Chapter 75 – Level 95

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Morning, the usual Nihonium.

Venturing into the first floor, I saw that Princess Margaret and co were also there.


There was a guy that looked like the leader, and his four minions, and also Princess Margaret herself.

It was the usual 6 man team.


[Yo Satou, we meet again.]

[Yo. Looks like you’re about to get more of that air I see.]


Beside the leader, there was a mountain of Pandora Boxes stacking high up.

And all of it were shown to have Princess Margaret’s face on them.


[Yeah, as we want to sell all of these today. So we need the strength of princess to obtain that dream.]

[I see. Speaking of which, I’ve never seen you around these past few days?]

[Well, I was busy handling that business you suggested the other day.]

[Me? …….Oh, you’re talking about the time we were discussing about the ring.]


Thus I remembered the time we talked about that case.

Because he was troubled by what to sell besides the Air Box, and I suggested to him to sell an item that has a tagline of [A ring that Princess Margaret has so graciously granted upon you.]


[So, what happened to that?]

[About that….the dungeon that drops ring, half of the dungeon was restrained by a large Family.]

[By a Family?]


That reminded me of the rice situation last time.

Even in Shikuro, only in Silicon would you get the only rice drop from the Adult Bat inside the sixth floor and someone tried to monopolize it.


I guess you can say that these kind of things can happen anywhere in the world.


[They seemed to manage the shipment of every quantity and quality of items. I’ve tried many things but, there was a hierarchy in the dungeon and they said that only one place they could not manage it but…..]


[There’s Dragon over there, I can’t even begin how much we have to train the Princess before she could be strong enough to defeat one so we decided on giving it up.]


The man shrugged his shoulders while placing both his palms up.

I’ve seen their combat. Their style is to let the four minions weaken the monster before letting Princess Margaret deal the final blow.

Even that final blow where she held the sword wobbly and thrusted the sword with a weak push.


No wait, even though it was weak but it was kinda cute, thus I would give full(100) marks on that.


[You’re right, I think letting them fight the Dragon would be a suicide mission.]

[I know right? As for the Princess, she’s actually quite high level though.]

[Is that so?]


When I asked him back, the guy stroke his chest as if he was proud of what he’d done.


[Don’t be surprise when you hear it, the Princess’s highest level is up till 99, and now her current level is at 94.]

[WTF?!?!!?] (TLN: Might have exaggerated a bit.)

[But for some reason, I don’t know whether some God has bestowed upon her or something but miraculously her stats are all F. Ever since her level was at 1, no matter how much she’d leveled it was still at F.]

[Is that even possible!?!?!]

[Well the living proof is the princess, having high level doesn’t equal being strong.]


That’s true.

Your strength doesn’t determined based on your level, but by how good your stats are.

The proof was that even though I was level 1, but because I could use the seeds to up my stats, that’s why I became strong.


To be honest, I didn’t know that it was humanely possible that there would be people who has high level but their abilities didn’t increase whatsoever.

Level 94 but all F, it makes me curious to check her status on the Know-It-All board.


[Even though I’ve got a feeling she’s gonna up to level 95, but I get the feeling that nothings going to increase.]


While we were chatting, the one’s over there managed to defeat the Skeleton.

One of the follower guy went in front and used the Pandora Box to capture the air then with his little footsteps went back with the rest and escorted the Princess over here.






The moment she looked at me, the Princess’s face was covered in bright red colour, turned and ran away.

The three guys that were escorting her were shocked and hurriedly chased after her.


[Wha, what just happened?]

[…..Now that I remember.]


The leader was staring at my face.


[Satou, I remembered at that time, you helped and rescued the princess.]

[Eh? Oh yeah, that happened didn’t it.]

[……HAIZ, so that’s how it is.]

[Huh? How’s what?]



The leader made an even exaggerated sigh in front of me, it was af if I was being pinched by a fox.




Nihonium’s second floor.

Since for some reason if I was at that floor Princess Margaret would just run away, so I decided to head down to the second floor.


Double checking that my pouch is indeed empty, and I was wearing the ring on my thumb.

My normal bullets was also loaded, after checking all these, I continued forward into the dungeon.


Encountering a zombie, I immediately killed it and a seed went inside the pouch.

Turning on efficiency mode, I went around the second floor. Basically when I see a head I pop it with my gun, even when they tried to ambush me, I used the least amount of effort to kill them.


After defeating 10 Zombies, a Crystal was born.

Because of this ring, whenever it hits the maximum counter for a level, it would accumulate the experience points and materialized into a crystal, and with that I can give it to someone to gain that experience points.

So defeating 10 Zombies would get me 1 Crystal.


Carefully keeping it, I continued hunting down for more Zombies.

As there were no adventurers inside Nihonium Dungeon’s second floor, I could smoothly defeat the zombies as they come by.


After defeating another 10 Zombies I’ve gotten my second Crystal.

Though I think that it was enough, but just in case I went and hunt for one more.


And after defeating my 30th Zombie, I’ve gotten my third Crystal.

I’m not mistaken.


[So that confirms killing 10 Zombies would gain a Crystal.]


I then took out the other two Crystals and arranged them on my palm.

The three Crystals had the exact same size, and since it reflected the light around the dungeon, it shone beautifully.

This was the first time I tasted an achievement.

Ever since I came to this world, I always felt that it was a waste of EXP as my highest level was 1, but now with this item I could turn them all into EXP crystals. This sensation of getting a crystal is different from getting a drop from defeating a monster.




After getting 5 crystals, I decided to head out of the dungeon.

Princess Margaret and co were already gone when I head to the first floor, I guess they were done.


After coming outside the dungeon, I took out the seeds from the pouch and lay them on the ground.

