Chapter 76 – Infinite Mechanism

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[By the way, what was that crystal just now? Is that the rumoured EXP selling that I’ve heard recently?]


After the excitement had settled, Margaret asked me a question that was unavoidable at this point.

EXP selling….Aah, was it during the time when they were selling something dropped from Mech Mouse during the Harvest Festival.


Even Though the monster gives out a huge chunk of EXP, but the drop is extremely inexpensive and is not in-demand.

How it’s used was to turn it back into a rogue monster and defeat it to get tons of EXP.


Though it was a totally different story compared to the crystal that I gave to her a while ago in a sense that the one that she knows was to defeat a rogue monster to EXP. Thus I’m not sure of the content of EXP selling.


[This and that is sort of different. Using the ability of this ring, Those who are already at the level cap, their EXP points would be stored into this ring and once it hits a certain point a crystal will be formed and that crystal could be given to someone to use.]

[So that’s what it was.]

[What’s more.]


I looked straight at Margaret. The Princess that was being looked at so intently had her face redden immediately.


[I want to help you level up.]


[If my theory isn’t wrong, once you’ve hit your level cap, something amazing is going to happen.]



Margaret tilted her head in confusion.

Is she not aware of herself that she’s been staring at me for a really long time.

Was her common sense interfering with her thoughts, or was the long period of unfaithfulness of getting All F blurred her senses?


Level 99 with All A Drop rate.


I predicted that she would be the super type where her growth is extremely late to blossom, something even she couldn’t fathom in imagining it happening.


Well then, what’s the fastest and most efficient way of doing it then.

I asked myself that.




After an hour or so passed, a huge volume of bean sprouts was stacked in front of us.

The place was just outside Nihonium, where a tiny mountain of bean sprouts was stacked.


The amount can be translated to about 1 Million Piro’s worth.


Just having a tiny mountain of bean sprouts stacked there was quite a spectacle.

Just so you know the idea of gathering the bean sprouts was me, and the one paying was Margaret.

It seemed that the girl was quite well off herself, as the more bean sprouts the better, she told me [For now I’ll prepare a million Piro’s worth then] straight to me.

Again, once more the amount currently stacked here apparently is the entire stock of Shikuro.


[I’m sorry that you have to pay for it.]

[It is alright. What’s more, what are you going to do with all these?]



Margaret and I then moved slightly away from the mountain of bean sprouts.

After waiting for awhile, one of the bean sprouts hatched into a Slime.

An outskirts with no one present, the Slime that was born had nowhere else to head but towards us.


The Slime tried to attack us, but I loaded my gun with a Normal Bullet and fired at it.

With one hit the Slime disappeared.


Afterwards, more Slimes were hatched. This time, before they could move about I fired my normal bullet to end them all at once.


And beside me, Margaret had a look of ambition on her.


[So you’re using the bean sprouts to gather experience points right!]

[Yeah, This is in a way how I gather EXP to sell. Well, commonly we would use the Mech Mouse to effectively gather EXP, but Shikuro doesn’t have them.]


The former merchant probably originally gathered it all from his city.


The Slimes are being hatched one at a time.

Those that were hatched were being one shot by my gun.


[This is really amazing, you’re always hitting the bull’s-eye. For me to defeat monsters one after another without moving is rather impossible…..]


Margaret then looked at me with respectable eyes.


Probably it would take a long time to increase her level, I had two reasons as to why I chose the Slime(bean sprouts).


The first being it is easy to defeat them in one hit, a Slime at this level would be easy to defeat even without moving, and I would have a 99% chance of defeating it in one hit.

And the other reason was—–


Hanging on my waist was the pouch which I reached in to take out Normal Bullets and loaded it into my gun.


The pouch that would immediately suck in the drops.

Using that, whenever I defeated a rogue Slime, I would not have to move and could just take the Normal Bullets from the pouch and continue firing it.


Using Normal Bullets to defeat the Slimes, and gaining normal bullets after defeating them.

The whole point was to hunt at while looping infinitely with a perpetual institution.


Both the Slimes and the Skeletons were the same, in which they both need to be defeated 10 times in order to get 1 crystal.

And the moment I got them I handed it to Margaret.


Defeat them, collecting my self-replenishing bullets, and giving the EXP.


I repeatedly did the same motion over and over again.

Sometimes adventurers would pass by from afar.

The adventurers would all tilt their head in suspicion at what we’re doing, and sometimes they would open their mouth and laugh.


Those who don’t know the reason why we’re defeating rogue Slimes would think it’s strange, and people who think that our goal was to collect EXP would laugh.

As in this world, because it was common sense that you would level up as you continue venturing, so it can’t be help that they are laughing.


After doing it for awhile, sweat were starting to get into my eyes.

I tried blinking several times to get it off. I guess doing this for a really long time would tire you.


At that instant, a nice scent drifted from beside me.

I was wondering what it was, but it was Margaret who was taking out a handkerchief and wiping off the sweat for me.


This scent is coming from the handkerchief? Or was it from her?

