Chapter 72 – The day where the dungeon drops vanishes

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At night, while the city is still crowded on the final day of the Harvest Festival, I brought Alice back to my home.

A new and isolated three-story house built with the technology to defend against Magical Wind.

That was where I brought Alice too.


[I’m back.]

[Sorry for interrupting.]


I who normally came back, but Alice was also fearless and brightly came in too.

Following me to the steps to the second floor, there Emily and Celeste, and Eve was there.


Eve was currently seated and was eating something that was on an iron plate used to cook steak.

Looking at it closely it was actually carrots, she had an enchanted look on her face, and using the knife and fork skillfully to cut the carrots, she ate it one by one.


[Welcome back Yoda-san.]

[I’m back Emily. Did Emily make that?]

[Since Eve-chan has informed us of something good, as a reward I made a hamburger made using carrots for her desu.]

[Hamburger with carrots?]

[Yes desu.]


Emily nodded, and I went closed to Eve to take a look at that iron plate.

At first I thought it was just a carrot, but as I looked at the finer details of it, I could see the cut sliced had stuffings kneaded together, making look like the shape of a sliced hamburger.

Though the smell and shape was exactly like a carrot.


[Why is something like this happening again.]

[I wanted to try something adventurers today desu.]

[This was the reason bunny was born for.] Eve said as she was moved by the carrot hamburger.


[Seems really popular.]

[I’m glad desu.]

[I want to be able to eat your carrots forever.]

[Seems like you’re being proposed.]

[Th-th-th-that would be troublesome desu!!]


Emily said as she was flustered.

Though I have some interest towards the carrot hamburger, but I leave that for later.


First off, I should introduce Alice to everyone first—was what I thought but.


[A, adorable…]


While the carrot caught hold of my attention for awhile, I saw that Celeste was really close to Alice.

Her eyeballs were in the shape of hearts, and was extremely enchanted by her figure.




[Their names are <Boney-chan> and <Jumpy-san>.] (TLN: Please read TLN Note at the bottom of the page)

[What is this adorableness….Ca, can I rub it against my cheeks?]

[Eh? Yeah~ So the both of you, how about it?]


Alice was telling to the both SD sized monsters on her shoulders.

Even though the two bodies can’t talk, but they further hide behind her shoulders.


[Aah, they’re frightened by you.]

[Bu, but why….]


Celeste went into a state of [Gan].


Suddenly, something came to mind.

I remembered the day when we came back from Selen Dungeon and was moving to a new home.

And I saw a lot of fancy dolls in the luggage that Celeste was carrying when she was moving into our home.


Maybe because Boney-chan and Jumpy-san looks like dolls to her, plus they move in a comical way, even I as a male thought that it was adorable.

And it seems that the adorableness has greatly affected Celeste.


That’s fine and all, but this would never end and I can’t properly introduce Alice to them.


[Alice, can they also become big besides in the dungeon?]

[Let’s try it out. Boney-chan, Jumpy-san.]


As Alice asked them, the two body that was hiding behind her shoulders enlarge.

It returned back into the battle form.


[It seems like it’s possible.]

[Alright, if it’s like that—–]

[S-o-o-o- A–d–o–r–a–b–l–e~~~~~~~]


As I was trying to finish my sentence, someone cuts me off.

Celeste’s eyes were becoming more of a heart shape when staring at the two bodies.


[What a bunch of adorable little creatures, I just want to rub them on my cheeks so badly, No! Tonight I will sleep with them!]


The two bodies that returned to their original sizes became even more frightened and tried to hide behind Alice’s back.


[It’s alright, it’s just a sleepover. It’s just sleeping…]

[Judging from your speech, it doesn’t seem to be the case.]

[Slurp.] (TLN: What in tarnation Celeste?!?!)

[What is that slurp suppose to indicate!!!]


Instead of flipping out, it sounded more of like a tsukkomi.

Celeste who has an eye that really wants to do it, and beside Alice was the two monsters which were using Alice as a shield against Celeste.

It’s a rather surreal imagery currently.


[What should I do Ryouta.]

[If it comes to this, you might as well make it so they can’t be seen.]

[Can’t be seen…Okay I got it. Please turn back the both of you.]


Then Boney-chan and Jumpy-san turned back into their SD size.

Alice then proceeds to pick up the both of them, and went into her bosom so they cannot be seen.




In that instant, Celeste’s extremism died down, though instead it turned into dejection.

I have no words for it……


[What a weird person.]

[You’re one to say!!]


Out of nowhere Eve appeared and mentioned, and while flipping out I tsukkomi her.




After asking everyone to have a sit at the living room, I once again introduce Alice to everyone.


[I’m Alice, nice to meet y’all~]

[I want her to be one of our teammates, what do y’all think?]

[No objection!]


Celeste was the first to answer. And the reason, I can already imagine.


[Celeste, please calm down for a second or they’ll end up hiding from you forever.]

