Chapter 61 – Auto Level Up

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Teruru Dungeon, 7th floor.


Dungeon Snow—–Amidst the snowy floor, we’ve encountered a Guts Slime.

Seeing the picture perfect scene of the monster in such situation, I took out my dual gun and fired the Penetration bullet.

The shot landed on the Slime and it cracked into a crescent moon shape, and the following attack would not work again on the Slime.


[Here you go nanodesu.]



Emily handed me the Tear of Slime that we’ve gotten from the rare monster just a moment ago, and casually walked closer to the Slime.


The half-cracked Slime jumped at me, and as it landed onto my body—–at that moment.

The moment it landed onto my body, the Slime was knocked away.

Then, the Slime disappeared and there Onions dropped, thus concluding my experiment as it was a success.

Because I was trying to test something, Emily, Celeste, and Eve was behind me keeping a fair distance to protect me if something were to happen. Thus, after the experiment was complete, they came closer to me.


[I see, if you were to use this item, you can indeed solo the seventh floor by yourself.]

[Aah, first I would activate the Slime’s special abilities, then when it tries to counter attack me I would just use the item. Since the enemy is already at 1 health to begin with.]

[But this technique can only be used by you.]

[Well yeah. You would need to take a huge hit everytime you try to use this method. If you don’t have a high Endurance and HP to sustain the damage then this method would be impossible.]

[So Ryouta-san is fine with being hit?]

[I’m alright.]

[How much damage can you take?]


When I heard Celeste’s question I started thinking about it, then I looked at Eve’s direction and touched my own forehead.

Eve nodded, and chopped me.


[Strong, go slower.]


When I said that, Eve released her fast chop at me.


[Judging based on the feeling, the pain is almost the same as just now.]

[Wait a minute.]


With a pittar pattar footsteps, Eve walked towards a tree nearby and used the same speed that she chopped me just now on to the tree.

The tree that had the same width as an adult male was instantly cut to half by her chop.


[W, wow, such power.]

[I think the one we should truly praise is Yoda-san nanodesu.]

[Eeh, as expected of him.]


Emily had an innocent and willingness of a small child, whereas Celeste was looking at me with glittering eyes.


[It can be used but it’s a useless piece of junk.]

[Don’t say that Eve, being able to reflect damage is amazing—-]

[What’s wrong Yoda-san?]


The three of them were suspicious of my pause.

Because I suddenly thought of something interesting.





Nihonium Dungeon, second floor.


This is the number one place where nobody would bother you.

If it was a normal dungeon it would be filled with a bunch of adventurers, and if it was in Nihonium’s first floor there is Margaret Princess and co. doing their air business.

Whereas if you go to the second floor and below, you can only see adventurers once every week or so curiously diving into the dungeon.


Thus I was swaggering around this limestone cave-like dungeon.

I was just walking around mindlessly.

It’s the same as before, after I’ve gotten my Endurance to S I was testing on something, whenever I encountered a monster I would not attack it, and letting it hit me however it liked I continued walking.

Therefore, I slowly accumulated more zombies, sometimes from being surprised attack.

I let the hordes of zombies chased after me while I casually walked.


Then, when the number of zombies reached to around 15 of them—-Pon!

One of the zombie that attacked was sent flying back.

The moment it was attack it disappeared and a seed dropped.


[That’s amazing Yoda-san, by just walking around you managed to defeat monsters desu.]

[So you can also use it on something like this.]


Because they did not want to bother with me, they were walking slightly behind me while looking at me with rounded eyes, and admiration was seen in their eyes.

Yes, I was doing the same thing I did back then by letting the monsters chase after me.

I continued letting them attack me, and together with the Tears of Slime, the opponent would just be damaging itself whenever it attacks me.


[Though that’s fine and all, but the efficiency is horrible.]


I then took out my dual guns, and swing my arms around(like a kawai twat) while simply shooting at the zombies.

When there’s no zombies left, the three of them came closer.


[That can’t be help desu, because Yoda-san is too strong desu.]

[I guess so. Well, I guess these kind of things happen.]

[So what should we do about this. I for one think that the item is of use, but then the Harvest Festival does need it too.]

