FF : Chapter 8: Abnormal type

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Abnormal Type

Lin Xii saw from far away that Bravo stopped about 200 meters from the supermarket hiding behind a car.

Any further ahead and it would be a death wish as it would alert the titans.

The 5 of the titans were loitering around the supermarket building in different areas. There is one at the central square of the supermarket, and it’s the closest titan to him. It is a 8 meter tall titan, the titan looked like it had a tumor on its back. Both thighs of the titan were very thick while the calf was skinny.

It is a wonder how such skinny calf managed to carry the weight of the titan.

Bravo hid behind the car and Lin XIi noticed that he had pick up a rock while he wasn’t noticing.

“Pang, pang, pang”

The university student was really smart, he used the rock and bang the side of the car, and by controlling the strength he gradually increase the volume of the noise.

Soon enough, the titan took noticed of the noise and came walking towards the car.

Noticing the other titans did not react to the minor disturbance, Lin Xii nodded his head in approval. At this moment, Bravo crawled with his belly on the ground towards a further area, and continued using the stone to make noises that would attract the titan.

It was like this that the titan slowly edged away from the supermarket. Alas, as he was about to reach the streets, there were no other available cover for him to use and his cover was blown.

The titan immediately ran towards him.

Titans are equipped with longer and larger legs than humans, as with that, the titan was taking huge strides towards Bravo. Even though Bravo was running with all his might, the distance between the 2 of them are rapidly diminished.

The  other 3 students are sweating profusely right now. Lin Xii proceeded to take out his meat hook and get ready in position to throw it. With his eyesight he deducted that before the muscular teen would be caught up by the titan he could definitely reach here first.

In actual fact, the couple of times where Bravo stopped and used the stone to rang out noises and the starting point where he started to ran was all carefully calculated, and this lowered the risk of him dying significantly.

“He has the brains and is courageous, though sadly he’s not an Evolutionary, and did not got a ability as a seed, this limits his potential by a lot.”

As Lin Xii was thinking to himself and looking at the approaching titan, Bravo sprunt into the street and following closely behind him about 20 meters was the chasing titan.


The meat hook flew in the air.

The chains wrapping around his arm rapidly unravel, the blood red hook flew parallel to the ground by a meter towards the opened legs of the titan that was running into the street. The path of both the hook and the titan collided and mashed into one.


The trio that was hiding behind exclaimed as they saw the hook dug deep into the calf of the titan.

Lin Xii immediately felt a huge force, a force that does not want to be denied. He immediately gathered all the strength in his body and fought against it. Alas he could not grasp hold of the chain and it flew right out of his hands and leaving his palm bloodied and flesh ripped opened.

But compared to him, the titan fared off much worse. Imagine a galloping horse, and you suddenly pulled on the harnessed as hard as possible.

The huge kinetic force from the running titan and the opposite pull force from Lin Xii immediately snapped off the calf of the titan. The titan that maintained the running position fell forward head first into a two storey building.

The building couldn’t took the force behind the crash and collapsed after a few shooks.

The titan’s head looked like a squashed watermelon. Red liquid mixed with minced meat splattered all around the area. The high temperature of the blood induced steam rising . A little of the blood splattered on Glasses face and he grunt in pain.

Lin Xii did not care about the fiery pain coming from his hands as he grabbed his Dark Sword and stride over the titan. Do not think that because the head of the titan has exploded then it’s safe, they just need a small amount of time to regenerate it back.

Only cutting off the back of the neck where the top of the spinal cord is, will it kill of the titan.

After easily killing off this titan, and watching it disappeared into particles of light, he received 100 points.

The four teens stood beside him and watched in awe.

Cutting away a motionless titan was easy, but stopping a running titan was definitely not. Even if a normal human was able to throw the heavy meat hook and hit the target, they would still be tugged and flung away by the kinetic force of the running titan and splattered on the ground like minced meat.

After resting for a few minutes, Lin Xii bloodied hands has already fully recovered. The skin fully regrowned, and not even a little bit of scar remained. He turned and talked to Curly : “It’s your turn.”

Curly’s face turned sickly green, understanding that there is no escape and silently telling himself that since their leader was able to do it, so can he——also, the risk of luring out one from four titans is much lower.

Bravo pull him aside and told him some of the important points to do. With that, Curly walked towards the supermarket.

Lin Xii oversaw the entirety of it, with the advice and experience of Bravo, and Curly, the expedition went without a hitch. He too used stones to rang out noises and lured out the titan successfully. The titan he lured was shorter than the previous one, only about 6 meters.

Killing it was a breeze too.

As Lin Xii was using his sword to slash away the back of the titan neck, he could not help but think——

The titan’s the prey, and I am the hunter.

As the 2nd titan was killed, this without a doubt gave them a surge of confidence, and a larger courage.

The studious Glasses is the least brave out of the four of them, but he too succeed in luring a titan from the remaining three.. Even though when he reached the street he slumped down like wet spaghetti.

“You just have to lure out one more from the remaining two and I will go and kill the last one myself.”

Lin Xii could not help but felt excited, after clearing off these titans, he could then enter the supermarket and get supplies and store them in the storage space provided by the <Human Evolution Program>. Nine empty space with nine meters cubes of space each.

“No problem!”

