FF : Chapter 14 – Ghoul

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Looking at her daughter’s corpse, tears streamed down Ms Jiang’s face; lips trembling. She suddenly took out a fruit knife from her trousers, it’s a wonder how did she hid the knife from the thugs.

Gripping onto the fruit knife, the teacher madly rushed towards the man.

Lin Xii concentration was focused on the man——the pressure coming from the opponent was huge, he wanted to hold back Ms Jiang when he saw her moving, but it was too late.

The man flung the knife that he was using to slice the meat with lightning speed, accurately embedding it in the chest of the female teacher.

Having one’s heart pierced through usually spells death for a normal human.

Lin Xii’s finger twitched, his heart brimming with murderous thoughts.



The man let out a charming smile, “Using that name and not the term monster makes me happy. How can those corpse-eating low class monster compared with the elegant, civilized ghoul species? En, let me introduce myself.”

“My name is Su Mei, I obtained the ghoul bloodline in the Room of fate, how about you?” (TLN: ‘苏,Su’ is a normal surname, and the letter ‘魅,Mei’ means attractive)

Lin Xii did not answered his question, he coldly said, “Where’s the difference between a monster and a ghoul? Since you are a ghoul, fuck off and just eat corpses, why would you eat living human beings!”

“If I ask you why would humans slaughter pigs, fishes, chicken or cow and eat them, what would you answer?” Su Mei voiced out softly, with an attractive hoarse tone to it. “Humans, are food to me, do you have pity towards your food?”

“Corpse……everyone knows only meat taste fresh after killing it, eating corpse will smelly my mouth.”

Su Mei used his fork and picked up a cut of meat. “I did not even bit on the girl when she was alive, instead I cut the meat off her and eat it using eating utensils. It’s really civilized of me, at least even more so compared to when I was a human being.”

“There are some who loves eating live seafood, isn’t it because they want to experience a living being struggling between their teeth?”

Putting the cut of meat into his mouth, Su Mei’s face flushed pink in satisfaction. “As expected of a young girl’s meat, only the meat of pure and innocent girls that is untainted by society’s pollution could be this refreshing and sweet.”

Lin Xii laughed coldly.

Ghoul, a species from the anime “Tokyo Ghoul”. This species is the same as human appearances wise, but their main source of food is human’s flesh. Su Mei’s words are correct in a sense.

But for a former human turned ghoul to do this sort of behavior, and the words he spouted definitely angered him.

In fact, Lin Xii himself isn’t a pure human anymore, after the perfect fusion of the Progenitor Virus he should be considered as a mutant. But the change of his bloodline did not change his ‘human heart’.

For humans to be humans and not beast are due of their morals, their bottom line.

This man’s inner self was long twisted beyond recognition.

The murderous intent filled up Lin Xii right now dwarfs anything he had before, even the time where he was almost killed by the peony lady or with the thugs in the karaoke shop.

“You must die!”

Lin Xii lifted up the Dark Sword, leaped up and slashed downwards.

The Dark Sword drew a long black and white arc with the jumped slash.

The arc splitted everything in half, whether it was the round table, the tablecloth, or the utensils; but it did not touched Su Mei’s body. He kicked the round table with his feet and blocked the slash, simultaneously jumped back.

At the same time, the back of his elegant clothes that he was originally wearing tore open; and something protruded out from his back.

It’s an expanding ball of red flesh!

The ball of red flesh quickly changed its shape while squirming about. Finally forming into 4 red tentacles-looking shape and expanding out in 4 direction, each about 2 meters long.

The name of the tentacles, is Kagune.

Kagune, the predatory organ of a ghoul.

The RC cells in a ghoul’s blood——a special type of red blood cells that is found in ghoul many times more in a human is normally stored in a special organ in the ghoul’s body, a kakuhou. During battles, the RC cells are released from the kakuhou piercing the skin, and the released RC cells forms the Kagune.

Su Mei’s Kagune are unexpectedly the exact same as Kaneki’s Kagune from the anime!

Lin Xii swung his left hand and brushed the broken tables, plates and debris aside. He continued to use the Dark Sword and slashed forward; this time, Su Mei did not dodge it but instead just raising up a hand to block the slash.

The gust produced by the slash tore his sleeves into shreds. The edge of the Dark Sword cut onto his white, smooth wrist and the feeling it gave off was akin to trying to cut apart hardened alloy steel.

The sword that cuts apart titans as if they were veggies only left a light pink scratch on the skin that looks like porcelain.

“You broke skin? This weapon isn’t bad.”

Su Mei shook his wrist and deflected the sword away, he scrunched his fist into a ball and punched towards Lin Xii’s face. “You have to know that I am a ghoul! In the anime, other than the exception of special made bullets and weapon ghouls are impenetrable! So much so that even suiciding is impossible!”

Lift, Slash!

Activating the skill ‘Stomp’ that came with the Dark Sword, Lin Xii hardened up the toughness of his face and withstand the punch. As his head was blown back, he took the chance and use the blunt force of the sword to slashed Su Mei into the air.

