FF : Chapter 7: 4 man team

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There were around 6 titans prowling around. HIs objective of obtaining supplies is this supermarket. Since there were so many titans “guarding the door”, the supplies in the supermarket is definitely a lot.

Some of the structure in the supermarket was toppled down by the titans, the fresh meat area was exposed and all kinds of meat was scattered around, there were also some flies buzzing around it, sadly the titans doesn’t eat these.

The only meat they eat is human meat.

“6 of them huh……”

Lin Xii killed a total of 7 titans yesterday, but it doesn’t mean that he could take on these 6 titans here.

“I have to think of a way to lure these titans out one by one and kill them separately.”

Lin Xii furrowed his brows tightly. Luring out these monster isn’t going to be easy, there may be a chance of luring 2 out instead of 1, and he doesn’t have full confidence of facing 2 at once, and in the worst scenario 3 of the titans came out and he could not escape in time, he will definitely die.

“If only I have a mercenary partner, that would be so good.”

The mercenary could keep the titan’s attention while he kill it.

“My next exchange is definitely going to be a mercenary! Doesn’t matter if its a animal type, or a low intelligence mercenary. I have 1700 points now, even if I obtain 1000 points a day, just a few more days would be sufficient.”

Lin Xii’s hiding on top of a roof, waiting for a chance to strike, and hoping that maybe some of the titan would leave.

As time trickled away, the biggest titan amongst them, a 15 meters tall titan, left.

Only 5 left.

As the sun slowly moved towards the west, it was already 3pm and Lin Xii suddenly noticed that far away, there were a couple of small dots coming towards this area.

It was a small group, 4 20-ish years old teenagers, forming a team.

The group consist of a fat guy, a muscular guy, a guy with wavy hair, and lastly a guy wearing glasses, looking more studious.

The muscular guy was holding a long stick with a machete tied on its tip, and the fat guy was holding a firefighter’s axe guarding the end. The other 2 was holding both a knife and a wok as a shield, guarding the rears of the team.

To be honest, the weapons that these people are holding were pretty much useless in Lin Xii’s eyes.

The monster that are in this area——Pearl City are titans. Not zombies, or undead skeletons these weak and small creatures.

The shortest of them are 3 meters tall, and the only weakness being the back of the neck. How are normal human beings with knives, spears or axes going to face these monsters?

They are better off empty handed, at least when they encounter a titan they are able to run faster.

These weapons are just a psychological relive to them.

“Bait huh……”

Lin Xii suddenly had a thought, and jumped down from the roof, and ran towards the 4 of them. “Nice to meet you.” He said.

The muscular teenager noticed the leather armor that Lin Xii was wearing, the black sword on his waist, and the wooden shield on Lin Xii’s back. At first glance, he looked like a western-ish style gladiator from a game. The teenager slightly pause and asked “Are you a Evolutionary?”

“You guys know about the Evolutionary?”

“The TV’s broadcasting about it everyday, ever since those monsters came, these people are the ones that gotten super powers……and also our school have one.”

Lin Xii eyes lit up, even though there are 100,000 evolutionary on earth, but when they are all scattered around, how many would they really be? Even if it is scattered according to total human ratio, china would only have 20,000 evolutionary.

China has 600 or so cities, on average, a city would have 30 evolutionary, maybe some of them more, and some of them less. The most would not exceed a hundred.

Ever since the apocalypse, this is the 1st time that Lin Xii had gotten information on other evolutionary, he felt a little excited.

Maybe it’s because he sense his feelings, the fat guy walk from behind and said: “Bro, it’s better if you don’t find him, that guy is a piece of shit, originally he was normal, but as soon as he got these powers his nature came out. Just the other day, he even humiliate(not sure, maybe rape?) the prettiest girl in the school, what a fucking beast.”

The fat guy’s words rang a bell in Lin Xii’s head.

There are all sorts of people in this world. Good, bad, kind, evil, humble, evil, all sorts of them. During a crisis in china’s history, there are many who rose up and take the role of a generous hero, and there are many who take advantage of the crisis.

Even during the time when china was defending against japan’s invasion, when the soldiers were out in the battlefield getting blood splattered and head decapitated, there are politicians in the country taking advantage of the war to make more money.

The monster that came with the apocalypse is definitely the largest crisis in humankind, and in this environment, the dark side of the human nature will definitely be amplified, the kind of people that the fat guy just said definitely are not in small numbers!

Lin Xii thinks that he definitely could not become the hero, but he definitely would not be those despicable humans, towards those kinds of evolutionary, being vigilant is a must, and not maintaining any close contact.

The studious guy tug on the shirt of the fat guy, seemingly scared that the words that the fat guy just said would anger Lin Xii, since you could never know whether this handsome and weak looking person is a good person or not.

The muscular guy who is seemingly the leader of the group hurriedly change the topic of the conversation. He then proceed to introduce the group to Lin Xii. They were a group a university students from the nearby Finance and Trade University. As the monster came, since the F&T Uni has huge walls surrounding its campus, the few titans that appeared in the campus was quickly killed, therefore the campus was still consider safe.

The only problem now is that food was scarce, there were too many mouth to feed and since it is a uni after all, the food supplies were lacking.

