Chapter 84 – Devils and Parents thinking for their child

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After talking and taking the map back, I went and discuss it with my teammates.

Inside the bright and warm home, usually we would chill and relax at the living room, but this time they had a serious expression when they heard the news.


[What’s the village name?] (Celeste)

[Etto, According to the map it’s called Indole.] (Ryouta)

[Eeeh??!!] (Alice)


Alice suddenly raised her voice.


[What’s wrong Alice?] (Ryouta)

[That’s my village. Is it really Indole?] (Alice)

[Yeah….It’s this right?] (Ryouta)


I held the map that was given by the somewhat confused Clint to Alice to look at it.

She hurriedly took it and immediately answered.


[Un! That’s Indole. How could something like this happen…..] (Alice)

[Th, this has become something huge desu….] (Emily)

[Ryouta! I want to go too, please bring me along.] (Alice)

[Alright leggo. I would also prefer if one more person would tag along.] (Ryouta)

[Why only one? If everyone were to go then our fighting power would drastically increase and wouldn’t the probability of rescuing people would increase too?] (Celeste)


Celeste made a really obvious statement.


[Well, you’ve also heard the story where if someone were to enter the Rogue Dungeon, the structure would change too. So it’s not about whether all of us should go or not, it’s that if the structure were to rapidly change, then we might endanger the lives of the villagers that were trapped inside the dungeon.] (Ryouta)

[I see.] (Celeste) (TLN: I don’t)

[So that’s why you only need one more person nanodesu…..] (Emily)


What should we do, as we cracked our heads together.


[Bunny will go.] (Eve)


Suddenly, the person I least expect raised up her hand

It was Eve with her proud bunny ears and her sexy bunny suit.

It was really out of the blue that she, a person who would only care about carrots, would recommend herself.


[You sure?] (Ryouta)


Though quietly, but with a firm resolution, Eve nodded.

With that, together with Eve and Alice, the three of us would head to Indole.




Indole was located at the foot of a mountain where it was being sliced in half by a river with nothing special in the village in particular.

Compare to Shikuro, the buildings here were made of simple material with the feeling of an extremely outskirt countryside.

Though it can’t be said it’s at a rural area, but there doesn’t seem to have any livestocks nor agricultural tools.

It makes one wonder how the everyday life is made up.


Though, now is not the time to worry about such things.

When we arrived at the village, we could already here it was buzzing with noises.


[What’s going on?] (Ryouta)

[It’s coming from that area!] (Alice)


As Alice said so she went straight to the noise.

Even and I then hurriedly catch up to her pace.

After passing by some houses, there was the entrance of the dungeon right at an open space.

Normally a dungeon would be away from the city but this dungeon is literally at the center of the village.


It was unnatural that there were nothing surrounding it. It’s not that the village has nothing, but the area where there should be traces of people living and roads for them to walk, but none of those existed around the dungeon.

It’s as if someone took an eraser and erase all the things surrounding the dungeon’s entrance, making it look abnormal.


And over there villagers were gathering around, and they were making noises while looking at the entrance of the dungeon.


Alice then went straight to the villagers and asked them.


[Everyone! What happened?] (Alice)

[Isn’t it Alice-chan, since when did you return?] (Villager A)

[I heard that the village sucked in by the dungeon that’s why I came back. Is there something else that happened?] (Alice)

[Aah, one of the trapped villagers came out from the dungeon. Apparently he received help from someone and managed to escape from the dungeon.] (Villager B)


The villager then answered Alice.

Further away from us, there was a villager whose appearance was in batters.

I think he is talking about the situation of villagers being sucked into the dungeon and was currently being treated.


[I see…so he managed to escape.] (Alice)

[About that, it seems that there was another person who fled with him but got left astray on the way back named Rick.] (Villager C)

[Got strayed?] (Alice)

[Seems like before reaching the entrance he was strayed.] (Villager D)

[That means he’s still inside?] (Alice)


The guy nodded, and Alice was lost for words.

I suddenly had a bad feeling.


After thinking about something the villagers were noisy once again.


[Seems like someone came out!] (Villager E)

[It’s Rick! That appearance must be Rick!] (Villager F)

[Seems like he has fallen!] (Villager G)


I looked at the entrance of the dungeon.

There was a younger man who was even more battered than the previous person where he fell down right at the entrance of the dungeon.

He was stretching his arms and looked seriously injured, but luckily he is still breathing.


[Rick!] (Villager H)


From within the villagers, an elderly man ran towards him.

Seems to be the father of that young man.

He desperately ran towards him. It’s an obvious reaction to run towards your son who has escaped from the dungeon and looked like he was about to die, but.


[Wait! Someone stop that guy!] (Ryouta)


Even though I shouted, but the villagers did not budge at all.

Some of them even glance eyes of hatred, having expressions as if saying “The hell is wrong with you!”.

I don’t have time to explain, I have to stop him.

