FF : Chapter 13 : The human who eats human

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The human who eats human

The apocalypse, where there is no more law in place, no more moral bindings, no more hiding one’s true self; all kinds of people will show up.

Lin Xii could not help the ones that he could not see, but he would not turn a blind eye to the ones in front of him——clearing the scum of the society doesn’t take much anyways, this would at least give the others some hopes and lessen the sufferings in the world.

These thug gangs will definitely live longer than your average citizen, and how many more suffering would they bring to others by just existing?

Jumping down from the couch and pulling up his hoodie to cover his face, Lin Xii walked towards the band of thugs.

The one that’s leading the gang, a tattooed bald head with a gash on it pulled up a girl. The girl cried and fought back, but with a heavy slap to the face she kneeled on the ground, crying softly.

Knife baldie was already panting and ready to pounce, but he was hold back by an underling of his. He instantly raged, with the veins on his face bulging out.

As he was about to beat the shit of his underling, he saw Lin Xii that appeared 10 meters away from him.

Lin Xii was still not known around this area. But the Jedi’s robes and the Dark Sword gave away that he’s a evolutionary.

Just knowing from the clips that was broadcasted from the TV, it is easy to deduce that evolutionary are a bunch of supernatural human, similar to those superheroes in shows.

Knife baldie’s lust was instantly gone, and the other thugs that was starting to tear off the clothes of the other females also stopped.

Surrounded by the guys was 6 pretty highschool teens and also a 30-ish year old teacher that was mature and beautiful. They looked at Lin Xii with a glimmer of hope.

Lin Xii gestured with his eyes and an underling beside him spoke up “Hey friend, what’s up?”

Seeing Lin Xii not answering, the thug continued talking. “We are the recently established Machete’s gang. We deal in underground business, our big brother is a murderer on life sentence that recently got out.”

The thug was vaguely threatening Lin Xii. It means, don’t think just because you are an evolutionary we can’t fuck you up.

“Friend, if you have any interest in any of these girls you can simply pick one. Let’s be on good terms with each other eh? You never know when we might need to help each other out. If you don’t like what we are doing, we could let them go just to please an evolutionary.”

As the thug spoke, his tone suddenly changed eerily “But if you want to fight, we ain’t pussy’s either! All 25 of us came a long way, an evolutionary or even a whole platoon of army that’s not armed isn’t a match for us.”

“So what do ya want? Say something eh?”

Lin Xii replied calmly, “I don’t really have anything to say. It’s just that, I want to kill all of you.”

The leader of the thugs face darkened, his eyes shot out a murderous look. The people who’s familiar with him knows he’s intended on killing now.

“Motherfucker! I wanted to give you face, but what do you know? You don’t want it! So what if you are an evolutionary, you still have a head and two arms. Kid, you think you are a superhero just by wearing black clothes and having a sword?”

These thugs were used to doing all sorts of shit since the apocalypse came. After listening to Knife baldie’s words their courage also went up, someone laughed out loud “A prepubescent hero, hahaha!”

Lin Xii lifted up his hand, unsheathing his sword from his back and holding it in his hand.

Knife baldie’s eyes narrowed, his mouth widen, showing a twisted smile. He took out a weapon from his waist——it’s a .54 caliber handgun!

“An evolutionary huh. Today, even if your evolutionary grandfather is here he’s still gonna keel in front of me. Fuck, you evolutionaries think you can dodge a bullet?”


A bullet shot out of the chamber, the sound of it made the girls screamed in fright.


Knife baldie’s smile froze.

The thug besides him swallowed thickly and said uneasily “Big bro, he……he seem to have dodged the bullet!”

Suddenly an immense pressure weight on the thugs shoulder. They just witnessed an opponent dodging a bullet;leaving behind an afterimage as if he teleported. Even the main character from the Matrix didn’t did it so easily.

“One slash.”

Lin Xii spoke up. “Just one slash is enough to kill all of you trash.”


Someone from the gang shouted and the whole gang turned around, wanting to run away. It was at this moment, Lin Xii moved.

Under the hoodie two bright red lights shone. It was the colour of Lin Xii’s eyes under concentration. The energy in his cells converted into kinetic energy, his body rushed forward leaving behind afterimages.

The first second : Rushing forward and lifting up his sword. Following his movement the sword dragged out a long black line across the 10 meters space.

The second second : Slash, the trajectory of the black line changed. It changed into several curves, each curve passing through a thug’s throat.

The third second : Returned and lowered his sword.

The top of the sword pointed towards the ground, a drop of blood trailing across the edge and finally turned into a red droplet, falling onto the ground.

The whole scene played out smoothly as if it was flowing water. Lin Xii lifted up his sword and placed it on his back. Here, all of the 25 thugs that was in a running position throat suddenly sprayed out a gushed of blood.


Knife baldie’s throat made a sound akin to a punctured wind box. He looked at Lin Xii with a shocked expression, lips parted as if he wanted to say something.

Alas, with his sliced throat and voice box broken he couldn’t speak. After spasming a little, the leader of 25 thugs died unwillingly, unable to enjoy much of the apocalypse.

The 6 high school girls and 1 teacher stared at the scene with a dazed look. They just saw Lin Xii’s body flashed, and blood gushed out from the thug’s throat, dropping down on the floor limply. The whole process happened so fast and no one saw what happened clearly.

