Chapter 71 – The smile that I protected

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I’m perhaps witnessing something amazing right in front of me now.


Teruru Dungeon, First floor.

A Skeleton is currently fighting a Slime.


The Slime was originally from this dungeon.

On the other hand, the Skeleton—–is different from the Skeleton that I used to see.

The deformed Skeleton then returned to being it’s original size, for some reason the form had a weird charm to it. The boney figure originally would give you a frightening feeling, but the Skeleton right now is kind of comical.


And the Slime and Skeleton are currently battling with each other.


[Go–, Good luck–]


Alice was cheering slightly further away.

Of course it’s for the Skeleton.


Teruru Dungeon, in the first floor where there should only be Slimes, a Nihonium monster is currently present here.

Since monsters are supposed to be annihilated just by being in a different floor, much less being in a different dungeons themselves.

Having a Skeleton in here is something to fathom about.


As I was watching the fight between the Skeleton and the Slime, eventually the Skeleton narrowly won the match.

Though he won, but his arms are peeling apart and his skull is fractured.


[Amazing, <Hone-hone> is awesome. Aah, want to return back?] (TLN: It’s the Skeleton’s name from the previous chapter)


The Skeleton nodded it’s head, and a sound rose and dissipates, then it became to the SD sized Skeleton.

It’s arms were not peeled anymore, and it’s skull wasn’t fractured too, it returned back to 100% of itself and went to Alice’s side.

Alice opened her palms and let the SD Skeleton jumped on her palms, and rubbed on it’s cheeks like a small animal.


[You did a great job Hone-hone.]

Rattle rattle rattle.


Even though the Skeleton wasn’t talking, but it’s movements were comical, and was replying to Alice.


I then went ahead and picked up the dropped bean sprouts from the defeated Slime, and checked it.

It was quite the amount. From my experience the Drop rate would probably be around C.

Picking it up, I talked to Alice.


[Can you make that Skeleton big again?]

[I can~ Though it seems to use some MP. If you can, Hone-hone.]


Alice then raised both her hands up like a cup.

And the SD Skeleton that was riding on her hands suddenly became big again.


And it’s appearance doesn’t seem to have any injuries at all.


[So it even heals it’s wounds.]

[Un! Once it returns it will heal everything.]

[That’s cool…..Wait why is this even happening in the first place?]

[You don’t know? Aah, although.]


[Hone-hone would always call me Onee-chan. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.]

[…..Maybe because it is also born in the dungeon and thus it’s your fellow comrade?]

[That must be it!]


Even though I thought that it was something crazy, but I guessed it from the content of the conversation.

But with that Alice was thoroughly convinced, Skeleton—no Hone-hone once again went closed to her side.

Though I don’t have any basis for this but for now let’s put it that way.



[What’s wrong now.]

[<Puru-puru> is calling me.]

[Puru-puru? Is it the Slime?]



Alice then did a huge nod.

For some reason, her naming sense, I could sort of guess what it was.

For Skeleton it would be Hone-hone, for Slime it would be Puru-puru.

I wonder what she would name the other monsters, this piqued my interest.


Then Alice and Hone-hone, the three of us(?) then continued onwards into the dungeon.


Along the way a young adventurer who wasn’t far away from us was shocked when he saw Hone-hone.


[Monster!? No wait, a monster can’t be this cute right. What’s more there can only be Slimes here.] was what he said after he was shocked and convinced himself.


After a while we arrived at the location where a monster was there.

There was one Slime, and it was hopping in a vertical direction.


[Is it that? Who called you?]

[Un. Because it was asking me to defeat it.]

[Wanna try it?]


As I finished saying I took out my gun and aimed at it.


[It seems that if it’s not me then it won’t work.]

[I see.]


I somehow knew it, and lowered down my arms in order for her to handle it.

Whereas for her, she let Hone-hone do the beating.


[Good luck Hone-hone, I’ll cheer for you.]


Maybe it’s because of Alice’s cheering, Hone-hone had even higher tension than before while heading against the Slime’s direction.

…..Though I don’t know whether the Skeleton had risen it’s tension when fighting it’s enemy, but the moment it changed into it’s weird and charming form, I sort of understood.


And thus the battle between the Skeleton and the Slime.

Because both of them are weak monsters, they would hit once and retreat.

The Slime managed to attack the Hone-hone’s head off—–was what I thought when it used it’s own head and kicked it at it.


[Is that alright with you!] subconsciously I tsukkomi it.


Hone-hone’s skull rotated at a high speed whilst heading towards the Slime, managed to hit the jelly part and half of it was blown away.


The Slime was then defeated—-but it didn’t disappear.

Similar to what had happened to the Skeleton, it’s body shone brightly, and condensed into one spot, and it then became a Slime the size of palm.

Though it’s form didn’t exactly change much, but it had an extremely adorable eyes attached to it now.


[Good work Hone-hone. Un, it’s nice to meet you Puru-puru.]


The Skeleton that returned to being SD jumped onto Alice’s palms while making some rattling sounds, and the Slime which also become SD sized hopped vertically onto Alice’s other palm.


[I guess you made another younger brother.]

[No, this is different.]

[Eh? Didn’t they call you Onee-chan?]

[Hone-hone is a girl, so it’s not another younger brother again?]

[You’re a girl!!]


The SD Skeleton, Hone-hone’s face—-or more like it’s skull was slightly dyed in red.

Are you for real…..




Hone-hone and Puru-puru then knocked out a Slime.

Even though the both of them became big, they are both deformed charming figures, was fighting against the original figure, Slime that should act like a monster.


[Go go~~, You can do it~~]


Alice who was cheering for them, maybe because of that, it resulted in the both of them defeating the Slime.

The Slime then dropped bean sprouts and disappeared.


Hone-hone and Puru-puru then became mini sized and the both of them jumped towards Alice’s hands.

Even though Hone-hone was cute, but Puru-puru was also extremely adorable.

Based on the size, it’s cuteness is similar to a smartphone’s strap holder or a decoration that you put near your computer.

After the both of them won the battle, they were being overwhelmed by Alice, and jumped on her shoulder.

That increased it’s cuteness by another level.


[Hey hey, Ryouta.]


[Thank you! Because of Ryouta’s help that I was able to meet with Hone-hone and Puru-puru.]

[I didn’t really do anything worthy though…]

[But still, thank you! Hone-hone and Puru-puru also felt the same towards you.]


Alice who had a brimming smile floating on her face, and Hone-hone who was rattling around, and also Puru-puru who was hopping around happily.

Though I don’t really know what they are doing, but it feels like they are trying to thank me.


Suddenly, I saw a group that wanted Alice to join.


It was the elderly man who was spouting nonsense like [dreams] and [being moved], and his subordinates which were the young guy and girl.

The guy and girl’s condition worsened from when I last met them, and a tragic feeling drifted around them.

I know that expression all too well, as I’ve seen it before back when I was working for the company.


Even though it was the Harvest Festival, but they still had to work even on a holiday, and without even noticing us then went straight to the next floor.



[Sorry, I was caught up with my own thoughts. Anyhow I’m glad that you get to meet them.]

[Un! Thank you Ryouta!]


Alice did a big nod and had an extremely happy expression on her face.

Looking at her, I was really glad that I stopped her from joining that evil guy who was just trying to use her.

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