FF: Chapter 10 : Burst

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As he was about to leave while shouldering the backpack, Lin Xii noticed the 3 university students, each of them pushing a trolley filled with food.

At this moment, Bravo came up to him and asked: “Umm……Is it alright if we follow you?”

Lin Xii thought about it for a few moments, and shook his head.

To be honest, the 3 of them aren’t bad, 20 years in age, young and abled, having the courage to ventured out of the university. Especially Bravo, brave, cautious, and not lacking in action, a perfect helper material.

But they are only normal human beings!

Even though they managed to be of some use at being bait; but when it comes down to it, what other uses do they have in a fight against titans?

What he needs, is a partner in battle, not a burden.

Lin Xii does not have any family and friends, and because he lacks them, he especially cherishes them. If the 3 of them followed him, they would be considered at least partners.

During the midst of danger, he would definitely find it difficult to abandon his partners……and in the face of death, does he have what it takes to abandon the burden? Maybe, but the guilt will still weighed on him……that’s why, he rather not accept them in the first place.

At least in the future, he doesn’t need to witness the face of his partners in despair; and also bearing the guilt in his heart.

“Farewell, meet you guys again if there’s a chance.”

Ignoring the disappointed looks on their face, Lin Xii took off while waving behind him.

Passing through the central square of the supermarket, and noticing there were trace of ashes on the floor. He immediately understood that it was Fatty’s ashes, his originally good mood gone, instantly.

Silently sighed, he walked away slowly with his head down. It was at this moment, Lin Xii suddenly saw a sword.

A long sword.

A long and razor sharp sword.

The long sword pierced through his chest, fiercely, and with resolution. Pierced through his much, much denser muscle compared to a normal human being. Pierced quickly deep into him and in the blink of an eye, it pierced through his heart.

Pain travelled through his nerves, blood mixed with bits of internal organ rushed up his throat.

A monster?

No, not a monster, only titans descended Pearl City. It means that the one who attacked me is an Evolutionary, most likely possessing skills that hid themselves.

His brain processed all this quickly. Lin Xii opened his mouth and spit out a large amount of blood abruptly in front of him.

As expected, the blood formed a red humanoid shape in front of him. The humanoid shape reacted to this and quickly retreated 20 meters away, jumped a few times and landed on a nearby rooftop.

What quick agility and mobility!

This person definitely upgraded his strength, agility, and sensory at least 3 times!

Canceling the invisible effect, standing on the rooftop was a 27-8 years old sexy lady, wearing exposing clothes, possessing wavy hair, curvy body, long legs, coupled with a mole under her lips; a very mature and gorgeous styled lady.

She stood high up, looking down onto Lin Xii with her lips slightly curled up, seemingly mocking at him.


Lin Xii held up a hand onto his chest, blood flowing non stop from the hole. That sword pierced deeply into his heart, if it wasn’t because of his Progenitor Virus, that one thrust would be enough to kill him!

“I witness your battle from outside of the supermarket, you are strong. Taking on an abnormal titan face to face, there’s definitely a lot of good stuff on powerhouses like you……I saw you picked up a vial, plus, I like your sword~”

“Killing and looting, does it real~ly need a reason?”

The lady laughed flirtatiously “I would definitely lose if I faced you head on, luckily, I had gotten a 3 stars ability: Sneak. During invisibility, any sound, smell and movement, even killing intent will be masked completely, the very bane of powerhouses like you!”

“Killing off an Evolutionary will drop their phone, their <Biological Points>, and items inside their storage will be all mine.”

“As for how did I know of this……it’s really simple, I killed someone else before you, and gotten something good from him.”

The lady brandished out a handgun.

The handgun’s mainly black in colour, the barrel and and the handle of the gun showed several golden tattoos, in the shape of the peony flower. The peony tattoo covered the gun in different areas, with the colour gold and black, it gives the gun with a special kind of charm.

As if it was a crossing between art and death, combined into some sort of beauty.

“This gun’s a desert eagle, its nickname is Peony, the price of exchanging it at the <Base of evolution> is 10000 points.”

“But why is it so expensive? Because~ it does. not. run. out. of bullets! How is it? Nice isn’t it? That why I gave a nickname, Peony~!”

“The person that I killed was so-o-o weak. Different from you……I think he most likely had gotten an 1 star ability, and received 9000 points in reimbursement. Proceed to kill a titan somehow, and bought this weapon. I do have to thank him though, because this gun is mine now.”

“I was really afraid bullets wouldn’t kill you, therefore I took a huge risk of sneaking towards you and gave you a thrust……now, with your heart pierced how long do you have left? Why not let me use this gun and end your life quicker?”


A loud, crisp sound of a gunshot rang out, and a spray of blood burst out from Lin Xii stomach.

“Bam, bam, bam……”

The peony lady spammed the trigger continuously, bullets after bullets fired out.

The desert eagle contains one of the highest killing power amongst guns, it is one of the most famous one too, along with the AK47.

The bullet of the desert eagle would be enough to blast a hole the size of a fist through a normal human body.

Lin Xii was injured earlier fighting with the abnormal titan; the more serious ones was still not fully recovered.

The long sword pierced through his chest, boring a hole through his heart and inflicting a fatal wound. If he were to immediately treat the wound, there wouldn’t be much of a danger. But to get shot bullets after bullets while being fatally injured, even man of steel wouldn’t be able to stand it.

