Chapter 85 – Rescuing everyone

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[Thank you……Really thank you! How should I repay you for this kindness.] (Aaron)

[Thank you very much for saving us.] (Rick)


The father and son, Aaron and Rick respectively, who was saved by me was thanking me over and over again.


[What’s more, what happened to the other villagers that were sucked into this dungeon.] (Ryouta)

[I’m not sure either.] (Rick)


I wanted to extract some information concerning about this dungeon from Rick who had almost reached the entrance of the dungeon, but all I got was a shrugged and a frown on his eyebrows.


[You don’t know?] (Ryouta)

[At first, everyone was together when we were sucked into the dungeon, but the structure of the dungeon kept changing and we ended up getting separated. Even the houses disappeared] (Rick)

[What do you mean by the houses disappearing?] (Ryouta)

[Though there were several houses being swept into the dungeon, when it was the third time when the structure of the dungeon changed, the house beside me was already gone.] (Rick)

[Mei-chan’s home?] (Aaron)


Rick nodded to Aaron’s answer.


[I was wondering what to do, but the last I was sent flying away was when I could see a shining light ahead of me and also the voices of the villagers so I tried escaping from the house to leave the dungeon, but there was a monster and I did managed to escape from it though I sustained a huge injury, and using the last of my energy, I crawled towards the entrance.] (Rick)

[I see.] (Ryouta)


From what I can conclude, when the dungeon was first spotted, 10 or so houses were being swallowed into the dungeon.

Even though all of them landed at the same place, but from what I heard there were people going in to rescue them, which backfired and ended up separating the villagers into various places.


This might be way worse than what I’d envisioned.




Afterwards I escorted Aaron and Rick out of the dungeon.

Along the way we encountered three of those little devilish monsters, but I defeated them in an instant and we safely continued onwards.


Even though this was my first time in this dungeon, plus the layout changes each time someone comes in which makes one lost their path, but I managed to lead the two of them out of the dungeon.


[Aaron-san! Rick!] (Villager A)

[Are the two of you alright!?] (Villager B)

[I’m glad that you’re all alright.] (Villager C)


The villagers sprang forward, and made a circle around us as they celebrated their survival through their mouths.

On the other hand Alice and Eve came back to my direction.


[Good work Ryouta~] (Alice)

[There seems to be several more people trapped inside there so I’m gonna go inside once more.] (Ryouta)

[Hey listen to this, just now another person was saved.] (Alice)

[Did he escape by himself?] (Ryouta)

[Not really, when Ryouta went inside the dungeon and the layout changed, right at the entrance of the dungeon someone appeared.] (Alice)

[Oh wow, that means when the layout changed he just so happened to be flown at the entrance. What’s more even closer than when Rick was close to the dungeon.] (Ryouta)

[He was lucky.] (Eve)


Eve frankly spoke.

It’s true that his luck was good, I can only say that he was lucky that the needed rescuer was brought near to the entrance as soon as I went into the dungeon.


[Welp time to go in again, so how many are there left to be saved?] (Ryouta)

[Uhmm lemme see, since Rick is now here, another 13 people.] (Alice)

[That’s a lot…..I was hoping to go in once and save them all but…..I guess that’s impossible now.] (Ryouta)


Looking back on the situation of the villagers who we’ve been able to rescue so far, it’s best to say that they have been scattered around pretty thoroughly.


[Bunny will go too.] (Eve)

[That’s right, then I’ll count on you. The monsters aren’t that strong, so Eve would find it rather easy.] (Ryouta)

[K.] (Eve)

[How about me?] (Alice)

[For Alice it’s gonna be slightly tougher, so I suggest waiting outside.] (Ryouta)

[……Okay. I’ll do that.] (Alice)


Thus leaving Alice behind, Eve and I went inside the dungeon at the same time.




As I kicked the monsters I continued heading around the dungeon.

I was suppose to be the vanguard, while Eve was suppose to be the rearguard.

Even though I was just one step ahead of Eve when heading into the dungeon, but with just that Eve and I were separated when we went into the dungeon.


Whoever goes in will change the layout of the dungeon, it seriously is an annoying dungeon to deal with.


Anywho I hurried ahead while figuring out an efficient strategy to rescue all of the villagers.