And leaving a distance between it, I wanted to hatch them into rogue monsters.


If I defeat them and get the Flame Bullets, my morning routine would probably be over, though it’s not like my to-do lists has increased the slightest, with my routine pace going on as usual.


What that means, is that if we continue at this pace, I would be able to get 5 Crystals during the afternoon.

For now I want to increase the quantity of those crystals.

When I use the Magic Cart, one round trip would earn me around 40k Piro, and usually I would earn around 200k worth a day.

Following that, today’s goal would be to earn a lot of EXP Crystals by the end of the day.


If I could do that without any trouble, it would surely bring a sigh of relief.


Whilst thinking about it, the seeds hatched into rogue zombies.

All 50 zombies appeared at once.


Already prepared my normal bullets, I continuously fired my bullets at them, and during the afternoon I can head back into the dungeon.




Looking at the place where a zombie was present, I could hear a girl screaming.

This is bad! Did someone pass by.


Stopping my gunfire, I loaded a Restraint Bullet and fired.

The light envelopes the zombies and wrapped it around.

I immediately flew straight at the gang of zombies and used my fists to defeat them, and whilst defeating them I head for where the sound had came from.

When I arrived at the location, there was a girl where her butt was on the ground.




Margaret was laying there.

Her appearance was the same when I met her at the dungeon, but the only difference was that she wasn’t holding any weapon.

A Zombie that was restrained tried to leaned towards her, but she could not get away from it, and she showed a horrid expression.


[Get away!]


I kicked the ground and furiously rushed ahead, the zombie grunted and tried to bit her while groaning, so I grasped the side of it’s head to prevent that from happening.


[You alright!!]



Without answering, in return she hugged me.

No wait, it actually hurt.

Her small body was shivering in fear whilst diving her face onto my shirt.


[Don’t worry, it’s alright now.]


I gently held her waist and jumped backwards to escape, and with my other hand I held onto my gun.

Since I managed to save her it was already fine.


With my other hand I reloaded and fired at the zombie continuously.

The girl that I was holding was different compared to her selfishness, though it was easier to defeat the zombies.


But because it was different from usual, Margaret’s shivers disappeared all of a sudden, and she was not aware that she was looking at my face at such a close range.




[You okay?]


After confirming that I’ve defeated all 50 zombies, I asked Margaret who I was still holding onto.

For some reason she wasn’t answering me, but was blindly looking at me.


[Are you hurt somewhere?]




Since she wasn’t answering me, I tried gently pulled her cheeks.




As she saw my hands, she was shrieked and pushed me away.

I was hit by surprised as she suddenly pushed me, making me lose my balance.

As I fell, 5 of the crystals fell onto the ground.

Before I picked it up, i caught a glimpse of Margaret.


Her face was bright red, as she was frantically looking down and glancing at me every now and then.


[What’s wrong, what happened?]

[No, it, it’s nothing….]

[Fumu? You’re not hurt or anything right?]


Nodding her head, the bright red face of Margaret was shaking her head up and down.

I was sort of curious why she was behaving this way—-but now that I think about it, the girls I’ve met today were weird.

Leaving that aside, since she wasn’t injured or anything, I can say that it was an alright situation.


Since staying here would be dangerous, I’ll escort her till the city.

Thinking that was what I should do, I picked up the crystals that had fallen to the ground.


[I, I’ll pick it up for you.]

[Aah, wait a mi—–]


Without even the time to stop her, Margaret robbed my words away and picked the crystals up before me.

—–At that moment, the crystals that was on her hand disappeared.




Margaret was surprised.

Another one has come to know about the specialty of the crystals.

Seems like anyone other than me who grabs the crystals, it would immediately disappear. Same goes to Emily, probably the EXP went into her.

Speaking of which, what about Alice? I wonder what would happen if the girl who has the same max level as me were to touch it.

After meeting up with her I will test it out, was what I thought.


[Aah, I leveled up.] (TLN: She speaks in a really polite way.)

[Seriously? Now that you mention it, I heard that you were about to level up.]


So the EXP was enough to level her up huh.


[For now congratulations.]

[Thank you so much.]

[How about your abilities?]


Remembering what the leader said, my interest was revived once again.

Margaret then looked around restlessly.


[Know-It-All board, is there one around here?]

[If it’s here, I guess the one closest would be the entrance of Nihonium.]


Margaret then nodded.

Thus the two of us walked to the direction of Nihonium, and once we reached Margaret operated the Know-It-All board and her status appeared.


Level 95/99
Strength F
Endurance F
Intelligence F
Mentality F
Speed F
Dexterity F
Luck F



I subconsciously let out my voice, this was the first time I saw such high level, and a high level at that.

Though, the stats were really All F.


[As I expected…..]


[No no, it was nothing.]


For a second, I could she Princess Margaret’s sadness shown on her face.

It wasn’t my imagination, I’m sure of it.


I’ve felt that before where whatever you do, it would not pay off.

I’m sure she felt that way whenever she levels up.


I want to do something about it.


Margaret who was sad continued operating the Know-It-All board to the next page.



[What’s wrong….Oh?]


Vegetation E
Animal E
Mineral E
Magic E
Special Item E

It wasn’t All F that was displayed, all of it raised up to E.


[It has finally raised, it has indeed finally raised up!!!]


Margaret was frollicking around while being overjoyed.

After leveling to 95 it seemed that her status finally went up, even if it was E it was something huge to celebrate.


But, I was different.

Since I wasn’t in her shoe I could not feel her happiness, There’s something—-no, i’ve noticed a possibility.


[E, D, C, B, A……5, 6, 7, 8, 9……]


Using both my hands to count, I noticed a possibility.

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