But, all of them remembered clearly one image——which is the teen with a black sword; with just a swing, the throats of all of them was sliced in an instance!

Lin Xii looked at the girls. For them to get capture by the thugs, whether it is the 6 high school girls or the teacher were really pretty. There’s even one who purposely smeared black soot on her face as to not stand out.

Sadly she matured too early, with a curvy body and a young looking face it was enough to attract any men’s attention. This was why she was captured here by the thugs.

“The thugs are dead, you are the students and teacher from the nearby high school right? The school’s pretty near, do you want me to send you back, or preferring to head back by yourselves?”

The ones most miserable and pitiful in this apocalypse are the females, even more so if they have a pretty face. Looking at them, Lin Xii felt pity for them. If it wasn’t of him resting here, who knows how they might suffered by the hands of those thugs.

The 30 year old teacher suddenly rushed towards him and kneeled on the floor. “I beg you, please, please save my daughter. She’s only nine, please save her……”

The woman’s emotional state is a mess. She was just babbling at this point, it was only when Lin Xii asked the girl besides her that he knew what happened.

This group of girls originally lived in a dorm at the school. After the apocalypse fell, the females in the school gathered up together and ‘Miss Jiang’ was one of the teacher that was responsible for them.

But just recently, this group of thugs rushed in to the school and attacked the dorm. They choose 6 of the prettier ones among them and Ms Jiang who’s pretty and still in her early 30s was captured too along her 9 year old daughter, Ting Ting.

After killing, pillaging, kidnapping, and destroying the place; these thugs left the school and encountered another group of thugs on the road. The leaders of both group discussed and the other group took away a girl: the smallest girl, Ting Ting.

“I saw them coming out from the Golden Leisure Club, they most likely went back after taking Ting Ting.”

It’s pretty obvious to everyone what would happen to a girl that falled into the hands of a group of thugs. Thinking of the 9 year old girl, Lin Xii eyes was filled with murderous intent.

The Golden Leisure Club isn’t far away from the Karaoke shop. They were in the same entertainment district, Lin Xii immediately picked up Ms Jiang with one hand and ran quickly. He reached his destination within 5 minutes——it was a grand and spacious club, and was not destroyed by the descent of the titans.

Barging into the club’s hall, there was two thugs that were on guard that wanted to stop them. Two bullets ended their life.

The desert eagle rang loudly throughout the hall. A group of armed men rushed in as soon as they heard it.

“It’s him, he’s the one who took my daughter!”

Ms Jiang pointed to a man, he was short with a honest looking face. But this honest looking man was the ‘Boss Tiger’ the thugs earlier talked about. Someone even a murderer was wary about.

Looking and judging at Lin Xii, dressed in black and obviously an evolutionary, these people surprisingly did not showed signs of fear or panic.

Boss tiger looked to the bodies on the floor, he eyes filled with malice.

“You killed my men? Very good!”

“Where’s the girl?” Lin Xii asked.

Boss tiger took out a cigarette, and someone beside him immediately lit it up for him. He took a deep swig, puffed it out and spitting phlegm on the floor. “Kid, do you know what place is this?”

Facing this kind of attitude, Lin Xii was finally out of patience.



Following up is bodies and bodies that fell onto the floor lifelessly.

Lin Xii was merciless towards these thugs, he only left Boss Tiger alive.

“Where is she?”

The attitude shown by him just now was because he has someone backing him up——now, the man, no, the demon is currently eating inside the hall. After he seen what the man was capable of, he was immediately an devout follower to him.

This was why Tiger wasn’t scared of Lin Xii, he believed in him, he would exterminate anyone in his way. But, Boss Tiger miscalculated and did not expect Lin Xii ro be this ruthless, killing so many with just a swing!

“The girl is with him, no matter how strong you are you will never be a match for him, he will kill you……” seeing the gun pointing towards his head, Boss Tiger let out a maddening cry “HE, will revenge me!”


The bullet of the desert eagle took away the sinful life of the thug. But Lin Xii was wary, who’s the him that the thug mentioned? It definitely couldn’t be a government official, maybe……an evolutionary?

Walking deeper into the club, pushing the door in to a VIP dining hall, his pupils shrank to a pinpoint in an instant.

It was a 300 square meters big dining hall, in the middle of it was a round table. A young man sitting in front of the table, enjoying his meal.

The man’s face could be described as ‘beautiful’. His skin shines with a soft luster, with well defined muscles and a tall nose; the most attractive part of the face are the eyes, the whites are the eyes were black in colour, the irises shining bright red in colour.

The man was not bothered by Lin Xii and Ms Jiang barging in, he continued lifting up his knife and fork, cutting the slice of meat on his plate and gracefully lift it into his red, luscious lips.

Seeing the scene before her, Ms Jiang let out a heart wrenching cry, filled with despair and sadness.

Even Lin Xii did not expect what he’s seeing. He was expecting at most a scene of indecent actions being act upon the young girl.

In actual fact, the meat on the plate in front of the man isn’t pork, chicken or beef. It’s a soft and tender meat that was sliced from the young girl’s body.

There’s a couch at the corner of the dining hall, on it lies a young girl. The young girl’s face looked innocent and pure, her age definitely younger than 10. But, this beautiful and delicate flower withered before it had the chance to bloom.

The wide opened eyes of the young girl was desolate and dull. Her chest and thigh was filled with gaps that was sliced open.

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