FF- Chapter 5: Prey and the Predator

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Switching on the television, Lin Xii found that there are some channels that still have signal, but every one of them broadcast more or less the same stuff.

The general content is that monsters were appearing, do not panic and hide in your homes, do not go and venture outside, the military is gathering and exterminating the monster and giving us back our peaceful lives.

Other than that, if there are people who is taking advantage of the chaos and undergoing criminal activities, the army and police have the rights to shoot on sight.

All of these are just to calm the public down. Monster are appearing around the globe, which country’s military have the ability to exterminate all the monster?

The apocalypse is here, the military do have the ability to fight against the monster, and the strongest military might is far more superior than any evolutionary.

But putting all hope onto the military is just naive.

How many people can the military protect?

Also, it is impossible for the army and police to maintain order when the streets is filled with monster, killing criminal is just an empty threat——it is obvious that in the near future society is going to crumble and descend into chaos.

It is noteworthy that the TV mentioned about the “evolutionary”, calling the evolution of the initiate contact to the local government or the military.

Forming a relationship with the officials definitely have its perks. However there are also its cons. There is a possibility of becoming a lab rab on a operation table for them to experiment. It is better to be alone, freedom and all.

With his mind and body exhausted, Lin Xii switched off the TV and went to bed.

After closing his eyes and soon after, Lin Xi began to dream. He was in a ruined city, full of corpses, most of them are armed young men, mixed with women, the elderly and children.

The faces on all the bodies were showing all kinds of expression. Horror, despair, void of any emotion…… these different faces suddenly rose from the corpses. Each pieces of face flies into the air and gathered and ultimately forms of a huge distorted, crying face.

Lin Xi suddenly woke up.

He felt his whole body sweaty and wet, he unconsciously sweated alot while he was sleeping.

“Ruins … the future of the city?”

This strange dream make him felt very uncomfortable. He looked at his watch and found out it was only 9pm, far of from tomorrow morning.

Lying on the bed while thinking about, he suddenly heard the outside came an alarm of shouting and a burst of chaos. Frowning, he went to the window, looked outside and saw that the district actually has a monster on the road, a titan!

The titan was going after an obese man, and not far in front of him there was an equally obese woman in jeweled cladded pajamas, running about and shouting in anger.

“You piece of shit, going outside and fool about and asking me to open the gate for you, and you even attracted a monster. If you wanna fucking die, die alone and don’t drag me down! You bloody piece of……”

The street lights illuminated all of these, a titan entering this district spells disaster of the people living here. What’s worst is that the gate of the district is wide open, another titan could rush in any time.

At this moment right now, the majority of the people in the district are cursing this couple.

Since the man is obese, he only ran for a couple ten of meters and was already panting. His legs gave up on him and he then knelt on the ground, both of his hands on the ground, while he was scrambling up, the titan has already rushed to his side.

“No, please, no……”

Looking as the titan stretching his head to him, with a mouth wide enough to swallow a cow, showing its huge, yellow teeth. The man gave a hoarse scream fill with despair, a foul smell coming from his backside, the consequence of peeing himself.

The teeth clamped down, biting the man into two halves.

Blackish red organs and yellowish intestine stewed about the ground, splattering the ground from the cutting bottom half of the body.


The jeweled cladded fat lady screamed, and her eyes roll back and proceeded to faint.

Lin Xii immediately picked up his Dark Sword, opened the window and jumped out.

The titan in the district must be killed, he must at least guarantee that here will be a place where he will be able to rest peacefully. Also, the gate of the district must be close shut.

It is time to test out his new weapon!

Borrowing the night’s shade, Lin Xii sneak towards underneath the titan, finding the titan concentrating on chewing the fat man, he sheathed the Dark Sword onto his waist and took his meat hook from his phone’s storage space.

With his left hand holding the coiled up black chain, his right hand holding the handle of the meat hook, Lin Xii took a deep breath and threw the meat hook with great strength towards the direction of the titan.


With the sound of chains flowing, the huge hook show a streak of deep red underneath the illumination of the street lamps, flying about 8 to 9 meters, it landed……beside the titan’s leg.

It was at this moment, Lin Xii face was perspire with cold sweat.

Even though he has the strength to throw the meat hook, but he not used to it. It looks like trying to imitate Pudge in the game by simply throwing the hook and hooking the enemy isn’t as easy as it seems.

As he was about to pull the chain back and throw it again, a huge hand took hold of the meat hook.

“Oh Shit!”

He felt a strong burst of force along the chain, trying to pull him towards it.

His legs sinking in and lowering his centre of gravity, Lin Xii calf was deep into the soiled ground, he pull with all his might. The heavy chain suddenly touted, the chains giving a “Klak, Klak” sound, making a sound that hurts one’s teeth.

The sound was exceptionally loud in the silent night.

Lin Xii and the titan was holding the chain on one end each, and started initiating a tug of war!

In the windows of the houses of the district, the residents that were observing this were showing disbeliefs at this scene.

“Is he wrestling with the giant?”