Fatty originally gets hungry easily, adding on the fact that he did not ate much this previous 2 days, he’s hungry as a hyena right now. Just by imagining the variety and amount of food in the supermarket, he could not help but salivate.

He rub his palms together “When I go into the supermarket, I definitely will ate at least 10 person’s worth of food!”


Bravo looked at him with a serious look and warned him: “Don’t let the fact that the 3 of us successfully managed to lured out the titan go to your head and let your guard down. When luring out the titan, the risk of danger is always there. You are a bit fat, careful a bit more, do not make any mistake.”

“Don’t worry boss, for the free food that is in the market I definitely will not die.”

Even if Fatty said it so casually, hus movement was very cautious. He slowly and carefully move his 100 kg body towards the central square.

“Careful, I have to be very careful, there’s only 2 left, just lure out one and it’s my victory. I can then go into the supermarket and eat all I want. Those grilled chicken, pig feet, steak, grilled duck, bacon……I can all I want, and it’s free!”

After a considerable amount of effort, Fatty finally crawled his way to his destination while muttering to himself. He gave himself a boost of confidence and started using a stone to bang on the side of a car.

“Pang, pang, pang……”

With the rhythmic sounds ringing out loud, the nearest titan from the last two was alerted.


Lin Xii pupils contracted as he saw the titan hunched down with all four limbs on the ground, and jumped high in the air!

That’s right, jumped!

Jumped like a frog jumping in the air catching flies.

With this jump, it leaped over a hundred meters of distance. As it landed down on the ground, the ground beneath it cracked and trembled, with shards of rock flying about.

“Shit, it’s a abnormal type! One of the last two is a fucking abnormal type!”

Abnormal type titan is a type of titan that shows irregularity in its behaviour.It usually demonstrate a few different quirks that separates it from the regular titan——and this particular titan has “super jump”skills.

After the titan landed from its jump, it jumped again and landed in front of Fatty with about 10 meters to spare.

The huge sounds and tremor alerted the other 3 students and when they saw what was going on, goosebumps and air hairs stood up. Curly’s mouth was wide open and he shouted frantically: “Fatty, run! Fucking run!”

Witnessing the abnormal titan jumped twice and landed near him, Fatty was drenched in cold sweat as he hid behind the car, his eyelids twitch uncontrollably, and his legs trembled in fear.

“Am, am I gonna die? I don’t want to die, run, gotta run……”

A huge shadow came down and two sets of teeth clamped down with a snapped. The bonnet of the car was ripped off in a bite, the subsequent shockwave from the fall knocked the car backwards and it rolled about.

Fatty was blown away by the shockwave of the landing titan about 10 meters away, as he landed, he bounced twice as if he was a ball. Blood filled his mouth and nose.

“Run, run……”

It was unknown where the sudden burst of energy came from, as Fatty was moaning in pain, he scrambled up and ran madly.

“The other titan’s also got alerted, shit!”

Lin Xii face was grim, he’s now faced with a dilemma. Whether to run or face and fight? One of the titan was 4 meters tall and the other 7 meters tall. Both of them are considered shorties among titans, with just a little risk he could kill the both of them.

But, the problem is that the 7 meters tall titan is a abnormal type.

The strength, agility and mobility is far superior from a normal titan! Over the last 3 days, Lin Xii killed plenty of titans but this is the first time that he encounter a abnormal type titan.


Glasses suddenly rushed towards Lin Xii and kneeled before him with a thud and slam his head down on the ground “Please, I beg you, save Fatty please!”

Currently Fatty showed the potential of human under the threat of death, with bursts of energy that surprises even himself, he ran like the wind. Sadly, he still could not escape the grasp of the titan, and if Lin Xii hesitate just a little more, Fatty will be dead.

“Kill, or run?”

Lin Xii bit his jaw and instantly made a decision. “Kill! This isn’t just saving him, I have to try and see the abnormal titan strength for myself! Also, the points that I can get by killing the abnormal type titan is definitely more than usual, it’s worth a risk.”

“ I cannot opt out every time there’s a risk and only stick to killing low risk titans, if I don’t face stronger foes and not experiencing danger, how am I supposed to get strong?”

He shouted to the other three while he’s running to the titan “You guys go and distract the other titan away, I need to focus on the abnormal one!”

Lin Xii ran towards the supermarket, as the abnormal titan was jumping about non stop, patches of thr ground flew about, dust everywhere as if a missile struck the ground.

Fatty’s currently running for his dear life.

He ran, crawled, rolled, with his hands and legs. HIs face filled with sweat, blood and tears. Fatty face twisted in a ferocious look with the will to live.

The human potential is limitless, as they said. The heavy and fat, with internal bleeding due to the shockwave Fatty dodged the titan’s jaw 4 times as if he was a rabbit jumping about dodging the eagle’s claw.

The abnormal titan jumped up again, but the landing isn’t in Fatty’s direction anymore.

This is due to the rapidly incoming Lin Xii attracted his attention.

“I, I’m not dead?”

Noticing the lack of the looming shadow behind him, Fatty was stunned for a moment. He laughed and cried as he realized he escaped death. Alas, he did not noticed, or maybe he totally ignored the fact that in the midst of the dust and tremor behind me, was another titan incoming……

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