FF-Chapter 6 : Wrath

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Only dead silence exists on the streets.

It is totally different from yesterday, where the streets were bustling with students, people going off to work, customers shopping the streets, and everything descended into chaos when the monsters appeared.

Now, those who survived mostly were hiding in their homes.

The titans doesn’t possess intelligence, those residents who are hiding at home, as long as they did not make any noises or get to close to the titans which are sniffing for human flesh, the titans would not voluntarily break down the walls and destroy the buildings to find them.

There would definitely be some remaining food such as vegetables and meat in any house, therefore living currently wouldn’t be tough.

“Most likely later on it would change……the food stockpile at home would be finished, without food, whether it be titans outside or infecting zombies, under the driving force of hunger, people will still get out of their homes.”

“At that time, society will start crumbling for real……the normal peoples will only understand the cruelty of this apocalypse……”

Lin Xii sighed.

He is currently hiding on a huge tree, perching like an eagle hunting it’s prey and observing his surroundings.

His outfit is really unique.

Jeans and shirt, which are common clothes in modern society, but on the shirt he seems to be wearing a jacket, with a hard leather covering, making him look weird. Other than that, a brown oak shield was strapped onto his back with a belt.

The Dark Sword was strapped on a lock on his waist, making it easy to take out at any moment.

The black handle of the sword glister with a luster of darkness under the sun, the body of the sword covered with strips of clothes.

This sword did not come with a holster, however covering it with clothes also has its advantages. During battle, with just a swing the sharpness of the sword will cut the clothes with just a swing, baring its edge.

His meat hook is placed beside him on a tree branch.

“It’s here!”

Lin Xii saw a titan coming towards his direction from the far end of the street.

Among all the titans, the most common is the normal type——absences of any intelligence, only possessing the basic instinct of hunting and killing humans. The normal type titan’s strength usually correlates to its body size, the weakest is around 3 meters tall, while the strongest is around 15 meters tall.

This titan is around 12 meters tall, amongst the higher end of the strength spectrum.

“What an ugly son of a bitch.”

With an inflated belly, rough, skin that lack its luster, warped body, 4 short limbs and a face that looked retarded. When Lin Xii look upon this monstrosity, he felt nauseated.

He patiently waited for the titan to cross under the tree he is on and gets ready to throw his meat hook.


Lin Xii noticed that the titan suddenly stopped it’s tracks, and bended it’s waist and look into a house. It then proceeds to stretch out his hand and smashed on the roof of the house.

“Shit, the people in the house was noticed!”

The position he is in now is around 400-500 meters away, he definitely couldn’t make it on time to rescue them.

The house collapse, showing the residents inside the house. It was a couple of early 20s, both of them lying down bloody on the floor, and was taken by the palm of the titan to fill his mouth.

Next, a huge basin was fished out by the titan from under a bed, inside was……a infant around 1-2 years old.

The infant was waving its white and tender little arms around, making “gugu” noises as if it was laughing.

When he saw the titan using its two fingers, picking up the infant and lift the infant to its fat, hairy mouth that was filled with yellowish rotten teeth, and proceed to bite off the infant head, Lin Xii body was shaking uncontrollably.

He was not afraid, but angry.

Protecting the youth is the instinct of every living being, even though this family isn’t related to him by blood, witnessing a helpless infant being treated as a meal, a snack and being chew and swallow, his heart was filled with a sense of uncontrollable rage.

The burning flame of rage in him coarse through his vein, almost burning him up from within, his eyes blood red.

Lin Xii instantly jumped down from the tree that he was hiding.

He started running with huge strides, with the meat hook in his hand, under his wrath, even with the heavy metal chain and hook he closed the 4 to 500 meters distant within half a minute.

Noticing a sense of disturbance, the titan turned its head towards him, and Lin Xii saw its mouth showing the infant leg sticking out. His rage was fueled even more by that sight.

“You fucking piece of shit!”

Lin Xii swing the chain in his hand abruptly horizontally and it caught on the titan’s ankle, the chain wrapped itself on the titan’s ankle and the point of the hook buried itself deeply in the titan’s flesh.

“Fall you piece of shit!”

His lithe body burst out an unbelievable amount of strength, the strength that comes with the Progenitor Virus was utilized fully. Lin Xii took the end of the chain that was on his hand and pulled as if he was a fisherman pulling his boat, pulling towards him.


The 12 meters tall huge body collapsed.

Lin Xii face warped with a cruel smile, he took out his sword and rushed forward.

Slash, another slash, and another slash……

Fresh blood splattered around continuously. The titan’s blood contains high temperature steam and raised a thick smoke, within the white mist, Lin Xii used his Dark Sword and hacked away at the titan as if he was a madman. First he cut away the titan’s tendon of it’s arm, then he hacked away both of its arms, and then slowly but surely, cutting away its fat lips.

