Chapter 77 – Emily and Celeste

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After helping Margaret leveling up, we went and meet up with the guy who sells the Air Box.

The place that she brought me had a building that showed a [Archive • Siha] on a signboard hanging on top of it.

It wasn’t a private house but it gave off an image of a building that was used for an office or a store.


When we went inside, a guy was surprised to see me with Margaret walking in, bt for the time being we continued walking in.

After passing through the reception area, we met the guy face to face.


[What does the signboard mean?]

[It’s my name, which is also this office’s name.]

[Oh, I see.]


This guy…..Archive gave me a faint look of an eyebrow, and alternately compared me and Margaret.


[Why are you together with the princess?]

[I was with her the whole time in order to increase her level.]


I explained what was going on to Archive.

After encountering Margaret’s level coincidentally, I predicted that when she reaches to level 99, her Drop stats would be All A, thus we tried leveling her up.

The result was when she reached level 96 her Drop was All D, so it was confirmed that when she reached to level 99, her Drop stats would be All A.


At first, Archive had an expression of a dad looking out for her daughter, but he was surprised halfway into the story.


[Is that true princess!]


Margaret silently nodded.

I’m not sure whether it was settled down compared to just now, but the air surrounding the princess was exactly like her.


[For real….But still, it’s still not confirmed that even if she reached 99, her stats would hit All A.]

[Before she was level 94, all her stats did not increase and her drops were All F too. Is that right?]

[Yeah, but your point is?]

[when she reached 95 her drops were All E, and 96 all of a sudden she had ALl D. In this kinds of situation her stats would definitely reach All A when she capped her level, I’m sure of it.]


Even though I wasn’t a human of this world, but I understood the various rules that this world works on when coming here.

Originally this world’s highest stats wasn’t S but A and following by this rule, so at first is does not grow at all but it will grow at a tremendous rate at the final stage, the ability would eventually become the highest.


That I’m not mistaken, it’s the same as after the war I will marry her or I die, or similar to when you drink cola and you burp.

There is no doubt that I’m correct.


[I, I see. I guess if you say so then it is. As you’re THAT Ryouta • Family’s Ryouta.]


Even though Archive was convinced by me, but I was surprised at what he said.

Even though I predicted that all of it was planned(?????), but I didn’t expect that he would be convinced because I was Satou Ryouta.

Though I’m glad that he accepted it as it is, but it had a strange feeling to it.


[But….I see….so level 99 then All A.]

[And various things could be done as a result.]

[Eh? Aah that’s right.]

[…..Are you thinking of something different?]

[Yeah, I have to think about raising the princess’s level so I can use it to benefit our business.]


I was like, “Oh Okay”, while smiling bitterly.

Archive • Siha is a genuine business man through and through.

Even though I was thinking of how she could finally get drops once she reaches All A, but as for him he was already thinking of how to earn money using it.

I did not even think that far ahead.


Though I don’t have that in mind, but the idea would come out if you give me an idea.

Princess Margaret who sells Air Boxes.

What she was doing was the same as a certain occupation.

[Do you know of a city called Alkyl?]

[Alkyl? Oh you mean the city where there’s Mech?]


This was the first time someone described a city with Mech in it’s name, since I knew of the Mech Mouse so I’m assuming he meant that.


[I was wondering whether we should do a tour with Margaret and the rest over there.]


[That’s right…..I want some help with the leveling of Margaret, was what I was thinking. The Ari Boxes that you usually make could be process at Alkyl, and let those desired adventurers do them.]

[You’re a genius!]


Archive suddenly stood up, and had a smile floating on his face.


[That’s right! If we let the Princess’s fan do it, it would be so much easier to level up and also earn money at the same time, that’s killing two birds with one stone!]


Aah, so it’s their fans.

I was satisfied that my idea was taken.


[Yo~shi, let’s quickly convey this message to the 100 thousands fans of Princess!]

[OMG that’s amazing that you have 100k followers!]


[Thanks Satou! Thanks to you we could make a profit. Please tell me anything that you need!]


Archive then grabbed hold of my hands and shook it up and down.

He definitely has a grip, well I understand that this was probably a calculation that can earn a lot.

As for the reward….oh yeah there was that.


As I was thinking about it, I smiled happily and looked at the direction where Margaret was standing.


[In that case….]


I told Archive about the reward I want in exchange for the idea.




The next morning, I wasn’t doing my usual routine of diving into the dungeon, instead together with Emily, Celeste, Eve and Alice, the full member of our family was at the outskirts of Shikuro.


The place was exactly the same as last night, where I was trying to help Margaret raised her level.


[This is….amazing.]

[Carrots are stacked like a mountain desu.]


The two who were easily admired, as the place in front was a mountain that was the same amount as yesterday’s bean sprouts, but this time there were all carrots.


[So you’re Satou-san.]


A young man came over here and talked to me.

When I looked closely at who it was, I could recognized that it was one of the four guys who were guarding Margaret and helping her make the Air.


[Yeah, I’m Satou Ryouta.]

