FF: Chapter 17: 3 Girls

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3 Girls

The name of the girl with a pear-shaped face is Fi Fi, 15 years old; the oval-shaped face girl is Rui, 16 years old; and the loli with big bust is Sui (full name Sui Xin), 14 years old and the youngest among the three girls.

2 days ago, after Lin Xii slaughtered the bunch of thugs and brought Ms Jiang to the Golden Leisure Club, the 6 teenage girls had a discussion amongst themselves; they decided not to go back to the school and instead followed him.

Being an evolutionary, killing 20 plus thugs with just a slash, about the same age as them and looking pretty handsome; these girls definitely had some thoughts about him in their mind.

But as they reached their destination, witnessing the building shaking——Lin Xii presumed that was when he punched the shit out of Su Mei——the girls surmised that there must be a terrifying battle going on inside, and three of the girls left out of fear.

Rui, Fi Fi and Sui decided to stay back, they found a place and stay hidden, waiting for the commotion to end only then they went into the club.

Just in time to save a fainted young man.

Lin Xii was very grateful towards the 3 of them. There were some a few chocolate bars that fell from his storage when he opened it earlier, and the girls took those chocolates and fed it all to him. It all thanks to the chocolates that replenished his energy and nutrients, if it wasn’t for that he wouldn’t even last the first day.

Looking at the scraps of bread that the girls were eating, he opened his storage and took out a large amount of chocolate, caramel sweets, marshmallow, a few cartons of milk and yogurt.

The girls swallowed their saliva and gave off a hungry look as they saw the food.

“Eat up, don’t hold back.”

Not only them, he had to stock up on nutrients and energy too.

Sui let out a cry of joy and hugged a few bar of chocolate and a carton of yogurt, the carton burst open a little as she was overly excited, scattering a few drops of white liquid on the table. Sui immediately lowered her head and stretched out her pink tongue to licked it up as if she was a cat.

Rui and Fi Fi didn’t had the time to laugh at her as they were also busy tearing up packaging of the sweets and chocolate, these were definitely much more tastier than those bread scraps.

There’s even milk and yogurt for them to drink.

Drinking gulp after gulp of milk through a straw, Fi Fi never thought the day she would felt that milk would be so sweet and tasty would come, when she hated milk with a passion before the apocalypse. Before this, her family was well off and she was the pearl of her family, only drinking exquisite fruit drinks.

Looking as Lin Xii, she found his face and skin to be something even she would be envious of.


Thinking about this, Fi Fi silently cursed herself. It’s already the apocalypse, what good her family previous financial circumstances would do? No matter how well off she was before, she’s still a normal girl in this apocalypse.

“I have to seize this opportunity him! He’s strong and only relying on him would allow me to survive in this apocalypse……”

As Fi Fi was drinking the milk, she suddenly remembered something. “Right, Rui and Sui wouldn’t tell him that I said he wouldn’t survive 2 days ago, and we should just eat the chocolates right? En, they probably won’t. Rui isn’t the sort of person that tells on people and Sui is pretty naive, big breast and no brains.”

“But I have to be cautious of this kid. She’s like a damn alluring fairy, better at tempting males than me. I have to be careful about her making a head start.”

After eating and replenishing his energy, Lin Xii was feeling much better.

The 3 girls also had enough. Even though it wasn’t real food, the chocolates, sweets and milk was a feast compared to the scraps of bread that they ate that’s also being provided at the school.

“So, I want to ask do you girls have any plans?”

Lin Xii sat opposite of the girls and asked. “Do you all want to go back to the school?”

The three of them shook their heads.

“All right……do you want to find your families? If it’s within Pearl City I can send you to them, and also help you all to find food supplies.”

The first to answer was Fi Fi.

The pear-shaped face girl with big eyes answer sadly, “My parents lives in JinLing City and couldn’t be contacted. I lived with my grandmother over here, but as the apocalypse came……the caretaker called and told me she passed away……”

“Please, don’t leave me! I don’t have anyone else to rely on, I don’t want to be captured by thugs again!”

Lin Xii nodded, “Rui and Sui, what about you two?”

“I went back home once, our district was turned into a rubble and I have nowhere else to go. That’s why I went back to school.” Sui’s voice trembled as she spoke, tears started forming in her eyes.

Rui, being the eldest amongst the 3, also older than Lin Xii by 7 months answered with a bitter tone, “I was originally from a single parent family……when the apocalypse came, I was sick at home. A titan suddenly appeared and mom lured the titan away, I managed to survived.”

“My condolences.”

Lin Xii sighed. The 3 girls were pitiful people, but the only thing that’s not lacking in this apocalypse is pitiful people.

If he wasn’t in good terms with the 3 of them, he could just leave them. But when he was in a coma for 2 days, it is these 3 teenage girls that kept him alive.

A life-saving grace.

Even he did saved them first in the beginning, he just could not just chased them away after what they had done.

