Chapter 80 – The Family’s Function

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A Magic Cart’s shop, <Progress>.

It was the shop that made our family’s Magic Cart and we have been using ever since.


[Hah…..Old man…..] (Chuck)


As my friends went inside the store, the store owner’s son, Chuck, was in front of us and was rubbing his brows and sighed.


[Come on in.] (Chuck)

[Welcome…..Aah, weren’t you from that time, uuhh…] (Chuck)

[It’s Satou Ryouta. Glad that you’ve remembered me.] (Ryouta)

[Eeh, I’m truly indebted for what you’d done at that time. So how’s your cart doing?] (Chuck)

[It’s doing well because of you.] (Ryouta)

[Oh I see. Well it’s also thanks to Ryouta-san, that more customers have increased because of the Heavy Rock and Light Rock that we’ve remodeled for you and have been selling it.] (Chuck)


Heavy Rock and Light Rock, those were monsters from the Arsenic Dungeon.

The store owner and their son made use of these characteristics and customized a Magic Cart which can calculate the estimate price of a dropped item.

Because we went to the trade shop <Swallow’s Repayment>, someone asked where we’d gotten our Magic Cart from and we said it was from <Progress>, maybe that’s why it went public.


[Well I’m glad to hear it.] (Ryouta)

[Hey hey, why are you sighing a lot?] (Alice)


Alice asked Chuck from beside me.


[To tell you the truth, Old man went inside the dungeon and again isn’t coming back on time.] (Chuck)

[Again?] (Ryouta)

[Is that so?] (Alice)


I nodded to Alice who was making a strange expression.


[Something like this happened before in the past. So did he not leave a note saying he would be going to the dungeon again?] (Ryouta)


As I further about this manner, Chuck had a troubled expression and he slowly nodded.


[Is that so, this time I would like last time go around and check. Since Arsenic isn’t really that dangerous.] (Ryouta)

[Since Arsenic’s monsters won’t come and attack you head on.] (Celeste)


Chuck then nodded to the explanation that Celeste gave.

Afterwards, she looked at me with eyes of expectations.


What that means….is that I have no choice but to go then.




Arsenic Dungeon, 17th floor.


[Argh-, I’m tired!]


The moment we came down, I exclaimed as there was a rock—–no there was a rock monster with face attached to it.

From the 1st floor till the 17th floor, each and every rock monsters looked exactly the same from the rest.

Strictly speaking, there were some minor differences. There were some slight differences from each of their expressions, but the difference was truly on a subtle level.


What’s more the rocks would just stare at me, and would not attack whatsoever.


Shikuro—-No I think that the whole world would agree if there was a dungeon that was this peaceful, but because there wasn’t any stimulation at all in return it was driving me crazy.


And at that dungeon, Emily and I—–the Arsenic’s case, came here together as Emily was good at smashing rocks.


[Fight fight nanodesu~ Since it’s already been the 17th floor, I’m sure Alton-san must be around here somewhere nanodesu~] (Emily)

[I know. But still… really doesn’t change at all.] (Ryouta)

[The rocks on the 17th floor looked as though they are being dejected nanodesu.] (Emily)

[Now that mention it they do look like that] (Ryouta)


I went close to one of the rocks and took a closer look at it.

As Emily had described, the rocks around here seemed to look as though they were dejected.

The face reminded me of a salaryman overworking himself till he was out of battery.


It wasn’t something that was nice to look at.


[……Well then, where the heck is Alton-san.] (Ryouta)

[Let’s go around once and search for him nodesu.] (Emily)


I nodded.


[Seems like no adventurers are present on this floor, though there were quite a few adventurers on previous floors.] (Ryouta)

[Still this place is amazing, about 90% of adventures that we’ve seen were using Emily’s • Hammer.] (Ryouta)

[Uuu…….that naming is really embarrassing desu (>///W///<)] (Emily)

[The advertisement really did boost the sales. This is supposed to be an additional advertisement fee.] (Ryouta)


I looked at Emily as I was teasing her.

Emily’s • Hammer, previously Emily’s most favourite hammer was broken in half, and a weapons merchant named Smith came up to us and proposed an idea.

