FF: Chapter 18 : Tyrant and Judgement

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Tyrant and Judgement

Tyrant (T-103 Model)

Type: Bio-weapon

Description: A mutated monster that was produced by using the T-Virus. The T-103 was a series of the Tyrant-type bio-weapons produced by the Umbrella Corporation. It is strong, practical and controllable.

The mutated muscles of the Tyrant is as hard as bedrock, granting it huge strength and defense. The T-Virus of this model is stable, there is no risk of infection occurring.

Equipment: A Energy-bound overcoat, bulletproof, impact proof, and explosion proof. As the overcoat is taken off, the virus in the Tyrant’s body will enter into an active state, stimulating the muscles and mutates it further, granting it even larger strength and huge claws.

It is controlled remotely by the ‘Tyrant Controlling Device (TCD)’.

Flaw: Low intelligence, only able to understands basic commands. If the TCD is broken, there is the risk of the user being killed.

“The Tyrant model from Resident Evil!”

Due to his Progenitor Virus bloodline, Lin Xii has a natural affinity towards the T-Virus that stems from the Progenitor Virus. He felt intimacy towards the weapon made from the T-Virus, the Tyrant.

A tanker, unable to die easily, and possessing the strength to battle against a titan; the Tyrant perfectly fulfilled these few points!

It even comes with a changing forms ability when the overcoat comes off.

Well, there are risks too. If the TCD breaks, an uncontrollable Tyrant is definitely more terrifying than a titan.

But what attracts Lin Xii to it is its best merit:


A total of 9900 points, cheap beyond belief. Comparing it to Misaka Imouto that cost 18000, the Tyrant’s so much more worth it.

Misaka Imouto, her being cute definitely raised the price by a large margin; whereas the Tyrant looked terrifying, and the fear of ‘what if I get infected by the T-Virus’——plus the risk of going berserk, the price of the Tyrant was lowered significantly.

Even it’s not a mercenary and belonging in the ‘special’ category, it’s still much stronger than most of the mercenary for hire.

The mercenaries that have the combat abilities of the Tyrant cost at least 20000-30000.

Tyrant, I choose you!

“The Tyrant can definitely earn back its cost within the time of my recovery period!.”


The screen of his phone shone a bright white light in a fan shape. A mosaic figure flashing about, finally forming a huge silhouette and came into focus as the light dies down.

What formed was a large, buff, bald man. The man’s wearing a dark olive green army coat, his waist wore a large belt and from it hung many rings and a small leather pouch.

The bottom half of the body’s hugged by a dark olive green army pants and a pair of shiny leather shoes.

The only body parts exposed was his bald head and his curled fist. There wasn’t a silver of an hair present on him, not even his eyebrows. His face looks as if it was sculpted, finishing with a tall nose and a look germanic look.

The man’s height is about 2.3 meters, even NBA basketball players are rarely this tall.

The feel coming of him is stern, huge, broad, and strong. Just being beside him feels like a thunderstorm is coming, giving off a heavy pressure.

The Tyrant T-103 Model.

A small round black metallic device appeared in Lin Xii’s palm, this is the ‘Tyrant Controlling Device (TCD)’——orders are transferred to the Tyrant through this device.

Lin Xii lifted up his head, the Tyrant was like a mountain to him when comparing the both of them.

The Tyrant slightly lowered his head, looking at Lin Xii. His grey eyes looked calmed and collected, without a sign of violence; totally different from what his name suggested.

Suddenly, Lin Xii felt a weird connection building between him and the Tyrant. He understood that it was the resonance between their viruses, since the T-Virus did stem from his Progenitor Virus.

Lin Xii suddenly, squashed the TCD in his hand in to pieces. As he realized what he had just done, cold sweat started running down his entire body.

As the TCD was broken into pieces, the Tyrant grey eyes seem to gain sparks of life, flashing lightly as it faded away.

The two of them continue staring at each other; after what it felt like an eternity and an instance at the same time, the Tyrant lifted up his right hand and stretched out his fist towards Lin Xii. The fist stop about half a meter in front of Lin Xii’s face.