It’s a fact that now in this world, 3 beautiful girls with no one to rely on wouldn’t survive for long. Even if they would, their ending would be a tragedy; whether its becoming a toy to someone or a group of someone.

“The Progenitor Virus, ‘Burst’, and ‘How Blood’……I, am someone strong now, it looks like it’s time to picked up some responsibilities.”

With Lin Xii’s capabilities, he would have no problem supporting the 3 girls even if they were to be a burden.

But he doesn’t want them to be burdens.

“Rui, Fi Fi, Sui. Since the 3 of you decided to followed me, the answer is yes.”

Their faces showed happiness to Lin Xii’s words.

“But, just placing hope on someone else isn’t going to work. For example, if I’m out hunting monster and a band of thugs were to rush in here, what do you do? I can’t keep you all safe all the time.”

“Only becoming strong yourselves is the solution for that.”

Fi Fi lips pouted, and spoke out timidly, “But we are just weak girls, how to we become strong if we are not an evolutionary?”

“I will think of a way, but you girls have to discard that fragile girl mentality and prepare yourselves.”

After talking to the girls for a little while, Lin Xii started thinking about his life from now on. The few years before the apocalypse and half a month into the apocalypse he was always alone, and he’s used to it. Now suddenly adding in 3 girls to his life would make it drastically different from before.

Also, for the duration of a week to 10 days his DNA would need time to stabilize to generate a new ability after ingesting the ghoul’s blood.

For this period of time, his strength, speed and basic combat abilities would be affected, not to mention that ‘Burst’ and ‘Hot Blood’ are also dormant.

Danger is everywhere in the apocalypse.

The titans are a part of it, Su Mei too is one. That guy with the ghoul bloodline plus having a evil, twisted personality was really strong. What if they would to encounter each other during this period of time? Danger couldn’t be avoided just by hiding around.

But to be honest, Lin Xii reckon the chances of Su Mei coming to find him isn’t much. He wouldn’t know that Lin Xii would be in a weak state for a period of time and that beating Lin Xii gave was enough to make Su Mei fear him.

Even if there weren’t any danger around, killing titans 7 to 10 days would give him above 10000 worth of points!

Hiding and doing nothing would be such a huge waste.

“I think, I do have to get a mercenary.”

Lin Xii have a total of 15600 points right now. This was the points he had saved up from killing monster before encountering Su Mei. Before this he wanted to save up above 20000 or even 40000 only then hiring a mercenary of his choice; or using all of it and enhancing his attributes in a shot.

Now it seems he has to use it off no matter what.

The fight with Su Mei was both a loss and a gain. Losing his Dark Sword and gaining a new battle skill, ‘How Blood’ and also swallowing that ghoul’s blood.

What he gained was 10 times, no, 100 times more than the Dark Sword that cost a measly 3000 points.

As Lin Xii was searching through the <Base of evolution> webpage, the three girls, Fi Fi, Rui and Sui was observing him beside him. The looks coming from them were different.

Fi Fi was judging, eyes flashing, seemingly plotting something.

Rui was curious, she was curious towards the boy that’s younger than her and managed to be that strong; wondering whether all evolutionary was this powerful.

Sui who’s the youngest stole looks at Lin Xii with her watery eyes, her cheek blushed pink, thinking who knows what.

Lin Xii took notice of these look, but he didn’t mind it. It’s just that there’s a thought that he couldn’t shake off——finding that his underwear was changed when he woke up and wondering which one of them changed it.

Alas, he didn’t gathered up the courage to asked.

It would be really awkward.

“En? This mercenary,” He saw something.

Misaka Imouto, mass production unit.

From the anime Toaru Majutsu no Index, a clone of Misaka Mikoto.

Ability: Radio Noise (Flawed Electric Master)

Talent: Military Training

Looking at the screen of his phone and reading the data. Lin Xii shook his head after hesitating.

He still have 2 Titan’s Vial in his storage space, and selling them off would give him 4000 extra points, that would be enough to redeem Misaka Imouto. But what he needs now is someone that is able to help him kill titans for the following week.

Misaka Imouto ability isn’t enough to do that, and for the price of her it isn’t worth it.

A mercenary could not be revive if they would to die, what Lin Xii wants is a tank, something that would tank while he attacks.

“I don’t have to limit myself to mercenaries, summoned creatures works too.”

After scrummaging for awhile, he exited the mercenary page and went to other categories. Lin Xii eyes lit up as he saw something in the special category.

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  1. Is this guy not realising that he spent all his points on his stats right now he’ll be even stronger than what he was before? So these 10 definitely won’t be “wasted”. And let’s not even talk about when he’ll recover…..is this guy dumb?? the lesson he got with the ghoul that personal strenght is important is enough for him???

  2. Thanks for the chapter! i wonder if he can infect others with his Progenitor virus? it’d be iffy that it would be a perfect infection like his though

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