FF- Chapter 4 : Convert

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Lin Xii’s house lies in a small district.

The metal gate of the district was closed and it was surrounded with walls. The insides of the walls were not destroyed, and there weren’t any titans on sight.

Climbing into the district, Lin Xii went back to his empty home. He felt a sense of relief when he finally reached home, and proceeded to take a bath, change a set of clothes and make something to eat.

After eating and drinking till his filled, he began pondering.

Why did beings from human’s fantasy came into reality?

What is the place where he got his ability, the <Room of Fate> really is? Who is the being that called itself <The spirit of all beings>?

The 100,000 people on Earth who gained a seed of an ability, the Evolutionary. What does this name represent?

“I don’t understand……whatever, I am just one man, it’s not my place to worry about that. Since I was lucky enough to be one in a hundred thousandth to get the app,  and getting a five star bloodline, there is only two things I need to do now.”

“First, become strong, second, become resilient!”

“Oh right, The program!”

Lin Xii took out his phone and lit up the screen, and found that the “pyramid” -like icon is still there. He clicked into the program and saw some tips on the interface.

Generally, his phone had gotten a few changes that can directly absorb solar energy as energy, and act as an intermediate to the <Human Evolutionary Program>. The phone can be also transformed into a special form, and keep inside his body.

Thinking just that, the phone that was in his hands disappeared, and on his wrist there is a circle of tattoo symbol. The thing about this symbol is that its actually a mobile phone trademark.


Following his consciousness, the phone reappears.

After entering the <Human evolution program> there were some changes, showing four modules:

Character Attribute, Item Space, Mercenary Information, Connection to Base.


Lin Xi was slightly confused, he touched on the module icon and it immediately showed that the ‘Mercenary’ here refers to combat helpers from Anime, Games, and the film world.

As for how to get these mercenaries? In the <Base of Evolution> and it uses <Biological Energy Points> to hire.

Clicking on the “link base”, the screen jumped into the <Base of Evolution> website, and now this website suddenly became an online purchasing site!

There are several categories that can be exchanged from:

Weapons, Armor, Jewelry, Item, Special.

Lin Xi roughly glanced through and was dazzled by the amount of things. The category of weapons, for example, they have the Doran’s Blade from League of Legends, there is also the Frostmourne sword from World of Warcraft. In the Armor section, there are clothing armor, leather armor, wooden shield, and also there is Gold Cloth from Knights of the Zodiac, Astral Dresses from Date a Live, and also Captain America’s shield.

There are all sorts of necklace, earrings, rings from the Jewelry section……Lin Xii even saw the Vongola’s rings from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, the Contract Bracelet from Kämpfer, and even the Spark lens from Ultraman Tiga!

The category with the most assorted choices are the Item category, it contains many one-time use items. However, there weren’t any items that were normally common in mmorpg games such as health potions or mana potions, the items that were up for sale are those whose are really rare, such as the Senzu Bean from Dragonball.

Special category contains things such as defensive turrets and mechs, for example towers from data, EVA, gundam.

To get these items, <Biological Energy Points> is needed as an currency.

Lin Xii took a look and saw that he currently has 5200 <Biological Energy Points>.

5000 points came from the reimbursement when he only obtained a 5 star rarity bloodline from the lucky draw, and the other 200 points is from killing the titan.  A normal type titan, ranging 3-9 meters gives 100 points when killed, and 200 points for titans ranging 10-15 meters.

Its looks like in order to continue getting stronger in this apocalypse, and to exchange these supernatural equipments, it is a must to continuously slaughter these monsters.

Other than exchanging for equipments, there is 2 other function. One is hiring, hiring a partner which consists of either humanoid mercenary or pet mercenary.

The other function is upgrade, upgrading one’s body attributes.

For every 1000 points, one can upgrade either their strength, agility, body toughness and sensory once. For every upgrade is about adding a normal person’s worth of attribute.

With the points that Lin Xii has now, he could upgrade his body capabilities 5 times, if he upgrade his strength 5 times, he would have 5 person’s worth of strength.

After every attribute has been upgraded 10 times, the points needed to continuing upgrading is double the amount before.

After digesting all these informations, his heart couldn’t help but surged.

When playing World of Warcraft, who wouldn’t hope one day that he could hold Frostmourne, wearing the Lich King armor and rampage about? When watching ultraman, who did not dreamt that one day he would get the Spark Lens and become ultraman, beating up monster and saving the world?

“Who open this <Base of Evolution> website? God? Even the gods from mythology like Zeus, the Jade Emperor, Odin, couldn’t be this  omniscient right?”

Lin Xii silently sighed, and he noticed another thing.

<Base of Evolution> can exchange all sorts of equipments, able to hire mercenary partners, and even upgrading your own body. But Bloodline, talent, martial arts skill, magic, and ESP related skills could not be obtained.

“Thinking back, getting a 5 star, and a all-rounded Bloodline such as the Progenitor Virus, I was really lucky. By relying on the future potential of this Bloodline, how far can  it evolve into?”

“But really, absolute fairness really doesn’t exists huh, even if they reimburse those biological points.”

For example if someone gotten an 1 star ability and got 9000 points, and put then all into upgrading strength, he would get about 10 person’s worth of strength, and would be stronger than Lin Xii now.

But the Progenitor Virus doesn’t only brings strength to him.

There’s also speed, agility, body toughness, resilience, lifespan, regenerative abilities……and also changing his genes, giving his DNA the talent to evolve! Also the biological energy that he currently does not know how to utilize. The two different scenarios no matter now or in the future cannot be compared.

