Chapter 73 – The drop’s curse

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What a long chapter this was….

Teruru dungeon, first floor.


The All +1 ring, and the Vegetation +3 red potion, was being fully boosted towards Emily as she took her hammer and jumped forward.

Closing in on the Slime at an accelerating rate, in one move she countered the Slime and slammed the Slime with her hammer.


The Slime disappeared—but that’s just it.


[As I thought, it’s no use nanodesu.]

[That’s already the tenth one….and even with your Vegetation being A nothing dropped at all.]

[This is something that has never happened before desu.]

[That means….]


Emily and I nodded at each other.

With the existence of the rogue monster coming from the paper money, it dropped a potion that boosted the drop rate, with that used by Emily to reach the world’s Drop A to test it out.


And from within the dungeon came Eve running towards us..

Her prideful bunny ears were drooping low, and her shoulders were drooping.


[What’s wrong?]

[The carrots are dead….]

[Carrots don’t die but…even the second floor is no good huh.]


Judging from Eve’s expression, I asked her to check on the second floor whether the carrots could be dropped, but it seemed that over there was no use either.


Eve was not the only one being depressed either.

The adventurers around us were the same too.



[This is bad, this is really bad. I won’t be able to pay for tonight’s rent.]

[Tsk! Can’t do shit bout it! Let’s just go and drink!]


From around us we could hear voices cursing and also people causing an uproar.

Those voices were coming from the adventurers who were either coming here alone or coming here to get some money.

The people inside the dungeon were getting lesser and lesser compared to last time.


It was because of the disappearing of the drops phenomenon.

It’s not because of the reduction of drops, but literally no drops at all.

Even though I’ve only heard about it from the chief, but actually witnessing it and testing it, it was way worse than what I’d imagined.




This time it was Celeste that came to us from outside the dungeon.


[How was it?]

[It’s pretty bad now. Since people knew about there being no drops at all, the purchasing of goods has drastically increased. Now all types of vegetables are gone from the market.]


Celeste who went to the city to check things out was speaking heavily.

Buying up goods huh, it couldn’t be was what I thought, but I put that off as it was too early to assume things.


[That’s bad.]

[By the way, how about Yoda-san nanodesu?]

[How about me huh.]


And just so happened a Slime appeared, and I took out my gun and loaded a normal bullet and fired.

The bullet went through the Slime and continued flying—and a bean sprout dropped!


[Amazing! Yoda-san has dro—-]


I immediately covered Emily mouth as she muffled her words.

I hurriedly picked up the bean sprout and threw it inside the Magic Cart whilst looking around.


Luckily no one noticed when the drop appeared.



[Aah sorry, please don’t speak so loudly.]



As Emily nodded, I released my hand from her mouth.


[Fuuhaa….I thought I was gonna die desu.]

[Sorry, sorry. Celeste and Eve too, please keep quiet about this.]

[Of course.]

[Bunny demands if you want to stop bunny.]

[I’ll give you double once this is all over.]


Eve nodded, gosh she’s easy.


[But why though? Only Yoda-san….is it because of that desu?]

[That…that’s mostly likely the case.]


Emily and I both nodded in unison.

Both of our heads were thinking about the [Drop S].


[Even A wasn’t working but only Yoda-san…it’s the same when it comes to the rogue monster nanodesu.]

[That is from Niho—-don’t tell me.]


Something flashed in my mind, and I immediately turned to my back and ran off.



[Where are you going?]


Emily and Celeste both shouted as they followed me out.

When we came out of Teruru we saw Alice.


[Ryouta? Why are you in such a hurry?]

[Good that you’re here Alice! You were saying something about [New child?] last night right?]

[Y, yeah. Though I’ve said it….]

[Where did it come from?]

[Etto…Over there?]


Alice circled around and around, then pointed at the right hand of the direction.


[There….I knew it!]

[Aah, Ryouta wait!]


Before Alice could speak I cut her off and started running.


Full speed ahead I ran—–and arrived at Nihonium.


[Haah….Haah….If what I thought was correct.]


While trying to calm my breathing, I took out both my buns and loaded them with bullets and afterwards went straight into the dungeon.

