Chapter 86 – Opening to a Financial Connection

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At night, in Alice’s house

We were brought to the place that she grew up, her house.

It was similar to the rest of the villagers house, where there wasn’t much complication in building the house.


Together with Eve, we were being asked to stay at Alice’s house.


[I’m sorry that I had to do all of that because I wanted to help them as soon as possible.] (Ryouta)

[…..This shakes a lot.] (Eve)

[I’m really sorry.] (Ryouta)

[Low level is unfaithful.] (Eve)

[I beg you to please forgive me.] (Ryouta)

[Low level is not qualified to live.] (Eve)

[Are you going that far!? What’s more isn’t that a really old saying?] (Ryouta)

[Oh my my, I guess I lost my qualifications to live too.] (Alice)


Rarely do I see Eve being so rebellious.

It was unusual for her to enrich such facial expressions other than talking about carrots.

I guess she was in a bad mood because she was still inside, and as she was inside the dungeon got deformed a lot of times.


Alice and I kept apologizing this entire time.


[……Carrots a hundred.] (Eve)

[Once we go back I will immediately prepare all S Rank carrots for you.] (Ryouta)

[Then I’ll forgive you.] (Eve)


I somehow managed to calm Eve down.


[But I was glad that everyone was saved thanks to Ryouta. Ranah mentioned that if Ryouta wasn’t here than it would’ve been awful.] (Alice)

[Is that the most injured girl?] (Ryouta)


The villagers that we saved inside the dungeons, some had minor injuries but some had sustained heavy injuries too.

Most of the time I could heal them with my Recovery Bullet, but there was this woman who was about to die, and it was at the level where the limbs were just messed up.

Even the Recovery Bullet couldn’t cure her, but after using all of my Bullet Enhancer plus the Recovery Bullet, I barely managed to heal her.


[It was amazing that Ryouta could even cure an injury like that.] (Alice)


It’s not that I was the amazing one here, but the Bullet Enhancer that should take all the credit.

If I could heal such a big injury, I might as well be considered a Saint that can cure any injuries as long as they are not dead.

Her wounds were really bad that only a max loaded Bullet Enhancer with a Recovery Bullet could barely recover her.


Thus, inside Alice’s house, we talked about how we saved the villagers and what not, while having some small talk here and there.

Even though we were not even away for even a day, I’ve already missed Emily’s bright and warm home.

The warm and feel good of Emily’s home, I really want to return home soon, as I felt that I was a little homesick.


[Oh yeah? Ryouta, what did you get from the drop?] (Alice)

[Drop?……Now that you mention, I don’t see no drop at all.] (Ryouta)

[I guess so, Though I’ve only noticed it but there really wasn’t anything. Even at the entrance of the dungeon we knocked down a lot but nothing dropped.] (Alice)


I nodded.

When changing the layout of the dungeon by using Boney-chan and Jumpy-san, the villagers that were transferred to the entrance occasionally had little devils around them.

Thus I shot them out of the dungeon to get Boney-chan and Jumpy-san out of there, but I have not seen a drop dropped even once.


[I wonder the drop doesn’t count if you’re outside of the dungeon.] (Alice)

[There should be no such cases, earlier when I was getting my Freezing Bullets I’ve tried that, or when I was helping Aaron I was literally inside the dungeon.] (Ryouta)

[Is it a dungeon that does not drop anything?] (Alice)

[Something like Nihonium? Though even that dungeon drops something for me.] (Ryouta)


Since I have Drop S that no one else has.

As I had done so so far, even if other people said something like [It will never drop] but for me it would have dropped something.

Something as far fetched as not dropping anything when I defeat it is impossible.


[Did Eve managed to defeat any monsters when she was inside?] (Ryouta)

[No drop.] (Eve)

[What do you mean——] (Ryouta)



When I was about to think while stroking my chin, I heard the scream of a woman from outside.


I went out of the door promptly and rushed out, and ran to the direction where the scream came from.


It was at the entrance of the dungeon, where a woman was attacked by a monster under the moonlight.

The monster was that little devil.

That wretched face was scaring the woman, and if you looked closely the woman seemed to already had sustained some injuries.


[This bugger!] (Ryouta)


I fired normal bullets to make the monster get away from the woman, and fired two more to make a Penetrating bullet to where the monster will be running away too.


Don Pisya, just as he went to that direction he was hit by my Penetrating Bullet.

As one would expect this monster had a high level of intelligence, it’s movement pattern of avoiding was different compared to other monsters.