A finger stretched out from the fist.

Seeing the stretched out finger in front of him, signs of worry and anxiousness on Lin Xii’s face slowly disappeared. He lifted up his right hand and stretched his forefinger and touched the Tyrant’s finger, his finger looked like a baby’s when it’s next to the Tyrant’s finger.

“We will fight together, eh.”

Lin Xii softly said those word, hearing that the Tyrant bended down and lifted Lin Xii up with his arms, placing him on his broad, wide, and thick shoulders.

The 3 girls witnessing this on the side was gobsmacked, stunned. The straw that Sui was chewing dropped from her wide opened mouth.

Rui’s eyes glazed about, even though she understood that evolutionary were a mysterious bunch of people; seeing Lin Xii holding up his phone and the Tyrant coming out from the light was really unbelievable for her.

Fi Fi’s face was slightly pale, she was shocked by the appearance of the Tyrant; but she was also excited by it.

“This……terrifying monster is from a……zombie game isn’t it? He actually could control such a monster and even sitting on its shoulders, so awesome! The stronger he is, the safer I will be in the future. I need to form a solid relationship with him, even becoming his girl if it’s possible!” Fi Fi thought to herself.

Lin Xii’s body type is more on the slim side, him sitting on the shoulders of the Tyrant, which is 2.3 meters tall doesn’t really make it weird; instead it gives off a weird harmonious sense.

Lin Xii’s currently very satisfied. Because, he realized he could now relay commands through his thoughts due to the resonance link between his Progenitor Virus and T-Virus.

After commanding the Tyrant as not to attack any humans now, Lin Xii jumped off the Tyrant’s shoulders and took out his meat hook from his storage space.

This long range weapon, plus it being really heavy suits the Tyrant alot.

Taking the weapon from Lin Xii, the Tyrant silently wrapped the chains on his body; adding a cruel and menacing look to the Tyrant as the thick black chains coiled around his body.

Lin Xii still have 5700 points left.

He needed another weapon for the Tyrant.

Finally, Lin Xii decided on one.

The weapon looked like a thick metal club, about 1.5 meters in length. The body of the club was splitted into 6 segments, from the handle of the club there’s a round protrusion about every 30 centimeters, seemingly like a bamboo.

The body of the club was entirely black, glistering black like cast iron. The thickness of the handle is about the size of an egg, the centre of the club is fully solid, granting it a ridiculous amount of weight.

40 kg!

Something a normal person could barely lift it up, much less swing it.

This weapon is from a game, ‘Legend’.

Its name, ‘Judgement’.

It’s the same price as the Dark Sword, 3000 points. But Judgement doesn’t have a battle skill or its sharpness, all Judgement has is its weight. Imagine how much destruction the Tyrant could do swinging about a 40 kg club, 1.5 meters in length!

After redeeming Tyrant and Judgement, Lin Xii’s left with 2700 points.

Lin Xii wants to use these points on the 3 girls.

The equipment and items sold in the <Base of evolution> doesn’t have a restriction that they couldn’t be used on normal humans.

Of course, this doesn’t means that ordinary human could use every item.

For example, how could a normal human use Judgement, swinging around a 40kg club?

Or even those grimoires and magic staffs, without ‘magic’ energy, even Lin Xii couldn’t use it, not to mention ordinary people.

Lin Xii guessed that without a crazy strong will, alongside ice and death type energy, redeeming Frostmourne would be just a waste of 210,000 points as they could not use it.

Many other stuff also needs their respective energies to use it, like getting Rasengan but doesn’t have the chakra to use it.

Luckily most of the weapons doesn’t have any requirement, just having a bare minimum baseline.

Oh right, there’s also compatibility issues.

Like the Ultraman transforming equipment, without the will to protect others, even holding the transformer in your hand couldn’t change you into an Ultraman——you do have to gain the approval of such items.

