Chapter 87 – Benefactor/Patron

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The next day, when I was taking a walk in the morning I realized that the entrance to the dungeon was noisy.

Was there something else going on! I thought, though  the air was brighter than expected.

There were dozens of villagers forming a circle, and in the middle there was a guy who was dressed appropriately.

I have seen that man’s face before, it was the father of one from yesterday when I’ve rescued them, Aaron.

While being surrounded by the villagers, Aaron was showing something on the palm of his hands.


[It’s Satou-san, you came at just the right time.] (Aaron)


Aaron saw me and came and talk to me. At the same time the villagers who were surrounding Aaron all turned around and looked at me.

I was curious about what was happening, thus I approached Aaron.


[Thanks for rescuing us yesterday, Satou-san.] (Aaron)

[Is your son okay.] (Ryouta)

[It was all thanks to you. Oh by the way Satou-san, look at this.] (Aaron)


Aaron held out his hand, as I looked at what was on his palm, there were several gold pieces on the palm of his hands.

It was the gold pieces that drops in the dungeon, and the amount was slightly smaller than a BB bullet.


[What’s wrong with this.] (Ryouta)

[It came from the dungeon!] (Aaron)

[Did you defeat a monster and it dropped it?] (Ryouta)

[That’s right! Hey Satou-san, how much do you think we can sell this for?] (Aaron)

[Gold huh, I wonder…..] (Ryouta)


Since the currency of Piro is almost the same value as Yen in my previous world, I thought of it based off of my previous world’s rate for gold.


[For a pure gold of about 1 cubic centimeter, which is around 20 grams, and 1 gram is roughly around 4000 Yen…..And since we’re using Piro, so it’s roughly around 20k?] (Ryouta)


[[[ Oooh. ]]]


Although it was just a rough calculation, but the villagers who heard it raised their voices all at once.


[That’s awesome, with just this it’s already 20k?] (Aaron)

[Gold is awesome.]

[I wanna go in the dungeon too. Hey Aaron-san, how strong is the monster?]

[And how long did it take for you to collect that much?]


The villagers than gathered around Aaron again and bombarded him with questions.

If you looked closely at the villagers, they were all men. As you know how valuable gold is, everyone’s colour of their eyes changed at once.


[Those monsters inside are quite formidable plus they are quite smart. I think the only ones capable of defeating them are me…..Cain and probably Carlo.] (Aaron)

[How much time did you spent on collecting them?]

[I’ve been doing it since last night, staying up all night just to collect them.] (Aaron)


Aaron answered them, and the excitement dropped a little.

In addition to being a dangerous place where only few humans venture in, but the result of farming overnight is as good as saying [It’s not that easy].


[I don’t know how strong they are, but I can defeat them in a short amount of time.] (Ryouta)

[Is that true Satou-san!] (Aaron)


Aaron was clinging to me.


[If you walk around the dungeon for a long period of time, the efficiency would increase.So how would you go around defeating monsters in the most efficient way, or how to get around the dungeon in the fastest amount of time. So if the first is 20k then I’m sure I can top that in a huge margin.] (Ryouta)


[[[ Ooohh~~~]]]


The villagers exclaimed with voice of admiration.

This reminded of the time when I was participating in the Harvest Festival stadium.


[Plus the more you dive the stronger you get. And if you listen to the tips and tricks of others before diving in, the efficiency would rise a little, even Aaron said so.] (Ryouta)

[Now that you mention…..Those little devil’s movement were quite slippery and they love to dodge around. If someone can predict that movement then I think Jed could probably defeat them too.] (aaron)

[Me too!]


From within the villagers that were surrounding Aaron, there was a very young man whose eyes were brightly lit.


[What’s more, it’s better if you were to form a party. Even though you’ll be splitted up after going in, but if you were to go in all at once then you might end up at the same place. So if you team up with your friends then wouldn’t your efficiency increase?] (Ryouta)

[Aah! More things could be accomplished if there were more than one person, thus everyone here has a possibility.] (Aaron)


Aaron nodded, and the villager was further excited.


[Does that mean we can do it too.]

[What’s more a dungeon has appeared in this village, so this would be era now.]

[If I had enough money I will go and marry Lea.]


The villagers were beginning to become more excited as they voice out their demands—-And the last person, said something dangerous and immediately left.

Thus I was advising the villagers one after another.