It was as if I was fighting another adventurer rather than a monster—which was harder to predict.


The monster who was shot crashed into the ground and stopped moving.

I left it there and ran over to the woman, squatted down and checked on her condition.


[Are you alright?] (Ryouta)

[It hurts….my arm hurts….]

[All right, wait a mo.] (Ryouta)


I then used the Recovery Bullet and shot at the injured area with 1 Bullet Enhancer.

The magic circle expanded, and an array of light enveloped her.

Her wound was than cured after the light settled.


[Eh? The wound…..]

[You alright?] (Ryouta)

[What did you do……Thank you.]


I nodded and got back up.

Seems that my judgement was perfect.

As the more Bullet Enhancer you put the more effective the bullets get, but you would not be able to put more bullets inside, making it’s versatility inevitable.


Thus recently I was researching on how much strengthening level per Bullet Enhancer.


[Ryouta!] (Alice)

[It’s all right now.] (Ryouta)

[Thank god….Aah….] (Alice)

[What’s wrong?] (Ryouta)

[That.] (Alice)


Alice who came closer to me covered my ear and whispered to me.

The ground that was suppose to be the monster that I defeated, there was a bullet there.


[I’ll leave her to you.] (Ryouta)

[Okie~] (Alice)


After confirming that Alice was treating the woman, I picked up the bullet that was on the ground.

It was a bullet that I had never seen before being dropped by this monster, maybe because it became a rogue monster.


I unloaded the Bullet Enhancer and loaded this in and shot it toward the ground.

A Magic Circle expanded on the ground that I shot, and electricity ran on the ground.

<Electric Bullet>, is it some sort of lightning bomb?


That……is good in itself.

This was the dropped from the rogue little devil, where it will only become a rogue monster if you leave it’s dropped outside of the dungeon where no one was around.


Certainly this place is secluded, the buildings and what not were swallowed which planted a sort of trauma onto the villagers, which made the entrance of the dungeon way more secluded.


It is indeed the best place to spawn rogue monster, but where was it’s drop?


[What’s the matter?] (Eve)

[Oh it’s Eve, well there was a rogue little devil that appeared, which means there must be it’s dropped item around here, and I’m anxious to find out what it is.] (Ryouta)

[Rabbit has defeated a bunch of them, but have not seen a single drop at all.] (Eve)

[That’s true, even I did not see a single drop either.] (Ryouta)


Thinking about this while stroking my chin, I went inside the dungeon to confirm this once again.

Just as I was thinking about it, something was reflected by the moonlight, and you can see something shining from on top of Eve’s bust where she was wearing her bunny suits.


[There it is!] (Ryouta)


I caught hold of Eve and stared at it.

It was only when under the moonlight, where at one point you can see it reflecting.


[This is….it might be—–] (Ryouta)


Dosun! I was suddenly struck on my head.

I held my head and looked above.


Eve was looking at me while frowning her eyebrows.


[Wh, what is it?] (Ryouta)

[You oppai molester.] (Eve)

[Huh? Oh shit sorry! It was an instinct.] (Ryouta)

[There’s no way you’ll touch it for free.] (Eve)

[Should I pay you then!?!] (Ryouta)

[1 touch = 200 carrots.] (Eve)

[I can’t tell whether it’s expensive or cheap!] (Ryouta)


It was Eve being Eve.

Aside from that, I pointed at her chest.


[It’s shining right?] (Ryouta)

[Gleaming….? Is this perhaps?] (Eve)

[Yeah, it’s <Gold>.] (Ryouta)


Eve scooped it up by putting her finger into her chest—valley.

It reflected, it was a golden sized grain.




Inside the dungeon.

The little devil monster that saw me made a wicked face and tried to escape.


While I was chasing after it, there was a pitfall right beneath me where if someone were to fall, they will be met with sharp blades pointed upwards.

I shot a Frozen Bullet on the pitfall, and kicked the ice to jump out of the pit.


I then shot the little devil with a Homing Bullet where it skillfully tracked down the monster.


I then open the pouch that I’d equipped in advance.

It was difficult to see when inside the dungeon, but there was a gold grain there as expected.


The drop of this dungeon was gold dust.

I guess at that time I overlooked it as I was in a hurry, but now I could confirm it without a doubt.


A dungeon that was born out of nowhere turns out to be dropping gold.

Thus the news spread around the village like wildfire, and it was even transmitted to several neighboring cities.


And night came—–

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