Since the layout always changes, I thought that I had no choice but to make a marker, thus I tried to hit the dungeon’s wall with my right hand as I proceeded going right and right continuously.

Certainly with this method I will somehow reach something—–which wouldn’t overthrow me.




Suddenly, I heard a human voice from afar.

As soon as we heard that voice I ran towards it, turning around two corners, and saw a girl sitting on the ground while crying.

A little kid the age of an elementary school girl was holding onto her knees while crying.


[I’m hungry…..and it’s cold……] (Young girl)

[Hey you!] (Ryouta)

[——-! Who are you, uncle?] (Young girl)

[Unc——-] (Ryouta)


I was suddenly caught of guard. It was painful for me as my heart did not came prepared when I heard the word “Uncle”.

I then quickly switched my upsetting mind and ran towards the girl.


[Are you alright? Are there any injuries anywhere?] (Ryouta)

[Yeah, I’m fine.] (Young Girl)

[I see. What’s your name little girl?] (Ryouta)

[Meru.] (Meru)

[Oh Meru-chan. Okay Meru, let’s head out right now.] (Ryouta)

[But a scary devil—–is around here. If we move it will find us.] (Meru)

[It finds you when you move?] (Ryouta)

[Yes! It seems like it can’t see you if you stay really still.] (Meru)

[Is that so!?] (Ryouta)


I did not notice this at all.

No, I did not even bother noticing it.

Because if you encounter a monster in a dungeon, your reflexes was to immediately prepare for battle, even if you do not go for the preemptive strike.

I wouldn’t even have noticed that the monster would have such a Daruma-san like characteristics as my pattern was to always attack first.


[So we should stay still.] (Meru)

[Okay. Great job noticing that. Now, let’s head out now.] (Ryouta)

[But the devil……] (Meru)

[Don’t worry about that, now let’s hurry.] (Ryouta) (TLN: Cuz yo onii-chan’s gonna save you)


Helping the young girl stand up, we went ahead while protecting her.

Again I used my right hand to mark the walls, and along the way monsters came out to aim at the weaker target which was Meru, but all of them were killed instantly.


We finally reached the exit after walking for about 20 minutes.


When we went out, the same villagers who greeted Aaron and his son gathered around Meru.

A young woman ran towards Meru and hugged her. Apparently the young woman shedding tears while hugging Meru was her mother. The young mother that was repeatedly saying sorry was crying but was happy that her daughter was safe.


While looking at that scene, I called Alice over.


[How many more?] (Ryouta)

[12 more to go.] (Alice)

[So Eve hasn’t come out yet? Ugh…..this is gonna take too much time.] (Ryouta)

[It hurts when everyone is all separated.] (Alice)

[How I wish we could use the Humanity tactics. Since Clint said the dungeon always changes, I thought that it would be better to bring along a few elite adventurers, but since it becomes disjointed when diving into the dungeon, it’s better if fewer people goes in.] (Ryouta)

[Then should all the villagers go in at once?] (Alice)

[The monsters inside are quite strong.] (Ryouta)

[How strong are they?] (Alice)


From Alice’s shoulder, Boney-chan and Jumpy-san emerged.


[About 5 times as strong as Boney-chan and Jumpy-san.] (Ryouta)

[That is indeed strong….] (Alice)

[If you were to go in an accident could happen to you while you are trying to rescue the villagers that are already in a pinch, so I suggest if you don’t…..Oh, well if the villagers are all adventurers, then I suppose it might work.] (Ryouta)


A sight popped up in my head.

Just as Rick and the subsequent villagers have escaped, there was a possibility that the villagers that were trapped within would be blown near the entrance if someone enters.


[If there were a large number of adventurers that could protect themselves, then we could just let them in one by one and take advantage of the rapid changes of the dungeon.] (Ryouta)

[Then that would be quicker!] (Alice)

[Though contemplating on something which couldn’t be done is pointless. Guess I’ll head in again.] (Ryouta)

[I’ll wait for you Ryouta, but I think I should head in too. If Ryouta goes alone it would take too much time.] (Alice)

[But.] (Ryouta)

[It’s alright as Boney-chan and Jumpy-san is with me. So they can protect me too.] (Alice)

[…..If you say so. I should tell you something before we go in, apparently the monster would not be able to see you if you stand still.] (Ryouta)

[Oh okay, is Boney-chan and Jumpy-san ready?] (Alice)


The two little munchkins on Alice’s shoulders both rattled and jumped.

