Chapter 68 – Trust

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Celeste who finally returned, normally and obediently came back.

The beautiful girl with a luscious long hair which makes her look like a model, I can’t help but look at her in awe.


[Sorry for the wait, it seems that there are some abnormal occurrence in Teruru Dungeon’s Drowsy Slimes, it took some time before I was done with it.]

[Abnormal occurrence?]

[Occasionally, dungeons would spawn a huge sum of the same monster at the same time. Don’t you know about it?]

[It can’t be help nanodesu, normally you won’t notice that there would be an abnormal occurrence happening desu. And with everyone partaking in the festival, fewer people would dive into the dungeon making it harder to notice desu.]


I was convinced when Emily explained it for me.

Normally there would be adventurers diving into dungeons daily. Though we do not know when the abnormal occurrence would come, but the fate of those insects would be crushed by adventurers who are already used to the motion of defeating monsters in the dungeon hundreds of thousands of times.


[Are you okay with that.]

[Bunny has finally seen heaven.]


As usual for Eve who was buried by a mountain of carrots. It is no longer Eve but carrots.


[It’s so cool that there are a lot desu.]

[The salvation of carrots.]

[Wow, it makes me wanna make some dishes desu-]


Huh, for some reason Emily said that in a monotonous voice.



[I really want to make some dish using carrots desu–]

[Eat more carrots!]


Eve as usual said some eve-like words.


[I’ll immediately make some now desu– Maybe some green peppers stuffed with carrots would be great desu—]

[Fuooooooo. Ha, Bunny has a suggestion. How about stuffing carrots inside of a carrot.]

[No wait, wouldn’t that just be carrots.]

[I wonder how it would turn out to be.]


Celeste and I both looked at each other and bitterly smiled.


[Yes desu~~, Thus in order to make those dishes I’ll head back first desu~]


[I want Celeste-san and Yoda-san to go around first desu. Besides Eve who wants carrots nobody else is allowed to come home first nanodesu.]

[Wait why are we prohibited.]



While bitterly laughing I looked beside me, and I saw that Celeste somehow knew about something and sighed.

Emily then winked at her, and brought Eve back home.


[Wha, what’s with that.]

[Well Emily……Even though she doesn’t have to do that.]

[Well it should be fine, since Emily is really good at cooking. You’ll never know if we see a carrots stuffed into another carrot and we would go [Woooow]. You should also know how great she is.]

[I know but….I understand but that’s not what I mean.]



Why was Celeste fidgeting while saying that.

[It’s alright, I trust in Emily.] I said as I cut her off.

Celeste who was shocked, this time showed an adorable look. (´???`)


[I’m jealous.]


[I’m jealous of Emily, because you would go that far as to trust her. Even I—]

[What are you saying, I would also trust Celeste too.]



Again Celeste was shocked. It’s like a roller coaster of emotions being shown on her face.


[You….trust in me?]

[Yeap….For example the Increase Goblin. You should know what I’m talking about.]

[Eh, yeah. It’s a monster from <Germanium Dungeon> eighth floor. Even though it’s an extremely weak monster, but if you cannot defeat it in one hit it would restore back it’s HP to full and would become even stronger than before, it’s those sort of annoying monster. Well, although it’s pretty harmless for high level adventurers, but if you were to [rear] it into a rogue monster, it can be used for other things. Just so you know the drop is green pepper, it’s not really a great way to earn money too.]


The usual informational Celeste is back, as she was explaining to me about the Increase Goblin that I’ve just defeated a moment ago.

Even though I just said the name, she could already give me an in-depth explanation about the monster from the location to what it drops.

Whereas if I asked Emily she would respond with a “I’m not sure” face which is a great contrast to the both of them.


[And also.]

[Eh? Is there anything else about the Increase Goblin?]

[No not that, it’s about Celeste.]


[It’s obvious that Celeste has an extremely strong wide range magic with incredible power and in our family you’re the most reliable, plus your knowledge is vast too. If I’m not mistaken, Celeste has already remembered each and every monster in Shikuro’s dungeon in your head right?]

[Eh, yeah. The moment I came to the city, I went around and remembered everything.]

In spite of that, she had an expression as of [And what’s wrong with that?].


I’m pretty sure that she hasn’t realised just how amazing she actually is.

And that made me even more positive than before.


[That’s awesome. It’s to the point where if Celeste is not around, I can’t think anymore.]

[Th, that means….you need me because, I’m….important?]


Celeste said as she spoke each words slowly.


[Of course. Aren’t we always friends?] (TLN: FRIEND ZONE?!?!?!)



Celeste stared at me for a really long time, and suddenly she can’t help but laughed earnestly.


[You do know that what you’re saying is really horrible?]

[Wait..horrible?! In what?]

[The phrase, [We’ll always be friends].]


What’s wrong about that.


[Fufu……but that’s alright. I won’t think too much about it. As long as I don’t give up now.]

[O, Ou. Giving up in?]

[What’s more, I will work even harder than before from now on.]


As Celeste said that she naturally smiled, and I inadvertently looked at her.


[…..Uh, okay. Good luck with that.] I said as I was speechless.


As the conversation seemed to be over, we went around and enjoyed the festival before going back home.

Aside from that, the dish where you stuff carrots into a carrot was really made.


[ [Fuooooooo] ] Celeste and I groaned as we looked at each other.






The next day, the south end of Shikuro, the Harvest Festival arena.


There were a lot of people gathering around to watch me and Celeste fighting a High Guts Slime.

Celeste casted and a huge magic circle was formed, holding her hands out she ignited the words with [Inferno].

The flame burned the High Guts Slime—-and then Celeste squeezed her hand into a fist.

The flames suddenly vanished, and one could see the Slime being burnt black and was about to die.

I then used my normal bullet, and dealt the final blow.


The crowds roared in joy.


With adventurers and normal bystanders, and also tourists, all of them were gathered around at the arena.


[That Nee-chan is amazing, the High Guts Slime must’ve reflected that huge damage back. But she was uninjured.]

[She used such strong magic, plus making fine adjustments here and there. If I were to face with that monster without any technique, I would’ve not come out unscathed.]

[Celeste from Ryouta Family….having such high level magic without a name is….]

[It’s as if they are completely trusting her for everything, she might as well be the true leader of the family.]

[Hey, check it out.]


The girl who was struggling in burning mountains of trash, was now being praised wildly by everyone, and she turned around smiling while waving at everyone.

And, I somehow skipped a beat.

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DARK · 19th August 2017 at 12:18 AM

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