FF : Chapter 16 : Fervor, Mei Sanguis

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Fervor, Mei Sanguis

“I wasn’t out for a long time……there should be a reason for your quick recovery right, even your kagunes are back.” Lin Xii’s face was calm, cold like an ice.

“Of course.”

Since his victory was already set in place, Su Mei regained his elegance, “I do have to thank the lady that came with you, my wounds were too serious. In order to trigger the regenerative energy in my cells I had to regain my nutrients, eating large amount of meat.”

“The young girl’s flesh was almost finished, luckily there was still the lady left.”

“A lady in her 30s, even though her flesh wasn’t as tasty as the young girl, but it does the work. Oh right, the lady was the mother of the young girl right? When I found her, she died hugging the girl on the couch……such a deep love she had for her daughter, huhu.”

Lin Xii’s irises changed, it shrunk into a line and expanded to an oval shape.

Red light shone from within.

“Do you know.”

Red light started flashing from the iris, it wasn’t like the bright light when he was in ‘Burst’, but it flashed as if it was burning like a fire.

Lin Xii stared at Su Mei’s evil, feminine face. He said word by word “This time, you.really.pissed.me.off.”

Su Mei felt something was slightly off.

The oddity he felt didn’t came from Lin Xii’s burning eyes, instead it came from his kagunes.

The kagunes that were as strong as steel started shaking violently, producing creaking noises. It was as if it wasn’t wrapping around a human’s arms and legs, but a violent and unwilling bounded dragon!

“Snap, snap, snap, snap.”

All four of the kagunes broke down in a second!

Not only the eyes of Lin Xii that escaped from being bounded were red, even his skin was red. Especially the parts where the veins were, it shone red like a tattoo, steam started rising from his skin pores.

HIs biological cell’s energy, was being converted into flowing heat energy in his body.

His second battle skill:

‘Hot Blood’!

When a normal person gets angered, his body would heat up. His blood would flow faster, adrenaline pumping and strength slightly increased. It’s stimulating the potential that one had in their body.

Lin Xii’s Progenitor Virus Bloodline potential is huge.

He had been on death’s door once, and awoken a skill that concentrates his mind; and with focus and control, he could convert the energy in his cells into kinetic energy. Whereas now due to anger he awoken a skill that uses that anger and convert his cell’s energy into heat energy.

Blood pumped furiously, his heart started thumping loudly. Blood akin to boiling water coursed his entire body, and with a ‘swoosh’ sound something burst inside his body, filling him with destructive force.

A force that something as strong as a kagune wasn’t able to hold down!


Lin Xii deeply inhaled and exhaled——this breath was deep and long, and when he exhaled the breath was like a hot gust in the desert, wanting to sweep everything up and destroy it.

He curled up his fist, his bones cracking with a crisp and loud sound.

Even though Su Mei doesn’t understands what’s happening but his instincts telling him he’s in great danger, facing Lin Xii whose body’s totally red and steam curling around it. Alas, before he could start running a fist slammed into his chest.


Su Mei flew like a cannonball and blasted through a wall, collapsing it into rubble.

“Did I just gotten hit by a train?”

After a meal of human flesh and healing back to normal, ghouls normally are impenetrable and highly resistant to blunt force. But it seems that Lin Xii’s punch was well over the limit that a ghoul could take, as Su Mei’s ears were ringing with blood pouring out of it and his eyes rolled back.

“This punch, is for Ms Jiang.”

Lin Xii strided forward towards Su Mei that was in the rubble about 20 meters away, and gave him another punch to his horror filled face.

“And this, is for Ting Ting!”

Su Mei’s face immediately looked like it went through a dyeing factory. Blood, snot, and tears came out all at once, splattering everywhere.

“Next up is for the rest of the people that you ate!”

Punch after punch strikes Su Mei that was curled up on the ground. The force of the punch conducted through him into the ground, cracking and denting the tile floor, the building groaned and trembled.

“Stop……stop hitting……uu…..uuu……”

Finally Su Mei’s mentality broke down, tears streamed down his eyes non stop; washing two clear lines through the face that was filled with blood and dust.

“Bam, Bam, Bam……”

The heavy fist punched consecutively for 8 times and only then Lin Xii’s red skin finally faded away. At this moment, he could not control his fatigue body and dropped onto the floor with a thump.

You must understand that he was already at his limit; using ‘Burst’ 3 times had already exhausted most of his energy.

‘Hot Blood’ was totally fueled by his anger, stimulating his potential and squeezing all of the energy in his cells dry in order to punch out those terrifying punches. This act of overusing his energy was not meant to last long.

Lin Xii laid on the ground, feeling extremely tired and weak, the water from the pool almost drowning him; even lifting up a finger was hard.

Su Mei also laid down besides him, his whole body limped. Most probably the bones in his entire body was all broken.

However thanks to the strong vitality of a ghoul, he was still alive.

Seeing Su Mei tears streaming down as he uses both of his arms to crawl away with difficulty, wanting to get away from here; Lin Xii bit down his jaw and showed a firm look, “No, if I let you escape, there would be countless people in the future that will suffer.”