Nihonium, first floor.

Usually it would be a place infested with Skeletons, but now not one can be seen at all.


Even as I walked further in, not one monster was present at all.

I’m familiar with this situation.


[It’s a Dungeon Master huh.]


As I recalled back when all the monsters disappeared in a dungeon.

And if it were to be there for a long period of time it could change the entire dungeon’s food chain—-It’s the Master of the Dungeon.

When that appeared….it was the same back when I was in Selen.


This time it’s Nihonium’s Dungeon Master.

This time it’s a situation where only I can get the drop in the whole of Shikuro.


[What that means, the reason why all the drops had gone missing was because of this Dungeon Master?]


Though I don’t have proof, but this was the only explanation I could come up with.


The atmosphere around Nihonium is the exact same feeling I gotten when I was in Selen. It was the same atmosphere when a Dungeon Master were to spawn.

What’s more….It was the feeling I’ve gotten when I was leaving the house this morning.


[Why didn’t I think of this sooner. Geez!!]


While cursing to myself, I continued venturing into the dungeon.

It’s as I predicted, I’m convinced that the Dungeon Master of Nihonium is the cause of why there’s no drop at all.


Walking around the entire floor of the first floor, there was nothing.

The second, and third floor was the same when I walked around, thus I head down to the fourth floor.




The moment I step foot onto this floor, I could feel something that I’ve never felt besides when I encountered the Dungeon Master.

I’m not mistaken—-It must be this floor.


I stopped dead on my tracks, and changed some bullets.

Normal bullet, Freeze Bullet, Flame Bullet, Recovery Bullet, Restraint Bullet, and lastly Homing Bullet.


I loaded all 6 bullets that I have inside.

This would be the first time fighting this Dungeon Master, since I have no information whatsoever, thus I have to be prepared when the time comes.


Afterwards, I followed towards the presence that I felt from the Dungeon Master.

As I walked for awhile—–I found it.


It’s a monster with a form of a human shape.

It’s height was around 160cm, and it looked like a girl.

With a hair reaching the ground easily—-It’s probably 20 meter or longer.

She wasn’t wearing anything, completely naked.


Though, I didn’t harbor any perverted thoughts at all, rather I’m sensing a chill which made me stood straight up.

This and that, I see that it had no expression, with it’s pale skin and emptying phosphorescence.

I can’t feel any liveliness from it, instead the feeling was similar to a zombie or a spirit type.


[So this is the Dungeon Master, does it talk?]



Even though I aimed at it with my gun, it didn’t respond at all.

Because it had an appearance of a human I thought for a second I could strike a conversation with it—–but I guess I was wrong.


The Dungeon Master’s whole body suddenly shook.




The next moment the phosphorescent was right in front of me, and I instinctively used both my arms to cross guard.

I then took a full blew from the attack and was sent flying away.


Then, I adjusted myself and landed on the ground with my feet, and looked at the Dungeon Master.

Even with that guard my arms were shaking, plus my HP and Endurance being S, I still took quite a damage.


Though, this was easier than I expected.

Even a human-looking monster is still hostile until you completely knock it down.


I positioned my gun and fired.

I fired all of my bullets at once.


Though I can’t hear anything, for now just go all out, but.


[It dodged all of it!?]


I accidentally let out my dissatisfaction.

Both my left and right gun was a total of 12 bullets and the Dungeon Master was able to slipped through—-and since the bullet hit nothing it went straight to the wall behind.

Even the Homing bullet went straight to the wall.


The Dungeon Master suddenly jumped.

It’s fast! This time it tried to jump high up and land a kick on me.

I placed my arms above and guarded, the shock penetrated my guard and it temporarily shooked my head.


I was blown away and crashed onto a wall.


I loaded twelve normal bullets and rapidly fired.

Again it dodged all of the bullets, but some of the bullets that landed on the wall bounced back.


The third time it jumped at me, but since I was starting to get used to it’s speed I jumped back to avoid it’s attack and again I rapidly fired.

Again all the bullet missed and some bounced back, and I did a front kick.