[This was the promised 1 Million Piro’s worth of product that you wanted.]

[So it was all carrots.]

[Since we couldn’t find anymore bean sprouts.]

[As expected.]


Since we used up all of it yesterday.


[So I’ve confirmed the reward, goodbye then.]


After saying so the guy walked away.

That was the reward I asked from Archive yesterday.


[Well then, shall we.]

[Yoda-san, that person isn’t here today nodesu.]

[If I’m not mistaken, I don’t think we need any of this in the first place?]


Emily and Celeste both raised their doubts.


[Today I was thinking of leveling up all of your levels.]


I then explained to my teammates.


[Since I could crystallize EXP, and using Teruru’s rogue monster to create an infinite mechanism, thus I was thinking of using that to help level up all of your levels.]


[….Ours?](TLN: ???? was what they both said, but the first one was watashi so I put “my” instead)


Emily and Celeste were both surprised.


[Yes, since the both of you haven’t reached your level cap yet. Which could be a problem in the future.]



As Emily and Celeste were nodding away, Eve suddenly came and pushed them and cast an objection.


[I will not forgive anyone who makes fun of carrots.]

[We’re not making fun of it, we’re just trying to use it for EXP.]

[Carrots are to eat.]

[That’s also true but.]

[If you still want to do it then you will have to cross over Bunny’s dead body.]


Eve then stood in front of the mountain and blocked it with her two arms raised up.

As usual, her loyalty towards carrots will change her personality drastically.


[Please just hold it in for now nodesu.]

[that’s right, if you hold it in right now I’m sure Ryouta-san would give you even more delicious carrots to savour.]


Emily and Celeste were trying to convinced Eve.

By convincing her, I could see that Eve’s attitude was slowly softening up.

Geebus, I guess it can’t be helped.


[I’ll promise you, after everyone’s level reached their cap, I will give you the carrots as per said.]

[Ryouta carrots?]

[Yes, Ryouta carrots.]

[A year’s worth of supply.]

[That’s too much even for me okay!]


For christ sake, even though it’s already a lot to give one a day for a year.

Well whatever, I don’t really hate the face she gives when she’s happily enjoying her carrots.


[Fine fine, I promise.]

[Bunny will be patient.]


Eve nodded and withdrew.

And we went faced towards the day after tomorrow.

If  you think we’re trying to go away, it’s not as we are leaving a distance— where the rogue monsters would not be influenced as we sat down.


[Why here though?]



[Even if you can’t eat it, at least you can smell it.]

[O, okay.]

[An arena seating where we can see it live.]

[No I don’t get what you mean.]



Even though I tsukkkomi Eve but she did not respond to that.

I guess she was really trying her best to smell it.


[Well then shall we start. Since Alice has reached her max, it’s just Emily, Celeste and Eve huh.]

[Bunny has already reached her cap.]

[Oh, I see.]


Before she came to our team, she was quite a famous adventurer.

So that means only Emily and Celeste left.


[If I’m not mistaken Emily’s max was 40, and Celeste was 54.]

[Yes desu.]

[I can’t believe you remembered…..]


Emily like a child responded to me, and for some reason Celeste’s face was bright red.

And thus the two of us left a distance away from the carrots.


After waiting for awhile, the carrots were hatching out Drowsy Slimes one after the another.

The Drowsy Slimes that were being hatched were being shot down, and after being defeated it’s drop went into the pouch and I continued loading up more Normal Bullets.


Doing the same thing as last night, I used the amount of bullet that I’d gotten from the drop and like an infinite mechanism continued doing it over and over again.


From one end the carrots were hatching one after the other, and on the other hand EXP crystals were being made.


[As expected, Yoda-san is amazing desu.]

[Circling….no it’s not but it’s like the pattern of working where you completely completing it. It is a figure of a super adventurer.]

[Well, maybe I had a lot of people placing me in a company.]


While chatting with them beside, I was producing the EXP crystals.

The carrots were gradually diminishing, and both of their levels were slowly increasing.


[I’m finally at my cap des.]

[Next is me.]

[Going by this pace I think it would not be enough?]

[You’re right, it seems to be not enough.]

[Alice-chan come and follow me desu, we’ll buy the rest that wasn’t enough.]

[Emily? It would be expensive to buy it currently, wouldn’t it be better if we head to the dungeon and hunt for it.]

[Yoda-san wishes for us to quickly hit our cap desu. So I don’t think we can make it in time if we were to hunt carrots in a dungeon desu.]

[Well, that’s true too.]

[Even if it’s slightly more expensive but if it is for Yoda-san than I think it’s alright nanodesu.]


My friends behind were discussing something.

Probably Emily was doing something for the sake of our team.

It’s like in a family where she’s the position of a mother and is handling all types of situation.


Letting her help me on various things, I continued defeating rogue monsters without being disturbed.


In between for some reason the Drowsy Slimes were turned into normal Slimes, but I didn’t mind them and continued gathering more EXP.


As the sun starts to set, and then the day changes.


Thus finally I was able to max both Emily and Celeste’s level.


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