Chapter 65 – A messenger at a resort

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After waking up in the morning, I went downstairs to the second floor living room from the third floors bedroom.

Emily who was in the kitchen turned around and a wonderful smile lit on her face as soon as she saw me.


[Good morning desu.]

[Morning…Where’s Celeste?]

[She went out with Eve-chan desu. Since today’s the Harvest Festival, there will be less adventures diving into the dungeon thus they went to collect more carrots desu.]

[I see.]


There on the table, I took the tea that Emily has left for me and slowly sipped on it.


Today’s the start of the three day Harvest Festival.


[If I’m not mistaken, this huge event is held yearly in Shikuro.]

[Yes desu, and it seems that there are other people from different cities coming to watch it too desu. Since there are a lot of people gathered at Shikuro, it seems that the people from other cities would gather many items and acquire adventurers to gift out as presents desu.]

[Acquiring adventurers?]

[They would bring different drops from different dungeons and try to sell it,or changing it into rogue monsters and try to sell it, or even appeal the item in the city.]

[I see.]


There are quite a few things happening around this period huh. More like, appealing to get adventurers, I can’t believe these sorts of things are also happening around here.

Well, since everything is dropped in a dungeon from monsters, adventurers who kill those monsters are the producers of those items.

So, the number and quality of adventurers will be directly related to the tax revenue of the city.


[In a way it’s like attracting business opportunities.]

[Yes desu?]

[Sorry, just talking to myself….Oh right, just now that thing from Emily, did you hear all this from someone(apparently).]


Emily had a troubled expression.


[I’ve heard of it from Celeste desu.]

[Oh it’s from Celeste? I undertand that that lady does know a lot of information because of how well she obtains information, but why are you asking it from her?]


Even though she’s been living here her whole life.


[Before I started living in the cities, I was always inside the dungeon desu, what’s more going to festival requires a lot of money d-desu.]



I see how it is.

Up until now she was a drop rate of E adventurer who was living in the dungeon until I forcefully drag her to a 20k Piro borrowed apartment.

She was surviving inside the dungeon everyday.


[Okay, then why not we go to the festival together than.]

[Together desu?]

[Yeap, there are a lot of interesting stuff to see, ya know? Let’s have fun together~]

[—–Yes desu!]




Going out of the house, Emily and I were walking to the city.

Even though it’s still in the morning, but the city was packed with people roaming around.


You would see people who usually won’t come to the city walking around here, and goods that are not sold in Shikuro being sold in stores around the city.

It was similar to the time when I was in Selen dungeon where the merchants would gather around and open up their stores, but this time the difference was the amount of people, and also the many different types of items being sold.


[This is amazing desu, there are a lot of things desu~]

[If there’s anything you like don’t hesitate to say it.]

[Eh? But….]


While Emily was looking around the stores, she had a sorry expression as she said that.


[Because it’s a festival they will surely mark up the prices nanodesu…..]

[If it’s about money, don’t worry about it. Precisely because it’s the festival, the more we should use it.]


[If Emily doesn’t choose it then I will just buy it okay? Let’s see, something like this doll that looks similar to that.]

[Please stop it seriously and forgive me and anything but that I will do anything for you desu!] Emily said as she was spitting out words like a bullet train.


The doll that I was talking about was a black living creature personified as a doll. Well, in my eyes it’s sort of cute, as for Emily…I guess it’s still impossible.


Well, I too can’t take it when the high speed movement of the Cockroach Slime crawls around the dungeon.


[Then please buy something.]

[I, I got it okay desu.]


Emily was weirdly enthusiastic, and thus started looking for something to buy.

After awhile, she stopped in front of a particular store.


[What’s wrong Emily….A Collection Box?] (TLN: Wait, for some reason the word changed into shipping box, but that sounds really weird)


Lining up side by side, I saw the items lining up in order at the store.

And all of them were Collection boxes.


When you defeat a monster this box would automatically suck the dropped item into the box.

This was what I often used to get my special bullets.


[What is this?]

[I’m glad you asked miss, this is the Alkyl production’s experience point.] (TLN: Alkyl is a city)


The store owner, who had a thread like eye with a grin constantly floating on it’s faced was answering Emily’s question.


[Experience points? What’s does that mean?]

[The monster that you will get is called a <Mech(Mickey) Mouse>. You should know Mech Mouse.  It is a wonderful monster that can get ten times the experience value than other monsters of the same strength.] (TLN: Are you for real?!?! Sounds just like Mech Mouse, that’s gonna get some copyright infringement strike ??????)


[So you leave this at a place where no one is present, and keep a distance away from it for about 3 minutes.]

[Aah, it’s a rogue monster.]

[Yes! Once it becomes a rogue Mech Mouse, you will obtain ten times the experience points.]

[I see.]


There was no idea.

In a world where drops are fundamentally important, though levels and experience points do exist, but there are practically not many adventurers who worry about that.

Adventurers would mostly form a group when diving into a dungeon, and they would continuously defeat monsters one after the another and before they know it their levels have already reached the maximum cap.


[Even though the rogue monster doesn’t drop anything, but it’s guaranteed to give out experience?]