[It does fetch a high price.]

[How much carrots can I get?]


I bitterly laughed as I heard the unwavering question of Eve.


[Well, for now let’s call it a day, we’ll decide it tomorrow.]

[Got it desu.]

[Well let’s go back then.]

[I’m going to Teruru. I want to be surrounded by a mountain carrots.]


Though the three of them have separate opinions, but all of them had the same opinion of getting out first.

On the other hand, I stopped at my tracks.

Because I had something in mind.

To me who was standing still, the three of them stopped and faced me.




[What’s wrong?]

[I’m sorry girls, but y’all can head home first.]


Emily and co. were surprised for a moment, but immediately answered.


[I got it desu.]

[I guess you have something in mind again, talk about it with me later.]

[Be careful, low level.]


Without saying anything else they turned and left.

I then waved goodbye to the three of them.





The next morning.

The moment I opened my eyes, various parts of my body was in pain.

When I reached out—-I felt that there was something squishy.


[Wh, what gives—oh yeah, I slept in the dungeon.]


I immediately remembered, because around me there were 5 zombies surrounding me, and was attacking me.

The zombies continued attacking me, and one of them who attacked me reflected back the damage towards it, and a seed dropped.

For that seed, I used the Collection Box to suck it in.

The previous night, after I waved them goodbye, I stayed overnight in the second floor of Nihonium.

I was currently at the exact same spot where I stood when waving them off.

And beside me was a Collection box setup, while I was holding onto the Tears of Slime, I slept just like that.

In reality I did nothing at all.

And the result of me doing nothing at all—-I peaked inside the contents of the Collection Box.


[1,   2,   3….It’s 37 in total.]


Just one night of sleep, I’ve defeated 37 zombies.

Though the efficiency is still horrible, so I can’t say that this was practical.

Though the good thing was that I got to hunt monsters even when I’m sleeping, I thought as I concluded this interesting experiment.

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      • Well, he does equip it, and it kinda is like useless now that he has his Magic Cart to just transport it back to his mansion. So its just being left as like a convenient tool that he doesn’t have to use all the time.

    • ikr~ but that’s what the author put so yeah~ anyway thanks for all those comments, really appreciate the effort you put into commenting each chapter :3 I’m really happy that you do it :3

  1. Just saw the cover for the ln
    I cant say i an pleased trought. I imagine her more like the first girl on elf tensei

  2. so Yoda has full damage reflection now…if he uses it against some strong adventurer ….. i don’t wanna imagine it even assassins will literally kill themselves instead

    • Well, he is pretty much an ‘indestructible object’ at this point so an assassination attempt would be impractical from the start… the strange thing is that while the attack is supposed to be reflected he still receives the attack. Rather than calling it a reflection it should be some sort of counter. As a side thought, did he just willingly spend a night in the dungeon away from Emily? I think that is the first time that they slept separately since they moved in together. I’m still waiting for him to buy the magic cart that allows you to share your drop rate/level with your colleagues. It was mentioned when the magic cart was first introduced… he might be able to level up his (harem) friends. He should also go to the dungeon with the tuna drop. No reason he can’t work on his arsenal as well as equip firearms on his teammates. If the tuna drops a handgun I expect that other drops from that dungeon could have similar potential.

  3. Thank you for the chapter! I have a feeling Ryota would look average. Making him look smart would be a lie, but he isn’t dumb enough to show it on his face. So the Tears of Slime reflects damage? Coupled with Ryota’s insane Tankiness? Damn, he just got real OP. If he punched, wouldn’t that be an insane boost to his punch power, since it’s a collision? Damn, he should pick up martial arts. Well, then again, he probably won’t ever run out of bullets. Also, what’s up with that title- Oh, I get it. Sleeping in the dungeon automatically grants him seeds. That makes sense. Also, am I first?

    • Hahaha, well if you go to the title page, you’ll see a preview of the light novel’s front page.

      Also, yeap Ryouta-san is finally growing up into a strong independent man that needs no woman.
      And yeah the title was kinda accurate? And no you’re not first sadly >< but you're first when I read the comments XD

      Anyways, thanks for the lovely feedback and thanks for reading it so quickly :3

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