“Eat, fucking eat some more. Let’s see how are youu going to eat with your mouth gone, How.The.Fuck.Are.You gonna continue to eat!”

After the titan’s mouth was completely gone, even it’s tongue was slashed into pieces, Lin Xii ended the titan by slashing the back of its neck.


Back on the tree Lin Xii was sitting down, his head buried in his legs. He was feeling a little depressed, earlier when witnessing the infant being eaten, the rage that built up was extinguished.

What did killing the titan achieve to the dead couple and their children? They are already dead after all.

For the first time since he got the Progenitor Virus, Lin Xii felt helpless.

“In the end I am not Superman, not a saviour……fuck it, no use pondering so much, in this apocalypse just being myself is enough.”

Even though he was still feeling a little depressed, Lin Xii rekindled his spirit and proceed to hunt down 7 titans until evening came. Of course, these were all the normal types——among them, when he was killing the last titan, due to him being tired and burned out, he was in a dangerous situation.

He’d gotten hit by the palm of the titan, with enough force to squish a person into meat sauce!

If not for his instinct to raise his oak shield and block it, and having the leather armor to absorbed some of the impact, Lin Xii would had been severely injured and lose his mobility.

After night falls, Lin Xii returned home famished. After finishing 3 persons worth of meal only then he felt satisfied.

At this point, he knew that though the Progenitor Virus bought him extraordinary strength and super healing, the need for food increased too.

Currently the piping system and electricity still works.

“The army definitely secured the generators, water treatment plant and areas that are crucial to the citizen as fast as they could. Other than that, major government buildings and high priority area definitely has people guarding them. I wonder when will they come and rescue the normal citizens.”

After resting, Lin Xii began recalling today’s battle.

To be honest the titans were not easy to kill, only the back of its neck is its only weakness throughout its entire body. Any other parts of the body can be regenerated even if it was entirely sliced off——including the head. Managing to kill 7 titans is due to relying on the meat hook. Using the long chain to wrap around the titan’s ankle or calf.

Furthermore, his strength is enough to drag a titan down.

But if any accident were to happen, for example getting hit by the palm of the titan even he would be in danger.

“Today I was only roaming the streets nearby and killing titan, tomorrow I better go further towards the supermarket and take a look.”

The current amount of biological points Lin Xii has is 1200 in total. He is planning to gather up some more only then he would exchange for something useful.

The current Dark Sword, leather armor, oak shield, and meat hook is enough to kill these titans.

The residents in the district searched for a whole day and did not manage to find the Evolutionary, and understood the the “hero” did not want to be found and proceeded to stop the search.

After resting for the night, he left the district quietly when the day was breaking dawn.

One could occasionally spot people with metal hoes, knife and axes on the streets. Even since the monsters appeared on the first day, society is in chaos and during the horrifying second day getting eaten by titans, the majority of the people hide in their homes.

On towards the third day, there are people who realized that if they do not take the chance now to gather up supplies, especially food and rely on the government saving them, it would be really idiotic.

Of course, there are some who took this chance to loot.

No matter the motives, the ones who began venturing out of their homes on the third day, onto the streets filled with titans, and having the courage to that they were not a doubt real ‘man’.

On the road, Lin Xii saw a 40-year-old man.

Sadly, he’s dead. The body is totally gnawed off, leaving the head and two hands.

The head was filled with white hair, with a simple looking face with a sense of vicissitude. And of the two hands, he is holding a makeshift spear, and the other holding a bag fill with about 15 kg of flour.

Lin Xii lift the bag up and started prying the fingers open. Maybe because of the burst of strength that came with death, the fingers were deeply embedded into the bag of flour and stuck there with rigor mortis, with Lin Xii current strength he could not pry it open at the first try.

Using the Dark Sword, as he was about to slice the fingers off, he noticed the dead man’s eyes.

A pair of eyes that is wide open even after death.

There were no horror, no pain in them. Only sadness.

“No matter who when facing death will definitely feel fear eh, having one’s body gnawed off anyone would feel pain. But why does your eyes only have sadness in them? What are you grieving? Your parents, wife or children?”

Lin Xii went silent. He placed his sword back on his waist, lowering his head and took this bad of flour and placed it on the man’s head as if it was his tombstone.

He went on walking, while stopping occasionally to kill the titan’s. The meat hook feel more and more natural to him as he use it, and at the very least titans appear alone. This doesn’t cause any danger to Lin Xii, only when he is faced with a horde of titans then would he ran away with the superhuman speed he has.

After killing 4 titans, and the sun rose to the top of the sky, Lin Xii arrived in front of the supermarket.

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