He raised his hand with effort and grabbed onto Su Mei’s leg, pulling towards him.

Su Mei started struggling with both of his arms flaying about, crying softly and saying “Let me go”. A trailed of blood forming as he was dragged back.

Lin Xii doesn’t have any more strength to kill him. He suddenly opened his mouth and bit towards Su Mei’s throat that was wounded from one of the punch. ”Let me see how are you gonna regen if I drank all your blood!”

“Let, let me……go……”

“Glup, glup”. Loud sounds of Lin Xii swallowing Su Mei’s blood rang out, making Su Mei’s heart going cold with fear.


As his blood was quickly drained away, Su Mei’s limbs that were struggling slowed down, his dull eyes looking at Lin Xii’s ferocious and terrifying face.

Time passes by, and Su Mei’s mental state recovered slightly. “I am alive?”. He looked to his side and saw Lin Xii rolling on the ground, trembling and sounding out painful moans.

“What’s going on?”

Su Mei immediately saw it was a chance to escape——the thought of killing Lin Xii did not even came into his mind, the punches he took earlier and the bite to the throat, drinking his blood already made him feared Lin Xii, imprinting it deep into his soul.

Struggling, he used his arms and dragged his body away, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Actually, he yet again missed another chance of killing Lin Xii.

Lin Xii’s body felt like it was on fire, everything was a mess in his body and it’s because of Su Mei’s blood! As you know the Progenitor Virus could engulf the blood of others and evolve.

Ghoul’s blood was one of the them that could be engulfed.

After drinking large amount of ghoul’s blood, activating the talent of evolve bought excruciating pain to his body. It’s due to his genes changing and evolving.

Normally it would have been fine, but the Lin Xii now was galaxies away from his peak condition. His physical and mental condition exhausted, and even overextending his cell’s energy.

Without enough energies to support the evolving of genes, there’s a risk of genetic collapse.

The result of a genetic collapse is death.

“Need, to eat to, regain……energy……”

Lin Xii’s consciousness was in chaos, he somehow managed to open his phone storage and took out a chocolate bar. He did not even had the energy or time to unwrap the chocolate, and just stuffed it into his mouth, barely chewing it and swallowed; and as he spitted out the wrapper, he fainted.

The next 2 days he was fainted for most of the time, he would woke up occasionally, but to him the outside world was all fuzzy and unclear.

He vaguely felt someone taking care of him, wiping down his sweat due to the pain, mouth to mouth feeding him chocolates and water that comes with a sticky fluid.

He was on the tightrope of life and death for 2 days and with the support of food, he finally woke up.

He barely survived the ordeal, the Progenitor Virus engulfed the ghoul’s genes and changed his DNA, probably giving him new abilities. But due to the DNA chain was still slightly unstable it needed a bit of time to stabilize, generating a new ability.

Lin Xii estimate that it would take about a week to 10 days, the him now is extremely weak.

Looking around him he find himself in a bedroom. After the apocalypse, there were plenty of empty houses, finding a place to stay was easy. Below him was a bed, his clothes all gone leaving him only in his underwear——a changed one; a soft blanket covering him.

The Jedi’s robes, from his underwears to the hoodie was placed on a table beside the bed, washed cleanly and folded neatly.

Putting on the set of clothes, Lin Xii pushed the door open and walked out.

Looking at the scene outside the door, he slightly paused.

3 teenage girls, eating. The food they were eating were scraps from making bread.

“You woke up?”

The 3 girls stood up, their face showed surprised happiness.

“You are……the ones that I rescued?”

Without the need of an answer, he already knew. The evolution of the Progenitor Virus enhance everything, even his memory. He flashed back to what happened a few days ago——they were the 3 out of 6 girls that he rescued from the band of thugs.

After rescuing them, he took Ms Jiang to the Golden Club, leaving them to go back to the school themselves. It seems that the 3 of them went to the club and saved him.

Out of the 3 of them, one of them has a sharp pear-shaped face, big eyes and milky white skin. She definitely had the potential to be an internet model that attracts otaku. The other one wasn’t as pretty, with an oval-shaped face a nice looking curved eyebrow, she’s like the type to be the prettiest girl in your class.

These 2 girls left an impression on him during the rescue.

The third girl seem like a stranger to him at first glance, but Lin Xii recognized her after a second look, she was the only one who smeared soot on her face out of the six——due to her body that left quite an impression on Lin Xii, he remembered her.

Looking at the girl, Lin Xii was surprised.

A young looking white face that looks bouncy, a little baby fat still on it. Her eyebrows curved, with round and big eyes matching with a cute small nose and thin lips; she looked like an innocent, cute, and young girl.

But this very girl has a body that would made grown woman jealous, ashamed of themselves.

A 14 years old girl with a 10 years old face equipped with a 18 years old body.

Lin Xii now understood why she had smeared soot on her face. Without looking at her face she was just a girl with a nice body; but matching her face and her body it was giving off a deadly temptation to whoever that looked at her.

Realizing she was being stared at, the young girl shrunk her shoulders in, looking as if she was slightly afraid; giving off a shy and restless feel from her.

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