Even though I don’t know….but the scent that I smelled was off fruit or flower.



[It’s alright, it should be I who should be showing my gratitude towards. This was the first time that I’ve seen someone gathering EXP in such a fast way.]

[Is that so?]

[For I, even defeating one Slime would take a tremendous effort as I’m impotent.]

[…..Aah, you’re wondering whether you can defeat one Slime even though it’s health was chipped.]


Margaret nodded.


[I was wondering at least having my MP increase would be a good idea.]

[And why is that so?]

[While leveling up, I could learn a lot of high level magic to use. Something like the Life threatening magic [Eternal], or the Ultimate Flame God Magic [Phoenix].]

[I see that you want to learn some extraordinary magic!]


The image I had for Margaret was totally flipped 180 degree.


[And I want to learn roughly 10 of such magics.]

[That is getting more and more awesome!]

[Though before I could use any of them, my MP needs to be at least D and above in order to fire even one of the spells.]

[Dang, so MP was the problem. What a rough predicament.]


It’s the same with Celeste.


While randomly chatting with Margaret, I continued hunting down the Slimes.

1 Million Piro’s worth of bean sprouts, the tiny mountain was gradually shrinking as time goes by.


And I was still at my original spot since I started without budging an inch while continuing on my killing spree.

Rogue Monster • Slime, because I was using the infinite mechanism to hunt them, I was trying my best to keep myself aware of what I was doing.

Even towards the end, the Infinite Mechanism successfully did it’s job

At the twilight when the sun sets, I shot the final Slime.


The last crystal also appeared, and I handed it over to Margaret.


[So how was it?]

[I got a feeling that it’s almost there but not really.]

[Even with a million piro’s worth wasn’t enough to increase your level from 95 to 96 huh.]

[I’ll order more right this instance…..oh that’s right, the stock has finished.]

[And if were to head to the site(Teruru), the efficiency would drop significantly.]


No choice, we’ll have to carry this level up business over to tomorrow.

When I was thinking about it.




From behind someone called me, of course I knew it was Emily, but Celeste, Eve, and Alice was also there.

The girls brought a mountain load of bean sprouts over in front of us.


[What’s going on everyone.]

[Low level lied.]


Even then snuck a chop at me.



[You skipped afternoon’s carrots.]

[Oh right, I’m sorry! I was so engrossed at what I was doing.]


Eve was sullen and did not say a word. The rest dropped by in the afternoon to help her in getting carrots on the second floor and handed it to her.


[Engrossed!? You’ve become addicted, towards that girl!?! No wait that’s wrong, Ryouta-san would never become addicted to anyone in that way. It’s probably the same as me at that time—–wait isn’t it bad to butt in!!]

[What’s wrong Celeste, why are you doing a tsukkomi session all by yourself.]

[It’s nothing nodesu. What’s more important is that we’ve brought more bean sprouts for you Yoda-san nodesu.]

[Thanks…..wait what?][

[I’ve heard from other adventurers that Yoda-san was over here doing some stuff nodesu.]

[You’re amazing Ryouta! Everyone was saying things like [Is that the Ryouta Family’s Ryouta]. I did not know that Ryouta was such a famous person!]


Alice was being excited.

Rumours……? Aah, so those busybody adventurers saw what I did and went back and spread the word.


[Yes desu, because of that we tried helping you out desu.]


Emily then graciously smiled.

The four of them who brought the bean sprouts was a huge sum.

Even though it was lesser compared to what we had this afternoon, but looking at it it could roughly be around 200k Piro’s worth.


[Did you all go and collect it for me?]


Emily held her hammer up, Celeste then grabbed hold of her Bicorn Horn, Alice then let Boney-chan and Jumpy-chan return to their monster form, and Eve took out a carrot. (TLN: What the hell Eve XD)


[That has nothing to do with me right!]


After using my all to tsukkomi Eve, I once again looked at the four of them.


[Thank you!]


Was what I said.

The four of them then smiled back at me sweetly.




At night, we went to Nihonium to check on the stats.


Margaret then went close to the Know-It-All board and operated it.


Level 96/99
Strength F
Endurance F
Intelligence F
Mentality F
Speed F
Dexterity F
Luck F


The girls shouted in joy.

Because of the help of all of them, we safely helped Margaret to level up to 96.




Beside her, I was looking at Margaret.

And my heart was pounding fast.


Will it happen? Or was it just a bunked theory of mine.

My heart was pounding even faster than before.


Margaret nodded afterwards and took a deep breath, then once again operated the Know-It-All board.


Gulped….I swallowed my saliva.


Vegetation D
Animal D
Mineral D
Magic D
Special Item D


Level 96, Drop stats All D.

And thus confirm my theory of getting All A after maxing her level.


My teammate were cheering even louder than before, since before that I’ve explained it to them.


[Thank you very much!]


Margaret then hugged me, she cuddled me tightly with her thin arms, and I understood that she was extremely happy.

I got tired after defeating the Slimes at a tremendous rate, but I thought that there was some worth in doing so after looking at her.

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