The four of them are roommates in the hostel. Following the descending order of age, the oldest is the muscular guy, his nickname is Bravo, the 2nd is the guy with the wavy hair, his nickname is Curly. The third  is the studious guy, his nickname is Glasses, and the youngest is the fat guy, his nickname……is Fatty.

Bravo learnt martial arts before and he is slightly more brave. Add on the fact that the fatty eats a bit more, and he’s really hungry, they decided to come out and see if they can find anything to eat.

“The amount of food in the supermarket is definitely a lot. But as you can see, there are 5 titans over there.”

“My idea is, luring out the titan one by one and kill them off.” Lin Xii pointed over with his finger.

“What? Kill the titans?!”

The four Uni students look over each other in disbelief.

The evolutionary in the school, even though he has powers, but even facing a titan he would still be scared as if he peed his pants. The titans that originally appear in the campus was knocked down by the guard using a trailer truck and having a huge swarm of people rushing to the fallen titan back nape and hack at it away till it dies.

“Titans are not easily kill.” Glasses timidly said.

“Not hard either” The way that Lin Xii casually brush it off causes the four teenage to slightly pause. “Then how do we kill it?”

Taking out the meat hook from the storage space, and showed it to them “By throwing this out, hooking the titan’s ankle or hand and pull it down. Then using my sword to cut the back of its nape, I have already killed 13 titans in these past few days.”


Thinking back towards the piece of shit evolutionary in their campus, and listening to Lin Xii words, even though they still doubt his words a little, they stilled showed a thumbs up: “You go man.”

“I would like to cooperate with you guys, you guys lure out the titan and I kill it.”

After hearing Lin Xii words, the faces of the four of them changed instantly.

“You want us to be baits?”


Curly was slightly pissed and said: “ What rights do you have, telling us to die? Besides, you are a evolutionary and stronger than us, why don’t you bait it yourself?!”

“I need time to prepare for a chance to strike.”

Lin Xii expression was calm. “Cooperating with you is just my suggestion, I won’t force you into doing it. You guys can always reject me and leave, but other than this supermarket, finding food in other places isn’t going to be easy.”

“The risk of dying is definitely there, but not risking and hoping to get food……is it possible?”

The four students look at each other and Bravo’s head trickled a bead of sweat, he hesitated for a bit and ask: “Can we……discuss among ourselves first?”

“Suit yourself.”

The four of them distance themselves from him a little. The discussion started quietly, but it escalated to a argument quickly.

After arguing for a bit, Fatty raised his voice :”Fuck it, don’t you see how stingy those in charge in the school were? They gave us so little yesterday, not even filling the corner of my stomach! The food will definitely get lesser and lesser, I can’t stand this anymore!”

“The school shops are closed, the restaurant outside are also closed, where else do we get food?”

“Only this kind of huge supermarket would have! The insides of it is filled with food, we risk our lives coming out here, isn’t it because of food?”

“Originally the 5 titans over there we definitely could not enter the supermarket, now a evolutionary decided to gives us a opportunity and collaborate. Curly and glasses why the fuck are you still yapping? If you don’t want, then leave, I would still agree anyways!”

“Even if I die, it’s better than suffering.”

Bravo decided and said “Fatty’s right, no pain no gain. Also we don’t need to die, the last titan doesn’t need to be lure out, so that means each of us only need to lure once. Just by risking once, we get a huge amount of food, this kind of chance, if we missed it it would not come again.”

Seeing the four of them coming towards him, Lin Xii nodded and said “You guys decided? Good.”

After choosing a street as the place to kill the titans, Lin Xii told the four of them: “I will be ambushing over here, you guys will lure the titan here and I will throw the hook out and pull the titan down and kill it, and repeat.”

“Remember, one titan every time. As for how to lure one titan and not startled the rest of them is up to you guys. The titans doesn’t have intelligence, you do not need to be afraid that they will realized something is up and chase over here.”

“When baiting, if you run too slow, you will get eaten. Also if you lure too many of them at once, and I can’t face them all at once, I will run away.”

“So who’s first?”

The four of them was silent towards Lin Xii question. The first to bait will confront 5 titans, the risk of startling the rest of the titans is definitely the largest. Whereas the last to bait just have to lure one out of two of them, the safest of all.

After pausing for a couple of seconds, Bravo forcely smiled. “As the eldest of you guys, I will go first then. Wavy, you 2nd, Glasses you 3rd, and since Fatty is the youngest, and unable to run fast as he is fat, he will go last, any objections?”

Glasses and Fatty did not speak up. Curly bite down on his teeth and said: “Alright then. My stamina isn’t bad, and is way better than Glasses and Fatty, there’s no need to be picky.”

“Bravo, Curly, thank you, yu guys.” Fatty nodded and said.

“We are brothers in the same hostel room after all, I am still counting on you guys support in the future, saying thank you isn’t needed. I’m going!” Bravo took a swig from a bottle of water, clenching his jaw and walk towards the are of the supermarket.

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  2. How rare is it that an apocalypse novel Mc and side characters are somewhat decent human beings. I’m liking it hope novel doesn’t go down hill like most other novels

    • yeah, this is why I like this novel, the MC is not an optimistic unnatural hero, while not a evil villain either. He’s just a normal human being with a normal moral compass(hope its works well haha) with powers in a apocalypse. Makes the novel much more realistic~

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