Chapter 69 – Level 1 Girl

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The last day of the Harvest Festival.

With my friends doing different things on their own, I leisurely went around the city.


As usual, Shikuro is still a never changing city where it’s busy during the festival.

While I was glossing over the city, one shop had my interest.

It was a tent built like a huge tennis court, and from within I could hear yellow screams and someone contesting.


On the other hand, people working at the shop do not appear to mind the screaming or hesitating even when listening to that sound, instead they were making a fuss as much as possible to lure them in.

I was wondering what’s happening when I turn to that direction someone spoke to me.


[Monster House? What’s that?]

[This is an attraction for kids you see.]

[Oh it’s Elza.]


Elza was the one who spoke to me.

The girl who wore a shopkeeper’s uniform that was pleasant to the eyes, and with her usual delightful smile she looked at me.


[Are you interested in the Monster house?]

[Yeah, what kind of attraction is that?]

[To put it simply, we bring in special type monster that deals no damage to humans into this attraction. It’s rather popular with the kids these days. Since the kids all look up to adventurers.]


[Heh…..There’s even monsters that would deal no damage to humans huh. Then wouldn’t that monster be an all-you-can-hunt type of monster?]

[That’s why the drop is sold for a really cheap price.]

[Ah, I see.]


Is it something similar to a haunted house then?

It’s usually seen in Manga’s which have ghosts, where if the character can summon spirits and make a safe and real haunted house by making good use of their ability, but I guess it seems to be similar to that.


In actuality, there’s an entrance and an exit, where you can see a primary school boy coming out from the exit feeling really excited and pleading their parents that they wanted to go for another round.


Since I understood all of that, I started walking away from the Monster House, and Elza follow suit alongside me.


[That outfit, are you currently on duty?]

[Yes, but it’s alright. Though it’s the same with yesterday and the day before yesterday, there wouldn’t be much customers as the Harvest Festivals going on. Everyone’s currently enjoying the festival.]

[I see.]

[Would you mind if I were to bring you somewhere? Our place have really delicious tea and snacks.]

[Are you sure? I didn’t bring anything with me though.]

[Well, I don’t see why not when Ryouta-san is one of our most loyal customers.]


Elza said as she was smiling delightfully.

If she said so then I guess why not tag along.


[Oh yeah, is that girl still around?]

[That girl?]

[It’s the girl from the day before yesterday. Because she wanted to be an adventurer no matter what so she venture out from her village, and it seems like she is looking for a party to join.]

[So she has an aspiration to become an adventurer, huh.]


[Yes. even after asking around they refused her.]

[Why though?]

[They just blatantly decided that she doesn’t have any abilities and thus rejected her. She’s Level 1 and her max level is up until 2, her abilities are weak to so even if she were to join in the fray she would just be a demerit to the party.]

[That is indeed sad.] (TLN: smirk Another loli get?)

[Even though she could’ve been anything else other than an adventurer, but no matter what she said she won’t give up this dream of hers. I really hope she could find someone…..]


While Elza and I were chatting along we arrived at her shop.

She calmed herself down and went back into her working smile and reached for the doorknob.


[Well, come on in.]

[Sorry for interrupting.]


And from within the store, Elza was rustling on something.

And in contrarily, for the first time in a while, there were a team of three adventurers over there.


[Wait for awhile, I’ll make tea—-]

[Are you seriously going in to make some tea!?]


While trying to obstruct what Elza had just said, a cheerful girl’s voice echoed in the store.

Looking at where the sound is coming from, a gorgeous and lively girl with ponytail with a bright personality was there.

She was right behind the counter, so it’s a bit hard to see who she was from behind.


[Have you finally found it?]

[Eeh. But I’m glad, there’s someone that accepted you.]

[That’s right.]


[Umu, you indeed do have talent. A talent that shines brightly in the dungeon.]

[Un? This voice….]

[What’s wrong Ryouta-san?]


While not replying to Elza, I walked towards the girl.

And I finally saw the appearance of the girl who was hiding behind the counter.


A well dressed energetic elderly man was there.

I remember him. He was the guy who spouts nonsense like [dream] or [hope] in the dungeon, and he himself did nothing at all.

While brainwashing people, he made the other two do all the work till they were all battered up.


And the girl overlapped with the appearances of the two.

I can already imagined the future of that girl.


[Now, let’s head to the dungeon for your dreams—-]

[Wait just a minute.]


While cutting them off, I stepped in front of the guy and girl, obstructing them.

Gazing at the man. The man who was being glanced by me frowned his eyebrows.


[What do you want?]

[I want to be that person’s friend.]


[Towards me!? E, eh, eeeeeh? All this time I thought I was useless but why all of a sudden.]


The girl was shocked at the conversation that me and that elderly man was talking.

I can’t let this girl be deceived by some brainwashing (perv)guy. (TLN: definitely did not addon)


[Suddenly glaring at me and then interrupting me, isn’t that just rude?]

[I won’t hand over the girl.]

[Do you know him? Even so…..]

[I won’t give her to someone like you.]



With the shop being so few people, the atmosphere was getting way quieter from before.

Only the adventurer, the clerk, and the girl.

Everyone is watching over this while being breathless.


With a cold glare, the elderly man looked at me, there was a strong hostility on his eyes.

It was like he was saying…..stop interfering with me you brat.


Looking at those pair of eyes, I thought that I will absolutely not let this girl go with this guy.

Even though I can’t help those who were already brainwashed, but if I can I would stop them before they were being lead on.


I reached my hand on my gun holster, this is only the worst case scenario—


[Eeh—. Are you sure you want to be friends with Ryouta-san?]


Suddenly, a cheerful voice cuts into the tense atmosphere, it was Elza.

Elza said to that girl while putting her hands on her hips while staring at her.


[Congratulations, you’re the first one to be getting the most attention in being invited to the Ryouta Family, aren’t you one Lucky Girl huh.]

[Lu, lucky girl? Me?]

[Yes! Because it’s the Ryouta Family.]

[Yes yes, though their numbers are fairly low, but there are the hottest topic in Shikuro right now. And they’ve also helped out with the Dungeon Chief in completing some huge requests too.]


As Elza was continuing, her friend Ena came out from nowhere and added on.

She was also highly praising our family.


[Ar, are they such powerful people?]


[He is indeed amazing you know.]


Elza and Ena both looked at me and praised me even more—-was what I thought but it haven’t ended.


[And that is the rumoured Ryouta • Satou.]

[And it seems like he helped cleaned up a mess that Neptune has made the day before yesterday.]

[Are you for real, is it really that Neptune from that Neptune family’s Neptune?]


Acting like those small number of adventurers who loves to gossip, they once again praised me even highly.

And because of that, the girl was looking at me with high expectation.


Her eyes immediately turned to the look of respecting and aspiration.




The elderly man clicked him tongue, after hiding from me hatefully, he walked away with a big stomach.

I guess it seemed that the girl who came to admire me was not suitable for brainwashing anymore.

In reality, the girl didn’t even look at the guy anymore.


As Elza and Ena was both praising me highly, the girl has been looking at me with glittering eyes.


As that man leave the store I secretly stroked my chest.


I was relieved that I barely managed to rescue a girl from being caught by the Black.

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