FF: Chapter 19 : Distributing Equipment’s

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Distributing Equipment’s

“Here are 2 weapons and a shield, you three take one of each. Do not simply choose, getting you those equipment’s and weapons are for the trainings coming up as to increase your strength.”

“You three will be working as a team.”

Lin Xii’s eyes swept across them, giving off a stern feeling even if his voice wasn’t loud.

“Taking up the oak shield, you must have the resolution to being on the front lines and raise your shield in the face of danger! Taking up the sword, you must have the heart to kill, monster or humans alike! Even taking up the bow needs you to train heavily as to shoot and draw your bow smoothly.”

“So which would you choose from these 3?”

The joy on the girl’s face disappeared, they really thought what Lin Xii said before was just him joking around.

“Fighting with thugs……even battling monsters? But even if we have these equipment’s, or becoming 10 times stronger we still can’t defeat a titan.” Sui said weakly.

“Titan’s aren’t the only monster out there, other cities have zombies and huge worms, who is to say ours won’t have any other monsters?”

The girls looked at each other and Rui said, “I think we should give the bow and the arrow to Sui……since she’s the youngest.”

Taking up the sword or shield means standing at the front lines, using the bow and arrow is without a doubt the safest in a battle.

“I, I was trained in shooting a bow in a club……” Fi Fi said hurriedly, her face blushed slightly as everyone looked at her. “It’s not that I want to take it from Sui, but you can’t use a bow if you aren’t familiar with it. I am just thinking for the group.”

“Try shooting it once.” Lin Xii replied.

Fi Fi took up the bow and notched an arrow on to the bowstring, with the increased strength from the gauntlet she managed to draw the bow to half its full length.

Witnessing the arrow flew and nailed on to the wooden door, Lin Xii could see that it wasn’t the first time she’s holding the bow. The pose she had when drawing and shooting the arrow was decent, but saying she had training in it was a little exaggerated.

But it is an advantage comparing to others.

“I can entrust the bow to you then.” Lin Xii decided.

“For the rest……”

Rui first looked at Sui, and then Fi Fi. Rui bit her jaw and said, “I’m taking the shield, Sui you just have to use the sword and hack away in a battle, I will defend you!”


Sui nodded her head.

This little girl’s personality was really timid, no assertiveness whatsoever and seemingly just following other’s opinion——due to her being small and cute, others would usually take good care of her, this was why she doesn’t knows what’s wrong with her personality.

Sadly, this is the type of personality that is unable to survive in the apocalypse, if she isn’t able to quickly mature as a person, she would die; or becoming someone’s slave.

Lin Xii least favored personality out of the 3 girls was her.

Fi Fi, an upper class family’s daughter. It could be seen from earlier that she does do a little scheming, adding this to her looks, she would be easily called a scheming bitch before the apocalypse. But it’s this type of woman that usually are able to survive longer in this apocalypse.

Scheming doesn’t means it’s a bad thing, a smart person that does it is definitely much better than a dumb person.

As for Rui, she’s a good and kind person. But Lin Xii couldn’t exactly figure out her exact personality in this short while. If she would to be like Sui, it would be really bad; being too kind could be easily used by others.

Lin Xii laid on the bed thinking as it was already in the night. Even though he just recently woke up, resting more would do no harm to his stabilizing genes.

The 3 girls slept in the another room, the girls were talking to each other as they were not sleepy.

“I was always constantly worried during the days at the school, worried that he would die 2 days earlier, also being hungry made me couldn’t sleep; now I could finally sleep soundly after a nice meal.” Sui said happily——she’s used to rely on people, people like Lin Xii. They made her feel safe.

“I know right, getting caught by those thugs the other day……”

Rui said as her face was filled with relieved, “I originally wanted to suicide, but with those thugs even suiciding was gonna be hard……thank god Lin Xii saved us.”

“We saved him too didn’t we,” Fi Fi said. “Rather than contemplating these, we should be thinking about our future, I thought that following a evolutionary we could live comfortably, but now he wants to train us for who knows what.”

“I think training us……is for our own good.” Sui replied softly. She usually doesn’t refute others and she doesn’t really wants to train too, but Fi Fi’s tone when speaking about Lin Xii seems a little rude, making her uncomfortable.

“Yeah, I think Sui’s right.” Rui agreed, “If it wasn’t for us, why would he waste those……biological points, and get us these equipment’s?”

Fi Fi understood that she spoke a little too much, she hurriedly smiled and said, “I was just saying, I do know it’s for our own good. I was just slightly worried; speaking of the equipment, they were really magical right? If I remember right, gauntlets of strength and slipper of agility are cheap equipment from a game right?”

