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Terururu Dungeon, seventh floor.


Though it had the same scenery as the sixth floor; with trees and tall grass spreading till the eyes could see, the only difference was that it was snowing.


[Snow? Inside a dungeon?]

[It’s a <Dungeon Snow>. Whenever you defeat a monster and nothing drops, it’ll either be air or water right? Thus in some rare cases, as the structure of the dungeon changes gradually, some of them turn to snowfalls.]

[Now that you say it, there is indeed water being absorbed from the ground, I see.]


It was kind of interesting.

I reached my hand out to catch a snowflake. The moment the snowflake touched the palm of my hand, it melted away.


[It’s not cold.]

[That’s because the snow is created based on the nutrients and magical power of defeated monsters in this dungeon] (TLN: Morbid)

[So it’s not the temperature.]

[Floors that have this Dungeon Snow phenomenon could be strengthen by adventurers and monsters, because they could absorb the nutrients and the magical powers into their bodies.]

[Heh. As expected of Celeste, you seem to know a lot.]

[Eh… It, it’s not that great or anything….Yay, I was praised.]


As Celeste’s voice became weaker and weaker, her face became brighter and brighter.

Thus together with her, Emily and Eve, we continued exploring the dungeon, and encountered a familiar looking group.

It’s an elderly man with a young guy and girl in a team.

When we saw them, they’ve just defeated a monster, and the elderly man picked up the dropped Onions and threw it into his Magic Cart.


[You did it! I’m burning with emotions right now.]

[ [Captain…..] ]


The elderly man was indeed touched and tears were flowing down his cheeks.

And the youngins that were looking at the elderly man—-were more fired up than when I first met them.

Though their appearance were battered and there were injuries everywhere, it seemed like they were pushing themselves again.


[There were times when it was terrible, and there were times when it was tough. There were also times when you’ve gotten nothing when you defeated a monster; there were also times when you could not defeat it and let it escaped. I know that you were very disappointed, it was very frustrating for you all…..but I completely understand how you feel.]


[I too have the same feeling. When you were all frustrated, I too was frustrated with you. But I just couldn’t say it, if I were to say it in front of y’all, it would’ve been the end of your career.]

Tears were flowing even more on the elderly man’s cheeks as he gradually started crying really loudly.

[Captain also had it tough…..]

[Don’t care about what I think! It’s about y’all. In difficult times, you were able to grow stronger from it, and you accomplished what you came for. To that I’m extremely happy about it! I’m so glad that I met you lots!]

[Captain…..no, we are also happy that we’ve met you.]

[We were happy that you brought us along too.]


The tears of the elderly man touched the hearts of the two youngins, and they were all hugging each other.

Since we didn’t want to bother such sightings, we immediately slipped passed them.

The saying [Brainwashing complete] suddenly floated on top of my head.

This reminded me of something that happened in the past.


[…….Let’s hunt adequately for today, so it doesn’t matter if we were to meet the rare monster or not.]

[Yes desu.]

[Sh, should we have dinner together. I saw a place where there is plenty of lighting to sit down and have a drink. Of course, together with Ryouta-san.]

[I’ll go back to the second floor. I want to be surrounding by carrots when I sleep.]


Emily, Celeste, and Eve answered as per their usual, and that black thought lingering inside my mind has slowly diminished.


[Yoda-san! A monster appeared desu!]


The moment Emily’s voice was heard, we immediately got worked up.

Inside the dungeon that was snowing, we’ve encountered a Slime that had not much changes though it was rather big in size.

Thus, I head on first as I was the tanker in the group.

I sprint towards the Slime and kept a fair distance while taking out my dual guns and shooting it with a Penetrating Bullet.

Even though the bullet penetrated the Slime, but it wasn’t defeated.

If that’s the case I flew towards it, and with my entire strength I launched out a right straight jab.


[Eh?] subconsciously I let out my voice.


The straight jab that I unleashed did not seem to have a response.

This time I took my two guns and once again relentlessly fired, using all the bullets that I loaded.


——Though, it didn’t work. It’s the same as when I used the Penetrating bullet and it didn’t have any effect on it.


So I thought I should use the Penetrating bullets, but this time it just passed through it.


[What’s going—-Ku!]


Immediately afterwards the Slime counter attacked me. Since it was at such a close range I guarded the attack with my arms, and I instantly flew back.

My arms were shaking. The damage was even more painful than the Parent-Child Slime on the sixth floor.

It might also be the influence of the dungeon snow.


[That’s no good Ryouta-san, you can’t defeat a <Guts Slime> by yourself!]

[What do you mean?]

[When the Guts Slime is going to instantly die it will become invincible. So whoever is fighting it and was going to last hit it, it would not receive any damage at all.]

[So it’s necessary to slowly shave of it’s health before dealing it.]