While thinking so I stepped on the ground and dashed forward—-and went straight to the guy who was in the dungeon.


The elderly man who was so close on saving his son…..but.


[He, he disappeared.] (Villager I)

[Where did the two of them went!?!] (VIllager J)


The moment the elderly man step foot onto the entrance, the both of them suddenly disappeared.


[I was too late…..] (Ryouta)


I then let out a huge sigh.

A Rogue dungeon that changes it’s structure when someone goes in.

Even if the person is right in front of you, the worst thing to do is running towards him and try to save him.




[I’ll go in then.] (Villager K)


The villagers then made even more noise, then I said something to Eve and Alice.


[Is Ryouta gonna go in alone?] (Alice)

[You saw it too right? It’s no use going in together. More like it would make things worse by changing the structure of the dungeon again and again.] (Ryouta)

[I, I guess so.] (Alice)

[Then what should bunny and the rest do?] (Eve)

[Please help seal the entrance. I don’t want anymore villagers coming into the dungeon anymore like just now.] (Ryouta)  [I got it! Everyone please cooperate.] (Alice)

[Time to use my strength.] (Eve)


Alice was enthusiastically holding her fist, whereas Eve had a blank expression while making a chop hand and moving it up and down.

While leaving it to the both of them, I went inside the dungeon.


Instantly, the scenery around me changed.

The dungeon was a cobblestone type underpass, where I was standing on a single road.

Whether I look in front or behind me there was only one road, the entrance which I came in just a moment ago was never to be seen again.


What a meddlesome dungeon this is, it’s not suitable for large groups of adventurers to enter and go around.


I wa also starting to get used to this world, where without thinking, I put all my bullets into my guns, and prepare for any situation that may occur.


And immediately I was being encountered by a monster.

Though it was a monster the shape of a human, but it’s size was small, it was one size smaller than the 130cm Emily.


Though it’s not of a body of a child, but the face had a weird adult look to it, plus you can see fangs on each of the corner of it’s mouth. It’s back also had bat wings growing from within, using them to fly.

It was a little devil monster.


I wonder what’s the name of this monster, while thinking about it I readied my gun but the enemy immediately ran away.

I then lowered my gun while looking at the unexpected situation.

I guess this was the first time that a monster immediately escape when I encountered it.


[It might be those kinds of monster—–] (Ryouta)


Gashin! There was an impact from the back of my head.

I was completely attacked by surprised and fell down, I immediately stood up and turned around.

The monster that ran away was now there, when did it sneak behind me and attack me.


Because of the false withdrawal and the success of the surprise attack, it was showing an objectionable face since just now.

It then tried to run away again—–but.


[I won’t let you run again!] (Ryouta)


With my Speed S I ran around him, and as he was flying he saw me and made a surprised expression and I pulled the trigger.

As if countering my attack it used it’s wings to block and the bullet pierced through it’s wings.

Part of it’s wings came off, and it was floating weakly.

Time to deal the final blow—-




I suddenly heard the screams of a guy.

It jolted my memory as it was the cries of the elderly man that tried to save his son a moment ago.


Letting the monster go, I went ahead to where the scream was.

Running through the underpass of the stone pavement, there was a place which was slightly opened area.


There the elderly man and his son was there.

And a monster was there too.


The son was laying on the floor unconscious, where he looked like he was breathing heavily.

And the little devil was sinking it’s sharp teeth onto the son’s neck.

And the other monster that caught hold of the father because the son was being taken hostage of and thus could not fight back.


[Guo….Guwaaaa!] (Elderly man)


Even though the dad at their mercy, he could not do anything.

But he could only desperately looked at his son who was injured.


The two monsters who was looking at the father was laughing maniacally.


I can feel my blood becoming cold. I felt even more pissed when I was being surprised attacked a while ago.

I took a deep breath, then kicked the ground as I rushed forward.


First off is to save the son which was being held by the monster, I used my left hand to grab hold of it’s head.

Afterwards I rushed ahead, then grabbed hold of the other monster which was still laughing at the father with my right hand.


The two monsters that was being overwhelmed, I firmly grasped hold of the two of them and slammed them onto a wall over and over again.



After a while, I can feel the heads being crushed against the dungeon wall and collapsing.

Finally letting go of my hands,  and the two little devils that lost it’s head plop down on the ground like ragdolls.


[Ri……ck……] (Elderly man)


The father that had no strength to stand up, crawled on the ground and head towards his son.

The son had serious injuries, which was even severe than the father.


If I were to leave them there it would get worse…..but.


I took out my gun, and loaded some ammos.

5 Bullet Enhancer, and 1 Recovery Bullet.

This was the highest healing factor I could come up with, and with that I shot it towards the father and son.


Then, a white light envelopes the both of them.


[Rick! Are you alright Rick!] (Elderly man)

[Father? Why are you here?] (Rick)


A father who risks his life and his son who was confused.

First off, I have to rescue them out of here.

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