All that being said, the fact that ordinary humans are able to use the redeemed equipment already opened up countless possibilities.

Lin Xii already owned a life-saving grace to the 3 girls, he have no problem using 2700 points on them. Also, Lin Xii’s aiming to slowly change them into his helpers, even partners. It is true that they are weak now, but that could change in this world now.

Even the Titan’s Vial in his storage now could be used to make an ordinary human to possess a special bloodline.

Even if any 1 of the 3 girls becomes a trustable partner in the future, his investment now would be definitely worth it.

Lin Xii took out his Oak shield that he doesn’t use anymore from the storage.

And he started redeeming items.

Gauntlets of Strength: 300 points.

This is an equipment from the game Dota 2, it not only increases one’s strength, but their body’s constitution as well! This is something a newbie needs the most, having strength but not physique would hurt them even if they could punch strongly.


Slipper of Agility: 300 points, not only does it increases one’s speed, but also their agility.

The 2 equipment doesn’t boost much, about half a human’s worth. But combining the both of them on the girls would give them about the same strength and speed of an athletic grown man.

Redeeming 3 sets of each, adding up to a total of 1800 points. Purchasing 3 leather armor that cost 100 points each, Lin Xii is left with 600 points. After hesitating a little, he got a Mulberry wooden bow: 200 points, 30 arrows: 100 points, and a Kris sword: 300 points.

Placing the items on the table, the eyes of the 3 girls lit up as Lin Xii explained the usage of the items. The girls took a shoe, a glove, and an armor each.

Yes, one shoe and one glove, not a pair.

It doesn’t come in a pair, and he doesn’t have enough points to buy a pair for each of them.

“Go ahead, you girls change up.”

The 3 girls went into another room and changed up, “I became stronger!” they exclaimed loudly.

“I know right, I think I am more than twice as strong now!”

“I feel so light after wearing the shoe, so weird!”

The girls originally thought that when Lin Xii agreed for them to followed him, providing them food was already good enough for them; they absolutely did not imagined that Lin Xii would be willing to give these precious equipment for them, each of the girl was filled with gratefulness and joy.

“But, they really looked ugly huh.”  The one saying this was Fi Fi.

“If you don’t like it, you can always give it to me, I don’t mind.” Rui said as she smiled.

“Cheh, you wish.”

The 3 of them came out after a while. Lin Xii couldn’t help but smile at the 3 of them.

The leather armor was the cheapest protective equipment available, of course it would not be fashionable. Dusty and grey, it looked no better than a beggar’s clothes. 3 pretty girls wearing such clothes really brought a huge contrast to his eyes.

Not to mention then each of them was wearing one brown glove, and one red shoe.

The girls couldn’t help but blushed too, these ugly fashionable looks was a first even for Rui whose family financial circumstances wasn’t exactly good, not to mention Fi Fi whose family was rich before the apocalypse. But there’s definitely no way in hell they were going to take the equipment off.

Looking at the girls with joyful looks on their face, a surge of warm feeling filled Lin Xii’s heart.

It looks like having a few extra people isn’t bad comparing to when he was alone……

Judgement picture

Kris sword picture

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  1. Things are looking good for him. He’ll probably get a lot of point fast with this mercenary that was practicaly made for him. Plus he’ll soon get some new power from the bloodline too! There is also those 3 new helper that could help him quite a bit…tho not sure about the crafty one… i feel like she’ll die fast or do stupid things and get him into some sort of trouble. She smell like trouble! lol

    i’ve found a typo: ” He lifted up his right and and stretched his forefinger and touched the Tyrant’s finger” it miss the “h” for hand.
    i also think there is an error in the point count in that next sentence it should be 2700 instead of 27000.
    “After redeeming Tyrant and Judgement, Lin Xii’s left with 27000 points.”

    As always thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work! 😀

    • thank you very much, sometimes even after proofreading small mistakes slips through, really appreciate your time to correct it. 😀

      • My pleasure! I really appreciate this novel and the work done on the translation. You are doing a good job! 🙂

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