FF : Chapter 9 : Vial

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The abnormal titan leaped over a hundred meters with a frog jump and dropped towards Lin Xii like a mountain with a suffocating whoosh of air.

It’s here!

Lin Xii’s eyes glinted sharply; Having the agility of approximately 8 times of a normal human due to the perfect fusion of the Progenitor Virus, while looking at the huge shadow dropping on him, he kicked the ground harshly with the both of his legs and leaped backwards while throwing forward the Meat Hook at the same time.


The ground caved in deeply as if it was a tofu with cracks propagating the surrounding of the hole. Lin Xii was blown about in the wind which resembled a leaf dancing amidst a gale because of the drop of the titan.

“Got him!”

Amidst the gale was a scene of chaos and nothing could be seen. However, from the tension that tugged the chain on his hand, he clearly felt that he had hooked onto his target.

Sadly, he’s currently in the middle of the air and could not play a tug-of-war with the titan——besides, he definitely could not contest the titan with the burst of strength enough to leap hundred of meters.

As Lin Xii was pondering how was he going to kill the titan, a huge palm swung downwards with force comparable to a trailer slamming into and hitting him, he then flew in the air tens of meters, subsequently slamming into a wall and breaking it inwards.

It was at this moment that almost seemed like it was an illusion.

All the bones in his body felt like it was smashed into pieces with the slam.

“Abnormal titan’s slaps definitely felt different from a normal titan, shit, if I was a normal human I would be a meat cake now……”

Lin Xii coughed up blood, the oak shield on his back was flung to god knows where, the leather armor that he’s wearing right now cracked like an old leather sofa. The only silver lining in this situation was that his Dark Sword was still hanging tightly onto his waist.

A gigantic face showed up from the hole in the wall.

The titan used two of its fingers and grabbed onto the currently immobile Lin Xii and lifted him out of the hole.

Lin Xii saw that the Meat Hook was dug deeply into the shoulder of the titan, the nine meters chain hanging from it with the end of the chain touching the ground.


The titan breathed out with the odor that stinks of blood. It then opened its sticky, dirty jaw and reached its tongue out and proceeded to slowly bite towards the person it’s holding.

“No way I am dying in this disgusting creature’s mouth!”

It was at this moment, Lin Xii eyes glinted red in colour and his right hand reached towards his waist.

Unsheathe. Lift. Slash!

Even though the Dark Sword had killed numerous titans, it was still razor sharp. With just a swing, he severed the fingers of the titans in half.

Steaming hot blood splattered onto Lin Xii face, scorching him.

With the fingers severed, Lin Xii dropped downwards and crashed onto the ground. He coughed up blood again but he continued moving, placing the Dark Sword and biting it down in his blood filled jaw, he climbed up the chain dangling from the titan shoulder.

He climbed as fast as he can.

In just a span of two seconds, he reached the top of the chain. It was at the same time where the titan used his severed fingers and grabbed hold of the chain, and tugged it down.

The hook that was embedded deeply in the flesh of the titan was instantly pulled out, bringing a huge chunk of flesh together with it. The entire chain was flung by the titan far away. Lin Xii took the opportunity to jumped from the chain onto the shoulder of the titan.

Grabbing hold the handle of the sword that he had in his mouth, now drenched with fresh blood, Lin Xii eyes continued to glint in crimson red.


“Die already!”

With that hoarse shout, the Dark Sword slashed down fiercely. With the edge of the sword cutting open huge patches of skin and strands after strands of huge muscle fibres, blood gushed everywhere like a fountain.

Large amount of steam rose with the fall of the abnormal titan, slowly changing to light particles and dispersing.

“1000 points? Quite worth it!”

Lin Xii grinned twistedly due to the pain he’s experiencing.

A bloodied phlegm was spitted out onto the ground.

A miserable victory indeed.

Killing the abnormal titan came with a hefty price to pay, with large portion of his bones in his body fractured coupled with large amount of internal bleeding. The reward was quite a sum too, giving a thousand points, totaling his points to 3000 now.

Lin Xii was panting weakly, while feeling his whole body aching. He just want to lie down on the ground and have a nice sleep, sadly, there is no time to rest as there was another titan left.

He shook his head forcefully to gather his bearings, and picked up the Meat Hook and the oak shield that was dropped nearby. As he was about to rush towards the last titan, he suddenly noticed something in place of the disappeared titan.

A glass container containing some sort of liquid.

“What is this?”

Lin XIi took out his phone and the program showed <<Titan’s Vial>>

“After drinking it, you will obtain the titan’s bloodline, with the ability to turn into a titan.”

“Turning into a titan will evaporate your intelligence, in return you will obtain the instincts of a titan.”

Lin Xii was shocked when he saw the description, what was titan’s instinct? Killing and eating humans. In the end this vial is to benefit or harm oneself?

The Progenitor Virus bloodline came with the talent to evolve, by taking in the blood of certain species and changing his DNA. He certainly dare not use titan’s blood and tried, other than being afraid that his genes will collapse, there is also the risk of lowering the potential of his current genes. The other major factor was the chances of turning into a mindless man-eating creature.

“Let’s just keep it, there’s no time to study this thing now.”

