Chapter 79 – Triple Score

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Celeste and Emily had safely gotten their license and the next day arrived.

With the help of Emily’s god-like abilities to clean, the entire member was currently seated at the warm and gentle living room.


While everyone was staring at the breakfast made by Emily, she went up to me and spoke.


[Yoda-san, do you have any plans today?] (Emily)

[Plans? I’m not sure I have one so I guess I’m heading to the dungeon and make my rounds for today. Seeing as the Harvest Festival recently ended, I guess it’s back to earning some money] (Ryouta)


I tilted my head upwards, looking up at the ceiling while wondering.


During and after the Harvest Festival, many things have happened.

I’ve met with Alice, defeated the Dungeon Master of Nihonium, I helped max Margaret’s level, and also for Emily and Celeste, plus getting license for both Emily and Celeste.

Now that I thought about it, it’s been almost a week since I last did a daily routine in the dungeon.


So in the meantime, income was cut off.

Well, it’s not like I’m a salaryman anymore. Even though I was in a Black Company, I would still keep quiet and get my tens of thousands of money every month as they come by.

But the life I’m living isn’t like that anymore. I’ve earned almost zero Piro this past week.


Even though it doesn’t pose a problem for me…..for us, but I have to earn them sooner or later.


[I understand desu, I’ll prepare to head off for Teruru’s 8th floor desu.] (Emily)

[It’s been awhile since we last hunt together, I can’t wait~] (Celeste)

[I think this would be my first time.] (Alice)

[Bunny wants some lunchbox(bunch of carrots).] (Eve)


They’ve gotten more excited.

Having breakfast together while enjoying some small talks, this was the sort of atmosphere I’m feeling right now.


And inside it, I was quietly thinking about something, and afterwards I proposed something.


[Should we do something different today?] (Ryouta)

[So Yoda-san really had something to do today desu?] (Emily)

[No that’s not it. Since everyone has become stronger, but of course y’all can become even stronger.] (Ryouta)

[Can we? Though isn’t my level already maxed out desu?] (Emily)

[It can be done, since Ryouta-san has recently obtained 2 Magic Fruit and learnt 2 magic from it, so he’s going to do some preparations to get them.] (Celeste)

[And I can maybe listen to more callings from monsters~] (Alice)

[In this world, there might be other unknown carrots.] (Eve)


Starting from Celeste, everyone was telling Emily about how they were other ways to be stronger——except for Eve.


[Yes, y’all can be much more stronger. But y’all did reach your maximum level right? I want to find out how much we can earn a day and how can we do that? That is what I want to figure out.] (Ryouta)

[Oh, I see nanodesu.] (Emily)

[That is indeed important.] (Celeste)


Everyone nodded in approval, seemed like no one objected.


[If that’s the case I’ll head to the 8th floor now desu. If it’s similar to a Steel Slime, I think I can handle similar monsters in Arsenic too desu.] (Emily)

[Now that I think about it, there isn’t much monsters like that slime which is tough but their speed are normal, so I see why.] (Ryouta)

[If that’s the case Yoda-san, can I have one of your Drop +1 Potion please nanodesu~] (Emily)

[Is 1 enough?] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu,  I just have to use 1 plus the ring I have right now and my stats would be B desu. I think B is a safe range to easily get drops nanodesu.] (Emily)


I see.

I went and brought over two types of Drop Up Potion.

These were drop by the rogue monsters of the paper notes which has a +3 potion, and a +1 for the rogue coin monsters.

+3 is sort of expensive in it’s own right, but +1 hardly can be considered wasting at all.


[I got it. In that case I would really like a +2 equipment, so you can go up till A.] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu.] (Emily)


[I’m….Oh yeah. Alice, do you want to tag along with me?] (Celeste)

[Me? It’s fine…..ah, Boney-chan and Jumpy-san~] (Alice)


The SD sized monsters both hid behind Alice’s back.