“I wonder what would it feel like wearing better equipment, would he ever get those for us?”

The three girls were silent for a moment, imagining the scenario. Here, Rui suddenly sighed, “It’s really a shame that Xin Ru and the other two left, they really shouldn’t have……”

Xin Ru and the other two were the three that left, a girl called Xu Qing is a relative of the principle of their school. The other 3 girl’s relationship were really good after the apocalypse, they were a team or sorts. This was why when Xu Qing left, the other two followed.

But, what good would being the relative of a principal do in this world?

Thinking of the food that was offered in the school and comparing it to Lin Xii’s, plus the equipment’s; Rui felt little sympathy for the 3 who left.

“We could find them?” Sui asked with hesitation.

“Oh my god, are you serious!”

Even though she already told herself again and again that it was the apocalypse now, and she’s not the high and mighty rich girl anymore; constantly reminding herself that she should rephrase her words better and taking in consideration of others feelings, Fi Fi could not help but exclaimed loudly when she heard Sui’s words.

Rui shook her head and said “Even if we managed to find them, Lin Xii would never agree to take in the 3 of them.”

These girls understood clearly the reason as why Lin Xii agreed to take them in was due to them saving his life. Taking care of 3 high school girls was already troubling enough, how could he agree to taking in 3 more? Also, the other 3 have a bunch of relatives and friends, a whole other can of worms unlike Rui, Sui and Fi Fi.

“Oh.” Sui replied, sounding disheartened.

To her, Lin Xii was the one who saved her from getting rape by the thugs, and he’s the one who helped Ms Jiang to find her daughter. Lin Xii also gave her precious equipment’s, he’s strong, kind and even……handsome!

It’s like he’s the perfect human, he wouldn’t just leave someone to die.

The girls stopped talking. The next morning, after waking up they realized the living room was different from the night before.

A hook was nailed on to the ceiling, from it dangled a rope and it was connected to a big bag.

This was a makeshift punching bag that Lin Xii made.

The big was filled with other random stuffing instead of sand. Due to a movie he saw, he made this big as when you hit it the bag would swing back and this will also trains you to dodge plus your reaction speed.

Besides the bag was 3 wooden sticks.

Lin Xii sat on the sofa, and took out some chocolates, sweets and milk as he saw them coming out of their room. “I need to go out to hunt titans in the morning, I can’t stay here and take care of you all. So be careful, and these foods are for you.”

“If there’s any chance, I will get rice, noodles, bread or meat. The real kind of food, bear with these sweets for the time being.”

To be honest Lin Xii was already craving for meat after all this time.

“The things in the living room is something I made for training, using the wooden sticks and hit the bag and dodging it as it swings back. Familiarize yourselves with it as when I come back in the evening I will be training you girls for 3 hours.”

“3 hours?!” Sui exclaimed.

“This is just a start, it will be longer as time goes on.”

Just using equipment’s and piling up a human with extraordinary attributes, what good would it do?

One, Lin Xii wants to train their dodging ability and battle skills. Second, cultivating their courage. In a sense, courage and bravery are usually more important than equipment’s.

For example, a person with a weak personality like Sui, even if her strength were to increase a few times, does she have what it takes to face on a thug? No.

Using knives and axes to hack away at someone, she definitely couldn’t do it.

Since she can’t, it’s better to train with a sandbag——using wooden sticks to hit the sandbag will slowly bring out her courage, and during a real battle, the long term muscle memory will allow her to instinctively react.

“Don’t think I am mistreating you, to be honest Pearl City cannot be inhabited for long.”

Lin Xii’s words instantly grabbed the 3 girls attention. Fi Fi asked, surprised, “You mean……leave Pearl City? But……why? Didn’t the army said they would exterminate the monster and return us a safe environment?”

“Those were propaganda.”

Smiling helplessly, Lin Xii continues, “The amount of soldiers in Pearl City isn’t little, killing those titans shouldn’t be a trouble, but why didn’t they when it’s already 20 days into the apocalypse? Did the army released any news that they successfully liberate any area?”

“The soldiers are currently fighting against monsters every single day, this could be seen on the TV and it couldn’t be fake. But the amount of titan did not reduced.”

“So, if there’s any sudden changes, we would have to leave the city. At that time, there won’t only be violent thugs, monsters such as swarms of zombies and huge bugs will be there too. I can’t protect all of you by myself.”

“The more suffering you endure in your training, the more chances you will survive in the future.”

After explaining some more to the girls, Lin Xii took the Tyrant and left. He did not gave the desert eagle to the girls, as people who doesn’t know how to use a gun would be in even more danger with one.

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