FF : Chapter 12 : Thugs

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Wounds healed and feeling refreshed, Lin Xii went titan hunting until nightfall, only then he returned home.

After watching the news that’s being reported on TV and finding nothing useful, he took a bath and went to bed. On the second day, as he was about to leave in the morning, he saw a crowd gathered around his house without him noticing.

All of them looked different, whether it’s in age or looks. The only similarity is that each and every single of them was wearing a look of flattery.

“As expected, my identity as an evolutionary got noticed by some observant people, couldn’t hid it for long anyways.”

Lin Xii felt a little helpless when he saw the amount of people in the crowd.

A woman——the lady which was part of the neighbourhood committee, walked towards him with a face full of smiles “Nice to meet you, young man, we are here to thank you for killing the monster and closing the district gate the other day.”

“It’s nothing much, I live here too after all.”

Someone amongst the crowd spoke up gratefully “Yeah, what a blessing that we live in the same area. As the proverb goes, A far-off relative is not as helpful as a near neighbour.”

Listening to his words, Lin Xii was slightly dumbfounded. He did not even spoke to the neighbours that lived across him once before the monsters descended, much less the rest of them.

“Umm, we came here today to thank you, and also to ask how do you become an evolutionary. As you know, there are countless monster out there, one more evolutionary is one more helping hand, am I right? We can actively help each other out and keep the district safe.”

As the woman finished speaking, the crowd went silent, so silent that you could hear a needle dropped.

Who doesn’t want to become an evolutionary?

“I can’t answer your question,” Lin Xii answered slowly, “As even I do not know how I became one.”

Hearing the answer gave by Lin Xii, some of them were disappointed, while some were in disbelief.

After being silent for a few seconds, mutterings among the crowd could be heard.

“So stingy, he must be afraid that someone else would take his spot when they become an evolutionary.”

“So selfish.”

There’s even someone who cursed softly “Fuck him.”

It was hard to distinguished who said those as the crowd was huge, but Lin Xii’s eyesight and hearing was many times the normal human. He saw the fat lady that he saved the other day was the one muttering the first sentence, while the second was a fashionably dressed pouting girl.

The one who cursed was a blonde haired teen with ear piercings and wearing a black leather jacket.

Lin Xii face instantly went emotionless. “When I became an evolutionary, the information I got was that the whole world only has 10000 evolutionary. Ratio wise, Pearl City would only have 30 evolutionary.”

“You people really think that I have a way to allow other people to become an evolutionary? Haha, maybe the gods could.”

“Also, I heard someone cursed me just now.”

He walked towards the blonde teen, the crowd automatically splitted for him.

Seeing Lin Xii stopped in front of him, the teen was slightly nervous. He then hid it and held his nose up high “Brother, you heard wrongly didn’t you? Also, do you have any proof that you heard me said that?”

“I don’t need proof as long I think it is true.”

“What? You want to kill me? Is there any law in place anymore?” The blonde teen backed away slightly.

“I won’t kill you, I will just punish you, a little.” Lin Xii lifted up his hand and stepped towards the teen.

“Twack.” The slap Lin Xii gave sounded……deep. The blonde teen was slapped into the air and dropped on the ground. As he crawled up, his right cheek was totally swollen, with 7 or 8 tooth falling down comically.

This was the result of Lin Xii holding back his strength.

“Motherfucker, I am gonna fucking kill you!”

The blonde teen originally was part of a gang. His face looked twisted, eyes bloodshot and temper blown apart. He took out a switch knife from his waist, but with a glimpse of a shadow the knife was in his opponent’s hand.

Lin Xii used his fingers and broke the blade into two with little effort, and threw it aside.

The snapping sound of the blade cleared the blonde teen’s head. Looking at the two halves of the blade, he recalled the scene where Lin Xii slaughtered the tita and his hot head instantly cooled down. His body broke out in a cold sweat, legs started trembling.

Lin Xii spoke out to the crowd after staring at him coldly “If there is a way to become an evolutionary, the army fighting against those monsters you see in the television would have already become one.”

“Other than that……most of the house outside this district is already empty, this isn’t a high-end district, and is certainly not a villa area; the conditions aren’t particularly good either. The only reason I am staying here is because of the 10 year old house i live in, and it really isn’t much of a constraint to me either.”

“I just want a safe place to rest after finish killing titans everyday. Away from the conflict and monster’s disturbance. If that cannot be achieved here, I will leave.”

“I cleansed the nearby surroundings from the monster and gave you all a safe space to live. So please do not bother me and place unrealistic expectation on me, because I am not your family member or a government official that needs to be responsible for you.”

“I have to go now, goodbye.”

Under the gaze of the silent crowd, he walked a few steps and turned around “Ah, right. The titan’s nearby this district is all dead. The way from here to the supermarket was also clear.”

“Of course there might still be some monster, but the numbers isn’t many. Food will definitely be scarce in the near future, this is the optimal time to go out and scavenge for food as it will be more and more chaotic out there from now on.”

“I am just reminding you as we live in the same district, it’s up to you whether to go or not.”

As he finished talking, Lin Xii walked off and disappeared from the crowd’s eyes.

It was at this moment when the crowd started discussing amongst themselves.

“Is what he said really true?”

“Only 30 in a city? Isn’t that too little?”