Similar to an athlete, the maker would supply products to them, and as long as the athlete uses their products then people would naturally want to buy that same product the athlete’s using.


Accepting that offer, was how Emily had a brand new hammer. And right now, around 90% of adventurers were using that exact Emily’s • Hammer.


[It’s because this hammer is so easy to use nanodesu, and it’s not because of me desu.] (Emily)

[Didn’t someone ask for a signature when we went into the first floor? Don’t try to hide it, Emily has completely become a famous person.] (Ryouta)

[Please forget about what just happened just now nodes!!] (Emily)


Emily made an embarrassing look and raised her voice.

Just so you know, the person who asked for a signature was a young girl who was holding an Emily’s • Hammer, and because she looked up to Emily that she wanted a signature from her.


The 18+ year old girl, unlike Emily who had a standard body type, the hammer seemed to be too heavy for that child who had difficulties carrying it.

Was that the reason why she admired Emily, that was one of my random thoughts.


As I was teasing Emily about this, we finally saw Alton.

A middle-aged man with a stout but quite wide around body with a long beard, he looked exactly the same the last time we’ve met, when you first look at him, he seemed like a Dwarf.


[Alton-san.] (Ryouta?)

[Nn? Oh, it’s you kids.] (Alton)

[You’re making Chuck-san worried again.] (Ryouta)

[That kid’s balls are small, no need to write a note saying I’m leaving to Arsenic right.] (Alton)

[But still, leaving for a whole week is still too much.] (Ryouta)

[I’ve no choice, since there’s no drop at all ya see.] (Alton)

[So it’s about a drop?] (Ryouta)

[The Rare monster on this floor, called <Master Rock>, I need it’s drop. Oh yeah, can’t you help me get the drop from the Master Rock. If you can help me get it I’ll help remodel yer Magic Cart into something much more awesome.] (Alton)

[I understand.] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu.] (Emily)


Emily and I both answered in unison.

Well that’s the reason why we came here to begin with.

Though we came down here was because we want to confirm whether Alton’s doing fine for Chuck, this Alton guy is too fixated on remodelling Magic Carts, thus he was the type of man who would throw out his real life and make his family worry about him.


This man has been in here for a week, thus it intrigued me on what he’s about to do yet again.


[So we would just need to look out for a Master Rock for you?] (Ryouta)

[Don’t have to. Just touch these Slave Rocks.] (Alton)

[Why nanodesu?] (Emily)

[Touch and y’all will understand.] (Alton)


Was what Alton said.

Emily and my face met, and we both nodded.


Thus, we went to a nearest Slave Rock and touched it.

The rock monster that had an expression as if it was domestically tamed by a company did nothing at all.


[Nothing happened.] (Ryouta)

[That means it’s not here yet. Once it’s out it will know.] (Alton)

[Hah…] (Ryouta)


Believing in Alton’s words, we proceeded to touch the Slave Rock every 10 or so seconds.

Still, for this dungeon that has nothing strange about it, I was starting to get bored of it—-and it was around that time.


Emily who was touching the rock suddenly disappeared!


[Emily!??] (Ryouta)

[So it’s here!] (Alton)


Alton raised his voice, and touched a different rock.

And Alton disappeared too.


What the heck was happening, but no use contemplating about it as I readied my gun on one hand and touched a rock.


The next moment I was flown to a different location.


[Yoda-san!] (Emily)

[Emily, are you alright?] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu. Moreover look over there desu.] (Emily)


Emily pointed at the opposite side, and clearly a different looking monster was there.

If the rocks around it was those tired employers, then this must have an expression of a rich face where he would go to clubs or cabaret clubs and scolds the girls over there.

Seems like if you touch the Slave Rocks, it will immediately teleport you to where the Master Rock is.

It reminded me of a slave-like composition that ask people to pay up.


[So this is the Master Rock.] (Ryouta)

[We just have to defeat it nodesu?] (Emily)

[Aah, but—-] (Ryouta)
[Let’s go desu~] (Emily)


Without waiting for Alton, Emily chugged the Red Potion and spun her Emily • Hammer round and round before jumping towards it.


I silently watched.