[Gaa–an! Gohon. That’s not it, I’m being serious now. It’s about the Guts Slime on the 7th floor, I would like to lend the children’s power to fight them. I believe that together with them, we could even win against a rare monster.] (Celeste)

[Oh, so that’s what you mean.] (Alice)

[If that’s what Celeste said, then I’m sure it’s true.] (Ryouta)

[I got it, then let’s go now~] (Alice)

[Yeah.] (Celeste)


As Celeste silently nodded, she couldn’t hide the fact from me that she just did a fist bump under the table.

I’m pretty sure some personal feelings were mixed in between, but I guess it’s fine.


[How about Eve?] (Ryouta)

[Dust will be with dust, so bunny will be with carrots.] (Eve)

[I’ll give you a +3 Potion. Just give me a heads up next time.] (Ryouta)

[Do you know that I really like you!] (Eve)


Eve’s eyes then brightened up and blinked several times.


After confirming several plans during breakfast, it’s time we did things separately for the day.




I decided to walk around the floor where my friends would not go.

First off was Teruru’s first floor, the monsters here are Slime.

Pushing the Magic Cart, I walked around.


Naturally encountering a Slime that was trying to attack me, I picked it up and brought it on top of the Magic Cart, and using my gun—–


[No.] (Ryouta)


Thinking back, I grasped it as it is.


Purun~, a squishy feeling, and the Slime disappeared and the dropped bean sprouts landed right into the Magic Cart.

Compared to when I first fought them, no wait compared to before the Harvest Festival was held, I felt that these Slimes were weaker than I thought.


I guess it was due to the Dungeon Master of Nihonium.

Because of that I became strong, since normal bullets won’t work, I had to resort to physical damage and narrowly won that battle.

Thus after that, it felt as though the Slimes were so easy to defeat to the point where I could be digging my nose and would still be able to defeat it while using one pinky.


Continuing ahead while pushing the Magi Cart, I once again met with a Slime and doing the same thing I grasped it tightly where it could not escape at all, and brought it on top of the Magic Cart.


[~~?] (Ryouta)


Whistling aloud, it’s as if I was doing grocery shopping at a supermarket.


After some time passed, the function of the Magic Cart showed that I have accumulated 40k Piro worth of items.

I then brought the Magic Cart that was fully loaded with bean sprouts back to the city, and brought it over to the trading shop named <The Swallows Repayment>.


Afterwards I went back to the dungeon.

This time it’s the second floor…..was what I thought but Eve caught hold of me, she told me to hand over an S Drop’s Ryouta Carrot in order to pass through here.


The third floor, Cockroach Slime.

Emily’s natural enemy, a shiny black Slime that crawls creepily on the ground.


Back then it was so hard to get through this floor, Emily would have to cover her eyes and ears and we had to escort her to the next floor.

But after having Alice joined our team, she would know the exact location of each monsters and would lead us, she would lead us to paths that you could not even hear your own footsteps, what’s more it was safer.


At that third floor, the Cockroach Slime drops pumpkins.

Well it’s not like I’m afraid or anything, so I proceeded to pick up the crawling thing, and doing the same as before—-But.(he knew, he f**ked up)


Pon, like a popcorn popping, the Cockroach Slime turned into a pumpkin.

It suddenly turned into a larger object from what I was holding, and slipped right past my hand.


My hand was slightly numbed.


[Even though I take no damage from monsters but this drop actually did.] (Ryouta)


That was sort of funny.

The Cockroach Slime themselves weren’t that strong to begin with.

However, even if you clench it or hit it, I would be knocked down by a pumpkin’s popcorn pop, so I decided on defeating it with normal bullets.


After carrying 4 pumpkins that was equivalent to 42k Piro, I sold it off to <The Swallows Repayment>.

In total that was 80k Piro.


Once again I head back into the dungeon, and the official residence, Eve once again asked for a carrot fee before passing through.

Arriving on the fourth floor, the monsters were Bat Slimes.

Sometimes it flew around, and sometimes it would hang itself upside down on the ceiling, so I shot down those that I could see.

Even though it dropped at quite a distance, it was instantly sucked into my pouch, and I took it out and placed it inside the Magic Cart.


Normal bullets, pew, and into the Magic Cart. That was the triple combo that I did while continuing onward.