“I wonder did anyone gotten a 9 star Bloodline? Superman……this kind of Bloodline should be 9 star right? How many strength Superman had again? A 100 times of a normal human being? 1000 times?”

Possessing 5200 worth of <Biological Energy Points>, Lin Xii decided to use it to further enhance his battle capabilities.

Upgrade his body?

This option is first strike off the list, purely from a body attribute perspective, and if there was a clear numbering system of that, the current Lin Xii every single attribute would be around 8 times a normal human being. Upgrading his attributes would not greatly increase his battling capabilities.

What Lin Xii wanted most, is a partner.

Or in other words……

A family.

He’s too lonely.

The mercenary category can be used to hire intelligent beings, but beings that are humanoid and possess a high intelligent, the price for it is insanely high.

For example of what he saw ——

Name:     Artoria Pendragon

Race:        Heroes

Bloodline:     Red Dragon

Class:        Saber

This came from the legend of the holy grail, the King Arthur of old Britain, and to hire her the points needed is 420,000!

In the weapon category, exchanging for the weapon of the Lich King: Frostmourne only needs 210,000.

1 Saber = 2 Frostmourne

Mikasa, high intelligent, her abilities cannot be compared to Saber, but when fighting against titans there were special extra damage. Points to hire: 30,000!

Low intelligent humanoid beings, the cheapest are those like konoha’s genin, or the lowest of the marine corps from one piece also needs 5000 points.

Non-humanoid beings and pets are cheaper, but not by much.

Lin Xii has 5200 points. He could hire a mercenary, but what he needed the most right now is weapons and armors, these can realiably help him to kill those titans.

Because if a mercenary dies, they cannot be revived.

If he wasted all his points and hire one, but died under a foot of a titan, he would definitely cry.

In all the mercenary, the ones that are highly intelligent such as Saber, Mikasa. They are all unique, it means if someone hired them, all other Evolutionary cannot hired the same person, and the mercenary dies, the shop will not revive them.

The truly “1” unique.

Also, he noticed another thing is that the mercenary up for hire are all from the good side——there are mostly lawful good or lawful neutral, the very least is chaotic neutral or true neutral, there isn’t any evil character in the shop.

[Wait till I accumulate some more points and I definitely will hire a partner, a intelligent female human being, one who will be my……family!] Lin Xii decided silently.

He began to exchange, first is——

Hard leather armor     : 300 points

Oak Shield            : 300 points

These two equipments are in the lower range in price, and they have the style of the game Diablo, simple and rugged.

The brown leather armor is rough and thick, the wooden shield is a small and round shield, the surface of the shield is filed with wood fibre and with a hint of tree fragrance. The shield is equipped with a small handle in the back, and the edge of the shield is wrapped with white metal.

Next, Lin Xii exchange a weapon from the shop.

These titans have a high combat power, far more than those zombies. Skeleton-like creatures. A good weapon will be essential to killing those titans.

Having possess the Progenitor Virus Bloodline, he could skimp a little on the armor, but he needs a good weapon.

3000 points worth.

From the game <Dark Souls 3>.

Dark Sword.

The weapon is a european style straight sword. Longer than normal straight sword, the length around a meter, black in colour with a sort of glistering dark light, giving a quaint feel.

The reason for choosing this is, first, the points that he has could not exchange for the higher end of the weapon range, much less EA, immortal killer range weapons. Even those like ascalon and kusanagi sword he too do not have enough for.

Second, under the same price range, the Dark Sword has a higher stats when compared. It is also easier to use compared to those katanas or rapiers for a newbie.

Third, this sword is a power type weapon and it’s a bit heavy, around 10kg or so, to Lin Xii it feels just right.

The Dark Sword also comes with a battle skill.


It uses one’s weight to lunge forward with a low stance and increased poise, and follow with strong attack for an upward slash.

When battling smaller size enemies, using the Stomp skill and slash, it will be enough to blow the titans away.

Of course, when killing titans, this skill is useless.

Holding the Dark Sword, he cut through his kitchen knife with ease. The edge of the sword did not even curled even a little bit. He also tested the oak shield and the leather armor and was satisfied with the results.

He then proceeded to use another 1500 points to get another weapon.

Blood Drainer Meat Hook.

Looking at its appearance, the hook looks really menacing, its length is around 9 meters, having a black and thick chain and topped with a blood red hook.

This play thing is from the game DOTA hero Pudge’s weapon.

Of course, there will be difference between game and reality. In the game it will pull the person to his side, while if this happens in reality this will only slash the person’s into half, all their intestine dropping out, and throwing this weapon requires a ridiculous amount of strength.

At least the Lin Xii now could use it, even if barely.

<Biological Energy Points> left 100 points.

Exit the <Base of Evolution> website, he when to the main menu of the app and click on the “Item Space” option. A light shone from his phone screen onto the Meat Hook, and keep it into his storage.

Looking at the display, the Meat Hook became a small little icon and took up 1 of 9 slots.

Every slot storage space is 1 cubic meter, and can store things even from reality.

What happens if the item is larger than 1 cubic meter? As an example, a 3 meter long spear, can it fit into the storage? The answer is yes, but it will fully accommodate this slot, and unable to fit any more items.

“Not factoring other function, just this storage function alone would give me a huge advantage in this damn apocalypse!”

He exclaim while shaking his head, Lin Xii decided that he will leave this district tomorrow and head towards the streets and use his newly bought equipment and kill titans to start accumulate points, he also needs to go to the supermarket and get food supplies and store them in his storage space.

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