FF : Chapter 15 : Trap

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Lin Xii hoisted himself up from the shards of broken vase, a layer of red mist covering his body. This was the side effect from continuously using ‘Burst’ in high powered mode, blood seeping out from his pores due to his body breaking down.

On the other side, Su Mei panted deeply, his breath ragged.

The Kagune on the back of his waist was hacked into pieces of meat, his body tattered. Ever since he obtained the ghoul bloodline, hr never thought he would ever be in this shape——there were different types of ghoul bloodline that were strong and weak respectively, and his was the same as the main protagonist in the anime, it should be one of the strongest!

“How, how could there be such a terrifying skill! You……you are stronger than me, who are you! What ability did you got!”

Su Mei’s face was pale white, plastered with horror. But his trembling hands soon stop, he calmed himself down and stared at Lin Xii intensely, deeply imprinting his face in his memory.

“But strong doesn’t means the final victory is yours!”

As he said these, the kakuhou on the behind of his wait sprayed out RC cells yet again, forming a thin layer of membrane, covering his body——especially his stomach, protecting the hideous looking wound on it; he then turned around and ran.

To be honest, the state of Lin Xii now wasn’t good either.

Within a short amount of time he used ‘Burst’ 3 times today, and this time was different from the previous two. Previously, he only swung his sword once and the rest is micro adjusting his body and allowing the slash to passed by everyone’s throat.

Whereas this time Lin Xii slashed a total of 10 times, and in order to specially increase the damage after every slash he would flashed several meters away and burst forward again to increase the momentum of his slash.

The burden it had on his body was disastrous, and the energy spent made him felt lethargic.

Buf of course the scale of winning tipped towards him.

Lin Xii held onto his sword and chased after Su Mei. Following the direction of where he ran, he went through a hole in the wall and reached a spacious place with a large swimming pool. It was larger than the hall he was in earlier.

Without wasting any time, he caught up to Su Mei who was heavily wounded as he couldn’t ran far due to the large amount of wounds on his legs; and Lin Xii stabbed him in the back,

The position he stabbed was the place where the kakuhou was, where it formed the membrane covering Su Mei’s wounds after his kagune was hacked away. Lin Xii stabbed into it without a moment of hesitation, cutting away a large portion of the membrane.

As he was about to pierced in deeper, Su Mei abruptly threw himself onto the ground, and with a roll he stood up and waved his hand. A large swarm of bee forming a black cloud covering Lin Xii, buzzing loudly.


Lin Xii was slightly surprised, his opponent ability was obviously the ghoul’s bloodline, how did he used magic? But after a moment of thinking he immediately understood——magic skills unable for redeem in the <Base of evolution>, but there were some items that came with magic skills.

For example, a one time used magic scroll, or grimoire that’s able to be repeatedly used. Even rings, necklaces, bracelets have their own inherent magic skills.

These sort of items were common.

However the price of it is definitely higher than the desert eagle.

The swarm of bees surrounded Lin Xii, diving into him kamikaze style. It was unable to inflict any damage to Lin Xii but it was annoying him. First, the bees blocked his vision, and second, no matter using his fist or sword it was hard to exterminate the swarm of bees.

To deal with this stuff, fire’s the best way to do it.

Lin Xii inhaled deeply, expanding his lung capacity and blew outwards, dispersing part of the bees; the void formed showed Su Mei stumbling and running off, but it was immediately closed off by the bees.

Just a small swarm of bees, unexpectedly so troublesome.

Lightly furrowing his brows, Lin Xii took off the hoodie of his robes and swung it in the air, catching a large amount of bees in it; he then smashed it hardly onto the tile floor, with a shake a large amount of fluid burst out of the dead bees.

After repeating it for a few times, the bees were almost all gone and he slapped the remaining few with his palms. Lin Xii saw Su Mei had already distance himself from him quite a bit, and as he chased after him he took out the meat hook in his storage space.

He was already pretty adept in the hook after using it so many times, and as the chains elongated the tip of the hook sunk accurately into Su Mei’s waist.

It sunk into the same place where he slashed earlier, the weak spot that the RC cells sprays out from. The huge hook broke skin and hooked the insides of the kakuhou. Su Mei let out an earth shattering scream, slumped onto the ground, eyes rolled back with his limbs twitching uncontrollably.

Lin Xii grabbed onto the chain and yanked it backwards, bringing along the resistanceless Su Mei. Blood and small pieces of meat dripping onto the floor form the opening of the wounds caused by the meat hook.

“It’s over.”

Su Mei laid down on the floor on his last breath, his once smooth white skin filled with cracks and hideous looking wounds; looking as if he was tortured especially  with the huge hook on his back.

A pool of blood quickly appeared on the ground from the open wound.

Lin Xii panted unevenly, his wounds weren’t that serious but his body and mind was weak and tired——this opponent was without a doubt the strongest he faced since the apocalypse, if it wasn’t because of the ‘Burst’ skill, today’s victory would had been a different story.