From the know-how of diving the dungeon to the amount of money earned, I told them everything I knew.


[And this is the most important out of all, is please don’t push yourself when diving into the dungeon. You should only defeat the monsters and get their drops because that is your goal, so never ever push yourself if you know it’s already your limit.] (Ryouta)


After putting on a serious face, the villagers became silent, and had the same expression as me.

Perhaps the adventurers in this world said the same thing as what I said.


[It’s better to remember this—–[I can still do it]. The moment you think of that turn back immediately. No one would come and save you if you pushed yourself and collapsed during battle.] (Ryouta)



Aaron moaned.

That person… was the first time seeing him this unhappy.


[There is a saying where, [If I can come back alive, I can do it again.] ] (Ryouta)

It was a saying that had no relation with dungeon exploring but it does in my world.

I thought that everything that was dropped by the dungeon should be circulating in this world.






After separating with Aaron and the villagers, I went around the village.

As you leave the dungeon, the village was so quiet as far as the eyes could see.

I thought that it wasn’t bad to relax myself in such a place, was what I thought when suddenly the air around me felt noisy.

There were a number of adventurer-style men standing in front of the head villager’s house that was introduced to me yesterday.

The villagers were staring at the adventurers with eyes of hostility.


[Ryouta!] (Alice)

[Oh it’s Alice. What seems to be the problem?] (Ryouta)


Alice who was amongst the villagers called out to me to come over.


[A man from Samechiren came.] (Alice) (TLN: ??????)

[Samechiren?] (Ryouta)

[It’s the patron of this village.] (Alice)

[Patron?] (Ryouta)


As I wondered what that meant while scratching my neck.


[Uhmm, there are villages with no dungeons am I right? It’s the same as here. So these villages are aided by big cities.] (Alice)

[Aiding as in….Aah!] (Ryouta)


I was reminded of the case back in Selen.

Right in the middle of Shikuro and Hetero, a dungeon was born out of nowhere. Thus the two cities were fighting who gets the ownership of the dungeon.

Though that and this is slightly different, being located right in the middle of the village, if the dungeon was born within the vicinity of the village then naturally it belongs to that village.

In other words, these patrons came here in order to secure the dungeon first to invest.


[Yeah, that’s right. And the moment the city of Samechiren heard that a new dungeon was born, an important person from the city came down.] (Alice)

[Is that so.] (Ryouta)


Well it’s an obvious thing to do.

But if that’s the case then why is the atmosphere so strange.

The adventurers must have been here to escort Mr Samechiren, but why were the villagers staring them with hostility.

Exactly what is going on right now?


[Please get out right this instant!] (Head villager)


An angry voice came out from the head villager’s house.

It was clearly not going well inside.

The adventurers furrowed their eyebrows, and the faces of the other villagers had a face as if they knew what happened, and some even did a fist bump.

And suddenly the door of the head villager’s house was violently opened, and a good looking middle-aged man came out.


[Thanks for waiting, we are—–]

[I’ve certainly received your assistant, but your side did not even respond for help, plus there were no talk about a rescue mission coming to save us whatsoever!]

[[ Th~at’s right! !!!]]]


The villagers were in sync with the anger of the head villager.


[I’m sure it is natural for them to be angry, because you can see Samechiren from over here.] (Alice)

[Is that so?] (Ryouta)


I was surprised to see Alice speaking up.


[Yeap, though it was blocked by trees, but sometimes you can see it from a certain perspective.] (Alice)

[Then it is much closer than Shikuro.] (Ryouta)

[And we even asked for help from them.] (Alice)


Alice said as she was disgusted by them.

Even though their relationship was close, but the Samechiren did not even offer to help, in return they had to rely on Shikuro which was much farther away for help.

Thus I can see why the villagers were furious when they only turn up right now.


[I want you to think this calmly, realistically it is impossible to operate and maintain a dungeon by yourself.]



The head villager groaned.

Well that’s to be given.

Similar to Aaron and the rest they did not know what to do when a dungeon pop out of nowhere, so it’s natural that the head villager would not know how to handle either.


Thus the head villager was troubled….Though.


The wandering gaze suddenly looked at me and returned to their usual energy.


[Don’t worry about it!]


[Indole has a benefactor to return to!]


The head villager declared while looking over to me.

Both the middle-aged man, the adventurers, and the villagers looked at me, taking notice of me.

Eventually the villagers raised their voice and cheered.

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