Emily who became attached to this place, which practically makes Arsenic Dungeon her home ground, plus using the red potion to increase her drop to A.


Thus I thought she could handle it all by her own.


As she was accelerating her hammer down on the monster—her entire body disappeared.


[Emily!?!] (Ryouta)

[Don’t worry, she was just teleported out of the dungeon.] (Alton)

[Outside the dungeon?] (Ryouta)

[If you don’t defeat the Master Rock in one hit, it will teleport you outside of the dungeon. It’s truly an annoying piece of shit monster to deal with.] (Alton)

[So it’s just being teleported.] (Ryouta)

[Yeap.] (Alton)


Then I don’t have to worry about Emily.


[So, one hit eh.] (Ryouta)

[You gonna have a go?] (Alton)

[Yeap, I’m gonna try.] (Ryouta)


I took out my guns, and thought of various things.

How was I going to launch an attack capable of such maximum firepower as I did some simulation in my head.


After finish thinking, on one of my guns I loaded 5 Bullet Enhancer and 1 Flame Bullet, and on the other hand another 5 Bullet Enhancer but this time 1 Freeze Bullet.

And with that, I fired.


The Flame and Freezing Bullet merged together, and fused into one.

An Annihilation Bullet being reinforced by the Bullet Enhancer gouged a space 5 meters in diameter!

And obviously, the Master Rock was never to be seen again as it was annihilated.

An Annihilation Bullet greatly reinforced by Bullet Enhancers.


[Hey you…..Wasn’t that too overboard?] (Alton)


Alton who asked me to defeat it in one hit was also dazed by what just happened.




After coming out from the dungeon, we had some dropped flowers both from the Slave Rock and the Master Rock.

Since the monsters in Arsenic don’t attack at all, even if it were to become a rogue monsters, it won’t really pose any threat, it was that kind of special typed monsters.


Thus we kept all the items in a box that Alton developed, and carried it all the way back to <Progress>.


Seeing Chuck worried for a moment then arranged himself properly, Alton went back to his workshop and worked on his stuff.


[Haiz, really….this shitty father of mine.] (Chuck)


Despite cursing him, Chuck was obviously relieved.

Thus I waited with my friends, and finally Alton came out with a Magic Cart and a huge box.


It was the Magic Cart that we have been using all these time, and on top of the box was open up in a strange way.


[It’s completed.] (Alton)

[I’m not sure what’s that desu?] (Emily)

[Hey you, lend me your ears.] (Alton)


Alton then whispered something onto Emily’s ears.


[I understand desu. Yoda-san, I have somewhere to go desu.] (Emily)

[Emily? Wait a mo—–] (Ryouta)


Before I could stop her, Emily pushed the cart outside of the shop and dashed away.


[What’s happening?] (Ryouta)

[Well, you’ll find out.] (Alton)


As Alton finished saying, he looked at the direction of the box.

You’ll find out, was what Alton said himself, and he had a face full of expectations.


After some time passed, Ka-kon, a sound was made and bean sprouts came flying out of the box.


[It’s here! It was a huge success!] (Alton)

[Bean Sprouts? What’s going on here?] (Ryouta)

[It’s the new function, even if you were to head off to anywhere, you can send things through this box. If you were to place this box in the town hall or in a warehouse, you won’t have to worry about coming back at all.] (Alton)

[Now that’s what I call convenient!] (Ryouta)


Even though it’s plenty easy to push the Magic Cart around, but you would still have to come out of the dungeon to sell your items at the city, which made it bothersome sometimes.

But with this new function, I would just have to come back once a day.


[Because of y’all that I was able to successfully create this, that’s my thanks for you.] (Alton)

[This, can you create multiple carts of it?] (Ryouta)

[Of course, it’s supposed to send it to the base, and for the sake of the Family we had to send countless Slave Rocks here. So how many do you need?] (Alton) (TLN: Sorry, I’m slightly confused at this part ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)

[Together with me that would be 5.] (Ryouta)

[Leave it to me, fufu, it will be a challenge to adjust so many at once.] (Alton)


Alton had a fun expression and then rushed back at his workplace, and his son Chuck had a face of “It’s about to start again”.


With that, we finally got everyone a Magic Cart with this new function.

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