Though I managed to land a hit, but my knee was caught.

The kick that landed on it’s stomach was pushed inwards, and inside it’s stomach it seemed to swallow something in the stomach that is likely to reverse from the belly.


Strong, and what’s more annoying to deal with.

Are there any other ways to attack it.

As I was thinking, I noticed that the leg of the Dungeon Master was leaking blood.


The leg that i kicked seemed to have blood.

The Dungeon Master then raised it’s leg, as much as it hurts to see, it plucked out the blood using it’s fingers.

It took out one bullet that was stuck on it’s foot.

Did the kick really land.


What’s more that bullet was from the attack just now—


Again the Dungeon Master’s entire body was shaking.

This is the fourth time I’ve seen it, and my eyes were used to it.

It immediately flew towards me trying to kick me and I hurriedly countered it by shooting.


One shot to counter it. The normal bullet seemed to successfully hit the top of the foot.


Since the kick was still approaching me I took the hit, and flew away at an incredible distance.

I knew it.


Although it’s not always the case, but only the moment it attacks—


A shock came from the side.

I didn’t even know what was going on as I was blown towards a wall.


My head was spinning round and round, and my vision was blurry.

By the time I realised I was being hit by a high speed attack and was too slow to dodge it.


[Again it raised it’s speed.]


I stood up while holding onto my knees, and reloaded the 12 bullets and rapidly fired.

All of it was aimed at the foot of the Dungeon Master.

It dodged all of it and the bullets landed on the ground.


Again I loaded 12 more and rapidly fired, and as expected all of it hit the ground.


[ (???)??? ] (TLN: ???)


All this time the Dungeon Master had no expression but this time her mouth raised up a bit.

It was barely a smile. As it was trying to tell me….no no, that’s not gonna work.


The next moment the Dungeon Master again shook.

Another imperceptible speed attack is coming again.


I did not move.

With a light flash, it was being chased by 24 meteors!




The light was caught with a scream that was never heard before.

The Dungeon Master who was sticking to the ground was in a way looking forward.

The right foot and both of it’s arms were covered with holes like a beehive.


The Dungeon Master was looking at it’s foot and arms and had an unbelievable expression on it’s face.


[Did you not only use your feet, but also your hands?]


Kii, as it was staring at me. What happened, was what it’s expression was showing.


[The first time when you were trying to pluck out the bullet, you thought it was the bullet that bounced back right…’re sorrowfully mistaken. The bullet that you plucked out wasn’t a normal bullet, but instead it was a Homing Bullet.]


As I was explaining it, the Dungeon Master had an unintelligible expression.


[It was the two Homing Bullets that you first went out in response to your attack, the instant you realized. It instantaneously fell out of the wall and it automatically homed onto you. As I realised that, I just fired all of my Homing Bullet on your feet.]



The Dungeon Master looked nervous, and looked at where it was standing.

The bullets that landed there, the hole was gouged big as the bullet flew out and changed it’s angle.


[The 24 shots that I fired are all responsive to your attack. Because you’re fast, perhaps even faster than me. But I don’t think you would be faster than a bullet.]


Reloading my bullets I went closed to it.

The Dungeon Master that had fallen sustained huge injuries, the body looked more obvious than the first time.


I positioned my gun, and fired the normal bullet that I loaded.

Almost the same time, the bullets penetrated in between it’s eyes and chest.


Though it showed a hateful expression for a moment, but breathing it’s last breathe, the Dungeon Master plop down and vanished.

The atmosphere around the dungeon finally turned back into the usual atmosphere.




I wobbled, and sat down on my butt.

I’ve gotten a brunt of attack, and the last one was probably not just kicked but beaten up.

To prove it my a lot of parts of my body hurts like hell right now.


That was barely a victory.

It’s speed was even faster than a S Speed human, and only when it attacked it materialized which makes it a tough opponent.

It really was a clutch victory.


[Ugh….I don’t want to do anything for the rest of the day…….]


At that spot I plop down on the ground, and formed a [?] shape if you looked at it from the top.

The dungeon drop has finally returned, as Emily who was searching for me told me about it, and I rested my body for a while.


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