[B, but. They’re adorable alright? They’re adorable? They are like cute litle angels you know?]


Though they’re monsters.


[I won’t deny they’re cute but. Then Eve—]

[I hate low levels.]

[As I expected. By the way, Alice, do you like carrots?]

[Sorry, I’m sort of bad with it.]

[If that’s the case, then let’s give Alice’s carrots to Eve—-]

[Bunny will give a million votes to agree.]

[One person per vote so do it properly!]


Eve being Eve, she’s serious in the most common things.

And the last was Emily, as I looked at her.


[So how about Emily?]

[Eh? I’m sorry desu, I was thinking about other stuff desu.]

[Something else?]

[Alice-chan, can you please make that Skeleton big once more desu.]



Alice then looked at me, and had a face as if saying “what should I do?”


[Eve, hold onto Celeste right now.]

[Yes, you’re Ninjin.] (TLN: Literal English using Jap)


Then Alice returned Boney-chan into her original size.

Celeste who was restrained by Eve was yelling things like [Aaaah, as I knew it’s so adorable…..], for now she has to endure it.


[Is that alright Emily?]


Without any answer from Emily, she went close to Skeleton.


[I knew it desu, It’s clothes is battered nanodesu.]

[Eh? Since it’s a Skeleton.]


At first it didn’t bother me too much, but the Skeleton’s clothes were in batters.

Since all the Skeletons have that same appearance, though Boney-chan became more adorable but her clothes were still the same as the rest.


[Oh, poor you nanodesu.]

[Is, is that so?]

[Wait here for a moment nodesu.]


Emily then went up to the third floor with pittar patter footsteps.

I was wondering what she was doing, but immediately her pittar patter footsteps indicated that she has returned.

She brought a one piece dress along with her.


[Try wearing this nodesu.]

[This is?]

[It’s my hobby in doing these in my free time nanodesu.]


I didn’t know she had that kind of hobby….wait since Emily is capable of doing a million house chores, it really suits her.

Emily brought the clothes for the Skeleton to wear….but.




Celeste exclaimed.

At last, her image has collapsed.

Boney-chan who had a (´???`) face on her and wanting to return back, but Eve was holding onto Celeste without letting her budge at all.


It’s nice and all but…., I was staring at Boney-chan.


[How is it?]

[Is it bad nanodesu?]

[I think it’s cute though.]

[…….For real.]


Even though not as serious as Celeste, but Emily and alice also [agreed].

Is it only me then? I don’t think the Goth Loli outfit quite fits the Skeleton?


Yes, the clothes that Emily brought was a frilly dress dyed in black which is similar to a goth loli dress. Though it would suit any girls out there, but the one who is wearing it right now is all bones.

What can I say….I’m speechless.


[Since Boney-chan is a girl, it fits her perfectly.]

[Oh yeah I’ve forgotten about that!!]


Boney-chan was rattling around, but her white skull was suddenly dyed in red.

I myself, think that it’s not necessarily bad, but it’s also okay.


Well anyways.

Emily, Celeste, and even Eve.

I guess everyone agreed to let Alice into our team, and I sighed in relieved.




As the Harvest Festival came to an end, the city has become eerily quiet.

We were outside because I was sending Alice back to her house.


I let her stay at our previous 150k Piro 2LDK home that we rented.

It’s not that we didn’t have enough space over here, and I really wanted to her to stay with us but thinking about Celeste with the monster, I’m afraid of what would happen to them.


That’s why, only Alice would be living at that house.

Just so you know, they didn’t seem to mind that Alice could become friends with the monsters.

It is a well known fact that there are people who can do it although rarely, even though it was rare, they were not surprised in the least.


[I’m sorry that you have to live alone.]

[That’s alright, I’m extremely happy right now.Since I had nowhere to stay previously, I was thinking that we would have to stay in the dungeon.]

[Is it alright to let the two of them out in the middle of the city?]


My question was towards the one who was rattling and the one who was hopping around Alice’s shoulders. Just so you know, Boney-chan still had the appearance of being battered up. Since when they returned back into their SD size the clothes would stay the same, even though it suited her but it would be a pain to always let her wear it each time she transforms into her original form.


[Yes, if I’m with them I don’t care where we are.]


Alice then smiled at the both of them and patted their heads, though she didn’t directly answer, but I’m pretty sure they’re happy to be with Alice anywhere too.




Suddenly Alice stopped dead on her tracks, and looked at the opposite direction.


[What’s wrong?]

[Someone’s calling me…? A new kid?]

[Fumu, going to recruit another teammate again.]

[I wonder, I’m not sure myself.]

[Well let’s leave that for tomorrow. Since it’s getting late right now. So many things have happened too, let’s get some rest first.]

[That’s right!]


Alice then nodded.

For now we walked together and finally arrived at the house.

We both went in, and inside I can still smell the scent of Emily.

The gentle, and warmness. Those were still remaining from the hands of Emily.


[Well, please go in.]

