon that changes its layout every time someone enters, thus  it was quite difficult to look for Aaron that way.


[……Should I try that out.] (Ryouta)


With 5 Enhance Bullet on one gun, and the last bullet being a Homing Bullet.

I aimed the gun right in front of me where there was nothing at all and fired.


The bullet flew out of the muzzle straight and turned at a corner.


Chasing after the bullet, and after around 50 meters I saw a little devil that fell down and was laying on the ground.

Because it was not a fatal injury, I used the other gun loaded with normal bullet to deal the final blow.


Thus I continued following the Homing Bullet, and turned another corner where it went.


Half way the bullet stopped moving.

Since I do not know the layout of the dungeon let alone where the monsters were, I figured I might as well use the strongest Homing Bullet to locate where the monsters were. Since the bullet is trying to aim at something, I decided why not follow it.


And repeating that for the sixth time.

The bullet that was following the monster, there was finally a monster that appeared!


It was a human body with a goat head, and behind it has a bat-like wings, and it was 2 meters tall. Truly a demonic monster.

So this is the rare monster, it does look different from the rest of the little devils.


[Aaron!] (Ryouta)


I saw Aaron being defeated while on his feet.

Even when calling out his name, he did not respond at all.


[Damnit!] (Ryouta)


I rapidly fired the bullets to drive the devil away, and immediately approached Aaron while aiming and firing a Recovery Bullet towards him.


The devil flew around to dodge the bullet, while the Recovery Bullet successfully hit Aaron and a magic circle appeared beneath him while being enveloped with a strong bright light.


[U, un…….] (Aaron)


I could hear him groaning, seems like he’s alive.

I fired more MAX Enhanced Recovery Bullet towards Aaron.when suddenly the devil flew straight at me in full speed.


I then felt a sharp and tingling pressure on my skin.

Even though it’s rare, but it seemed to not go easy on it’s prey.

Seems like I have to deal with this first.


Who attacks first who wins, thus I repeatedly fired more normal bullets.

The devil used it’s fist and pushed away the bullets.

It’s form was similar to that of a human being, where he used some sort of martial arts to defend against the bullet.


[If the normal bullets doesn’t work, then!] (Ryouta)


This time I loaded a Freezing Bullet on the left gun and a Fire bullet on the right gun and fired them at the same time.

The two bullets merge together and became the Annihilation bullet.


The demon dodged it! It flew to the side rather than using it’s fist to block the bullet.

The bullet then went straight to the wall and made a gouged on the wall of the dungeon.


I gulped, while swallowing my saliva.

The demon was in front of my eyes.


It can block my normal bullet, and even when seeing the Annihilation Bullet for the first time, it managed to dodge out of range.

This bugger is definitely strong, or rather it’s smart.

Those little devils were already plenty smart by themselves, but this one is not only smart but wiser too.


What a troublesome fellow. What should I do——–


While I was absorbed in thoughts the demon’s fist was in front of me.

With a B Speed charging towards me, plus a fist that could block a bullet, this is gonna be bad.

I guard myself with my arms and was sent flying backwards.


I landed on the ground and my arms were tingling. It’s Strength is most likely around A.

The demon further attacks. With both it’s hands there were small magic circles being formed on top of it, and 3 Flaming Arrows emerged from within the magic circles.


[It can even use magic!] (Ryouta)


I kicked the ground and fired a few Freezing Bullets at it. One of it missed and the Flaming Arrow came flying towards me.

Again I guarded myself by doing a cross with my arms, and my whole body was wrapped in flames.


After the flames dissipated, I inject myself with a Recovery Bullet.

That was quite a firepower, lower than Inferno but stronger than the Bicorn Horn.

Although I can’t gauge the magic but it’s roughly estimated to be around level 2?


Not only is it fast, it’s strong and it can use magic.

Plus it’s clever too.


It’s an all-rounder trickster.


[But!] (Ryouta)


I kept my guns and took a deep breath.

I then opened my eyes and kicked the ground as hard as possible.


It’s fast, strong and can use magic?

It’s true that this was a troublesome opponent, but so what?

My Speed and Strength is far superior than it.


With a speed that was clearly faster than the demon, our gap thinned out in a flash, and using that confusion I grabbed his throat with one hand and dragged him towards a wall and pushed him against the wall.

Boom! That caused a large impact on the wall and the dungeon shook, after the smoke disappear, one could only see half of the demon’s body barely hanging on the wall.


The demon was tenacious as it tried to wave its arms.

I clenched my teeth!

With my Stamina and HP being S.

There is nothing it can do to help itself the moment it met with me.


I gripped my hand tightly holding onto it’s throat and thrust the muzzle of the gun into its open mouth.


Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam……


Firing at a zero distance, the sound of the cartridge could be heard clearly, and the demon’s body jerked as if it had a cramp.

After the beating was over, the body of the demon weakened and fell to the ground with it’s head blown off.


Eventually, it stopped making any noise and it disappeared.


[Phew…..] (Ryouta)


I breathed out.

This was my first opponent who was strong, fast and wise, so it was quite hard to deal with.

Since it had an orthodox strength, it is gonna be hard for the other adventurers to deal with, while thinking so I placed away my gun.


Suddenly, I felt something behind my waist as it was heavy.

When I looked at it, I could see that the pouch was swelling.

I opened the pouch and looked inside.

Besides the gold dust, there was a golden-coloured shiny mass there.

I took it out and appraised it, it’s massive and definitely gold.

Feeling it, it’s weight is around 1 kilogram? It reminded me of a gold I once saw on a photograph.


If it’s 1 kilogram, then it might be worth several million Piros.


[This……won’t it increase the worth of this dungeon?]


A dungeon that drops goldust, and a rare monster that drops actual gold bar.

I kept the gold bar, and was reminded of the words that Clint spoke off.

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