If he hadn’t possess the skill ‘Burst’, just the attack from the 4 kagune combined into a drill would had been enough to kill him!

Stowing away the meat hook into his storage space, Lin Xii lifted up his sword and was about to stabbed into the organs and ending his opponent’s life.

“At least I avenged the young girl and Ms Jiang, you may rest in peace now.”

The Dark Sword stabbed downwards.

It did not felt like he was stabbing into flesh, instead it was resisting and gave off a ‘thunk’ sound.

Lin Xii’s eyes narrowed, the Dark Sword did not stabbed into Su Mei and  instead it sunk into the ground, missing him! At the same time, a fist grew larger and larger in his vision and punching him in the face.

Pain coursed through his nerves, the punch wasn’t weak. Lin Xii could not understand why he had seem like he was dying when he had this amount of strength left. Why not escape if he had the strength to do it, why act as if even walking was hard?

“Even though this punch isn’t weak, what good would it do?”

“My body can still handle it.”

His body fell towards the right due to the force of the punch, his mind intrigued——and he saw, he saw Su Mei’s face that was covered in blood, smiled.

A cruel smile.

Lin Xii understood instantly why Su Mei made such an expression as he fell into the swimming pool due to the punch.

The water of the swimming pool was crystal clear, but as Lin Xii splashed into the water, the water droplets that splashed up have green light sparking through it,

It was electricity!

Su Mei kneeled onto the ground with his hands holding himself up, vomiting blood on the side of the pool. He was even more weaker after punching in his heavily wounded state. His eyes showed the feelings of triumph and victory.

“I told you——being strong doesn’t means you would get the final victory!”

Wiping away the blood on his mouth, Su Mei said while panting “Activating the magic that allows the interference of the swarm of bees to block your vision, I did not escape, instead I cut the cables of the water pumps and threw them into the pool while acting as if I was stumbling.”

“Praise the government for not cutting the electricity after half a month into the apocalypse.”

Green electricity coiled around Lin Xii, crackling about. The voltage of the electricity wasn’t enough to harm him too much, if he could activate ‘Burst’ he’s abled to rushed out of the water easily.

However the him now is spent, whether it’s on physical, mental or biological energy.

“I can’t believe that the tables were turned……” This was the last thing Lin Xii thought of before he lost consciousness.

But to Lin Xii’s surprise, he was still able to woke up; he did not died.

All of his 4 limbs were bound……Lin Xii shook his head to clear his minds, and noticed what bound his limbs were not ropes, but tentacles——or more specifically, kagune.

Su Mei was directly in front of him, face as white as a sheet of paper. His face was devoid from any colour except of the lips and eyes that were still red.

4 kagunes sprouted from his back and each of them wrapped around one of his limbs.

Su Mei covered his mouth with his hand and coughed, seeing blood covering his palm. He suddenly smiled, smiled like a cunning fox, like a bloodthirsty wolf.

“Why didn’t you kill me?”

Lin Xii doesn’t have any family or friends, he was attachment free; this was why even he would not easily die he wasn’t scared of dying.

What is the joy of life when you know the pain of death?

Su Mei did not answered his question, he instead spoke softly and slowly.

“Ever since I obtained the ghoul bloodline, I never thought that one day I would be forced into this kind of desperate situation. I was almost in despair, the trap that I made as I stumbled around, I had zero confidence in it.”

“I thought to myself, what if the trap fails? What do I do? The me then was filled with the fear of death.”

The red with black eyes did not reflected any anger, it was calmed “You, are someone I would remember always, someone who was only defeated with the help of a petty trap. It would be tragic and pitiful if you died unconsciously, this is why I did not kill you when you were unconscious.”

He lifted up his hand and caressed Lin Xii’s cheek caringly, reaching out his tongue and licked lightly on Lin Xii’s collarbone. “I will eat you, one bite at a time, treating you as the best meal ever, and swallow you inside.”

“That way, I will forever remember you, deep inside my heart.”

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  1. THAT’S WHY UPGRADING YOUR STATS FIRST is the right decision. In a sense you are investing : stats up –> more kill –> more points –> more ease killing –> even more points –> defeating ennemies VERY easily –> MORE points –> stats up –> sh*t ton of points –> recruiting –> more points etc….



  2. Lol…. wtf while ghoul have skin that are hard to damage, it is only because not enough force is applied. Even in anime the S class ghoul was severely injured either by a lethal explosion or being crushed by heavy objects…
    And mc can finish him of by stabing instead of slashing, or just stun him abit with superior speed and rain bullets into his eyes…
    This is not just a plot hole but a fail plot development.
    Really cringy and disappointing

  3. Never thought he was gonna lose the fight than win by such a cliche error a stupid vilain would do^^

    Now the question is how long till Su Mei die… at the start of the next chapter or will he last longer? 😛

    As usual, thanks for the chapter and the hard work! Keep it up kkinji!

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