FF : Chapter 11 : Flat-chested girl

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Ending ‘Burst’ mode, the tiredness, fatigue, pain……and even the sensation of death rushed onto him, almost drowning him in it.

The so called Peony lady, is dead.

A black cellphone appeared beside her corpse.

Lin Xii picked it up with difficulty, and also picking up the infinite bullet desert eagle; and crawled down the roof.

It’s not safe over here.

He found a empty two storey villa nearby and stumbled in. Lin Xii found the wash room, turning on the solar powered water heater, filling a few basins of hot water. He took off his clothes and started treating his wounds.

Using a small knife he found in the villa, he dug out the bullets that was embedded in his flesh. He first cut open the bullet wound, and finding the bullet, then proceeding to dug it out one by one. Blood flowed everywhere, covering the white porcelain tile floors and dyed it red.

The long sword that the lady pierced into his heart while she was in sneak mode was still there.

Lin Xii rolled up a towel and stuffed it in his mouth, biting it down. He took hold of the long sword and slowly pulled it out. The feeling of that was similar to having his life force snuffing out little by little, you could not help but cringe at the sight of it.


After pulling out the sword, Lin Xii spat out the towel in his mouth followed by vomiting a huge amount of blood. He forcefully raised his spirits and took a heated towel and wipe the blood away. After that, he took up a band of bandages.

This is something he just exchanged from the <Base of evolution>: Blood stopping bandages.

By using it to bandage wounds, not only it can kill off any bacteria, stabilize the wounds, stopping blood flow, it also slowly regenerated and closed off the wound.

The price of exchanging it is a whopping 1000 points!

Using the bandage and wrapping it around his body like a mummy; Lin Xii swallowed a couple chocolates and leaned onto the wall, panting weakly.

As time passes, the bandages managed to stop the wounds from worsening, the chocolates also replenished some energy. The most crucial part was relying on the regenerating powers of the Progenitor Virus to regain his energy and vitality.

It was at this position that, he eventually fell asleep……

As he woke up, it was already noon in the 2nd day. Noticing he slept for about 10 hours, Lin Xii touched to himself.

“Seems like to compensate and to accelerate the healing of those serious wounds, I automatically fell into a deep slumber. Fortunately there was no incident during this period of time……”

He was totally unguarded in the time that he was in deep slumber. Forget titans or evolutionary, even a normal person could kill him in his dreams if they were to take advantage.

“I actually healed up completely!”

Peeling away the blacken bandages, Lin Xii noticed that the scars from the bullet and the sword wounds completely disappeared. Looking at his totally white and smooth skin, resembling porcelain, he smiled bitterly.

“This……is a bit too tender isn’t it, compared to my skin before.”

Anyhow, it was a good thing that he’s back alive again, not to mention awakening the ‘Burst’ ability.

Sadly activating ‘Burst’ would place a huge strain on his body. The teleporting-like ability was just barely able to sustain his body that’s 8 times the normal human. Secondly the consumption of energy is just too high.

30 seconds. This is the limit of ‘Burst’, any longer than that would have detrimental side effects.

Lin Xii started going through the lady’s phone.

The storage space was a disappointment as there was barely anything, only holding small amount of assorted food, clothes and makeup. There was no equipment, even the total amount of <Biological Points> was 500.

“Human really can’t be too greedy huh, the best result I got is this infinite bullet  desert eagle.”

The <Base of evolution> has almost any type of guns. The guns they sell range from half-life, counter strike, to crossfire.

Even special guns like Radiation guns, Composite-metal bullets firing guns is for sale.

The low range guns are usually sold with infinite bullets.

The price are also really expensive!

The desert eagle:model peony was considered one of the cheaper ones, and it costs a total of 10000 points.

What could be done with 10000 points?

You could buy a weapon far superior than Dark Sword.

You could upgrade yourself 10 times.

You could hire a mercenary that isn’t weak.

Rogue archer, a mid-tier intelligence mercenary. Originated from the game “Diablo”. Possessing the ability to shoot arrows with ice or fire, the price of hiring him is just nicely 10000 points.

Bullets, does possess a danger to normal people, but facing stronger opponents——for example the ‘Burst’ Lin Xii, or monster that that has a overwhelming huge body size——the gun is basically useless.

If he had 10000 points, Lin Xii would definitely not waste it on exchanging for a infinite bullet desert eagle.

Of course, getting it for free was a good thing regardless.

Transferring the 500 points into his phone, the <Human Evolution Program> in the dead lady’s phone got deleted automatically, the phone return to it’s normal self.

The total assets that Lin Xii possess now are:

Biological Points: 2600 points

Equipment: Dark Sword, Oak Shield, Bloodthirsty Meat Hook, Titan’s Vial, Desert Eagle:Model Peony

His leather armor was cracked and considered not wearable.

The Titan’s Vial was a drop obtained by killing the abnormal titan, one could obtain the bloodline of a titan if they drink it. It could be used on a normal person too, however they would turn into a mindless cannibalistic titan. It would be a horrendous torture and killing them off would be putting it out of its misery.

This thing could be exchanged for 2000 points when refunding it to the <Base of evolutionary>.

Lin Xii immediately wanted to sell it off. But he hesitated and kept it as an assurance.