As Celeste said, she took out the Bicorn horn and fired out a small pellet of fire bullet.

The Guts Slime that wasn’t defeated by my repeated fire of bullets was defeated just like that.


[Amazing, it was defeated desu.]

[It’s a floor where solo is forbidden. There are floors like this every so often.]


Emily and Eve were mumbling to themselves.


[That’s the gist, so you can leave this floor to us. It’s best for Ryouta-san when you can only deal instant kill skills.]

[If you put it that way then I guess it can’t be helped.]


And thus the three of them were walking inside the snow.

Somehow when I was observing our surroundings, I noticed there were two types of adventurers.

One of them was normally hunting down monsters and picking up the drops and putting it inside the magic cart. It’s the adventurers that are finding a stable income.

And the other one of them ignored the Guts Slime, and was finding something specific with an eye of a prey. They’re probably aiming for the rare drop for the Harvest Festival, aim it to win big—was what they’re doing.

Those adventurers that slipped passed the Guts Slime in turned aimed towards our party.

Emily jumped towards it with her hammer spinning round and round, and with a loud shout she swung her hammer.

The Slime that was flying halfway, at the same time Emily took a hit.



[P, please deal the last hit desu!] Emily shouted as she was slightly away from the Slime.


Thus I took out both my guns and fired both of them.

First, I fired a Recovery bullet to Emily, and fired a normal bullet at the Slime.

As Emily was being healed, multiple onions dropped from where the Slime was.


[Are you alright Emily?]

[Yes desu. What’s more we did it nodesu~]

[That’s right, if you know the method of dealing with it, it isn’t really a tough opponent.]

[Though if you were to solo then it would become impossible in this floor.]


[Does Eve-chan also like onions desu?]

[As long as I have carrots, I’m fine]

[The way you say that it’s almost as if it’s (the carrot) a human partner, isn’t it.”

(TLN: Thanks natsukage for deciphering this for me, love you <3)


[Don’t say it with a red face please!]

[Then let’s have curry for dinner desu. Potatoes with onions, and also sliced carrots to make a wonderful curry nanodesu.]

[Sliced carrots….]


Eve who was thinking about it had saliva coming out from her mouth, and Emily who saw that hurriedly wiped them off from her mouth.

The pride and joy of her bunny ear with her bunny suits was drooling in large quantity…..It was a rather surreal sight.


[Let’s make them together desu.]

[Leave it to me, cutting is my forte.]


The moment Eve said that, she chopped the onions in a terrifying fast speed.


[Hyaa~….t, tears are coming out desu.]



When Eve chopped the onions into pieces, Emily—-and Eve herself was tearing up like crazy.

What were they even doing, as I thought so I subconsciously laughed too.


[Do you like curry too Cele—]



At the same time she shouted and something came from my side and attacked.

The impact of the shocked thrust me into the ground and dust rose around.




[I’m alright! And please change the way you call me okay!]


I jumped up from the ground.

The sudden surprise attack that I received was still lingering around the side of my abdomen.




Immediately from beside me I heard someone clicking his tongue.

When I look at that direction, it was the adventurers with a goal in mind that had a regrettable face.

When I turned around, there was a different Slime at the postiion I was at just now.


It was the rare monster of the seventh floor!

[What a bunch of lucky bastards.]


As the adventurers said so, they had a defiant expression.

I see. I was surprised attacked by the monster, and they had a regrettable expression as now we have the right to the monster.

Well, I guess you can say this is all about luck.

I was slightly sorry to those bunch of people, but they went back to their positions.

Before I attack it I should hear from Celeste first.


[So how do we defeat this monster?]

[It’s a <High Guts Slime> Though it’s the same where someone else has to deal the final blow, but you should be careful of it’s attacks that could break through beyond the limits of physical strength. And when it becomes invincible it will reflect all incoming attacks.]

[Leave it to me. I’ll grasp hold of it’s endurance.] Eve said as she flew towards it.

[Grasp hold of it?]

[I’ve done this before. It’s something like this.]


Eve released her chop.

The speed was—slower compared to when she attacked me, and was slightly faster when she was using her full strength.

And with that chop she hit the top of the Slime’s head and cracked it.

The Slime looked like a pomegranate, and tried to counterattack Eve by smashing her but Eve already escaped.


[It’s open.]



I pulled the trigger of my gun.

The normal bullet went straight at the rare monster and hit it.

Tears were came out from the eyes of the Slime.

There came a huge drop of tear coming out from the Slime and when it landed on the ground the Slime also disappeared. The tear then hardened.


[Seems like this jewel is it’s drop. When you equip it, it seems that you can reflect one damage.]



The seventh floor’s rare monster, it’s drop was sort of interesting and I can’t wait to test it out.

I felt like trying out the effects together with my S stats of HP and Endurance.

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