Even though it was the 4th floor but they were indeed weak, I took no damage while defeating them, and in no time the Magic Cart was filled to the brim.


Again I pushed the Magic Cart out to the city and exchanged the drops for 220k Piro.

And this was 300k Piro in total.

Due to Gourmet branding my Ryouta Bamboo, I could sell it for such a high price.

Because it was a brand made by me, I’m afraid it would crash if I overdid it, thus I stopped hunting more for now.


After selling those, and paying the carrot fees, it’s onto the 5th floor.

I encountered a Slime that had several slimes stacked onto each other called a Snake Slime.

First off I prepared a Pandora Box, and defeated one of it.

The dropped watermelon was sucked into the box first, and the box was imprinted with my face on it.


It was for Ena’s family’s greengrocer delivery goods..

After doing that, it was onto normally defeating it.

The moment one of the Snake Slime came close to me, I grabbed it and squeezed it on top of the Magic Cart.


Pon, a huge watermelon was dropped and was rolling into the Magic Cart.

I continued pushing the car around, the Snake Slime’s weren’t particularly strong, thus I easily circled around.


After the cart was full of watermelons worth 50k Piro, I delivered the box to the family and gotten another 50k from them.

Even though it’s the same thing but because it was made by me the prices differed. Even though it’s one a day, but it’s extremely delicious.


After going around the floors that my friends weren’t frequent to, I’ve gotten 400k Piro in total.


[Well then, it’s time to get serious.] (Ryouta)


Coming out from <The Swallows Repayment>, I stretched my arms.

Because I only made one round each, this time is the real deal.




At night, we all gathered at Emily • House’s living room.

The last one to come was Eve, and after that the report started.


[Bunny’s earning for today, 120k was suitable. I’m confident.] (Eve)

[Are you that proud of it?] (Ryouta)

[All these time my Vegetation drop was low.] (Eve)

[I see, even though your Meat drop is high but you came to Shikuro in the end.] (Ryouta)

[More like, what is with it being suitable?] (Alice)


Alice asked a question.


[I ate all of it.] (Eve)

[You just ate 120k Piro worth of carrot!!!] (Ryouta)


I just had to tsukkomi her.

Because the currency of Piro and Yen was similar, in one day she just ate 120k Yen(1082.52 dollars/906.28Euro) worth of carrots.


[As for me I made 160k Piro desu, as expected it was a new record nanodesu.] (Emily)

[Emily that’s amazing~ You won over Eve.] (Ryouta)

[The reason why Eve-chan lost was because she ate it all at the end of the day desu. If she could’ve held it right at the end day then it’s my lost desu.] (Emily)

[Bunny, can double that amount.] (Eve)

[And you’re gonna taste it all.] (Ryouta)


[The both of us earned 215123 Piro.] (Celeste)

[So one person would be around 100k Piro then.] (Ryouta)


Celeste and Alice finished reporting, it’s so like Celeste to report it by herself.


After knowing everyone’s report, they all looked at me, as they want to know how much I’d earned.


I cleared my throat, and took out the details that was rounded up and given by Elza and reported it to them.


[It’s 1.56Million Piro.] (Ryouta)

[ [ [Oooh—] ] ] (The three girls)

[It’s a weeks worth of carrots…..] (Eve)


The three girls raised cheers of excitement, but oddly enough(or not odd) Eve was calculating.


[That’s really amazing Yoda-san, even with everyone’s amount added up, it still couldn’t reach higher than Yoda-san’s desu.] (Emily)

[It’s a triple score, as expected of you.] (Celeste)

[Ryouta’s rich now~] (Alice)


The three of them praised me in their own ways.

I was sort of happy about it.


[So that means our family makes around 2Million Piro’s a day then.] (Ryouta)

[That settles it then.] (Celeste)

[If we can earn this amount then even splurging around wouldn’t be a problem.] (Ryouta)

[Are you gonna use it nodesu?] (Emily)

[Yeah.] (Ryouta)


From Emily to Alice, I looked at all of them.


[I was postponing it before, but now I can finally get everyone each a Magic Cart.] (Ryouta)


In one breath I told everyone about the plan I had in mind.

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