In resident evil, the virus only enhances one’s physical attribute, not making the person unbeatable.

Every bullet that was shot towards Lin Xii took away a little of his remaining energy. He was quickly on the brink of death.

“10 shots already! I could not believe that getting shot 10 times you still are alive……and now~ is the 11th shot, I am really curious what kinda ability you have……12th……even though I am really curious, I will definitely not take the risk of coming near you……13th……just die already~amidst the baptism of these bullets!”

The consciousness of Lin Xii’s telling him that he will die, and the genes of the Progenitor Virus is warning that he will definitely die in the next shot!


Yet another bullet shot from the desert eagle:model peony; and this shot was aimed towards the brain.

Am I going to die? Not dying by the hands of those monster, but getting killed by a fellow human, how ironic……this apocalypse, the monster are scary, but humans even more so……I do not accept this, not this way!

Lin Xii clouded eyes suddenly shrunk into a dot, and became oval. A sharp red light lit up in his eyes.

During the battle with the abnormal titan, his eyes also lit up red in colour. But the red then wasn’t as luscious, as bright as now, as if it was……

The red of boiling blood!

The time surrounding him seemingly stopped, even the wind died down, the only thing that was moving was the bullet. He could see every detail very clearly, the bullet rotating out from the chamber, dragging through the air and leaving wavy patterns behind it.

It slowed down……

Did the world slowed down?


It is I that became faster.

Not only was my body becoming faster, my consciousness too.

Stepping to the right.

The bullet flew past his cheek, the airflow that came with the bullet blew up a couple strands of hair besides his ear.


The lady who forced Lin Xii into desperation, standing on the rooftop with a sense of victory while controlling the situation with a infinite bullet desert eagle, her eyes bulged out as she saw Lin Xii moved a little and avoided the bullet.

The bullet that was originally meant to shoot through the brain had hit the trunk of a tree far away, a huge piece of bark bursted opened.

What’s more shocking was that she seemingly saw a glimpse of 2 Lin Xii.


Yet another bullet.

This time peony lady saw it clearly, Lin Xii instantly appeared on the spot he was at just before, 2 whole meters away with shadows of him filling up the spaces between where he was and after.


Peony shouted out.

“No, not teleportation.”

Lin Xii pupil was now fully glowing red. He walked step by step towards Peony: “Just high speed movement that exceed the capture of your optic nerves, you don’t have to shot anymore, bullets are useless against the me now, you can’t hit me with it.”

As he was talking, he moved towards the side, making after shadows again. He dodged yet another bullet as if it was in slow motion.

“All thanks to you, if it wasn’t you who put me in this live or die situation, I would not have awaken the ability inside the genes yet. First, my mental capabilities and my brain is strengthen, like SEED mode in Gundam Seed. It will allow me to enter a critical point where I have something like super sensory.”

“Second, I can freely control all the energy in my cells and convert it into kinetic energy, allowing me to move faster than I could have imagined.”

“Now I am in this……supernatural state, I would like to name this state……Burst.”

Lin Xii calmly moved forward while dodging the bullets: “Even though I cannot maintain Burst for long, as the side effects to my body and brain is detrimental. But……before it ends, it’s enough to kill you.”

“Bam, Bam……”

Peony’s madly firing the handgun, her once gorgeous face now twisted.

Run? She never thought of running, facing a “monster” with high movement speed, enough to leave behind shadows, running was never an option. She never thought of going into sneak mode too, the blood that Lin Xii spat onto her earlier prevented that

The skill is in cool down mode anyways.

As Lin Xii dodged the sixth bullet in a row, and appeared as if he teleported onto the roof and stood in front of her, her mental state crumbled down.

The desert eagle dropped with a “plop” onto the ground, her legs kneeled down harshly, tears and snot started flowing down.

“Please, please don’t kill me, I won’t do it again, i really won’t……oh! If, if you spare me, I will follow you, becoming your underling. I-I can sneak around, I can help you hunt other Evolutionary, and all the benefits I will give it all to you!”

“Al-also, my body. I can give you my body!”

Peony startled as if she just woke up, and hurriedly tore off her clothes, tearing it into shreds; revealing a pair of white, perky, temptation inducing rounds.

She kneeled on the ground, and hugged Lin Xii’s legs. Hoping that she could obtain the forgiveness of this red-eye, demon-like, terrifying teen.

“I am so sorry. The words you said, I believed them. But you, I do not.”

A sword flashed.

Peony’s body stiffened, she felled backwards with her face filled with pain.

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  1. lol In this era I can’t believe there’s still a someone that explain how their ability works to their enemy.

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      • his progenitor virus is based on having to devour other higher beings to become stronger I assume? So isn’t that what he’ll be doing next chapter?

        • true, but do you want to risk degrading the genes by her consuming hers? just a low rank sneak ability, who knows how many time you get to combine your genes before it reaches to a state where anymore would make your genes collapse and turning you into a monster like those in RE, plus, its gains ability by consuming or injecting blood I think, not eating it like Tokyo ghoul or prototype.

          • meh, didn’t played much of the games when I was a kid, got scared of these horror games hahaha, but well~ watched the movies and saw them injecting stuff, so I kinda assumed like that? but he did said in the earlier chapter that he doesn’t want to dilute or degrade his genes with low level stuff.

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