But, before he could make a followed up slash, the 4 kagunes came rushing down onto his face, bashing him hard; even the air surrounding it exploded, making a loud screeching sound!

The very next second Lin Xii flew like a rock, his back slammed against a wall 10 meters away. The force of the slame dented the wall, cracks propagating the surrounding of the dent, reaching up to the ceiling.

Yes, Lin Xii got the lower hand in this bout of trading blows, even suffering a heavy beating.

It’s because he has only 2 hand and just a sword. The opponent, other than his 2 hands, has 4 more things that are better than hands; they are strong as steel, flexible as a vine, and are able to adjust its length anytime with the aid of the RC cells : Kagune!

Collapsing part of the wall, Lin Xii swallowed down the blood in his mouth and took out his desert eagle.

“Didn’t I just said? Normal bullets are useless against me.”

Looking at his shirt that’s being repeatedly burst open due to the oncoming bullets, Su Mei simply tore of his shirt and threw it aside, showing his white toned upper body showering with sparks as bullets hit against it.

He tensed his right leg and while he was in this position, the 4 Kagunes on his back was positioned onto the floor, propelling him forward.

With the aid of the explosive force of the Kagune, Su Mei rushed towards Lin Xii and gathered all his strength in his body and punched into Lin Xii’s stomach with his right hand.

The heavy blow was like a piledriver, red blood sprayed out from Lin Xii’s mouth. His legs lifted in the air, and as he was about to fall back down, the 4 Kagune wrapped around him and swung him onto the ground like a harmer.


The red tile floor of filled with web-like cracks, gravel flying about from the smash.

Lin Xii laid inside the hole, his mouth filled with sweet and salty blood.

Earlier, he used ‘Burst’ twice during the fight in the Karaoke and Boss Tiger——if he had knew he would be fighting an opponent of this level he would have definitely not used ‘Burst’ against normal humans

Using ‘Burst’ burdens on his body and energy very heavily.

But facing against Su Mei with a ghoul bloodline, impenetrable against both sword and bullets; Lin Xii understood that he needed to use ‘Burst’ for the third time today. Other than this skill, nothing else was doing any damage to Su Mei.

Red light started shining from his eyes.


Lin Xii’s body floated like a weightless speck of dust, leaving the hole.

Just after that, the hole was met with a terrifying blast from above, creating huge gust of wind pressure.

Su Mei used his 4 Kagune and twisted them into a large drill, drilling into the hole! The destruction resulting from it would be sufficient to classified this blow as a ‘skill’! Cracks surrounded the entrance of the hole, bits of gravel bursting out, clouds of dust filled the area.

The clouds of dust blocked the visions of both of them, everything was a blur.

At this moment, a shadowy figure rushed in it, like a ray of light breaking dawn; at first it was a small ray of light, moments later the light was everywhere, filling up the entire hall!

It is true that Su Mei‘s impenetrable to weapons, but to Lin Xii it’s just a matter of perspective, nothing is impossible and everything has its limits.

For example the word ‘movement’——in this world everything is moving, there is nothing that is absolutely still——but when the temperature drops to absolute zero, everything will freeze in the universe, even time stops.

Or for example the monster that normally appears in movies and games: The Red Dragon, Red Dragon are impervious to fire, but if the fire reaches the temperature of the core of a sun?

Even a ancient black dragon, much less a red dragon will perished in those flames. (TLN: I guess black dragons are much stronger than red dragon?)

The Dark Sword was able to broke Su Mei’s skin shows that it is sharp enough. For it to leave just a scratch means his strength was not enough; the penetration strength of the bullet was enough but it could not break his skin, this means that the metal bullet was not hard enough.

But what if, you could combine the both of them?

Using the speed of a bullet and slash with the Dark Sword?

It will be an instant kill!

Lin Xii’s body became a shadow, and a large amount of shadow wrapped around Su Mei. It seems like there were many of him attacking at the same time.

Su Mei’s smooth belly suddenly burst open, spraying out a gushed of blood. The horrid looking gash was about 5cm deep, completely slashed into the skin, hitting the organs.

As blood gushes out, many other big and small wounds appeared on his naked upper body, blood oozing non stop from the wounds; one of the wounds on his chest was especially deep, showing the bleached white bones of his ribs and a heart surrounded by pumping veins.

Facing these ruthless attacks that were everywhere, Su Mei felt terrified for the first time. He could not follow Lin Xii’s movement with his naked eye, the only thing he felt was the pain from the wounds that’s opening, travelling through his nerves.

The 4 Kagunes retracted, wrapping around his chest, throat and other weak spots, weathering the oncoming attacks.

The duration that he was under attack was not long, only 10-20 seconds. But to Su Mei it felt like an eternity!

The surrounding shadows formed into one, exposing Lin Xii holding the Dark Sword. He stumbled and crashed into a nearby vase, breaking it loudly.

On the other hand, Su Mei’s kagunes showed small cracks on it at first and then it broke into bits and pieces of red meat. His body filled with horrible wounds, drenching him entirely in blood.

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