Normal clothings, even ones as durable as jeans are easily damaged during a high intensity fight. Since he had the extra points now, also as his leather armor was damaged beyond repair he decided to get a set of solid and durable protective gear.

After deciding for awhile, he chosen one.

The Jedi’s cloak from Star Wars.

White undershirt, vest and long pants. Coupled with black cloth boots and a 3 fingers wide belt. Finally topped with a black robe hoodie.

It’s a set of fully cloth material clothes, seemingly no difference from normal clothes but in actual fact it’s made out of high tech composite fibres.

Durable and resistance, combined with composites fibre having a memory function that could regenerate itself when damaged.

Jedi’s were the main force that protected the galaxy in Star Wars. Always participating in battles and would sometimes visited planets with harsh conditions.; therefore their clothes must be made durable.

But the Jedi’s were not as focused on their defense as compared to their offense, and relying on their lightsabers to defend themselves.

This is why the Jedi’s robes other than having an extra regenerative powers and being durable, it’s just a low defense cloth armor. Causing the price of the entire set of armor being only 2500 points.

Of course, 2500 points is considered ‘expensive’ when being compared to the beginner level armor such as the leather armor, only costing 300 points.

The exchanged clothes will automatically adjusts its size to the evolutionary.

Earlier Lin Xii was always sheathing his Dark Sword on his waist when he was wearing jeans, as if he was dragging it behind him as Lin Xii was considered small when the sword was more than half his height, being about 1 meters in length. He rather just sheathed the sword on his back now that he gotten the robes.

Opening the door of the wash room, Lin Xii got the shock of his life.

What he saw was a girl, possibly about 20 years old or younger sitting on the couch in the living room. The girl had dyed her hair chestnut colour, with healthy looking and slightly tanned skin, finished with a set of nig gorgeous eyes and a face to be proud off.

She was wearing a tank top showing her flat belly without any excess meat on it. Further down, she was wearing a skinny jeans that hugged onto her long legs.

Her bare feets are perched on top of the class coffee table, showing off her rose coloured toenails.

No matter the looks or the body, even the posture of the girl was really attractive. The only flaw was the chest, any signs of protrusion were absent——if it wasn’t of the lacking of an adam’s apple on her throat Lin Xii would have mistake her as a trap.

This kind of chest can definitely be considered as ‘rare resources’.

After glancing at the girl, he shifted his gaze and saw a weapon on the side of the couch.

A huge sword.

Combining the handle and the body of the sword totaled the length of the sword up to be about 2 meters, with the width of about a foot. Near the tip of the sword was a hole in the body of the sword, with another half hole near the base of the sword. The edge of the sword looks newly polished, with the body of the sword grey in colour.

The feeling of the sword gave off was one, big; two, heavy; third, terrifying!

It’s the Kubikiribōchō, or seversword that Zabuza Momochi from Naruto wielded.

A couple of days earlier Lin Xii saw this weapon in the <Base of evolution>. The price of this weapon was way more than Dark Sword which has the ability ‘Stomp’, being at 5500 points! It’s all because of a single trait that this sword possessed.

Being able to absorb the iron in blood and .

Therefore, it will become assimilate into its blade.

Therefore, as you continuously kill, it will become more and more big and heavier, combined with the ability to regenerate itself if it broke.

This kind of sword couldn’t even be possible for a normal human to lift it. It means that, this girl’s an evolutionary?

Thinking back to his unguarded sleep in the washroom, Lin Xii immediately had cold sweat running down his back. He definitely just walked through the tightrope of death.

“Who are you, why are you here?”

Unsheathing the Dark Sword and holding it in his hands, Lin Xii asked warily.

“You are asking me who I am, when I am the one who should ask you that? This is my home, and why did you made a whole lot of mess and having blood all over it when I was out hunting titans?” The girl’s voice sounded chilly, with a hint of anger in it.

She then gave a cold looking smile “Why are you in an attacking stance? What, you want to repay my goodwill using that?”

Lin Xii lowered the Dark Sword and sheathed it back on his back.

His was a little to wound up just now and overreacted. If the girl had wanted to kill him she would have done it when he was asleep, easily too.

“Can’t believe that earlier one tried to kill me in a sneak attack, and now one didn’t when she had the perfect chance to.”

“Meeting 2 evolutionary in a day, and hiding in one of them, what a……coincident.”

“But man, there are really different kind of people in this world huh……”

As he thought of all these, Lin Xii nodded towards the girl, “Thanks.”


The girl reacted coldly, put her leg down and stood up. It was only then Lin Xii really noticed her height, ranging about 170 cm, especially the long legs.

“You are also an evolutionary right? Seeing that you almost died, and healed so fast, most likely the ability you gotten isn’t a low star one right……But I don’t have any interest in you.” She pointed with her fingers towards the blood covered backpack.

“Thats mine now, any opinion?”


Lin Xii was alright with it——she could have gotten all of his things if she had killed him. All the goods in the storage space along with his points and weapon……everything could be hers.

“Well then we are clear, you can go now as I am not in the mood of speaking with a stranger,” She begin kicking me out of house.

With Lin Xii anti social-ish personality, he did not replied and just turned around and left. He did not asked why the girl’s mood wasn’t good. The fact that the house was only empty except for her speaks for itself.

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