It was a charming movement, but today something was off.

However, after hearing Alice’s words, their bodies stopped moving, and the reason why they stopped was because——-.


[——–Eh?] (Ryouta)

[What’s wrong Ryouta?] (Alice)

[……..Alice, about Boney-chan and Jumpy-san, after they transformed and turned back to chibi’s, what would happen to them? What I meant was if they were defeated.] (Ryouta)

[What would happened?] (Alice)

[Like where would they go?] (Ryouta)

[They would just come back to me.] (Alice)


As Alice said that she made Boney-chan bigger.


Even though it got bigger, it’s deformed charm was still there.

It then walked ten steps away from us, then disappeared and went back to Alice’s shoulder.


[Haven’t I done it before? When using Boney-chan and Jumpy-san to fight?] (Alice)

[That’s right….Hey Alice.] (Ryouta)

[What it is?] (Alice)

[If we let Boney-chan and Jumpy-san enter….then won’t the dungeon change?] (Ryouta)

[Eeh…………….Aah!] (Alice)


Alice seemed to get what I was saying after a slight pause.


We then ran straight to the entrance of the dungeon.

The villagers that was gathered there was wondering why we started running so suddenly.


[Alice.] (Ryouta)

[Okay. Then Boney-chan, please do your thing~] (Alice)


Boney-chan then became a Skeleton again. Even when a monster popped right out of nowhere though the appearance looked deformed, the villagers weren’t afraid.


Boney-chan then entered the dungeon—-and disappeared.


[It’s the same!] (Ryouta)

[Yeah! Same as when Ryouta, Eve, and Rick went in.] (Alice)

[So can she return?] (Ryouta)

[Wait for a mo……return home Boney-chan!] (Alice)


Boney-chan then came back onto Alice’s shoulder.


[Go go, Jumpy-san.] (Alice)


This time the Slime entered the dungeon and disappeared, and the layout of the dungeon changed yet again.

And then he came back.


[We can do it! You just have to keep doing that then Alice!] (Ryouta)
[Un! Both of you please!] (Alice)


Alice sent her fellow monsters(troopers) one after the other into the dungeon.


The structure of the dungeon changed once every 10 seconds.

And when the 10th time.


[It’s Kurau’s house!] (Villager D)

[A monster attacked and it’s burning!] (Villager E)

[Help me!] (Kurau)


At the entrance, we could see a house was on fire. Not only that, but the little devil monsters were burning the house.

Looking at it, the villagers ran tall at once.


[Don’t go in! Haiz, I’ll head on first.] (Ryouta)


I took out a restraint bullet and aimed at the villagers who were running.

Then a bright light rope bind the villagers.


[What’s this!] (Villager F)

[I can’t get out!] (Villager G)


I left the hot blooded villagers there, and this time loaded the Homing Bullets.

It was difficult to aim from outside the dungeon as the entrance gets darker as you looked into it, thus I had no choice but to use this.


After twelve shots of Homing bullets, the bullets dive towards at an irregular trajectory and flew into the dungeon, hitting the little devils.


[Is anyone there?] (Ryouta)


I called from outside the dungeon, and there a middle-aged lady came out from the building which was in flames.

Her face was full of soot and made her cough, but she seemed to be able to walk on her own.


The woman, named Kurau, managed to leave the dungeon while leaning.


[In about 3 minutes we saved another person….let’s continue with this pace.] (Ryouta)

[Yup!] (Alice)


Alice then sent out her fellow monsters again to change the layout of the dungeon.

Even though the layout changes randomly and irregularly, but it was working.


Around 10 to 20 times there were villagers at the entrance, and I was in charge of defeating the monsters, and those villagers that were badly injured was being cured by my Recovery Bullet, and for those who could not walk anymore, I threw a rope inside the dungeon to pull them out.


The villagers who finally understood what we were doing finally calmed down and left us be.


After what took about an hour, we finally rescued the last person.

The villagers then surrounded Alice and I and raised their voice as they cheered and praised us.


By the way.


[I haaaaate low level.] (Eve)


There wasn’t any explanation whatsoever, as Eve who had undergone more than 100 times of layout changes in the dungeon went up to me and suddenly beat up my head with more power this time.

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