“Who is that?”

“I don’t know, the street lamps isn’t illuminating the face, but looking from his silhouette it seems like a kid.”

“A kid playing tug of war against a monster? You must be kidding me!”


“Could it be……he’s the one that was mentioned in the TV, evolutionary that possess great strength?”

“Our small district has a evolutionary!”

“That’s good!”

There are many families that are excitedly discussing right now about a ‘strong’ person, someone who can fight against a titan, this definitely led to a lot of excitement to the residents here.

Lin Xii doesn’t know that there are a lot of people discussing about him right now, he wouldn’t care even if he knows——right now, he is gathering all the strength in his body and trying to rival against the titan, however he is still getting pull towards it little by a little——he had to admit, just strength alone he isn’t a match against the titan.

With an angry shout, he jerked with his might, the chain moved towards him for a few centimeters with that burst of strength, and right at the next second he let go of the chain.

As if it was a black snake, the chain shot towards the titan and furiously slammed against the titan’s body. The huge force from the backlash hit against the body of the titan and wounded it. The end of the chain strike into its eyeball, exploding it outwards, clear fluid spraying out.

With the balance abruptly disappear, the titan lost control of his centre of gravity and dropped backwards onto the ground, blowing up a cloud of dust.

Lin Xii shot into the cloud of dust like the wind, his right hand holding the sword, taking huge strides towards the titan’s fallen head. With his left hand he lifted up its ear, bringing its head up by a bit, and slashing the back of the neck with his sword.

As expected of the sword which cost more than half of his total fortune, cutting the titan’s coarse meat open as if it was cutting butter with a hot knife.

Slashing into the skin, cutting deep into the flesh, hacking away strands after strands of muscle tendons, the clear sensation of that travelled along his wrist.

“100 points get.”

The dead 9 meters tall titan disappear into particle of light.

“Its dead! The monster is killed!”


This very moment bursts of joy rang through the houses in the district.

Lin Xii was panting hard, just right before he was playing tug of war with the titan and over exerted himself. His temple is thumping right now, but he understand that now isn’t the time to rest, he then kept his meat hook into the storage in his phone, and quickly ran towards the district gate.

Thank god there isn’t any other titan around and he successfully shut the gate up.

Witnessing this, the residents in the district finally felt relief.

“A Hero……”

In actual fact, the gate and walls surrounding the district could only block out normal type titans, if there are any abnormal types or special types titan, it would be useless——the colossal titan that appeared at the school easily toppled a 12 floor building!

The residents doesn’t think about these, the walls, the metal gate, are just like a metal umbrella covering them from the monster outside, giving a sense of security.

Showing out huge strength, and closing up the gate of the small district, Lin Xii naturally became the hero to them.

He sneakily went back home, and the first thing he did was to take a bath——even though he’s not a clean freak, after the battle he was covered in grime and dust, making him uncomfortable.

The second day after the sun rose.

With the sun shining brightly, the residents were feeling more brave, some of them went to the spot where Lin Xii and the titan fought, even though the corpse of the titan disappear, the marks on the ground where both of them were wrestling were still there.


“Not just incredible, but freakishly strong!”

“Evolutionary……how in the world do you become one? Why don’t I have that kind of luck ah……”

Looking at the trench on the ground, everyone was exclaiming about. The fat woman who fainted last night was among them, her saliva spitting about, not at grief over her husband’s death.

“Who was that person, I couldn’t see it well last night, let’s go about to him and thank him, forming a good relationship with a evolutionary benefits everyone.” An old man said.

“We should definitely asked him how did he become one and share his experience! Maybe, we could become a evolutionary too!”

“Yeah, thats right!”

The fat woman suggestion was instantly agreed by everyone, and immediately there was a search house to house, asking about.

Lin Xii was living in the second floor of his house and he has just woken up, he was washing his face and heard a knocking on his door outside.

Peeking through the door’s peephole, he noticed there were about 10 residents outside, he then open up the door.

“You living alone here, kid?” A kindly face old man kindly inquiry.


“Did you heard anything yesterday night?”

Lin Xii shook his head and replied: “I was watching the TV yesterday and outside was filled with monster, i was feeling scared and went to sleep before dark, did anything happened?”

“No, it’s like this, yes-”

As the old man was about to explain, the fat woman beside him interrupted him, “Old man, why are you wasting your time? This kid is slender, with puny arms and legs, how could it be him that killed the monster last night? Don’t waste time, there are still many houses to ask around, hurry up and find him and get those information.”

“Ah……sorry for bothering.”

The group of them turned about, and knock on his neighbour’s door.

Closing the door, Lin Xii’s face turned indifferent. He doesn’t wants to expose his identity, giving these peoples any hope, that would be too much of a hassle. Also that in this world, he can’t even guarantee his safety, what rights does he have to protect others?

Making something simple to eat, he gets ready the meat hook, Dark Sword, leather armor and wooden shield.

It’s time to hunt.

This time, the prey is the titan, and I am the predator!

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