[Yoda-san, I’ve leveled up desu.]

[Eh? Aah! Those Femini from under the cliff!]


Emily nodded to my answer.

When we just met not long ago—-it was around the time when I just gotten my Freeze bullet where it happened.


There was an incident where someone has fallen down a cliff and they left their stuffs there and it turned into rogue monsters, and when she defeated all of them she leveled up a huge ton.

I see, even if it’s rogue monsters you will still be able to get experience points.


[I see, selling experience points huh….by the way, what do you have inside this box?]

[Sir, wait—-]


Before the store owner could stop me, I’ve already opened up one of the boxes.





[Th, this stiiiiinks!!!]


In a hurry I quickly closed the lid of the box.

Even though I’ve only opened it for a brief moment, but the stench of the smell coming from the box quickly flew out.


It was a smell of rotten meat and fish that was in the sewer and was being boiled up and further ferment it.

That was how strong the stench was.


[Uu…..It went into my eyes desu….]

[Th, this is.]

[It is the drop item of the Mech Mouse, a poisonous mushroom. The item itself is completely useless and thus we had to use a box to keep it in and sell it as an experience point.]

[I, I understand now. I’m sorry that I accidentally opened it.]


The stench then spreaded around everywhere to the point where the people who were enjoying the festival all turned at look at where the source of the smell was.

In order to not attract anymore attention, I quickly handed over the money and took one of the box, and immediately dragged Emily away to escape from that area.




Outside of Shikuro, the outdoor where no one was present.

The experience points(poisonous mushroom) that was in the box was left on the ground and we kept a distance away from it.

Even though it’s good and all to buy it, but if there’s no way to dispose of it then it would be troubling as the festival was put on hold for an hour because of that smell, so it’s better to turn it into rogue monster—-I mean into experience points.


While we were waiting for it to turn into a rogue monster, we were reading the brochure that we’ve gotten from the shop owner.


[Is it a guide about what’s inside Alkyl?]

[Yeah…..It seems that the Alkyl specializes in sightseeing.]

[Sightseeing desu?]

[It seems like Alkyl has drops that could kill those 70% of the time by releasing poison or the bad stench, and 30% of the time it won’t drop anything. So it seems that the tax revenue in the city is hard to get although they have four dungeons .]

[Is that so nanodesu.]

[Even though most of the drops stinks but in return the monster gives a huge amount of experience points, thus it gets its revenue by being a tourist spot for adventurers to come, it also seems like they’re trying to get adventurers to pay them money. Look at this here, a rogue monster stadium is ready and completed for those who aren’t good with handling the smell of the drops.]

[So there are cities like these.]

[It’s kind of interesting. Emily, you and Celeste’s level isn’t max yet right? Let’s try going there sometime?]

[Yes! Let’s go together with everyone desu!]


I made a promised in heart that once they’ve maxed their level they will each eat the magical fruit to learn a random magic, with that Emily showed a face full of brimming smile and nodded in unison.


At that moment, from within the box it moved and cracked, and the rogue monster was born.





The both of us nodded. With a restraint bullet in one hand and a Recovery bullet in the other, I standby with these support bullets.

Then, Emily carried her hammer, and flew to the target as per her usual attack pattern.


The poisonous mushroom hatched into a 50 centimetre sized big mouse.

The body was coated in a metallic colour which matched it’s name, and from some places you can see it’s skin peeling off and a dull colour can be seen from the outside.


Somehow it looked like a zombie, where the meat was rotting and it was falling apart.

A metal zombie, that’s the impression I’d gotten when seeing this Mech Mouse.

When I say it like that it felt disturbing.

What’s more it was crawling, it moves a little and it stops, and moves a little then stops, it moves just like how a mouse does.


[Are you alright with that Emily?]

[With what desu?]

[….Never mind don’t mind what I just said.]


The girl who hate the Co****** would actually be alright with the movement of the huge mouse.


[Let’s do it desu!]



The moment I fired the Restrain bullet, at the same time Emily flew towards it.

The light rope wrapped around the Mech Mouse and restrained it, and Emily who was there on time started hammering down the mouse.




[It, it’s tough desu!]

[Should I help?]

[—-I’m alright desu!]


Emily took a deep breath, and readied her hammer.

With a “Gugugugu” sound being heard but not really, it seems like Emily was building up power.


Something awesome is about to happen, was what I thought when looking at her.



[——Reservation.] and immediately I cast the magic.


At the same time Emily swung her hammer as I finished casting the magic.

And the hammer successfully damaged the mouse.


Doshin! As the ground shook, even I was moving around unexpectedly with that distance.

The place where the hammer hit, a 30 metre crate was made from her attack.


[I did it Yoda-san!]

[What’s your level?]

[I leveled up nicely desu!]



With just one of the mouse she leveled up.

That just makes me want to bring them to Arkyl to level up.


[Yoda-san, look at this desu.]

[Un? Ooh, is this a new bullet?]


As Emily called me to come closer, I looked at the middle of the crate, and saw a bullet that I have never seen before laying on the ground.


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