[Uwaa….what an amazing house.]

[I left the bare minimum furnitures here, so feel free in using them.]

[Thank you Ryouta!]

[There’s surplus rooms too, so don’t mind.]

[Yes! Thank you!]


As Alice said that, she had a smile wrapped around her face.

It was a smile that emphasized purely on gratitude without any other reason.

And I was slightly happy when I saw that smile.




Early in the morning, I was eating the warm breakfast that Emily made for me.

In the morning Alice came straight to our home, and also Eve who brought carrots as her ingredients over, and inferior to last night, though the five of us were noisy but we had fun talking for awhile.


After our breakfast, since the Harvest Festival has ended it’s time to get into the normal mode of diving into the dungeon, as I headed out of the home.


While heading towards the dungeon, something strange happened in the city.

Though it was crowded as usual, but everyone had a serious look on their face.


The atmosphere was different during the Harvest Festival, and it was also different when it was just a normal daily life.

What’s wrong though?


[Excuse me, are you perhaps Ryouta • Satou-sama?]


Someone stopped me in the city, it was the voice of a guy.


[That’s right, and who might you be?]

[My apologizes, I’m a servant of Clint • Grey-sama. I would like to seek your assitance as we have an emergency at this moment.]

[Clint….Oh it’s the dungeon chief.]


The guy nodded.

The dungeon chief is looking for me….I guess something must’ve happened.




[Yo! Glad you came.]


Inside the dungeon association, I went into Clint’s office, and with both of his hands he extended and greeted me.


[Come come, sit here for now.]

[Excuse me then.]


Being asked to sit at the reception sofa, the secretary then brought in two coffees for the both of us.


[Let’s put around 10 plus sugar cubes.]

[One is enough okay!]

[As usual you’re such a discreet person.]


Clint then put one sugar cube into my coffee, and put a mountain load of sugar cube into his own.

The sugar cubes on top of the coffee looks like an iceberg floating in the sea.

The sweet tooth Clint then drank it, and looking at him drinking gave me diabetes.


I then looked away and asked him.


[What happened this time?]

[To be honest, this morning all of the dungeon’s drop disappeared.]

[Eh? By all of the dungeons….]

[Teruru, Silicon, Arsenic, Bismuth, and Boron. The five dungeon that Shikuro has, all of their drops are gone. No matter how many times the adventurers hunted the monsters, nothing dropped at all.]

[….Are there any cases of this happening before?]


As I asked him back, I found myself frowning.

With a world that has everything dropped by monsters in dungeons, and in it now nothing is dropping.

This is an extremely huge problem, a huge case.


[None from my experience, this is the first time it has happened. Because of this the adventurers were making a huge fuss over it. As you already know, there are a lot of adventurers who hold the principle of earning money each day.]

[….Each day they are earning their income, and to do that they have to dive in.]


Clint then nodded.

Yes, the adventurers in this world hold a similar fashion towards the Edo period’s people.

If there are dungeons they can earn money, so many people who earned that money would immediately use them.


The only exceptions are the magicians. When a Magic Storm hits the dungeon they could not earn any money and it would be common sense to the magician to save up some extra money.

Conversely speaking, most adventurers aren’t like that.


Though the economy still moves because of that, and thus no such problem has never occurred to them before.


[What’s more, those who want to create weaponry and armory has to collect a lot of drops. Thus those adventurers who can’t get any drops are in an extremely bad situation now.]

[I see.]

[I can only ask for your help! Only you who has the power to get any drops—-I can only rely on you!]


The dungeon chief, Clint then holds his knees with both of his hands and bowed down.


[Please!] was what he said.


Clint who bowed his head down immediately asked for help.


[I understand.]


[I can’t just overlook this situation, I just have to….I have to use my full ability to find out the reason why this is happening.]

[Thank you! Really, thank you so much! Aah….I’m relieved hearing you say that.]


The dungeon chief then take both of my hands and shook them up and down.

At the same time I felt a strong sense of gratitude and a feeling of relief, as well as impatience and puzzled feeling.


The case of the dungeon drops vanishing.

If I don’t do something about it….


Important notice, as you may have know, the names of Hone-hone and Puru-puru are like a pet name for the Boney and Jumpy. Honestly speaking, I don’t like to type it each time as it’s really repetitive and it’s annoying to type out. Thus, I’ve proposed this to my supporters for feedbacks and they have given me some suggestions, but I want you to come up with a name for the both of them, I might come up with a poll and let people decide the names there, and then you can vote it, OR, I would see the names in the comment sections, which are tagged #petnames and then write what you think is a good name for them, I would look at all the comments and would choose the few best ones/all of them and then only put a poll and see what y’all would like. I wish there were something easier for me to work on this, but this will do for now.

Remember, #petnames or #lazytranslator….the last one was a joke.

For now, their names would be:

Hone-hone(Girl) = Boney-chan

Puru-puru(Guy) = Jumpy-san

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