The 3 university students were being chased by the titan on the other side. The situation’s dire, luckily the titan’s only 4 meters tall and considerably the weakest of the species, if it was any other titan they would have been eaten.

Even with an injured body, using the Meat Hook and killing a 4 meter tall titan isn’t hard for him.

After killing the last titan, Lin Xii walked towards where the students were.

Fatty was lying on the ground, with his lower half of the torso gone——He bravely withstood the preying of the abnormal titan, but did not manage to outrun the other titan, and gotten half of his body bitten off.

However the life force of this fatty was definitely not weak, he’s currently still alive, with his eyes unfocused, mouth wide open panting short gasp of air, his chest heaving heavily, with some blood leaking from his nose.

Living in the same dorm, the four of them were really close to each other as if there were real siblings. Now looking at the horrendous condition of Fatty, the 3 of them kneeled down beside him, their hearts filled with sorrow.

Glasses who was not good at controlling his feelings, cried silently.

“Glasses……do-don’t cry……I’m……gonna go first……eh……could be……a good thing……maybe……”

Fatty struggled to open his mouth. “Just regretting that……I……I couldn’t fill my sto-stomach……before I die……”

Bravo stood up abruptly, “Fatty, don’t die! I’m going to get something for you to eat, wait just a little!”

He ran as fast as he could to the supermarket and came back in less than 5 minutes, holding an airtight packet, tearing it as he ran.

Running to Fatty’s side, Bravo knees skidded as he kneeled down, not caring his scraped knees, he tore open the packet and lifted it towards Fatty’s mouth. “Here, your favourite pork trotters, come on, open your mouth, its stew pork trotters! Pulled stew pork trotters!”

His eyes originally closed, almost any trace of breath was absent from his mouth and nose, he slowly opened his eyes as he heard Bravo’s voice.

Seeing the pork trotters, his dull eyes seemingly gained some spark, he lifted his head with difficulty and proceeded to bite down.

However, his movement stopped and froze abruptly.

The wide opened mouth, did not close.

In the end, he did not get to eat the piece of meat.

“Fatty, Fatty! Eat it, eat it then only die man! Fatty!” Glasses lunged forward, hugging Fatty’s body and cried.

“It’s all you! If not because of you, Fatty would not have died, asking us to become baits, you fucking piece of shit!” Curly suddenly burst out and rushed towards Lin Xii who was watching silently, grabbing hold of his collar.


Bravo ran over and slapped Curly in the face. “Stop spouting shit because you lost your cool, Fatty encountering an abnormal type was unexpected. With reward comes risk, there isn’t a free lunch in the world.”

“Fatty made a choice and he must bear the risk, don’t blame someone else!”

Curly words was filled with anger, he also understood the situation, with Bravo reprimanding him, he slumped down and cried while holding his face with his hands.

“Sorry about that.” Bravo apologized.

“It’s alright, I understand your feelings.”

The three of them proceeded to take Fatty’s body and placed in a broken car where petrol was already leaking around it. After using a lighter to light it up, Lin XIi turned around with a sighed and walked towards the supermarket, not willing to watch the cremation, and proceeded to find supplies.

Inside the supermarket was a scene of chaos, there were many items that were ransacked——Definitely those who were present in the supermarket during the monster descend.

Thankfully with the titans guarding the entrance, there are still plentiful of supplies available, Lin Xii rushed towards the candies section first of all.

“Usually I couldn’t buy this because of my budget, now I could finally eat it.”

When he was a kid, he would look in envy at the high class chocolate. Ferrero rocher, and whatnot. He tore off the packaging and stack them up high, and kept it in the storage space in his phone, filling up one space exactly.

Marshmallow, caramel sweets, these candies that doesn’t make you heaty when consuming while also containing large amount of calories. Seeing there isn’t much left on the shelf, Lin Xii rushed into the large storage in the supermarket.

After finding for a little while, Lin Xii found boxes after boxes of toffee stacked neatly.


Lin Xii could not help but feeling excited, he took all of candies and stuffed it in his phone——occupying up 6 spaces in total, all filled to the brim without any visible spaces.

There were so many different types of supplies that he wanted to fill his storage with, but he is only left with 2 empty spaces, as one of them was already occupied with the Meat Hook. Lin Xii hesitated for a moment, and put into a few boxes of yogurt and assorted milk.

He also took several packets of milk powder and filled up the gaps available in the Meat Hook space.

“And this already filled up 9 of my spaces, damn, so little.”

Looking at all the supplies available around him, he felt that it was such a waste just leaving now. He found a camping backpack and went to the nuts area, and stuff it with pistachio, pine nuts and walnuts, filling it up to the brim.

Walking towards the food area, he wanted to take those package made ready food such as grilled chicken, duck and fill up his stomach.

After enduring such a gruesome battle, and sustained heavy injuries, even though the Progenitor Virus healed his wounds but that burned up a lot of energy and calories. He was starving now.

Lin Xii stomach was like a black hole, consuming packets after packets of food non stop, and his stomach did not bulge even a little.

Finally, he opened up a box of golden grilled pork, and took a small grilled piglet and consume it down to its bones, only then he felt satisfied.

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