“He just cursed softly and gotten his teeth beaten out, what a cruel heart he has!”

“Cruel? It’s a lawless world now, with his ability even if he had killed him it’s fair game. He just gotten slapped, if it was me it would be worse.”

“Killing his whole family would only be considered cruel!”

“Sigh, there isn’t a dumb person anymore, even teens.”

“Only you people treated him as if he was dumb, the fact that he’s keeping here safe is already good enough, and you people still demand more? Whose family is the blonde kid from? Having the balls to curse out against an evolutionary, angered him and pulled us down.”

“He’s from Master Wong family, a undereducated thug.”

“I saw he was wearing the clothes from Star Wars, so cool man…..sigh, 30 people, looks like I don’t have a chance……”

“Are you guys going out? We only have a few kilos of rice left. Meat and vegetables are totally finished. The kids can’t just eat rice.”

“Of course we are going! Taking the chance now and go to the supermarket and see whether we can get any supplies. The more the merrier, so that we could prevent getting robbed even if we get those supplies.”

“I still have a little meat left in my fridge……I am not going, if by any chance a monster comes by we will definitely die.”


Leaving the small district, Lin Xii killed 9 titans in total today, as he went home during the night there wasn’t any more people bothering him——it looks like the threat he gave was working.

The following days were simple, going out, hunting, going home.

The small district did not get intruded by any monster. But the atmosphere of the small district was getting increasingly more tensed as the day passed by. People were not coming back after going out to search for food.

The surrounding area was almost cleared of any monster. These people were not killed by monster, but during the fight for food.

Society is getting more and more chaotic.

Slowly, there were people who came knocking on Lin Xii’s door. Among them were pretty girls and young woman from the small district.

This sort of occurrence died down only after his warning.

There were also people who begged Lin Xii to lead an expedition to get more food, to find the family members who never returned, or even outright asked for food……

He flat out refused these requests.

It isn’t because he’s uncompassionate, he would be willing to give some help within his capabilities. But the number of residents in the district was just far too many——even if he would be willing to give the food supplies in his storage space, how many could he feed?

The responsibility for this amount of people was one Lin Xii could not bare.

It was like this, half a month went by. Finally, he have 15000 <Biological Points> in total.

Fifteen thousand points!

It’s definitely enough to hire a good mercenary.

But after checking the list of mercenary he sighed softly. It was still not enough, spending all of his total points could only hire a mediocre mercenary, a mob-faced mercenary. He was not satisfied with this.

Those unique limited to ‘1’ mercenaries are just too expensive.

Most of them are above 100000, and the ones that caught his eye and is below 100000 are at least 40000.

“Since the equipment I have now is sufficient for hunting titans. Just going to safe up the points now.”

Other than killing normal titans these days, Lin Xii also killed another abnormal titan. But this abnormal titan quirk wasn’t super jump, it was just being able to run at a high speed. He did not even need to use his ‘Burst’, just tripping it down and killing it easily.

Now he has 2 titan’s vial in total.

“The areas nearby this district is cleared of titans. This few days I barely killed any titans, it looks like I have to go further.”

A black robed figure, carrying a sword on his back with a handgun on his waist walked down the road. Gazes of envy, jealousy, and flattery directed towards him. Recently as the number of people going out to find food are increasing, his name was also spreading to others.

To a normal people, titans are like their reapers ; and he, is the reapers of the titans.

Leaving the small resident district that’s located west of the city, the number of titans steadily increased. Using his meat hook and dark sword, he already killed 5 titans and gotten 600 points. At this moment, he heard shouting and cries coming from a distance.

Jumping onto a rooftop and looking over to that direction, he saw that in front of a shop named ‘Zhang’s noodle shop’, was about 40 people taking axes, machetes, pipes and knives fighting each other.

Even the fight between gangs before the apocalypse wasn’t as bad as this!

It’s like everyone was going crazy, people getting hacked to the ground, died as they spasmed painfully.

Seeing this, Lin Xii did not went there, as he doesn’t have a reason to stop it.

This was all just to survive.

It’s now 2pm in the afternoon, he was hungry as he did not ate anything after all that titan killing. Lin Xii saw there was a Karaoke shop nearby and went in. He took out a bar of chocolate, a yogurt drink and ate slowly while sitting on a couch in the hall.

Finishing eating, he laid down on the couch and was prepared to rest for a little while, as he was a little tired after killing 5 titans.

Laying down while his eyes was still open, he heard shouting coming from outside the shop.

Lifting his head, he saw a bunch of people coming in the shop. The one leading was a guy with his upper half naked and full of tattoos and a huge gash on his bald head, with 10 or so man coming in. All of them armed with assorted weapons and escorting a bunch of womans.

“Fuck, I can finally enjoy after holding in all these days.”

“The quality of these few isn’t bad, as expected of a teacher and students of a prestigious high school, we can enjoy thoroughly today!”

“What are you talking, we have letting big brother enjoy first right.”

“Of course big bro is the first to go, little ol’ me is good with the scraps.”

“Sadly the smallest one was taken by boss tiger, that beauty’s just 9 years old isn’t she, I so wanted to try her out.”

“You damn beast, can’t believe that was your preference! But I like it, isn’t what people say, the smaller the better?”

The rough laughter mixed with the sound female’s crying, rang about.

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